7 Best iPhone App Score Keeping

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone App Score Keeping to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best iPhone App Score Keeping that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 7 Best iPhone App Score Keeping, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best iPhone App Score Keeping

1. Easy Score Keeper for Games

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“Easy Score Keeper is designed to be simple so that any family member can keep score. It is ideal for board games, card games, bean bag toss, or any game where you need to keep track of scores in multiple rounds. Enter scores quickly by simply tapping the round and entering the score for each player. With a focus on simplicity it’s easy to enter scores and get back to playing your game.

• 1-8 players
• Easily enter scores
• Auto scroll to next round
• Automatically save games
• Customize player and game names
• Update individual scores for previous rounds
• Delete games from history”

2. Keep Score GameKeeper

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“Love playing games, but hate keeping score? Keep score the easy way! With this app you’ll beg to be the score-keeper. Don’t let keeping score get in the way of playing the game.

Designed to let you track scores and levels of multiple games without any fuss. Includes a scoreboard, point history, timer, random player picker, and a terribly annoying buzzer (just for fun).

For support or feedback, please contact us here: http://aaronorr8.wixsite.com/keepscore”

3. Score Anything

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“Score your favorite board, card, and other games with a single touch! No more hunting for a pad and pencil, typing scores in Notes, or tapping tiny plus buttons – “Score Anything” lets any player at the table keep track of their score in a single touch!

Quick & Accurate Scoring
– Tally any score for any player with a single intuitive gesture
– Customizable scoring increment

Convenient for All
– Scores rotate to face their player no matter the seating arrangement at the table
– Customize player colors to match board game pieces

Keeps Track of Multiple Games
– Game scores are saved automatically
– Name game sessions and switch between them with a tap
– Saved games remember their settings and player colors

Supports up to 6 Players
– Score yourself or designate a score keeper
– 24 player colors to choose from

Beautiful, Ad-Free Interface
– Dark color scheme helps save battery on modern OLED screen iPhones”

4. Score Keeper 2020

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“This game saver allows you to focus on family and friends during game night rather than worrying about keeping track of scores. Score Keeper is flexible depending on how you want to keep score. Keep track of multiple games with multiple players. You can sort your scores from high to low, vice versa, and any order you choose. Other features include a timer and a random player selector.”

5. Score Keeper FREE

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“ScoreKeeper is an easy way to track scores when playing games, and total the scores automatically. It’s great for for playing table games like cards, dominoes, dice, Farkle and even works well for scoring a round of golf!

ScoreKeepr FREE version supports 4 players and 20 rounds of play.

IF YOU NEED MORE THAN FOUR PLAYERS, please purchase ScoreKeepr BACON in the App Store. It supports up to 99 players and 99 rounds, contains no ads, saves and loads previous games and more backgrounds featuring BACON!

Being by starting a New Game in the left side menu. The game is saved automatically.

Two ways of entering scores are available. A number pad like a calculator, or by adding to the current score by pressing +1 +5 +10. The -> button moves the input one player right for fast input. The Down button moves to the next row. Undo reverts the score to what it was before entering the current score. There’s a button to cancel scores for trick-taking card games, or to indicate with a — the player that went out.

You can change the font, text size, and pick from different backgrounds.

Email the results from the LeaderBoard, where players are shown sorted by total score. The scores can now be sorted by lowest first or highest first.

You can send feedback right in the app by tapping on “About/Feedback” in the menu.

Thank you for choosing ScoreKeepr and keep on playing!”

6. Scoreboard – On The Go

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“Make your games more legitimate with Scoreboard!

Scoreboard lets you keep score on the go with a real scoreboard. Scoreboard is great for those looking to referee a game, keep track of scoring for a game that they are watching, or legitimize the competetive nature of a game that they are playing by using a real legitimate scoreboard on their phone, tablet or other device!

The Scoreboard app is applicable to any points-based game like, football, basketball, baseball, soccer and many more (including board games and other indoor/outdoor games).

You can even:
-change point / score increments
-change team colors
-set win limits
-set a game timer
-accurately manage and keep track of game time & more!

Just tap the side that scored to increase their score on the scoreboard! Reset the score to start a new game.

Make your games more legitimate with Scoreboard!”

7. Scorekeeper XL

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“Scorekeeper XL is a great app for keeping score when playing board games or party games with your friends.


How to use:

Top left button: add player.
Top right button: sort lowest-to-highest.
Bottom right button: toggle volume.
Bottom left button: reset scores to 0.

When editing a player, you can use the skull and crossbones to delete that player.

To increase a player’s score, simply tap on the plus and minus buttons next to their score. If you hold the button it’ll count up a lot quicker.

That’s about it, have fun!”