5 Best iPhone Graffiti App

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone Graffiti App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best iPhone Graffiti App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best iPhone Graffiti App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best iPhone Graffiti App

1. Draw Graffiti – Full Version

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“* Draw Graffiti has collected a lot of various lessons. You can find any graffiti you want in Draw Graffiti. All is here.

* Draw Graffiti has step by step lesson, it’s easier in learning and drawing for anyone.

=== FEATURES ===

+ Content: over 100 graffiti. Play in whole day.
+ Display with GRID style: be able to see lots of graffiti on one screen.
+ Downloaded section: support play with offline mode.
+ Zoom In/Out: essential functionality for drawing.
+ And more…
=== Let’s download and discover… ===”

2. Graffiti Creator

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“One day, you want to create a cool graffiti with your own text, it may be your name, your girlfriend’s name, or even name of whom you like,… you need Graffiti Creator.

We provide:
– DRAW text “STEP BY STEP” on the wall.
– Be able to CREATE an amazing GRAFFITI UP TO 12 CHARACTERS.
– SAVE graffiti into your Photos.

Let’s download Graffiti Creator, then creating a fantastic graffiti for your own.”

3. Graffiti Me!

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“Former No. 1 Paid Photography app in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Panama, Russia, Belguim, South Africa, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Kuwait!

From the makers of “Sketch Me!” comes are our beautiful new App “Graffiti Me!”.

Turn your photos into awesome graffiti with Graffiti Me!

It’s taken a long long time, and after many many user requests, we are very proud to have Graffiti Me! officially launched on the AppStore!!!

What people are saying:

“I got a sneak peak at Graffiti Me! before launch, its awesome! I’ve always loved these developers applications, I was a big Sketch Me! fan…and I’ve have really been looking forward to what these guys were going to do next….and they didn’t disappoint!” – Appheads101


Main Features:
– Supports Facebook, Twitter and e-mail so you can easily share your graffiti with your friends, as well as save them to your iPhone.
– Features an easy-to-use interface. You can use your finger to move an image around on the screen to find its best position. You can also zoom in and out through the pinch gesture.
– Auto Paint mode (as shown in screenshots), this is where the user can add adjustable paint filters to the photo.
– Adjustable threshold parameters mean that you can have extra control over how the graffiti effect turns out.
– Allows includes ‘Custom Paint’ mode, use your finger to spray paint areas of your photo.
– Incluses ‘Tag My Work’ feature. Tag your masterpiece, so everyone knows your work!


We will continue to add great new features, we have loads of ideas!

The Graffiti Me! effect can be applied to any image. Best results are obtained by using a picture with good contrast.

Please send all feedback and suggestions to support@bluebeartech.com. We love to hear your ideas.”

4. Graffiti Unlimited

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“Die einzige echte virtual Graffiti App. Spray deine Bilder an Wände, auf LKWs oder Züge und U-Bahnen aus Berlin, New York oder Tokio und sieh deine Bilder in echten Videos aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln. Graffiti Künstler der ganzen Welt benutzen diese App. Teile deine Bilder mit anderen Graffiti Künstlern in der Online Gallerie von http://graffiti-unlimited.com. Nimm an den taglichen und wöchentlichen Battles teil und werde Graffiti King.


* realistisches Spray Verhalten
* viele Farben und Caps
* echte Wände, Züge, U-Bahnen und LKWs zum bemalen
* echte Videos von den Wänden
* Hall of Fame
* Speicher deine Bilder lokal oder online auf http://graffiti-unlimited.com
* eigenes Blackbook mit allen deinen Graffitis
* Like Funktion
* Werde “Best of the Day” or “Best of the Week” Writer

* Berliner Mauer
* Video Display
* Streetart Wand
* Club Tür
* Berlin U-Bahn
* Berlin Tram
* Berlin S-Bahn
* Regio Train
* New York Subway
* New York Brick Wall
* New York Playground
* New York Hudson Yard
* New York Truck
* New York Garage
* Tokyo Sky Train
* Tokyo Shinkansen
* Tokyo Shinkansen Wholecar
* Kyoto Local Train
* Kobe Rapid Train”

5. How to Draw Graffiti 3D Art

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“How to Draw graffiti 3D is an excellent painting application which is imitating the real graffiti spray paint to Help you create Great graffiti drawings and it includes a large collection of drawings with easy-to-learn techniques, You don’t need any special skills it’s self-teaching.

In simple steps allow you to perform fantastic graffiti drawings, choose the graffiti you like and follow step by step instructions.No limits!

Learn to Draw Graffiti and use our step by step illustrations to discover how to draw all sorts of Graffiti and build up your skills and confidence in the process, plus they are just good fun!

It is very satisfying to be able to draw something freehand. This learn to draw Graffiti takes you through, step by step, until you have your completed picture!

Graffiti represents the root of urban art. It may be a simple word spray painted on the side of a bridge, or an elaborate masterpiece of color brightening the wall of an otherwise dull industrial building.

“How To Draw Graffiti” is a fun activity for teaching your how to draw. It includes a large collection of drawings with LOVE, MUSIC, SWAG, STYLE, ANDI, BEST, GRAFFITI, KING, ROCK, DREAM, YOLO, RISK, HOPE, OBEY, MONEY, SELFIE, TEAMO, ARTE, SWEET, BOOM, URBAN & PEACE.”