6 Best Islamic Calendar App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Islamic Calendar App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Islamic Calendar App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Islamic Calendar App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Islamic Calendar App For Android

1. Islamic Hijri Calendar 2020

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“Islamic Hijri Calendar is a Smartphone Application which provides Muslims all over the world with accurate Hijri Calendar besides the Gregorian. It also comes up with greatly useful information regarding important Events happening throughout the Islamic Year such as Ramadan, Hajj and Eid Festivals etc.

Some of the unique features of this mobile phone tool are:
• Easy to understand and highly appealing User Interface.
• Lets know about every crucial Islamic Event in a Muslim`s life.
• Viewing Current Hijri and Gregorian Dates simultaneously.
• Conversion from a specific Islamic Date to that of Christian One.
• Hijri Correction lets user adjust and save its preferred Modification to the Calendar.
• Sharing this app with others by using various widely used Online Distributing Channels.

Get this Islamic Calendar App now to make your own schedule according to Islamic happenings and events.”

2. Hijri Calendar

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“Islamic Calendar (Hijri) is an app for conversion from Gregory date to Hijri. A very useful app for our Islamic and Muslim community to determine the proper days on which to observe the annual fast (Ramadan) and to attend Hajj

Features :
– Slide next and previous months
– Go to specific date
– Manual correction
– Go to muslim special days
– Days remaining on selected date

*Date from hijri calendar is an estimation, for Muslim holidays it depends on your local announcement on Ru’yatul Hilal.”

3. Muslim Islamic Calendar: Azan

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“Islamic Calendar 2022 is one of the top Muslim app with over 1 Million+ Downloads. It has a lunar based Hijri Calendar that shows Hijri Dates, Islam events for any year along with Daily Muslim Prayer Times with Multiple Azan. Includes 15+ Islamic Apps like: Ramadan times 2020, Quran, Qibla Compass, Duas, 99 Names of Allah, Eid & Ramadan Ecards, Dhikr & Tasbih Counter, Hajj & Umrah Guide, Zakat Calculator, Masjid Finder, Watch Live Makkah & more.

Download it Now – Its FREE!!!

App Features:
• View current Islamic & Gregorian Calendar dates
• View a list of Islamic Events, Hijri date converter, Moon phase
• Hijri correction setting allows you to adjust the dates
• Quran Majeed – in arabic uthmani script with 40 translations
• Qibla direction – Compass pointing to makkah
• Daily prayer times – notifies you when its time to pray
• Set Athan Alarms – azan plays when the prayer time starts
• 99 Names of Allah – Asma al husna with meaning and description
• Dua – 40 Rabbana Dua’s and 100 Duas from Hisnul Muslim
• Ramadan times for any location / any year
• Greeting Cards – send Eid and Ramadan greeting cards
• Zakat Calculator – calculate the zakat easily
• Tasbeeh Counter – see a list of common azkar and counter
• Masjid Locator – locate the nearest masjid from your current location
• Watch Live Makkah Stream
• Works using device’s in-built GPS & Location services
• Automatic DST settings for Prayer Timings
• Widget that shows Prayer times, Hijri date & Daily islamic reminders
• Now you can also get Prayer Times to work without GPS
• Quran Audio Recitations – Download in 3 Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu
• Dua’s Audio and 99 Names Recitation Audio (Requires pro upgrade)!
• 5 Beautiful Islamic Calendar Themes to select from (Requires pro upgrade)!

• Quran Verse of the Day – Shows random verse from the Quran every day, app includes over 300+ verses.
• Hadith of the Day – Shows random hadith from over 200+ hadiths.
• Islamic Quote of the Day – Shows random quote from 200+ quotes.
• Muslim Quote Maker – make customized beautiful islamic images.

• Universal App – Works with Phones & Tablets!

Download Now – it’s FREE!”

4. Hijri Calendar – Taqwemee

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“Taqweemee is an accurate Islamic calendar based on Umm al-Qura calculations.

Application features:
★ Ability to see the accurate Hijri dates according to Umm al-Qura calendar.
★ Showing Saudi Salary date (as 💵 emoji symbol).
★ Ability to adjust Hijri day.
★ Sync with multiple calendars.
★ Add new event with Hijri date.
★ Add reminder for you events either by notification or Email.
★ Widget shows full Hijri month.
★ Widget shows today’s date in Hijri and Gregorian.
★ Dark & light theme.
★ Select the language application, you can select either Arabic or English without changing the system’s language.

For more details about the difference days in Hijri months (in Arabic): http://xsoh.ws/hijriah”

5. Islamic Calendar

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“A Calendar and Reminder for all Wiladats and Shahadat dates. A must have for all Muslims who care to be reminded about these important dates of our lives. It will help us to connect to GOD and Ahlulbayt even in our day-today business.
Please leave your comments and ratings if you liked it, and suggest any dates if you want to be added to this application.

Disclaimer: The content of this application is collected from various sources and websites.”

6. Islamic Calendar Converter

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The Islamic (hijri) calendar is used by more than a 1.2 billion Muslims around the world to determine the main days of observance in the Islamic religious year.

The Islamic calendar converter will be useful for determining the approximate Western equivalent for an Islamic calendar date and can also be used for converting historical Islamic calendar dates into Western calendar dates.

You can use this application to convert Hijri A.H. and A. D. (Gregorian) dates using this easy and simple to use Android application.

The best Android conversion tool from Gregorian calendar dates to the hijri dates.