4 Best iPhone Pager App

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If you are looking for the Best iPhone Pager App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best iPhone Pager App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best iPhone Pager App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best iPhone Pager App

1. CriticalPager

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Now physicians can confidently carry just a single device for paging and phone calls. Ca pager is a simple-to-use smartphone app that protects the contents of paging messages en route with encryption that adheres to federally mandated HIPAA security standards. So paging messages — and any patient information they may contain — reach your mobile device safely and securely.

– Allows physicians to carry a single device for paging and phone calls
– Secures sensitive patient information
– Speeds communication and response times because you do not need to search for a phone to reply when you
receive a page
– Works on either cellular or Wi-Fi networks, adding backup redundancy
– Available for iPhone and iPad
– Allows you to keep your same pager number
– Customizable notification settings, including familiar paging alerts
– Includes many other features of the pager you’ve reliably used for years”

2. DocPager

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“DocPager is a next generation paging solution designed to replace a physician’s pager.

In addition to removing the need to carry two devices, DocPager provides the following key features:

1) Real-time tracking of when pages are sent, received and read

2) Greater reliability than a pager or text messaging

3) Encrypted messages for patient privacy

4) A 30 day free subscription for all new subscribers followed by a low monthly or annual rate which is less than the cost of most pager service fees

DocPager closes the communication loop so that you never have to wonder if a page was received. When sending a page with DocPager, you can easily see when it was sent, received and read. Pages can be sent using the DocPager iPhone app or from any computer with an internet connection by going to www.docpager.com.

DocPager is designed for greater reliability than a pager or cell phone, allowing pages to be routed through either cellular or WiFi networks. In areas such as large buildings where reliable cellular network signals are lacking but a WiFi network is available, the app will automatically switch to the WiFi network as long as it has been configured on the iPhone.

DocPager is designed for security by using SSL encryption technology to protect all message content to and from our secure firewall protected servers. Additionally, if Passcode Lock is enabled on your iPhone, the page content on the iPhone is stored in an encrypted database. These security measures are provided to address patient privacy and confidentiality concerns such as HIPAA that are required for medical use.

The DocPager Team believes that once you try DocPager, you won’t want to go back to an old-fashioned pager. Therefore, we provide a 30 day free subscription to all new subscribers. DocPager provides both monthly and annual subscriptions for substantially less than the cost of most traditional paging services.

The DocPager Team envisioned a system where a smart phone could take the place of a pager while revolutionizing the experience of sending a page. Designed for reliability, security, and performance, DocPager provides real-time tracking to see when pages are sent, received, and read, works on both cellular and WiFi networks, and uses encryption for security for all pages. It does all this with one less device to carry and for substantially less than the cost of old-fashioned pager technology.”

3. OnPage

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“OnPage is an incident alert management, HIPAA-compliant secure communication and collaboration platform that elevates critical notifications to the right person to respond effectively to incidents. With Alert-Until-Read capabilities, dynamic digital schedules, escalation criteria, redundancies, incident reports and analysis, OnPage ensures that critical alerts are never missed. OnPage automates incident response workflows for all industries including healthcare, information technology, managed services, IoT and manufacturing.

Trusted by enterprises worldwide, OnPage allows organizations to keep personnel, vendors and clients informed of any critical situation while maintaining rock-solid communications. The OnPage platform is better than pagers and helps teams streamline operations workflows.

OnPage is simple, reliable and secure. Download and install the OnPage pager app for FREE in under 60 seconds and start receiving alerts immediately.

Unlike pagers, OnPage for iOS allows you to:

√ Ditch your pager: Consolidate all alerts and messages to your iPhone
√ Receive unlimited push notifications that bypass the mute switch
√ Securely add text details, image files, voicemails and document attachments
√ View team availability on your iPhone
√ Choose high or low-priority alerts (priority paging)
√ Easily respond to open incidents or forward messages to colleagues
√ Receive mobile alerts that continue for up to 8 hours until acknowledged
√ Send HIPAA-compliant messages directly from the OnPage pager app
√ Enable global coverage and never miss a critical alert

OnPage quarterly/yearly subscription features include:*

√ Full access to the OnPage Enterprise web management console
√ Full access to the OnPage mobile pager application (pager replacement)
√ Configurable on-call digital schedules to ensure messages get to the right person
√ Performance reports, post-incident data and audit trails
√ Contact manager and user permissions
√ Web administrator-to-mobile user secure communications
√ On-call mobile reminders
√ Delay notification schedules
√ Escalation policies and failovers
√ On-call schedule exceptions and on-call responsibility substitutions
√ Adding phone lines with VM attachments to get voicemails “paged” to the OnPage pager app
√ Scalable integrations with ITSM tools, monitoring systems, healthcare solutions and more

*NOTE: Users can request a 7-day Enterprise free trial by visiting https://www.onpage.com/free-trial/”

4. Pager

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“Pager app mimics the functionality of a conventional pager (beeper) with the added advantages of:

•Delivery confirmation
•End-to-end security using SSL
•Choice of ring-tones
•Repeat Alerts
•Messages are delivered to up to 5 devices registered to the same account

Users can choose their own 7-digit pager number on a first-come first-served basis or a random number can be assigned.

Messages can be sent:
•Directly from a phone using built-in Touch-tone Service (numeric messages only)
•Using the website https://pagerapp.com.
•By e-mail to YourPagerNo@pagerapp.com, e.g. 777-7777@pagerapp.com

•Using an iPhone or iPod Touch: Pager messages can be sent using an iPhone or iPod Touch via pagerapp.com

In-App Purchases:
Two types of service are available:
1. Standard Service: This provides paging via email and web as described above. First month is free for this service. After the first month, non-recurring subscriptions are available for One-month, Three-months and One year. Users can extend the subscription if they like.

2. Touch-Tone Service: Touch-tone service provides you with a dedicated phone number for your Pager app that people can use to send you a numeric page using any standard touch-tone phone. In addition, text paging via email and web is included.

•Touch-Tone Service is an automatically recurring subscription that auto-renews monthly.
•Monthly charge is US $19.99
•Duration of subscription is One Month. You get one month of touch-tone numeric paging service with a dedicated phone number
•Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
•Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
•Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase
•No free trial period is offered for Touch-Tone Service.

Privacy policy: https://pagerapp.com/privacy.php
License : https://pagerapp.com/eula.php”