5 Best iPhone App For Firefighters

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Firefighters to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best iPhone App For Firefighters that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best iPhone App For Firefighters, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best iPhone App For Firefighters

1. Firefighter & EMS Calendar

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This app is designed for fireman and EMS workers who work any rotational schedule! Simply set up your rotation and the app does the rest.

Some of the features of this app include:

– Quick viewing of multiple schedules

– Ability to customize color scheme

– Add and remove events/notes to
specific days

– Modify calendar to other rotation

This app was designed with the help of Professional Firefighters in Northeast Texas and I thank you for your help and suggestions.

2. Firefighter Academy

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“Firefighter Academy is a study and training guide for firefighters and fire company officers. This is an excellent tool to help you pass your initial certification exam with flying colors, or to refresh and keep your skills sharp long after you become certified. This fun interactive quiz software, or “electronic flashcards”, provides the most high quality sample questions you will find for firefighters at this price. Now with 100% more Hazmat Ops!

There are flashcards, and then there are flashcards! We’ve been at this since the first Palm Pilot! Here are some advanced features that we provide, that set us apart from the competition:

—Questions are revised and updated multiple times per year; you can easily email a question to us for an explanation or comment, from right within a quiz
—Search for keywords to review questions covering a particular topic (i.e. “fire extinguisher”)
—Some cards include full color illustrations; most include explanations when these can be helpful
—Universal app that supports iPhone and iPads, screen rotation, and all the things you expect, including support for iPhone 6’s and iOS 9
—Cards can be bookmarked for quick access later
—You can go back and just look at the questions you missed
—Advanced score tracking keeps track of your progress daily, weekly, and monthly
—GAME CENTER support so you can play with friends, compete on leaderboards, and earn achievements
—There are no in-app purchases required to unlock the “real” app

Over 500 FIREFIGHTER questions, many with explanations, divided into these chapters:

–Fire Service Orientation
–Incident Command System
–Fire Behavior
–Bldg Construction
–Ropes & Knots
–Search & Rescue
–Forcible Entry
–Water Supply
–Fire Hose
–Fire Streams
–Fire Control
–Detection Systems
–Loss Control
–Fire Cause
–Intro to Hazmat

Firefighter II Chapters:

–Communications II
–Assisting Special Rescue
–Hose Testing
–Using Foam
–Fire Control II
–Detection Systems II
–Loss Control II
–Fire Cause II
–Prevention & Education

Plus we have a section of visual picture-based quizzes, because we all like to look at pictures, right?

Over 300 FIRE COMPANY OFFICER questions divided into these chapters:
–Human Resources
–Community Relations
–Emergency Operations

Over 75 DRIVER OPERATOR/UTILITY questions divided into these chapters:
–Types of Fire Apparatus
–Inspection and Maintenance
–Operating Emergency Vehicles
–Positioning Apparatus
–Apparatus Testing
(we’re planning on adding Pumper questions in a future update)

Over 100 HAZMAT OPS questions divided into these chapters:

As a special bonus, we’re added more quizzes covering these related topics:
–Medical First Responder (over 125 questions)
–NIMS IS-700 (over 25 questions)
–Wildland Fire (25 questions)
–CPR Reference Guide


3. FireRescue1

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“The FireRescue1.com iPhone app is the best way for Firefighters to keep informed while on-duty or on the move. Stay up to date on breaking fire news, videos, expert columnist articles, firefighting tips and other relevant information. Whether you need to research something from a call or just want to browse the latest news, this app gives firefighters FREE access to mobile resources that have never been available to them before.”

4. Spark – Shift Calendar

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“The ORIGINAL shift calendar app, simplifying and supporting your work/life balance for over 10 years! Spark by Leaky Nozzle is loaded with fully customizable and user-friendly features and functions utilized everyday by Fire, Police, EMS, Hospital and all types of shift workers across the world. Spark allows you to organize your work and personal life within just ONE app. Our unique “Cloud Connect” system allows you to manage and share your calendar across all platforms, keeping you and your loved ones consistently up to date, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Why Spark? Here is why all of your co-workers are using Spark!

– Our app is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Spark will track and log anything you need or use day to day, such as vacation, sick time, comp time, overtime, education, trades and so much more. Did we forget to include an item that’s important for you to track? NO PROBLEM! We have made it easy for you to add this stat into your personal app. Spark is designed to have all the tools you need to manage your work and personal life, laid out in a sleek and simple-to-use interface that allows you to easily customize it’s features to YOU!

