9 Best iPhone App For Learning Rhythm

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Learning Rhythm to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 9 Best iPhone App For Learning Rhythm that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 9 Best iPhone App For Learning Rhythm, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

9 Best iPhone App For Learning Rhythm

1. Complete Rhythm Trainer

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“The ultimate rhythm training app for musicians. Learn to read, recognize, tap and write rhythms from simplest to most advanced. Rhythm is one of the most important aspects of music and one that every musician should become proficient with. Designed like a video game and with strong pedagogical concepts in mind, this app will make you master rhythm while rendering the learning process enjoyable.

• 252 progressive drills arranged over 4 levels / 30 chapters
• Extensive content: from simple time signatures to compound and asymmetric time signatures, from half notes and quarter notes to thirty-second notes, triplets, swing eighths, double dotted notes, quintuplets, …
• 5 drill types: rhythm imitation drills, rhythm reading drills, rhythm dictations, two-voice reading drills and two-voice dictations
• Play a selection of 11 drills in arcade mode
• Play and practice polyrhythms in a dedicated polyrhythm section
• Most of the drills are randomly generated, enabling you to practice the studied rhythms as many times as needed
• 23 instrument sound banks with actual recorded sounds: piano, guitar, pizzicato violin, conga, bongo, djembe, darabuka, woodblock, …
• Designed like a video game: earn 3 stars in each drill of a chapter to complete it. Or will you be able to obtain perfect 5-star scores?
• Don’t want to follow the preestablished path of progression? Create and save your own custom drills and rehearse them at your own convenience
• Create full custom training programs and invite friends or students to join them. If for example you’re a teacher you can create custom programs for your students, add drills every week and view their scores on private leaderboards
• Never lose any progress: cloud sync across your various devices
• Apple Game Center: 25 achievements to unlock
• Apple Game Center: leaderboards to compare arcade mode scores with other players worldwide
• Nice and clean material design user interface with 2 display themes: light and dark
• 4 sheet music display styles: modern, classic, handwritten and jazz
• Designed by a musician and music teacher with a Royal Conservatory master’s degree

Full Version
• Download the app and try out the first two chapters for free
• One-time in-app purchase of $4.99 to unlock the full version on all your Apple devices

Having a problem? Got a suggestion? You can reach us at hello@completerhythmtrainer.com”

2. Metronome – Tap Tempo & Rhythm

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“Meet the most accurate mobile metronome app! It is precisely crafted by professional musicians and lets you experience a real metronome as close as it gets!

Not only does Metronome make it easier to keep the tempo and rhythm, it also helps you practice and learn while using it. Designed for users with different skills, Metronome games offer you to accomplish challenges to pass to a more complicated level! That makes learning process involving and gradual.

BIRD BEAT game helps memorize rhythm better, play rhythm pattern accurately, retrieve rhythm from your memory more rapidly.
NOTES VALUE game helps get familiar with notes and their types, memorize notes value, understand melody rhythm better.
RHYTHM TIME game helps study time signatures, operate notes value faster, memorize music notation.
BUTTON GAME helps master the art of timing and learn to play intricate rhythm patterns!

Metronome app will improve your rhythm skills and increase finger flexibility. You will read music sheets faster and understand music better!

Other features to enjoy in Metronome app:

***Visual metronome arrangement***
– Digital metronome click tracker;
– Classic analog metronome click tracker.

***Tempo Animations***
– Animated moving pendulum and weight;
– Visual flash and vibration — see and feel the beats!

***Tempo rates***
– All popular tempos and signatures. Set the desired timer;
– Manually set any tempo;
– Tempo ranges from 10 to 250 bpm beats per minute (timer).

***Sound Sets***
– Over 10 handpicked sounds for every band and style;
– Metronome for drums, piano, and pianoforte;
– and many more.

