4 Best iPhone Logbook App

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone Logbook App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best iPhone Logbook App that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 4 Best iPhone Logbook App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best iPhone Logbook App

1. Car Logbook

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“Car Logbook is the perfect App to keep track of your vehicle expenses, mileage and fuel consumption. You can even graph this data over time. Additionally, you can save a record of your business trips for tax purposes.

Comes in handy to record your fuel purchases while waiting for your fuel to be topped up! Then export your fuel history to your computer at your own convenience.

Try it out now for FREE!

– Saves fueling details (odometer, price, fuel quantity etc.)
– Saves expense details (services, repairs, clutch etc.)
– Save data for multiple vehicles
– Calculates fuel consumption and fuel price
– Graphs fuel consumption and fuel price over time
– Record your Business journeys for tax purposes
– Save images of your receipts for easy filing
– Graph expense and journey data
– Filter data by date
– Graph summaries per month/quarter/year
– Predictive text
– Supports Unicode characters
– Backup data (Pro Users)
– Auto backup of data (iOS 8+ Pro Users)
– Import data – user can import data from their computer by visiting http://binaryarm.com/carlogbook/import.html

Free Version:
– Limited to 3 vehicles
– The maximum number of records is 10
– The maximum number of journeys is 10
– The maximum number of expenses is 10
– You cannot export data

Pro Version (In-app purchase) unlocks the following:
– Unlimited Vehicles
– Unlimited Records
– Unlimited Journeys
– Unlimited Expenses
– Export your data for use in spreadsheet applications
– Backup data

Send any requests or queries to the contact email below…”


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“Make driving more efficient, cheaper and fun with GOFAR, the connected car device that actually saves you money!

The GOFAR app connects with the GOFAR dongle and Ray (available at www.gofar.co) to give you real time feedback on your driving. GOFAR uses patented algorithms, Formula 1 inspired technology and award winning design to provide you with:

• Real-time driving feedback
• Learn how to cut fuel costs
• Automatically tracks your trip data and mileage
• Track your fill ups
• See your driving score
• Track and reduce emissions

GOFAR works with nearly all gasoline/petrol cars since 2008, for more information, go to www.gofar.co/cars

Note: If you choose to enable it, GOFAR uses GPS running in the background while driving. This can dramatically decrease your phone’s battery life.

Learn more about the GOFAR product at www.gofar.co”

3. Logbook by Veryfi

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“Hop in your car, turn on Veryfi Logbook Mileage Tracker, close your phone, and hit the road.

Your business-related travel will be automatically tracked and recorded while you use the app, hands-free of course. It’s perfect for small-business owners, self-employed entrepreneurs, and gig economy workers like Uber drivers.

Logbook Mileage Tracker is the simple, fast, and accurate way to keep tabs on your business travel mileage — or kilometers if you’re outside the U.S. Logbook complies with IRS mileage standards for tax purposes in the U.S. and ATO requirements in Australia. Even better, you could save an average of $8,800 a year by using Veryfi.

It’s time to simplify with Veryfi. Running your own business or being an entrepreneur sometimes means you’re piecing together tons of different software to keep track of your expenses, mileage, revenue, etc. It doesn’t have to be this way. Logbook is just one of many solutions provided by Veryfi. We’ve put everything under one roof for peace of mind and ease of use.

• Veryfi LOGBOOK
___ Auto Log Miles / KM for Taxes & Expenses (this app)
___ Expense & Income Manager with ability to connect your Bank Transactions, Reconcile Transactions, merge AirBnB Ledger for Landlords, and Tax Reporting)
___ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iqboxy-receipts-and-expenses/id804152735?mt=8
• Veryfi CARDS
___ All your loyalty cards, rewards cards, points cards, advantage cards, and club cards in one safe and secure place
___ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cards-wallet/id1078036373?mt=8

When you’re keeping a paper log of your distance covered, it’s easy to mix up your personal travel with business travel. And when it comes time for taxes, this could result in rejected deduction claims or even penalties. Let’s avoid this and instead use tools like Veryfi, which help you stay on top of your business transactions with minimal intervention. It’s all thanks to machine learning and automation.

