7 Best iPhone Jump App

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone Jump App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best iPhone Jump App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best iPhone Jump App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best iPhone Jump App

1. Jump Rope Fit

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“Count your jumps and track your jump rope exercise sessions with Jump Rope Fit, exclusively for Apple Watch. Sync your workouts, calories burned, and heart rate data straight from your wrist.

Use your Apple Watch in combination with our machine learning and jump detection technology to track your best jump rope stats, including jump counts, and time spent jumping during your workout.

Jump Rope Fit is integrated with the Health app and workouts are stored in HealthKit so your jump rope sessions will contribute to closing your daily rings.

With our new companion iPhone app now you can easily view your jump rope workout history with our beautifully designed and easy to use interface. Never lose track of your stats!

Jump Rope Fit is the best app to help you create your most effective jump rope workout that burns calories and increases your cardio stamina anywhere. Whether it’s at home, in the gym, or on the road you can track your full body workout. Not to mention that you’ll sweat, burn calories, and feel great too.

Help us help you get your best jump rope workout. Write a review or email us at contact@jumpfit.com”

2. Jump Rope Master

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“Recent update – Voice Guide: automatically report time or jumps during training session.

Jumping rope is cheap, portable, and burns more calories than you might think.

According to Science Daily, “Ten minutes of jumping rope can roughly be considered the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile.”

Use Jump Rope Master to count jumps and calories burned during your workout session. The App works in background on your iPhone.

1. Prepare a jumping rope;
2. Launch this app, push the STATRT button, then put your iPhone in your pocket;
3. Start jumping, and the app will automatically do the counting when you’re training;
4. When finishing the session, push the STOP button, and you’ll see the training summary.”

3. Jump Rope Training | Crossrope

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“*Over 8,000 5-star reviews*

Are you looking for a fun new way to get fit?

The Crossrope app helps you get fit with guided jump rope and bodyweight workouts. We have hundreds of quick and effective workouts designed by the Crossrope Athletes utilizing our weighted Crossrope jump ropes.

We release new workouts every week and new fitness challenges regularly. Our library of individual workouts and fitness programs has workouts to help you achieve your personal fitness goals, whether that’s burning fat, getting stronger, or increasing your endurance.

Use the Crossrope App to:
– Do workouts for cardio, weight loss, and strength
– Stay motivated with monthly fitness challenges to do along with our jump rope community
– Achieve your fitness goals with programs, like the 14-Day Fat Burning Program and 30-Day Six-Pack Starter Program
– Compete against your best jumping times and set records with Time Trials

App Features
– Custom workout timer guides you through workouts with intuitive audio and visual cues
– Activity tracking makes it easy to follow your workout completion, challenge progress, and total calories burned with options to sync to Apple Health
– Quick-start tutorial to get jumping quickly
– Learn new skills and exercises with our library of comprehensive jump rope tutorials


Do I need a Crossrope set to use the app?
The workouts are optimized for the Crossrope weighted ropes, though if you have another jump rope available, you can still follow along.

Where do I get a Crossrope set?
You can find our most popular ropes at www.crossrope.com

Do I need any other equipment to do these workouts?
No. All you need is your jump rope set, this app, and enough space to jump (no gym required).
What do the workouts look like?

Crossrope workouts are built around different combinations of jump rope and bodyweight exercises to help you burn calories, build strength, and improve endurance. Workouts range from 5 to 60 minutes.

Subscription Details:
Upgrade to Crossrope Premium to unlock our entire library of 500+ workouts, challenges, and programs. Premium users can also use our patent-pending Crossrope Count™ feature to count their jumps automatically within a workout and compete against themselves with Time Trials.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period according to the terms of your subscription. You can manage your subscription by visiting the iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

If you love the Crossrope app, please leave us a review on the App Store!

We love feedback, please email us at appfeedback@crossrope.com with any comments or suggestions to make the app even better.

Join the Crossrope Community:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/crossropejumpropes/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/crossrope
Community: www.jumpropecommunity.com
Need Help?
Support: support@crossrope.com
Privacy: https://www.crossrope.com/privacy-policy/
Terms & Conditions: https://www.crossrope.com/terms-and-conditions”


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“JUMP ROPE WORKOUT counts the number of rope jumps.

