5 Best iPhone App For Depth Of Field

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Depth Of Field to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best iPhone App For Depth Of Field that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best iPhone App For Depth Of Field, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best iPhone App For Depth Of Field

1. Depth Of Field Calculator

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“Camera list updated to beginning January 2021. If yours is not listed please email stating which one is missing and I will be happy to add it to the next release.

Ever taken a picture and wished that either more of it had been in focus or the exact reverse and that less had been in focus? Of course you have I certainly have. But what settings on your camera give which results and what if you change one of those settings what is the Depth of Field then. You can calculate it all yourself but it is not easy. This App takes all of those problems and makes it easy to find the answers. Just type in the distance to the subject, the focal length being used and the f-stop and the App calculates the near and far distances of acceptable focus and therefore the depth of field. This is all shown on an easy to understand diagram.

An example is: You are trying to take a photo of a bee on a flower and all but the bee is to be out of focus. Set the distance of the subject to be 200 mm (20 cm, approx 8 inches), set the f-stop to be f/5.6 and set the focal length at 50 mm. The App calculates that the depth of field is 3.41 mm (0.3 cm, a small fraction of an inch). The bee will be partially in focus but bees are more than 3.4 mm across so that depth of field is probably not what you were looking for. Set the camera to f/22 and now the depth of field is 13.39 mm (1.39 cm or just over half an inch) now this is much closer to what you wanted. Now maybe the whole of bee is in focus but still all of its surroundings are out of focus.

This App will help you take much better photographs by being able to understand the relationship between the settings on your camera and the depth of field that they produce. The diagram shown is better than a thousand words of text (as the saying goes). You can now easily see what effect a change in the settings will make.

The Depth of Field Calculator allows you to quickly calculate the near and far distances of acceptable focus. Just select the distance you are focused at, the f/stop and the len’s focal length and the diagram shows you at what distance acceptable focus starts and at what distance it ends. You can select to express the focus distance in metres, millimetres, feet and inches. Unlike other Apps this App does not use picker wheels for the f/stop and focal length values so you can enter whatever values you want.

The only other thing you have to do is select the camera you are using. The Camera button takes you to a page with the makers of cameras listed to the left. Select the maker of your camera and then scroll down the list to the model. Select Save and you are now ready to calculate the correct values. The calculations work using a value called the Circle of Confusion. This changes depending on the camera make and model.

If you camera is not listed then email and it will be added. You can generally find your Circle of Confusion value on the web. Once you know this value just set it manually in field at the top and Save.

You can manually specify the Circle of Confusion to use. Just select the field at the top and type in the value required. Select OK and then select Save. The user-defined Circle of Confusion will be used.”

2. Digital DoF

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“An easy to use highly customizable Depth of Field Calculator for cinematographer’s and photographer’s. Lots of cameras to choose from. Now even better, the current version allows users to save their camera settings and view all in app purchases.”

3. Easy DoF

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“Easy DoF helps outdoor and nature photographers to answer common questions: “What are my depth of field and hyperfocal distance?” and “When I can catch the best light?”.

Depth of Field tool provides mathematically accurate calculations and helps you to properly setup and focus your camera. Do not forget to select your camera in “Options”. If your camera is not listed you can add it yourself. You can also select in what units you want to enter values and get the result: Metric or Imperial. Macro-photographers may appreciate the precision of shown values: 1/10th of a millimeter or 1/8th of an inch.

Golden Hours will help you to plan your photography schedule for best light, Moon phases and direction of sunrise and sunset on a give date.

Both calculators are easy to use and designed the way so it is convenient to use them in the field.”

4. Focos

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“Focos is a big step into the future of computational photography and light-field camera, bringing DSLR-like photography to your iPhone and iPad Pro, with beautiful bokeh effects usually achievable only with professional large aperture cameras. With the technology of computational photography, you can make unlimited changes to your photos, focus after the fact, change the aperture repeatedly, and add multiple lights in 3D space, exceeding the limits of any editing tools you’ve known before. The creative potential unleashed by Focos is endless.

The Verge,
“Focos has long been one of the most ambitious photo-editing apps on iOS, turning any photo into a ‘portrait mode’-style image with fully adjustable depth of field, no matter what kind of camera you took it with.”

