6 Best iPhone App For Learning Harmonica

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Learning Harmonica to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best iPhone App For Learning Harmonica that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best iPhone App For Learning Harmonica, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best iPhone App For Learning Harmonica

1. Harmonica

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“Harmonica was featured as one of the iTunes Top 10 Paid Music Apps of 2008.

In 2018, it’s back and better than ever before.

Harmonica features a genuinely-sampled 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Both single notes and chords are playable, as are “blow”, “draw”, and “bend” notes. Harmonica includes all 12 keys—it’s like having 12 harmonicas in your pocket!

Harmonica couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply touch your lips to the Harmonica and play away. You don’t even need to blow! If you’d prefer not to put your iPhone in your mouth, Harmonica works with your fingers too.

Whether you use it to make your friends laugh, impress that special someone, or to annoy your co-workers, Harmonica is indispensable.”

2. Harmonica Beginner Lessons

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“- From Dave Gage and HarmonicaLessons.com! This is an excellent introduction for absolute beginners to start playing the 10-hole diatonic harmonica. You DO NOT need prior harmonica or music experience to start learning today. Easy to understand explanations for beginners of all ages. Perfect for guitar players who want to play harmonica on a neck rack. Learn to play at home or on the go with “Harmonica Beginner Lessons: Easy How to Play Guide”. This self-contained app includes text & photo instruction with 18 audio examples.

– You’ll need a standard 10-hole diatonic harmonica (preferably in the key of “C” – other keys will work, but won’t be in tune with the audio examples).

– Detailed instruction for the 4 basic playing techniques: Single Notes; Holding/Hand Effects; Bending; Breathing. You can’t play a sport or an instrument without basic techniques. Learn correctly the first time around.

– Basic blues jamming instruction including easy riffs and a simple blues scale. Jam along with the included “Play-A-long 12-Bar Blues” audio.

– Getting Started Tips; Lessons Plans; 10 Fun, Easy Songs (you don’t need to read music to play them). See complete list below.

Songs | Tabs | Scales:
• Amazing Grace
• Jingle Bells
• Major Scale (with audio example)
• Mary Had A Little Lamb (with audio example)
• Row, Row, Row Your Boat
• Brahm’s Lullaby
• Frere Jacques
• Joy to the World
• Oh Susanna (with audio example)
• Alouette
• Home on the Range (with audio example)
• 6 Easy-to-Play Blues Riffs
• The “Almost Blues Scale”

Also Included:
• Audio example files (18 in all)
• Six Weeks of Lesson Plans
• Learn Single Notes (with audio example)
• Holding/Hand Effects (with audio example)
• Bending notes (with audio example)
• Breathing Technique (with audio example)
• 1st and 2nd Positions Explained
• Beginner Shortcuts
• Jamming and Improv Tips
• Difference between diatonic and chromatic harmonicas
• Terms & Definitions section covering 130 harmonica and music terms.
• Content is equivalent to a 90-page paperback book.
• Over 50 Color Photos”

3. Harmonica Key Pro

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“Harmonica Key Pro lets you unleash the power of your harmonica. Use it to quickly reference keys, positions and scales between the most common harmonica tunings.

With improved reference notes you can also practice getting that bend perfect.

From the stage to the side of the Mississippi Delta, this is the tool harmonica players need. Made by a harmonica player, for harmonica players.

Note: This app is for diatonic harp players. If people really like it, maybe we will do chromatic next! Stay tuned.”

4. Harmonica Tab Pro

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“Why you need to choose Harmonica Tab Pro?
Harmonica Tab Pro will bring you new experiences with a unique harmonica application. Users can learn how to use the instrument by themselves through the system of tab number and tab note. These tabs is presented easily to observe along with feature of turning on/off melody/beat and even speed’s beat up/ down. Moreover, by using the combination of two features, turning off melody and music recording, users could play your favorite songs. Additionally, the feature of mp3 exporting will be built up if there is many requests from users.
There are full of harmonica styles with user can choose, including tremolo, diatonic, and chromatic which you can transfer song’s tone to suitable with your kind of instrument.
Specially, if you have any favorite songs, you could let us know by putting the information in the feature of “song request”.
Come with us to gain experiences from a music world in your hands.
Features’ Content
1. Provide two optional tabs: tab number and tab note
2. Variety of harmonica styles: tremolo, diatonic, and chromatic
3. Tone transferring
4. Music Recording
5. Turn on/ off melody/ beat
6. Increasing/ decreasing tempo
7. Song request with ultimate song list”

5. HarpNinja

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“HarpNinja – Your Harmonica Mojo Dojo!
Learn harmonica faster!