– Easy and quick to set
– Choose how long you want to practice
– Split training time into several sections
– Focus and use your time effectively

Our Real Metronome is used by music schools’ students and teachers all over the world. If you an educational organization that is using or willing to use our apps, drop us a line at support@gismart.com

The app contains the following subscription options:

– Weekly with a 3-day free trial at $7.99; weekly with a 3-day free trial at $11.99; monthly with a 7-day free trial at $12.99; lifetime access at $49.99; 3 months at $29.99*.
– Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
– The account is charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the current period.
– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
– The cost of renewal is equal to the value that “Apple’s App Store Matrix” determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD.
– Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.
– Unlimited access to our Premium features include:
Personalized experience
Unlimited Metronome tools
Unlimited games
No ads

Privacy Policy: https://gismart.com/privacy-policy/
Terms of Service: https://gismart.com/terms-of-service/

*Prices can be different in different countries according to what “Apple’s App Store Matrix” determines as the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD.”

◆◆◆ About Gismart ◆◆◆
Gismart is a team of devoted musicians and developers with real passion for music and everything about it!
Find out more about us: Gismart.com
Follow us on Twitter/Facebook: @Gismartmusic
Feel free to drop us a line about anything: support@gismart.com”

3. Music Rhythm Trainer

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“Rhythm Trainer is a series of fun field-tested exercises for mastering your essential rhythmic skills no matter what instrument you play.

Practice 15 minutes a day in an individual session. Test your rhythmic skills. Get hang of the metronome beat. Learn to repeat different rhythms. Improve your sight reading skill.

It won’t take long to see that the app is much more efficient and exciting compared to conventional exercises along with a metronome.

Whether you practice alone or with a teacher, Rhythm Trainer will help you to:

• Develop a sense of rhythm.
• Sight-read rhythm notation.
• Accurately play a rhythm from notes.
• Hear mistakes in a rhythm by ear.

Rhythm is the heart of music. Learn the skill once, play rhythmically forever.


The Rhythm Trainer offers an auto-renewing subscription for 4.99 USD per month.

– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
– Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

– Terms of service: https://rhythmtest.online/terms
– Privacy policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/47478545″

4. Note Ahoy

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“Note Ahoy! is a game to help you learn to sing or play by listening to you via the microphone.

The goal of the game is to rescue notes that are falling into the sea by singing or playing them. The more accurately and rhythmically you do this, the better.

The game features notes presented in four different ways: relative pitch (Do-Re-Mi), absolute pitch (C-D-E), standard notation (G-clef, C-clef, F-clef), and intervals (M2, P4 etc.)

Currently has support for 3 voice types (treble, female, male).”

5. Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

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“Improve your sight reading quickly with immediate feedback of timing accuracy. Carefully graduated levels from simple to professional allow you to start at your best level and improve at your own pace, more rapidly than on your own instrument. Practice anytime and anywhere. Many advanced features.


– Common and rarer rhythms from 2 to 12 beats per bar (2/2, 3/2, 4/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8).

– More than 200 fixed exercises (100 (longer ones) on iPad).

– Thousands of random exercises.

– Levels for absolute beginners as well as professionals.

– More difficult exercises include rests, ties, syncopations, duplets, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets.

– Option to add swing to every quarter note meter exercise.

– Different degrees of swing: light, medium and hard.

– Automatic count-off with one or two bars.

– Longer (random) exercises in landscape orientation.


– Practice mode: listen or tap along while the rhythm is played.

– Test mode: you hear the metronome and must read and tap the rhythm.

– Accuracy is instantly displayed visually (color and position) with each tap.

– Easily adjust metronome tempo by sliding or keypad.

– Two tap buttons for higher tempos or tapping with alternating fingers.


– Any exercise can serve as a starting point for editing.

– The editor provides many options to tailor exercises to your needs.

– Designed to need very few taps.

– Includes an editor for ties.

– Unlimited undo.

– Add your exercises to favorites.

– Share these with others.


– Expert mode: a higher default tempo for the exercises plus more accuracy required in tapping.

– Endurance test (continuous reading).

– Speeding-up tests.

– Left- and right-hand independence: tap the beat and rhythm with two tap buttons.

– Note duration test.

– Count 6/8 in two (dotted quarter has the beat).

– Ear training function to help in rhythmic dictation.

– Keep focused on the rhythm while notes from a chord progression are played.


