4 Best iPhone App For Kmz Files

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Kmz Files to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best iPhone App For Kmz Files that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best iPhone App For Kmz Files, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best iPhone App For Kmz Files

1. KMZ Loader

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“Open KMZ files with your iOS device!

KMZ Loader is designed to open KMZ files, which are compressed KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files. Google Earth can open KML files on its own, however KMZ’s will not load properly without being decompressed first.

KMZ Loader can decompress a KMZ file into a KML file allowing it to be viewed both in Google Earth and as source code.

Any KMZ files imported into KMZ Loader will be stored in My KMZs and can be deleted by simply swiping over it.

For more information on KML files:

2. Kmz Viewer-Kmz Converter app

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“Kmz Viewer-Kmz Converter(Two in one) is an application provides you to load the kmz files, convert kmz files over the map.
KMZ is a file extension for a placemark file used by Google Earth.
The KMZ file specifies a set of features (placemarks, images, polygons, 3D models, textual descriptions, overlays, icons, etc.) for display in Here on Map.

This app works for offline and online.

1)How to Export and Import .kmz files into Application?

You can view, add or import .kmz files into the application in multiple ways

—>Keep the .kmz files to the mail, then long press on kmz file from mail that shows the application icon.click to import the file over the map.

—>Share files from other apps which will be similarly supported files like Email,WhatsApp,Add to Notes,Add to iCloud Drive,Save to files and other apps.

—>Click on “Add through link” Icon on Menu bar enter .kmz files link to add the files into the application.

—>Connect your iPhone or iPad to System then iTunes will automatically opens an window.Click phone symbol on top left—>File Sharing and you can see the KMZ Viewer app then click on app icon to add .kmz files.

—>Now you can share kmz files to multiple apps similarly supported files.

—>Tap on the file in Document folder to Share or export the kmz files to another application

—>Easily Export kmz files to Another application.

—>Easily Import kmz files from Another application.

2)How to create Kmz Markers?

—>Long press on map to add markers.

—>You can Convert the Kmz with userDefined Names.

—>After successfully saving the file will be stored in list.

—>You can again load the saved Kmz file over the map.

—>You can send the Kmz file through mail.

3)How to delete the Kmz file?

—>In the list section, swipe left to delete file.The file will be permanently deleted from the application.

4)How to See marker details?

—>load kmz file on map.If the file contains markers, then tap on the marker to see the detail description of marker like Description,email id, url links,phone numbers,Images,Web site page.

—>Connect to Internet to open the url links,web pages,Images.

1)This app contains Rich UserInterface.

2)This app contains less labels on map, and more on Menu bar.This helps user easy interaction on Map.

“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”


3. Map Plus

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“The most powerful and versatile tool for viewing and editing custom maps, surveying, editing or managing mass of your geography or travel data.

● You can use Map Plus as a professional GIS tool for geographic data gathering, editing, measuring, cartography, surveying, planning, online/offline viewing and many other management.
● You can also use Map Plus to help your outdoor activities and global travels, for trip planning, offline map downloading, track/photo/video recording, or sharing memories with friends.

Besides common map features such as locating, searching, Map Plus has many more special:

● Supports importing, viewing and downloading thousands of custom online maps, such as OSM, GoogleMap, BingMap, USGS, or any WMS/WMTS map services. Both XYZ pattern and Javascript could be used to define maps.
● Supports importing offline map files such as MBTiles.
● Supports both EPSG:4326 and Web Mercator (EPSG:3857) for raster maps; Supports offset maps using China GCJ-02 datum.
● Importing and exporting KML/KMZ files with full styles, extended data and “gx” extension support.
● Importing and exporting GIS vector files, such as SHP, TAB, GEOJSON, GML/GZ with all EPSG projections/CRS. (using GDAL)
● Importing/Exporting AutoCAD DXF files with blocks, mtext, xdata and affine transformation support for coordinates mapping.
● Importing files of CSV, GDB, MPS, WPT, EVT, PLT, PNT, RTE, etc.
● On-map Editing with Drag-Drop and Magnetic Snap support for all places, tracks, lines, polygons, circles, rectangles, text overlays, etc.
● GPS Track Recording with auto-recovery, custom time zone and background mode support.
● Path Following with voice guidance for own lines/tracks or searched out direction routes.
● Displaying photos and videos on the map based on locations.
● Managing mass data with multi-level folders, layers, bulk operations, shortcuts, tags and fuzzy searches. Advanced Search supports expressions and property conditions.
● Using Feature Class for bulk editing and managing on similar (same kind) features and layers all together. Supports bulk Attributes Merge and Link Relationship Building between features of different classes.
● Conditional Style, Script Property and Expression provide dynamic content of rendering, attributes and text labels.
● Customizable pop-up panel for selecting items on the map with HTML, JS and CSS support to make your own forms, layout and rich-formatted content.
● Displaying coordinates in MGRS or UTM.
● Photo Markup enables you to add arrows, texts, shapes, icons and free-hand draws to a photo.
● Browser Access enables you to upload and view data from a web browser on PC/Mac within a Wi-Fi network, or play slideshow on your TV for travel photos.
● Sharing or transferring data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iCloud, SMS, Email, QR codes, Open-In, AirDrop or many other ways.
● Backup & Restore function helps you backup/restore data to/from files or iCloud easily.
● Many more fantastic and free functions could not be fully listed here, such as Guide Mark, Arrival Notification, Photo Mode, Map Level Adjust, Custom Icons, Photo/Video Attachments, Image Overlay, Text Overlay, Fast Editing, Distance/Perimeter/Area Measuring, Custom Time Zone, etc.

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4. Mipatek KML Viewer

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“Mipatek KML Viewer application AutoCAD, NetCAD, drawing you created in programs such as ArcGIS WGS84 Datum you get output in accordance with the 6 ° UTM system can display KML or KMZ files on the device. Prepared drawings (zoning plan is built, the site plan and so on.) Application in case you want to check your location by seeing the place or drawings can not move your computer, you can use very easily.

With directions feature in application you can receive detailed description of the route between your location and KML or KMZ file position.

Professionals can use the Application:

– Architects
– Urbanist
– Survey Engineer
– Environmental Engineer
– Forest Engineer
– Mining Engineer
– Electrical Engineer

Our CAD and GIS-based applications running Although the primary user of the above professional experts are available for all specialties.

You can add KML or KMZ files from other apps (such as Mail) or connecting your device to your computer via USB to install applications can use the file sharing application from iTunes or in the “Start Server” You can use your FTP or HTTP client then tap the button.”