When you use the application, you attach a device firmly to a thigh, a waist or an arm not to drop it.

It also can count jumps with grasping it instead of rope.

Our design aims to minimize miscounts by optimizing the accelerometer.

You can work out with ease anywhere, anytime with JUMP ROPE WORKOUT!


Version 3.2.1:
– Fix a crash when speaking the number of jumps (iOS9)

Version 3.2.0:
– Fix bug that number of jumps does not appear
– Fix some other small bugs
– Change authentication method, app no longer stores your password
(Because of the new authentication method, the old token won’t work so you’ll need to relogin just once)

Version 3.1.0:
– Add a countdown timer
– Add a voice feedback (require iOS 7 or later)
– Some design update
– Fix some bugs

Version 3.0.1:
– Fix bug with listening to music in the background

Version 3.0.0:
– Fix iOS 7 issue
– Replace iOS 7 flat UI design
– Fix twitter timeline bug
– Fix Game Center high score bug
– Raise minimum iOS version requirement from 3.0 to 5.0″

5. My Jump 2

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“*****Designed by sport scientists. Validation published on the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research and Journal of Sports Sciences*****
***Featured by Apple under ‘Best New Apps’ in 100+ countries***
***The only app which calculates the force-velocity profile using the groundbreaking Samozino’s method***

My Jump 2 is the first app scientifically developed to measure your jump height. With a great design and validated by sport scientists, My Jump 2 is as reliable as a 10000$ force platform. Scientifically probed!


Pierre Samozino (PhD, sport scientist, University of Savoy): “My Jump 2 makes possible the determination of the jump height with a high accuracy, which has been validated in very recent scientific study. The other, and I think the main added value of this app is to propose the determination of the Force-Velocity-Power profile of each athlete and its own imbalance between force and velocity qualities. Very useful to optimize your strength training and improve your explosive performances.”

Jean-Benoit Morin (PhD, sport scientist, University of Nice): “My Jump 2 is the cutting edge, scientifically validated and most practical application to measure athletes vertical jumping performance, and the only one to include the complete “Optimal Force-Velocity Profile” analysis we recently validated. I’m using it with athletes, students, and research subjects. The entire Jumping Force-Velocity-Power and Optimal F-V Profile approach in your pocket!”


My Jump 2 gives you advanced information of your jumps using the camera on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Just record a jump, select accurately its take off and landing and lets My Jump do its magic. My Jump 2 calculates the height, flight time, velocity, force and power of your vertical jumps. Also, it gives you the contact time, vertical stiffness and reactive strength index (RSI) of your Drop Jumps. Moreover, it allows you to calculate your Force-Velocity profile using Samozino’s method. Complete analysis of your jumps right on your hand!


• Accurate measurement of your vertical jumps. Scientifically demonstrated!
• Calculate the force-velocity profile using the groundbreaking Samozino’s method. You can know your maximal theoretical force, velocity, power and how far you are from your optimal capabilities! You can even get information about which quality (force or velocity) you should work to increase your explosive performance.
• Record stunnig slowmo videos up to 240fps or import as much as you like from your camera roll.
• Different jump types: countermovement jump (CMJ), squat jump (SJ), drop jump (DJ), CMJ free arms, horizontal jumps and repeated jump test!
• Annotate the external load used (CMJ & SJ) or the height of the box (DJ) to organize your best performances in different categories.
• Multi-user. My Jump 2 allows you to create as many users as you want. Monitor all your team on your iDevice!
• iCloud sync (iOS 13+)
• History. Record as many jumps as you want for each user created. With My Jump 2 you can analyze the evolution of your performance during time. You can even observe exactly how much you have improved!
• Export your data to Excel, Numbers, Google Drive and more!
• Beautiful, intuitive like design.
• Universal app: purchase once and install it on your iPhone, iPad and Mac (10.15+)

Note: My Jump 2 works better with slow-motion videos.


6. SmartRope

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“Smart Rope is an app developed by Tangram Factory.