– Frequency chart of tap results.

– Progress reports for fixed and random exercises.

– Mail your results: e.g. send your 100% score graphic or progress reports.


– Sounds of the app player, metronome and taps can be chosen from several percussive instruments.

– Optional stereo sound. Hear your taps in the right ear and the metronome/player in the left ear.

– Optional beat-counting voice function.


– Use of the microphone as an alternative to the tap buttons.

– Play the rhythm with hand claps, finger-snaps or an instrument.

– Sensitivity function.

– Support for external microphones.


– Support for receiving taps from a Midi device connected via Apple USB camera adapter or USB-C (like keyboard, guitar, drum kit).

– Device is automatically detected.

– Touch-sensitivity support.

– Any exercise can be exported as a MIDI file.


– Very low latency (instant response).

– Left-handed tapping support.

– Classical as well as flat interface themes.

– Dark mode support.

– Universal app (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

– Support for all screen sizes.

– 64-bit compatible.

– iOS, iPadOS 15.3 tested.”

6. Rhythm Trainer by Rhythmicity

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“Rhythm Trainer by Rhythmicity presents a rhythm library of over a thousand expertly composed rhythm patterns organized in 10 levels. The learning levels range from beginner to advanced for practicing, learning, drilling, training, and sight-reading rhythm.

Rhythm Trainer by Rhythmicity includes:

*A learner mode, which is designed to help learners build the right skills necessary to fluently read music at their skill level, and allow unlimited repetitive practice on single rhythm patterns of interest.

*A sight-reading mode designed to train learners to read ahead of where they are playing, and increase their horizontal peripheral vision, short term memory, and rhythm pattern recognition at tempo.

*A Tutorial Assistant method designed to demonstrate rhythm patterns by performing them correctly using the American standard music counting system, and having the learner play it back.

*10 skill levels for you to master: rhythms that include notes, rests, ties, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, and syncopation in a variety of time signatures.

*Immediate feedback on timing accuracy to help you identify notes played too early, late, short, or too long.

*Rhythm challenge exercises to test your proficiency at each level.

*Certificates of completion presented after completing rhythm challenge exercises for each level.

*Intermediate and expert settings for advanced students desiring to adhere to full note values.

*Earn practice points and personal-best awards for highest accuracy percentage, top practice session points, consecutive measures at 100% accuracy, successive days of practice, and practice time duration.

*Full-featured and customizable metronome with multiple percussion sounds, including voice count.

Visit us at www.rhythmicityapp.com.

Feature Details:

• The learner Mode allows for repetitive practice on each rhythm pattern.
• Each measure performed is instantly analyzed for accuracy.
• A comprehensive library of rhythms to select.
• Ten practice levels from beginner to advanced.
• Rhythm Trainer by Rhythmicity presents an unlimited amount of random rhythm combinations and patterns for sight-reading.
• The tempo of exercises can be slowed down or made faster.
• During sight-read mode, measures played incorrectly are presented more frequently for increased practice opportunities.
• Flashcard transitions that promote sight-reading.
• Demonstration of rhythm patterns performed correctly using the standard music counting system by the Tutorial Assistant.
• Acoustical Piano sound for the correct rhythmic duration.
• Four-octave mini-piano keyboard.
• No keyboard latency.
• Option to have one or two measure preparatory voice count-off.
• Can activate voice alerts for feedback during practice sessions.
• Practice summaries for each session.
• The opportunity to share practice summaries with others via email, which data includes session date, accuracy, points, measures flagged, bpm, duration, level, and deck name.

Pyramid Metronome

• The metronome features a pyramid pendulum ball movement, which accurately displays the (up) & (down) beats, and sub-divisions.
• Tempo ranges from 10 to 400 beats per minute.
• Italian and BPM (beats per minute) tempo settings.
• Colorful LED-styled visual measure beats and beats subdivisions.
• Users can define beat subdivisions and beats.
• Beats can be divided up into eight subdivisions.
• Users can assign percussion instrument sounds to individual beats, and beat subdivisions.
• Option to use voice counts on beats, and beat subdivisions.
• Users can create custom metronome settings and save up to nine presets.”