– Take photos with shallow depth of field, without manually painting or making selections.
– The AI engine can calculate depth of field automatically for all photos.
– True 3D imaging.
– Simulate large apertures to create real bokeh effects normally only possible with DSLR cameras and expensive lenses.
– Import all existing photos and customize the bokeh effect.
– Re-focus portrait photos that have already been taken, with a simple tap.
– Choose from various simulated aperture diaphragms to generate different bokeh spot effects.
– Professional options to simulate lens characteristics, such as creamy, bilinear, swirly, and reflex effects, and more.
– Visualize the depth of areas within your portrait photos in a 3D view, and intuitively add depth filters.
– Add multiple lights in a 3D space, and adjust the color, brightness and so on for each light.
– Check the portrait picture in the real world with augmented reality technique.
– It is possible to patch the depth map precisely on iPad with Apple Pencil.
– Intuitive and easy to use, with built-in video tutorials.
– An essential tool for all iPhones and iPads.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Contact us via support @ focos . me.”

5. SetMyCamera

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“If you are a photo enthusiast and want high quality professional photos, SetMyCamera can help! SetMyCamera includes tools to remotely trigger your camera*, calculate flash settings or to explore focus depth of field including hyperfocal information.

SetMyCamera offers reverse depth of field focus calculations. Reverse calculations begin with selecting the near and far in focus points while SetMyCamera calculates the focus distance in addition to the best aperture (F/Stop) or the best lens focal length. The animated graphic assists with understanding to capture the perfect photo.

SetMyCamera makes it easier to capture the perfect photo to impress your friends and win you awards. As a field guide or teaching assistant, SetMyCamera is the one tool for better photos.

SetMyCamera includes an iPhone companion app for Apple Watch.

— What others say about SetMyCamera:
“SetMyCamera aids depth of field calculations and serves as a great teaching tool” – MacWorld

SetMyCamera features:
+ Reverse depth of field – calculate the optimal lens focal length or aperture (f/stop) by selecting the desired near and far in-focus points,
+ Reverse depth of field – includes animation for graphical understanding,
+ Depth of field – Animation to assist in understanding,
+ Depth of field – Aperture (f/stop) settings for more advanced photographs,
+ Depth of field – Hyperfocal information,
+ Includes support for speed boosters, diopters, bellows, extension tubes and teleconverters.
+ Support for lens adapters such as teleconverters, bellows, extension tubes, diopters, and speed boosters,
+ Flash calculations for ISO, aperture, distance and flash power settings,
+ Field of view – Composition assistance for award winning photos,
+ Shutter speed recommendations – tools to overcome blurred pictures,
+ Remote camera triggering for group photos, long exposure, high dynamic range or other advanced compositions*,
+ Quick selection between pre defined cameras,
+ Distance unit conversion calculator,
+ Crop factor, magnification and angle of view calculator,
+ 35mm effective lens equivalence calculator,
+ In app assistance guide,
+ User selectable themes,
+ Supports Imperial and Metric units,
+ Social media connectivity.
+ iPhone companion app for Apple Watch.

SetMyCamera takes the guesswork out of capturing the perfect photograph with easily selectable controls for any camera having user adjustable settings for aperture and shutter speeds. For pictures of friends and family, preserving the beauty of an afternoon hike or a professional photo shoot, SetMyCamera will help you capture the moment better. How many awards could you win with higher quality images?

• Reverse depth of field as an innovative and exclusive feature of SetMyCamera to enable finding the optimal aperture (f/stop) or lens focal length for situations where the near and far in focus points are known. The included animated graphic assists in visualizing the settings.

• Depth of field includes hyperfocal information and uses easy thumbwheel settings for fast inputs without typing. Animated graphics assist in depth of field understanding. Support for speed boosters, diopters, bellows, extension tubes and teleconverters is also available.

• Flash calculations can be used for determining flash power, ISO, subject distance, and aperture (F/Stop) settings.

• Shutter speed recommendations monitors hand held movements and calculates a minimum shutter speed to overcome motion related blurred photos.

• Field of view is a composition tool to assist in composing shots for a more artist image.

• Remote camera triggering uses IR communications* to trigger a camera.

Visit us at SetMyCamera.com

*Requires IR transmitter for remote camera triggering and a supported camera. Additional information can be found at SetMyCamera.com.

Some features require in app purchases.