*** Reviews:
1. Bluesharmonica.com http://www.bluesharmonica.com/harpninja
2. Bluestime.it http://www.bluestime.it/harpninja.html

Please Note: only for iPad 2/3/4+
With audio intensive apps like HarpNinja you should ensure the iPad
does not have apps running in background mode. This will ensure you do not experience application glitches due to device resource limitations.
If you have technical issues please contact me direct or via the support forum.

Try the PC/OSX free demo before you buy!

Real time pitch recognition shows you what you play.
Play a game to learn Songs, Scales, & Riffs.
Interactive Circle of Fifths makes music theory easy.

HarpNinja supports your harmonica learning independent of whatever method you are using. It has three modes.

The Tuning Dojo is where you can visualize all the notes on a diatonic (10-hole) harmonica or 12-Hole Chromatic. Select from 8 commonly available Diatonic tunings (Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melody maker, Country, Diminished, Powerbender, or Suzuki Ultrabend Sub30) or 7 Chromatic Tunings (Standard/Solo, Bebop, C6, C6 Bebop, Diminished, Augmented, or Whole Tone), all 12 Keys, 18 Scales, and 5 Chord types (Maj, Min, 7th, Aug, Dim). You can also switch the display between notes or music intervals. Play your harmonica and the Real time pitch recognition highlights the notes on screen. An audio recorder also allows you to record short segments to hear your own playing. There is also the ability to playback a Song, Scale, or Riff that shows you the notes on the harmonica as they play.

The Melody Dojo is an advanced game mode for practising and learning Songs, Scales, & Riffs. When the notes scrolling down the screen reach the green “hit zone” you score points by playing the correct note on your own Harmonica. Select “Pause Mode” if you want the game to stop if you miss the note, and it will wait for you to play the correct note before proceeding to the next one. The difficulty modes of Slow, Normal, & Fast control the overall playback speed, which you can also adjust in the dojo via the speed slider.

Tunes are organized by Harmonica position and currently include:
• Beginner Tunes – No Bends: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Goodnight Ladies, Jingle Bells, London Bridge, Mary Had a Little Lamb, On Top Of Old Smokey, Ring Around The Rosey, Row Row Row Your Boat, Taps, When The Saints Go Marching In
• 1st Position tunes in C: C Major scale, 3 Blind Mice, Jingle Bells, La Cucaracha, Lili Marlene, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Oh Susanna, Yankee Doodle Dandy
• 2nd Position tunes in G: G Mixolydian scale, 12 Bar in G, Frere Jacques, Shuffle in G, Mexican Hat Dance, Twinkle Twinkle
• 3rd Position in Dm: Dm Dorian scale, Help You Shuffle, Sakura, St James Infirmary in Dm, You Got To Move
• 4th Position in Am: Am Aeolian scale, Shuffle in Am, St James Infirmary in Am, Swing in Am

The Circle Dojo is an interactive Circle of Fifth’s specially adapted for harmonica. The Circle of Fifth’s is a well known music theory tool for working out chord and scale relationships. See the Help section for links to more information on this useful tool.”

6. Honey Harmonica

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“The most realistic and full featured harmonica app available today for any digital platform, period.

Expert harmonica players will enjoy Honey Harmonica’s unique flexibility and expressiveness, but it’s also a great instrument for beginners to just play around with and have fun.

Best experience on the iPad. Also supports iPhone and iPod touch.

Features of free version:
– No ads! 🙂
– Standard diatonic harmonica
– Play single notes and chords
– Easy loudness and breath/draw control
– Song book with play along or demo mode
– Song lyrics – perfect for campfires

With “Expressive Mode” purchase:
– Blues style note bending
– Vibrato control
– Cool “wah wah” effect
– Tilt controls
– Note names display
– Instrument tuning or key selection

A collection of fun songs are provided with the basic free app, and almost 200 additional songs are available for purchase. For our customers’ convenience, we also offer an economical “Buy Everything” option – which includes all songs plus Expressive Mode (don’t worry, it’s really inexpensive, check it out).

Note about auto-rotation: for about 30 seconds after startup the screen will auto-rotate to let you set how you want to hold the device. After that the app’s screen rotation will stay locked in your selected orientation, in order to keep it from later flipping upside down when you least expect it during a spirited musical performance. :)”