3 Best iPhone App For Writing Poetry

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App For Writing Poetry to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best iPhone App For Writing Poetry that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best iPhone App For Writing Poetry, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best iPhone App For Writing Poetry

1. Creative Writer – easy writing

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“Let the writers help you write. Creative Writer provides language expressions for your writing sessions, drawn from actual books: bestselling novels, literary geniuses, traditional and modern poetry, movies, TV series, song lyrics, hip-hop, gangsta RAP and other sources.

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** Type Away

You don’t have to type a word: just tap on the stream of suggested words, picking words until the sentences come out. Or combine normal typing with predictive writing. You can easily switch among genres: Poetry, Prose, Classics, Dialogues, Lyrics, You & Me, Cooking, Quotations and Romance.

• Compose songs
• Write short stories
• Write poems
• Smash your writer’s block
• Record the stream of consciousness
• Learn English – explore, have fun with words

An endless source of writing ideas, words, prompts and sentences for your writing sessions. Millions of text segments analyzed and clustered into 7 powerful predictive models: Prose (best-selling novels), Dialogues (movies, TV series), You & Me, Lyrics (popular songs, RAP), Romance, Classics (Shakespeare, Goethe, Joyce, Kafka, Proust, Dostojevski, and others) and Quotations.

Install the Dictionary PRO and throw yourself a brainstorming party! Dictionary PRO puts examples, definitions, rhymes, antonyms, synonyms, and more at your fingertips.


• “Unleash the verbal artistry within! It’s a fantastic idea, one I haven’t seen replicated anywhere else.”
— Janel Torkington, AppsZoom

• “If you need a little nudge when it comes to figuring out how to say something, Creative Writer needs to be in your writing toolkit.”
— Best iPad apps for writers, Allyson Kazmucha, iMore

• “When the writer needs a voice, he/she creates one with Creative Writer.”
— Jessica Lares, Customer Reviews


Includes a beautiful notepad where you can write your story or collect interesting sentences, edit and share.

**No internet connection needed!


Some ideas about the app or need support? support@resonanca-it.com

Check us out on Vimeo, resonanca-it.com or hit us up @writing_force”

2. Poetizer – For Poems and Poets

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“Poetizer. Where poetry gets social.

Download Poetizer today and begin to express yourself through poetry!

Did you know we have millions of original poems and new poems are being published minute by minute?

Our minimalist poetry social media platform let’s you unwind while connecting with a global community of poets, rebels, thinkers, and sensitive souls. Write about issues near and dear to you.

Are you passionate about social justice? Maybe you love discussing religion and philosophy or maybe you prefer writing about day to day life. Whether you are a novice writer or not, you are a poet and it’s time to let the world know it!

Give and receive support and feedback from poetry lovers across the world and establish your identity on the international poetry scene.

Be inspired by the variety of poetry and diverse mix of people who make up the platform. Be part of a judgment free collective of creators. Make meaningful connections.

Our minimalist design provides a clean and distraction-free environment for your ultimate writing and reading experience. Build your confidence as a writer and encourage others to write.

Create your profile, save drafts and publish your poems when they’re ready. Use the text editor by double-clicking on any word in your poem.

Available as an app and website, all your activity is automatically synced to the online platform at Poetizer.com. Enjoy all the features of the integrated platform wherever you are.

Find and read hundreds of new poems every day and follow the authors you like the most.

Use our bookmarks to collect your favorite poems so that you can find them whenever you want. Share those poems with your friends.

Do you like poem prompts and challenges? You’ll like our social media channels:

We love hearing from you! Send us an email at support@poetizer.com with any questions or feedback you may have.”

3. “Poetry Creator | Verses – Poetry, Poems & Poets”

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“Ever wonder what it would be like to mash-up a Shakespeare poem with a Hip Hop Song? Verses is a new iPhone and iPad app that puts a fresh spin on a cherished classic: refrigerator magnet poetry. We built this app to set your creativity ablaze with Verses’s limitless word mixing possibilities that allow you to become a kind of dictionary DJ. After creating a poem out of your own personal mix of dictionaries, you can send your creation to friends via email or publish it in your Facebook photo album! (network connectivity required)

Arranging words into your own poetry is much easier and smoother (and thus more enjoyable) using Verses, as opposed to the original “real life” fridge magnets. But even more enjoyable is the pleasure of sharing your poetic creations with friends. With the click of a button, you can publish your poem to Facebook (assuming you’re logged in). Then ALL of your friends can see your creativity, not just the ones who happen to be in standing in front of your fridge (Facebook account and network connectivity required). Plus you can email your poetry directly to your friends, all without ever leaving the app. You can also save your poetry to your device’s photo album.

Verses comes with 4 dictionaries, including:

•Old School Words
•New School Words
•’The’ Dictionary
•If Ands Or Buts Dictionary

You can also buy premium dictionaries for an additional cost, which can add even more flavor and character to your poems. Premium dictionaries are available as optional in-app purchases and include:

•Hip-Hop Dictionary
•Beatnik Dictionary
•60’s Dictionary 1
•60’s Dictionary 2
•Sci-Fi Dictionary
•Shakespeare Dictionary
•19th & 20th Century Dictionary

We’ve also added Achievements that will track your progress and keep a tally of your own personal “Poetry Score.””