5 Best iPhone App Light Meter

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App Light Meter to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best iPhone App Light Meter that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best iPhone App Light Meter, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best iPhone App Light Meter

1. Lux – Professional Light Meter for Film Photography

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“Lux turns your iPhone or iPad into a professional-ready and convenient light meter for film photography. The first light meter on the App Store to use metering data directly from the camera sensor.

Note: Lux is designed for use with a separate camera. This app does not take digital photos.

– Live preview with tap-to-focus produces metering to match the image as displayed on your iPhone or iPad

– Accurate, fast metering data directly from the camera sensor

– On-screen controls provide instant feedback atop the live preview

– Supports full stops, third stops and half stops”

2. Lux Light Meter Pro

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“Light Meter is an easy-to-use, functional light intensity (lux) meter perfect for measuring, comparing, and adjusting lighting levels in your environment, whether at work or at home.

Using multiple device sensor inputs, this small, convenient app collects light intensity data at the click of a button. It is indispensable when using a manual or film camera, without the need for expensive instruments that often cost hundreds of dollars. Great for setting up your greenhouse light settings, avoiding workplace lighting induced eye strain, or checking if your desk or craft station needs a bit more light.

– Realtime measurements
– One-time measurement
– Average and Max values
– Front and rear cam
– Lux and Foot candle measurements

Please note that Light Meter app is not a replacement for a professional device and should be used for private purposes only.

Have any questions or suggestions? Write to us: support@lspapps.com

Terms of Use – https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/82717056

Privacy Policy – https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/82717056″

3. myLightMeter PRO

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“Designed by a photographer for photographers, focused on RELIABILITY and PRECISION for digital and analog photography.

• Extended sensitivity as low as -2/-4EV (dark scenes)

• Two different convenient interface designs.

• Incident and reflected light metering modes.

• Save exposure data.

• f/Tools connection.

• Independent calibration for the two metering modes.

• Independent selection of aperture, speed, ISO and exposure compensation with 1/3 resolution. From 4 minutes to 1/8000 sec., aperture from 1.0 to 512 and iso from 3 to 6400.

• Automatic priority for aperture or speed. (Automatic Av and Tv modes).

• Automatic ISO or locked ISO options.

• Point metering and zoomed camera view.

• Maximum aperture limited by the selected lens.

• Calculate the average of any number of measurements you want.

• Read the exposure data of any photo from the gallery.

• Calculate hyperfocal distance for 5 memorized lenses. Which also blocks maximum aperture.

• Memory for 5 lenses with maximum aperture, focal length and film/sensor size for calculating hyperfocal distance and aperture.

• Hyperfocal distance also for infrared light. (IR button)

• Exposure value EV on an analog scale or right up front.

• Two LED indicators show whether the measurement is unreliable due to lack of light in the scene, or if we have under 30% battery left.

• On 3.5 ” displays preset lens buttons tilting the device or tapping at the bottom.

• Be advised that accurate incident light reading needs a diffuser attached to the front camera. Without the diffuser still can be used but think about it, it will be a reflected reading taken with the front camera.

I’m an independent photographer/designer/developer and am very grateful for your support. Trying to do the best lightmeter app ever, a lot more to come. You can ask for any improvement and I’ll be happy to help. This app is constantly reviewed and improved because it is my tool, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me by email at davidquiles@me.com

Thank you!

David Quiles”

4. Photo Light & Exposure Meter

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“A light meter that is always with you!

It will help you understand how to take pictures correctly and allow you to experiment with the settings in real time.
Nothing extra. Large and comfortable controls. And everything is in full view.

– Selection of optimal shooting values ​​in real time
– Ability to change and fix individual values ​​such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, while the rest (not fixed) will also be selected in real time.
– Ability to take a preliminary picture and play with its settings. Let’s say to see how everything would be if the diaphragm changed.
– Ability to save a snapshot with all parameters including geolocation.
– Measurement of color temperature in real time
– Plotting histograms in real time
– An indispensable tool for the photographer.

For all questions, write to pbukhonov@yandex.ru or write to us directly from the application!

Privacy Policy – https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/69911161
Terms Of Use – https://www.iubenda.com/terms-and-conditions/69911161″

5. Pocket Light Meter

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“A light meter that is always in your pocket. It is indispensable for film photography with all manual camera. Measures reflected light, and allows reciprocity calculations.”