We call it Veryfi Automatic Drive Detection (VADD). Logbook Mileage Tracker uses our specially developed algorithms to automatically detect when you’re driving. That means no starting and stopping the app — in fact, it can even be closed! All of your miles (or kilometers) for business purposes will be recorded, eliminating the need for paper logs and taking a lot of stress off your shoulders.

The first few times you use Logbook, the app will prompt you to classify your trips at the end of the day. However, it won’t take long for Veryfi to LEARN your driving patterns and help you more efficiently categorize trips.

Give your tax-deductible mileage (or kilometer) records the accurate details they need to pass IRS or ATO scrutiny.

Whether you’re tracking miles or kilometers for reimbursement or tax deductions, Logbook gives you detailed reports of your trips.

• Personalize each drive with vehicle names, odometer readings, or any designation that fits your business
• Add Notes to each trip to safeguard audits
• Add or delete drives
• With just a swipe you can categorize travel time and distance
• Get peace of mind with IRS- and ATO-compliant reports

At Veryfi, your privacy and security are of the utmost importance. Veryfi is the only solution that’s HIPAA compliant. That is especially valuable for medical or health-tech companies, and anyone who wants to keep their data safe.

Stored securely in the Veryfi HIPAA-compliant cloud, Veryfi sends weekly mileage/kilometer reports directly to your inbox. If you need more specificity, use the web dashboard https://hub.veryfi.com/logbook/ to generate custom reports.

Veryfi consumes almost no power when stationary (it sleeps), and it will only minimally increase battery consumption when in transit using the motion coprocessors.”

4. Mileage Logbook by Driversnote

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“Put your mileage logbook on autopilot: Let your phone track your trips, and have your ATO compliant mileage documentation ready for hand-over at any time.

1,000,000+ trust us with their mileage logbook. Get started for free today!

▶ 1. TRACK: Record your trips on the go

– Simply press start and let the app take care of the rest. Driversnote records your trip from start to finish using your phone’s GPS.
– Never forget to log a trip again, just enable our Auto Tracking and, all your trips will automatically be logged in the background. Just keep the phone in your pocket.
– Forgot a trip? No problem, you can always manually add a trip later on. Simply select where the trip started and ended and we’ll calculate a route.

▶ 2. CLASSIFY: Log who you visited & the purpose

– Easily categorise your trips as business or private.
– Start and stop destinations are automatically logged, and you can easily name your locations. We’ll even suggest frequented locations nearby, so you simply select the one you visited.
– When returning to the same place the app automatically finds previous locations nearby -which saves you time.
– Do you need to keep a mileage log for multiple vehicles or report mileage to more than one employer? No problem! You can easily split your trips and reports for different vehicles and workplaces.

▶ 3. REPORT: Easily submit your ATO compliant logbook

– Your mileage documentation is ready when you are. You’re only one click away from detailed reports available on your phone or desktop. Download as a PDF or Excel file, ready to hand over to your employer or accountant at your convenience.
– We create a complete, detailed report that can be given to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as documentation for reimbursement claims or tax deductions.
– Do you need to log your car’s odometer? We’ve got you covered. You decide how often you log your odometer and we do all the math between trips. You can set the app to remind you daily, weekly or monthly.


– Driversnote automatically calculates reimbursements based on the current mileage rates from ATO (that we make sure to keep up-to-date).
– You can set your own custom reimbursement rates or opt-out of calculating reimbursements altogether.
– We primarily support the following countries: Australia (ATO), USA (IRS), Canada (CRA), United Kingdom (HMRC), Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. But our system is used in more than 50 countries.


– All your data is secured on your online account and is always available even if you lose your phone.
– You can easily manage everything from our website. From here you can access your trips, manage your locations etc. and print reports or download them as PDF or Excel.


– Place a Driversnote iBeacon in your car and the app will automatically record all your trips in the background. You will never forget to log a trip again.
– When you sign up for the annual basic subscription we’ll send you an iBeacon for free.
– Your phone connects to the iBeacon when you enter the vehicle, and starts recording as you begin your drive.
– The app stops recording when you exit your vehicle, and you’ll get a notification that the trip was logged.


– If you have questions or feedback please contact us at tel. (+45) 71 99 37 54 or support@driversnote.com.au.
– We do use the GPS in the background when logging a trip, and continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Happy tracking!”