4 Best iPhone App For Maintenance

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Maintenance to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best iPhone App For Maintenance that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best iPhone App For Maintenance, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best iPhone App For Maintenance

1. HomeMaint – Home Maintenance

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“Dear homeowner, with smart periodic and preventive home maintenance you can save a lot of dollars! HomeMaint App will help you do this!

Main benefits:

– Save money with proactive maintenance

– Keep your home & garden in tip-top shape

– Don’t forget any maintenance task

– Copy & Keep all information to DIY

– Improve safety & increase comfort

Your home is probably the largest investment that you’ll make in your entire life. So, it makes good sense to do everything that you can to protect that investment.

HomeMaint will help you to maintain your home in tip-top shape, to improve safety, to increase comfort, to save money and to enhance your home’s value.

With the HomeMaint, you have the ability to manage the maintenance of domestic equipment, gardens, cars, regular cleaning and the care with dogs and other pets.

With HomeMaint you can:

Calculate the revision date of the item managed according to the period informed in the registration.

Control the validity of the warranty, photograph the invoice and store other related images.

Create categories of items when the items’ names begin with emoji characters and group them when using the arrange function.

Register maintenance or service provider contact information on the app, such as web addresses, telephone, email, which are recognized hyperlinks and execute the applications related to them (safari, mail, maps, youtube, phone call, and others).

Share maintenance instructions by e-mail.

Automatically create Calendar alarms for new maintenance.

Avoid forgetting the maintenance of your house, apartment, condominium or ranch!

Have the photo and video instructions at hand to perform the maintenance yourself!

Store service provider contacts and service records for fast access!

Keep the gardens prettier, well kept and fertilized regularly!

Take care of dogs and other pets without forgetting to vaccinate, deworm, and other treatments!

Allow the shelf life of the equipment not to be decreased due to the lack of maintenance. With HomeMaint you don’t forget!”

2. MaintainX Work Orders

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“MaintainX is the fast and intuitive mobile-first task manager for maintenance and facility management teams

1. Creating a work order is as simple as snapping a photo
2. Message directly on work orders to keep your communication organized
3. See all work orders in one place and get beautiful reports
4. Track your assets, locations and work order history

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MaintainX is ideal for:

1. Facility managers
2. Property managers
3. Restaurant managers
4. Manufacturing managers
5. Safety managers
6. Plant managers

Perfect for teams looking to boost communication and get instant mobile/desktop status updates between technicians, maintenance workers, and managers.

Easiest work order system to learn. Your entire team can learn to use MaintainX in minutes!

Time to get rid of pen, paper forms, and clunky software!”

3. Upkeep Tasks

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“Having a life means having things to keep up with, maintain, and replace. Some of these things can be tough to remember – that’s where Upkeep comes in. For example, you can use Upkeep to remind you to change the air filter in your house or change the oil in your car.


• Select from hundreds of built-in tasks
• Have Upkeep remind you when a task is due
• Mark tasks as complete or have Upkeep to remind you later
• Set a custom reminder time
• Add your own tasks (In-app purchase required)
• See a history of when you completed each task
• Badge icon shows tasks that are due today or overdue

Get started with Upkeep today and take the big hassle out of keeping up with the small things.”

4. UpKeep Work Order Maintenance

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“Known as the easiest way to switch from stress to success, UpKeep is the ideal solution for manufacturing and facility managers looking to improve maintenance and communication by enabling real-time status updates for your team. This modern, intuitive, customizable CMMS is proven to make your life easier. With over 100,000+ app downloads, over 200,000 users, and millions of work orders created, you’re in good hands.

With its easy to use digital work order and maintenance platform, thousands of maintenance and facility managers are swapping out their frustration over pen and paper, spreadsheets, and outdated desktop-based software for our intuitive mobile app.

UpKeep puts the power of team progress and communication back in your technicians’ hands and instantly at your fingertips.

Snap a picture of a broken piece of equipment, draw on the photo, attach a repair checklist, and assign it to a technician. View the progress of your assigned work orders, all in one place.

With UpKeep’s mobile app, the information you need to know is where you need it, when you need it.

Rated the #1 Maintenance Management Software by Capterra & Gartner, UpKeep is free to use and create unlimited work orders.



Experience huge savings on labor costs by spending less time searching for answers. Accomplish all of this and more:

· Easily submit work requests and label it with a priority level
· Snap a photo of broken equipment and assign it to a technician
· View our brand new home screen that shows past due work orders, high priority work orders, bookmarked work orders, and more
· Add due dates, assigned workers, details, location, and files to your work orders
· Scan an asset barcode with your camera and assign it to a work order
· Set a time-based repeating work order schedule
· Complete preventive and reactive maintenance work orders
· Customize or hide work order fields
· Set time-based meter readings for critical inspections
· Comment on work orders from anywhere to answer questions or request a status update


Achieve the full useful life on all of your equipment and significantly reduce spending on unplanned downtime. Experience all of this and even more:

· View and organize your work orders by due date, most recently updated, status, priority, location, and more
· Search any asset by name or by scanning a barcode
· Set asset statuses to track unplanned downtime
· See all previous work orders completed on assets
· Track time spent on each work order
· Identify all parts and costs associated with all work orders across assets
· Attach manuals and repair instructions to assets
· Locate warranty information instantly to determine whether to replace or repair


Less phone calls and interruptions, effectively manage more streamlined requests on your own time. Enhance your focus when and where you need it most:

· Communicate with your team on progress with work order updates
· Get real-time status updates on open and in-progress work orders
· Set up email and push notifications to keep track of work orders and team progress


An unparalleled desktop and mobile experience that you and your team can rely on anywhere:

· Watch changes you make in the UpKeep app, appear on your desktop
· Service your equipment, even with no Wifi or cell service
· Take your work orders anywhere offline and watch updates sync with UpKeep when you are back online


Maintenance software that is available to everyone:

· Create unlimited work orders for free
· Upgrade to UpKeep Starter, Professional, or Business Plus for advanced features and more team members

Try UpKeep now and get started with unlimited free work orders today.

Your use of this app is subject to the UpKeep Terms of Service, which can be found at http://www.onupkeep.com/tos.php”