4 Best iPhone App For Call History

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Call History to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best iPhone App For Call History that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best iPhone App For Call History, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best iPhone App For Call History

1. Analytics/Call Tracking-iovox

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“Use the iovox app to:

• Buy local phone numbers from around the world
• Track your iovox Numbers and calls on the go

• Manage/Create Call Rules to forward calls

• Share call answering with your team
• Manage/Create Call Whispers for your iovox Numbers
• Searchable call history
• View call details, tags, comments and flags added via companion web app, and so much more!

With iovox you can:

• TAG Calls for Simple Searching In The iovox App

iovox Tags are labels for calls. Adding a tag to a call gives you the ability to efficiently search your call history to find specific calls or call notes with that tag.

• Make Quality NOTES In The iovox App

Never forget important details of a call. With call notes from iovox, you’ll stay on top of conversations with an instantly searchable archive of what matters.

• FLAG Calls In The iovox App For Improved Organization

Just like email, where you can flag a message for follow up later, iovox applies the same concept to phone calls. Flagging a call highlights it for future action.

• Customize Outbound Caller IDs With The New iovox DIALER

From the convenience of your computer or mobile phone, the new iovox Dialer gives you the ability to change your caller ID for outbound phone calls

• Go Global Easily With iovox NUMBERS For Over 60 Countries In The World

Stay connected and in control with iovox Numbers. Use them as a second line, measure marketing performance, or forward them globally to other phone numbers or team members for handling.

• iovox CALL RULES: Route Your Important Calls Wherever They Need To Go

Just like your email inbox, where you can create rules for emails, Call Rules are actions that take place once a call is received by your iovox Number. This dynamic and flexible tool allows you to create simple or complex call flows as required.

• Make Your Team’s Mobiles Powerful With The iovox VIRTUAL MOBILE CALL CENTER

Work from anywhere. If you’re working from home and sharing responsibility for answering calls for your business, we can set you or your team up with a Virtual Call Center that works with your mobile phone via our free mobile app.

• A Simple Tool To Clarify The Source Of The Call- CALL WHISPERS

Add Call Whispers to your iovox Numbers to know whether it’s a personal or business call before you answer.

• SEARCH Your Mobile Like Google In The Powerful iovox App

Just like using keywords to search your email, iovox enables you to do the same with your calls. Easily search by keywords, numbers, names or tags associated with a calls notes or transcriptions.


• Make It Easy For Potential Buyers To Reach You -iovox WEBCONNECT

With iovox WebConnect you simply select which pages on your website you want to add call buttons to, to increase opportunities for engagement with prospective buyers. It’s easy to get up and running quickly, get results and improve lead conversion on your website. 

*Available in the iovox Web App

• Make Instant Conversations With The Powerful iovox WebCallBack Tool

WebCallBack from iovox creates instant conversations, turning browsers into buyers. Consumers are looking for instant answers, boost web leads by 20% by placing an iovox WebCallBack button on your website. 

*Available in the iovox Web App

• Sophisticated Enterprise Class Call Tracking and Call Analytics

iovox offers the most sophisticated enterprise class call tracking and management solution available on the market. National, geographic and mobile telephone numbers can be provisioned in real-time from over 60 countries. Underpinned by proprietary technology and global infrastructure, serving over 1,000,000 calls a week, iovox call analytics ensures the highest levels of voice quality.


Have questions or need help? help@iovox.com
General feedback? feedback@iovox.com
Want to report a bug? bugs@iovox.com”

2. PhoneLog for iPhone & iPad

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“(Please note: Apple does not allow PhoneLog to have access to the call history on your iPhone, but you can make calls from within the app to save you retyping the number.)

PhoneLog for iPhone & iPad allows you to quickly store notes about phone calls you have made or received. Whether you spend all day on the phone or just make the occasional call to your bank, enter the details straight into this app and you’ll never forget a call again. Great features include:

• A call timer
• Add events to your Calendar and Reminders
• Use your Contacts list
• Configurable call statuses (eg Follow Up, Waiting Reply, Closed etc)
• Priority levels
• Configurable categories/tags
• Field autocomplete
• Automatic backups of your call logs
• Sync using Dropbox between multiple Macs, iPhones and iPads (requires Dropbox account; PhoneLog Pro is available for the Mac on the Mac App Store – purchased separately)”

3. Rev Call Recorder

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“√ The only FREE call recording app
√ The only UNLIMITED call recording app
√ Record calls in just ONE STEP

Rev Call Recorder is the only iPhone app that allows you to record calls in just one simple step. No more fumbling over call merging with other apps. To top it off, call recording is completely free with absolutely no limits for incoming & outgoing calls. After your call, have the option to get your recording transcribed for an industry low rate by a skilled human transcriptionist.