– Your valuable information is SAFE & SECURE! We know how important your information is to you and Spark wants to put your mind at ease. Spark’s unique “Cloud Connect” software allows your shift calendar to sync across multiple devices making it a breeze to update your daily schedule from wherever you are. Cloud Connect also ties all of your encrypted calendar data to your email, so that if you lose, damage, or upgrade your device, Spark makes it as simple as logging back in to the app and your calendar and data are there like you never left it!

– Spark supports thousands of different shift work calendars used across the world. Simply install and open Spark, select one of the pre-loaded department calendars and you’re on your way to simplifying your life. Don’t see your department? No worries! Spark allows you to create and save your department’s schedule, making it easy for your fellow co-workers to install and set up Spark (and they will thank you!).

– Do you Trade, Swap or do AWRs? Spark allows you to track shift trades and manage all of the time you owe or are owed, broken down by each individual person. Looking to find a trade? With Spark’s new “Trade Board,” you can send a trade request to someone within your department right within our app and get an answer immediately! Once the trade is accepted or denied, it will reflect on your calendar and in your stats – one less step for you!

– Did we mention Spark is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE? (Okay, okay, we did. But it REALLY is!) Whether it is the color of your shifts, the color of an event, or setting statistics for specific events, we have you covered. Spark allows you to add custom events and set up custom stats and colors for any event. Spark allows you to glance at your calendar and know EXACTLY what is planned for the day (week! month!) without spending time tapping each day to see what you have scheduled.

– OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS UNMATCHED! Spark was made possible by you, the user, and we haven’t forgotten that. You won’t find another scheduling app that gives you a speedy response to your question or concern like we do. Each email that is received is typically responded to AND resolved in less than two hours! Spark is designed and improved upon off of our users’ input and we truly believe that our customers are the reason why Spark is such a an excellent app today. Spark will continue to be updated from the the input of what our shift workers want and need!

– Spark offers so much more, so please install our application today and check it out for yourself! Your first 30 days are on us! We truly believe this will be the last install you make for a shift calendar app.

Please visit our website at www.LeakyNozzle.com to learn more about Spark!”

5. Tiny Firefighters: Kids’ App

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“Let your kids exploring our world of firefighters and policemen: just tap and watch the scenes coming to life. It’s all truly interactive, with adorable animations and whimsical sounds.
▶ Recommended by Apple as “App of the Week” worldwide
▶ The popular kids app is growing: No. 1 in more than 25 countries.
“Creative, fun and educational, the Toddler’s Seek & Find books from wonderkind are by far the best apps for small children”

Many parents & kids asked for it. Now it is here: The Seek & Find Activity Book all about firefighters and policemen.
▶ Help those tiny firefighters and policemen do their work!
▶ Discover what happens, and support the heroes in restoring order!

Fire department stories and adventures involving fighting fires as well as saving, rescuing and helping people and animals.
• Fire! Fire!: help the brave firefighters to put out the blaze
• The cute cow is stuck: get her out of the pond using the crane truck
• The pussy cat has got stuck up the tree: rescue him and bring him down again
• A storm has caused havoc: help the fire department to remove a fallen tree

NEW: Discover the adventures of busy policemen!
• Catch the pickpocket!
• Support the special operation and catch the burglar!
• Oh no, the magpie stole the jewels! Can the Police cat get them back?
• Safely escort the celebrity in his limousine
• Fly against the witch and Superman in your Police helicopter!

…and many more adventures with the firefighters and policemen: the speeding car, the cheeky crow, the smart firefighter, the lazy policeman, the dancing traffic officer, the crazy duck and the funny horse…

Our promise
• Your child will discover lots of little connected stories
• Parents too will keep finding new hidden details
• It’ll not only be your kid enjoying this app.

Fully supported languages
– Arabic
– Chinese (traditional and simplified)
– German
– English
– French
– Dutch
– Italian
– Japanese
– Korean
– Norwegian
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Russian
– Swedish
– Spanish
– Turkish

Customer reviews
▶ “…my 4-year-old throws tantrums when I try to take the iPad away from him…”
▶ „Tiny Firefighters is a great seek and find app for toddlers and preschoolers.“ (funeducationalapps.com)
▶ „A really enjoyable (and lighthearted) interactive scene with lots going on for the busy firefighters.“ (smartappsforkids.com)
▶ App of the Week award at fun2tap.com and included in the Top 10 Apps of the Month at top-kids-apps.com

The wonderkind apps’ success story
▶ The No. 1 children’s apps in the App Store in over 25 countries worldwide (iPhone and iPad)
▶ RECOMMENDED BY APPLE EDITORIAL STAFF in more than 300 categories worldwide!

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Support note
We have thoroughly tested this app on all iOS devices. If you do however experience problems, please understand that we are unable to provide support on the basis of comments in the reviews section. Please send us an e-mail instead so that we can respond and provide assistance quickly. Thank you very much!”