You can improve and manage your workout stats in real time by connecting to the Smart Rope LED/PURE/ROOKIE. Smart Rope is a new app that has been improved from the original Smart Gym app.
Smart Rope and Smart Gym are not compatible, so a resubscribing is required to use SmartRope app.

Jumping rope is a full body workout, it strengthens your upper and lower body, and burns a lot of calories in a short time. Therefore, many trainers and experts recommend jumping rope as the best fat-burning exercise; better than running or cycling. So set up a daily target for yourself and try to reach it.

This application is for ‘Smart Rope’.
Compatible with LED/PURE/ROOKIE products.

Smart Rope App Features:
-Basic Count
Supports 4 basic modes: Jump count/Calories burned/Time elapsed/Daily target(%). This will help you to reach your daily exercise goals more effectively.

-Interval Training
Select training sessions with recommended workout and rest intervals, based on your skill level and fitness goals. This way you can boost your stamina in a short period of time.

See how you stack up against the competition, rank yourself against Smart Rope users around the world. You can check the daily/weekly/overall ranking at any time.

See the jump count per month or year as a graph. This will help you to track your progress and set higher goals to achieve.

Share your workout data with other Smart Rope users. Compete with your friends for a more fun and challenging workout.

Log in with your Google/Facebook/Email account.
Enter your weight to track your burned calories more accurately.

– Apple Health App Supports
You may opt to integrate SmartRope with Apple’s Health App Database. If you grant SmartRope access to Apple’s Health App Database, SmartRope may import or export your data to the Health App Database in certain circumstances, such as to aid you in the tracking of health and wellness goals. In addition, Spire may transfer data that you store locally on your Device, such as steps, calories burned and breaths per minute to the Health App Database. SmartRope cannot read or write to the Health App Database unless you grant permission. Data accessed from the Health App Database will never be shared with third parties, such as third party service providers and/or advertisers.

-Other Functions
Wireless firmware updates available.

We will add more fun and interesting functions through constant updates.”

7. YaoYao – Jump Rope

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“YaoYao is a standalone Apple Watch app to track your jump rope workouts.

YaoYao is featured by the App Store and Apple Newsroom.

Jump rope is a simple, effective, and an economical aerobic workout. You can choose to jump rope anytime, anywhere.

Currently, Apple Watch allows you to track multiple workouts including running or cycling, and swimming, but not jump rope.

Often, counting your jumps during your jump rope workout is essential and is an important aspect. YaoYao utilizes Apple Watch’s motion sensors to calculate your jumps. YaoYao literally costs you no more than an ordinary jump rope.

Features :

– Jumps counting (includes support for double unders)
For every 100 jumps, the app encourages you with voice feedback of your current progress – so that you can focus on your posture and avoid glancing at the Watch to check your jump counts.

– Live Count
Live counts of your jumps are displayed along with the voice feedback.

– Exercise time record

– Jump speed (Speed) record/Scrolling Speed (Speed of jumps over the past minute)

– Record the number of consecutive jumps
Along with the jump speed, the app also counts the number of jumps in one go.

– Heart rate record
Max heart rate warning tip.

– Calorie burn value

– HIIT mode
Time or Jumps Interval

– iPhone real time display (Live Count):
Open the iPhone app during exercise and display the jump data on the iPhone

– Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 & Series 2.

– Syncs with iOS Health app.

YaoYao syncs and stores health data to the iOS Health app from Apple. YaoYao integrates with the Apple Health app to sync your workouts and record heart-rate data.

Enjoy jumping rope!


If the app does not work after installing, please reboot your Apple Watch.

User Reviews:
fencemember: Great accurate! I love this app so glad I found it
nauf4l: was planning to buy a 100$ jump rope which counts skips as i always do 5k skips a day. So after a month was considering this when i came across this app after installing 5 apps of the same.Glad i paid about 2$ for this as it is totally worth it.
FrankWurst: Accurate jump counter based solely on Apple Watch. App integrates into My Health and Activity App seamlessly. Great product.
tafty:I enjoy the skipping experience with this app. And it syncs well with Apple Watch

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