» Currently, you can only register with a (+1) country code
» International fees may apply for Canada numbers since the recording line is a U.S. phone number
» Outgoing calls do not have international compatibility

√ No ads
√ No subscription or per minute fees
√ Unlimited, free call recording
√ Only app without clunky call merging
√ No limit on how long you can record a call for or how many recordings you can make
√ Record incoming & outgoing calls
√ High-quality recording and playback
√ Share and export your recordings without restrictions (via email, Dropbox, SMS etc.)
√ Best call recording app for journalists, writers, podcasters, and content creators

√ Get a transcript of your recording in under 12 hours
√ Simple pricing – transcription is charged per minute of audio
√ Our human experts transcribe for you
√ 99% accuracy guaranteed
√ Ability to add timestamps and verbatim to your order
√ Receive your transcript via email and app
√ Transcription service trusted by 100,000+ customers

√ Automatic privacy disclosure at the start of calls to help you stay compliant in 2-party states
√ Settings for 1-party state users

You own and control everything about your recordings: https://www.rev.com/about/privacy”

4. WePhone – Internet&WiFi Calls

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“◆Best Phone Call App in the iTunes Store
◆Cheap or free international calls to over 200 countries
◆Caller ID display
◆Make High-Quality Phone Calls to Anywhere in the World for a Cheaper Price
◆Get Second Virtual USA/Canada Phone Numbers
◆Receive SMS verification code on every phone numbers for FREE
◆Add a second phone number and more To Your Phone/Tablet
◆Answering Phones Through The Secondary Phone Number
◆Great voice quality at super low VoIP rates for the US and global calls
◆Free VoIP calls, cheap International calls
◆Check-In Daily to Earn Free Credits
◆Get Bonus Credits for Watching Videos
◆Pay As You Go with Google Wallet
◆A Reliable Version of Whatscall

Enjoy free texting and cheap international calling! Get onboard with the
trendiest second phone number app to text and call anyone. Get a free
virtual sim phone number for USA/Canada phone numbers and get chatting
via free texting, calling and MMS sending options. Enjoy big savings with
cheap text and call rates for international phone numbers. Want to
record important calls? The app offers a built-in phone call recorder option
to let you experience multiple cool functionalities in a single package!


Save money as you make international calls on the go! You can purchase
cheap international calling credits at very low prices for different regions of
the world. Top up your WePhone wallet and use the credits for as long as you
want without any expiry limits or extra charges.


Break all the international communication barriers! Use the app to get a
virtual sim second phone number for USA/Canadian regions. Use the virtual
sim or second phone number to enjoy free texting, MMS and picture
messaging and international calling with friends, family and coworkers in
more than 200 countries. Send and receive messages and calls from
anywhere in the world to expand your connections.


Never miss any important information! Ditch the trouble of taking notes or
memorizing chats as you can use the phone call recorder of this app to
record phone calls. The phone call recorder feature is completely safe and
offers interruption-free, high-quality call recording from anywhere in the
world at any time. Save the recordings in your device or listen to their
playback easily with this app.


Experience smoothest free texting and calling experience! Text and call
anyone by using one of the most intuitive and hassle-free international
texting and calling apps. Drop messages, share your experiences or simply
call to check on the people close to you. Stay connected with your
international links by texting and call WePhone users for free.

◈WePhone – the best calling app on your device – allows you to make cheap calls with crystal clear voice quality! Can switch to Premium Line for the best voice quality

◈VERY VERY EASY TO USE! No configuration is required. You get trial phone calls right after download with free gift credit.

◈Call over WiFi/3G/4G/GPRS, no roaming costs; you can make phone calls from abroad, call anywhere with the same rates!

◈Get trial phone calls with gift credits to make cheap calls.

◈Use Call Back (WePhone system calls you and then calls your destination) to get stable voice quality with NO Internet connection!

◈Calling rates are amazingly low! To list a few:

India: $0.015/min
China: $0.0159/min
United States: $0.0075/min
US/Canada Toll-Free: $0.001/min
Saudi Arabia: $0.2/min
Kuwait: $0.06831/min

◆Easily purchase PAY-AS-YOU-GO phone call credits using Apple ID.
◆No hidden costs, no connection fee.
◆No expiration date for your calling credits
◆Ask customer service for help at any time.

NOTICE: If you use 3G/4G/GPRS to make calls, your carrier may charge you for data usage.

Please visit the company website for FAQ and other information:
Learn more at http://www.wephoneapp.co

◆Need Help? support email: support@wephoneapp.co”