7. Rhythmic Village: Learn Rhythm

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“Have you ever tried to play the drums but found out that reading sheet music wasn’t your thing? Now that’s over!

In Rhythmic Village you’ll discover the crazy and happy music notes named “Rhythmiacs”. They literally got the beat in their blood!

In this adventure you’ll learn the basics of sheet music reading, play percussion instruments and improve your sense of rhythm. Use your device and start right away!


• Game-based learning to introduce you to percussion instruments.
• Play with a real instrument (drumsticks, woodblock, hand drum, bongos, etc) by activating the microphone option.
• Rhythmic challenges made with background in music education.
• Innovative learning system to learn rhythmic sheet reading.
• A scoring system that adds repetition value to the game (maximize your score!).
• Ready for classroom use.
• Part of the World of Music series.


“Educator’s Choice” – Microsoft Partners in Learning
“Golden Bee” – Beste Kinder Apps
“5 Stars” – TopBestAppsForKids.com
“Kids Product of the Year” – Creative Child Magazine
“Creative Play of the Year” – Creative Child Magazine

Please note:
(!) Trial is free but limited. You can purchase the complete version inside the game.
(!) Your smartphone or tablet should have at least 1GB of RAM memory.
(!) Use headphones if you are using the microphone option. This helps the game listen only to your percussion instrument.

If you are a school or a teacher looking to buy in bulk (volume purchase), please search the store for “Rhythmic Village for Schools” instead. The version you are looking at right now unlocks via an in-app purchase and so does not support volume purchase.”

8. Semitone – Music Education

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“Semitone is a music theory education and reference app that helps you learn about music through interactive challenges and extensive reference material for piano and guitar.

▸ Interactive Challenges:
– Complete the Chord Progression: Test your understanding of keys and modes by figuring out which chord is missing.
– Complete the Scale: Figure out which note is missing from the scale.
– Note, Interval, Chord, and Scale identification challenges for piano and guitar.

▸ Chord and Scale Reference for Guitar and Piano:
– Charts featuring chords for most common scales, useful for memorizing chords by key, transposing songs, or learning songs by ear.
– Chord and scale diagrams for piano and guitar.

Let us know your thoughts! We’re hoping to make Semitone the most approachable way of learning music theory, and would love to have your feedback as we plan out our next features.”

9. Time Guru Metronome

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“Guitar Player Magazine says: “This ingenious super metronome was developed by funky-as-hell Sco sideman Avi Bortnick. It will leave out beats randomly to force you to strengthen your own inner time-keeping muscles, and it has other cool features for odd meters, drum machine-style patterns, and more… this is an awesome learning, grooving, solidifying tool.”

Strengthen your inner sense of rhythm! Time Guru is the only metronome with the ability to mute its sound at random, in sequenced patterns, or both, so that you can assess whether you tend to rush or drag or loose your place with odd meters. Time Guru can periodically leave you on your own so that you strengthen your own internal sense of time, rather than relying on the constant, rigid, external time keeping of a metronome. It’s like training wheels that sometimes come up off the ground.

Time Guru also features:
-the ability to play in different time signatures or sequences of time signatures
-create rhythmic drum-machine like patterns
-save presets for tempo, meter, sound and muting-
-35 loud sound sets;
-Human or robot voice counting in English, Chinese, French, German or Russian – great for teaching!
-tap tempo (5 to 300 BPM range)
-super accurate, rock-solid timing via a customized audio engine.

And of course it can function as a normal metronome.

NoTreble.com says: “I love the aesthetic and layout of Time Guru. It’s very simple and elegant. Time Guru also offers ability to set randomness of your subdivisions (great for testing your internal clock)….There is one thing that Time Guru does that I absolutely love, and for which, this app will always live on my iPhone – at the top of the screen, you will see a series of numbers (1-7). When you press a number, it is set first in a sequence and you can choose a subdivision that will then repeat that number of times (or set it to rest that number of times). Sound confusing? It isn’t, because the layout is so simple. Every time you press a new number, it is set next in the sequence and you choose your continue to choose your subdivisions.””