4 Best iPhone Apps Hacker News

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone Apps Hacker News to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best iPhone Apps Hacker News that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best iPhone Apps Hacker News, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best iPhone Apps Hacker News

1. Hacker Feed

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“Hacker Feed is a modern, fast and elegant app for reading Hacker News.

• Swipe between tabs to browse Top, New, Show HN, Ask HN and Jobs stories
• Scroll through stories in beautiful typography, along with compact or large thumbnails
• Open story links in the built-in Safari view, with reader mode support
• Expand and collapse story comments and threads via intuitive tap gestures
• Bookmark your favourite stories to read later, synced across all your devices via iCloud
• Easily share story links to other apps
• Turn on Dark Mode for browsing in low-lighting conditions
• Universal app – split view support on iPad for easy viewing
• Optimised for performance

Contact me @ken_toh on Twitter, if there are any issues.


2. Octal for Hacker News

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“Octal is your go-to news feed for breaking tech news, putting the biggest stories of the day with engaging discussion right in the palm of your hand.

Beautifully designed for both iPhone and iPad, Octal focuses on what you care most about: design, speed, and usability. It’s the modern, full-featured Hacker News app you’ve been looking for.

You’ll find an unparalleled, community-powered source of stories about anything ranging from self-driving cars to the latest Apple gadgets. Octal has all the features you need, including the ability to vote on stories, submit posts, add comments, and manage favorites. Best of all, it’s free of all that annoying stuff, like ads, subscriptions, and tracking. If you want to keep up to date with the latest popular and trending tech headlines, Octal is made for you.

• NEWS FOR NERDS: Read and share the most important stories in the tech world, submitted and voted on by Hacker News users. Stories are constantly changing, and often focus on areas like programming, startups, technology industry and companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, etc.), and key technology categories such as mobile, computers, internet, design, coding, and security.

• ENGAGE AND VOTE: Vote on stories and comments you like and dislike, and report stories with objectionable content. Found something you need to read later? Add it to your favorites!

• DISCUSS THE NEWS: Read and engage with stories by viewing their discussions with a fast, fully-threaded, collapsible, buttery smooth comments experience. Add your own comments. If you’re a fast reader, you can instantly jump to the next top-level comment thread with a single tap.

• SUBMIT LINKS: Got a cool story or news link to share to Hacker News? Submit new posts directly in the app.

• SEARCH STORIES: Search Hacker News stories and sort search results by relevance or date.

• JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Log in or register to Hacker News to easily track your karma, activity and favorites. Browse user profiles, including their karma, about, activity, and favorites.

• THEMEABLE: Total Dark Mode support. Turn on ‘True Black’ to use a pure RGB #000 background color – perfect for devices with OLED displays.

• CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEWS FEED: Tap or swipe between story filters such as ‘Top Stories’, ‘Ask HN’, ‘Show HN’, ‘Best Stories’, ‘New Stories’, and ‘Jobs’. Rearrange them to your desire.

• ACCESSIBLE: Increase or decrease the text size to one that’s comfortable for you, or enable ‘Dynamic Type’ to use the system’s ‘Larger Text’ font size.

• DEEP LINK SUPPORT: You can open Hacker News web links in Octal using other apps such as ‘Opener’. Most Hacker News deep links starting with ‘octal://’ can open with Octal!

• READY FOR ANY SCREEN: Octal looks great on iPads with an optional 2-pane interface. Say goodbye to wasted screen real estate.

• WEB BROWSER SUPPORT: Open links in your web browser of choice.

• AD-FREE: No ads, no subscriptions, and no tracking.

To unlock advanced features, including the ability to submit posts, add comments, manage favorites, switch themes, change app icons, use custom gestures, and more, you can buy Octal Premium via an In-App Purchase. Octal Premium is a one-time payment and there is no subscription. Purchases support the development of Octal, which is developed solely by me!

Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. It is run by Paul Graham’s investment fund and startup incubator, Y Combinator. In general, its content can be submitted is defined as “anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity”. You can think of Hacker News as reddit for tech. It’s the go-to news aggregator for tech.

Found a bug or have a feature request? Create an Issue on Github, or e-mail me: https://github.com/dangwu/Octal/issues”

3. Pythonista 3

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“Pythonista is a complete scripting environment for Python, running directly on your iPad or iPhone. It includes support for both Python 3.6 and 2.7, so you can use all the language improvements in Python 3, while still having 2.7 available for backwards compatibility.

In true Python fashion, batteries are included – from popular third-party modules like requests, numpy, matplotlib, and many more, to modules that are tailor-made for iOS. You can write scripts that access sensor and location data, your photo library, contacts, reminders, the clipboard, and much more.

You can also use Pythonista to build interactive multi-touch experiences, custom user interfaces, animations, and 2D games.

Apart from learning and practicing Python, you can also use Pythonista to automate parts of iOS with app extensions, e.g. to invoke scripts directly from the standard share sheet in almost any app.


>>> Powerful code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, scripting support, and more
>>> Interactive prompt with code completion, command history, and support for showing images in the console output
>>> Integrated visual debugger and object inspector
>>> Integrated PEP 8 style checker with issues highlighted directly in the editor
>>> Complete offline documentation with quick lookup directly from the editor
>>> Various beautiful light and dark color themes, and a theme editor to make your own
>>> UI editor for quick prototyping
>>> Includes most of the Python standard library and additional modules for graphics, sound, and iOS system services (e.g. clipboard, contacts, reminders, twitter, UI…)
>>> Matplotlib and NumPy for scientific visualizations
>>> Lots of other popular third-party modules, e.g. requests, BeautifulSoup, Flask, bottle, SymPy, and more are included.
>>> Lots of included examples to get started
>>> Universal app for iPad and iPhone
>>> Share sheet app extension for running scripts from almost any app
>>> Custom scriptable keyboard to use Python in any app that edits text

The name “Pythonista” is used with kind permission of the Python Software Foundation.

Please note that Pythonista is not designed to enable the installation or download of additional native modules, and it does *not* include the SciPy stack (just parts of it).”

4. Simple Reader for Hacker News

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“A stupid simple client for Hacker News. Browse the latest top posts in an infinite list, and if you don’t like it, the whole app is open source! Performant even on the iPhone 4 so everyone can get their HN fix.