4 Best Jyotish App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Jyotish App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Jyotish App For Android that passed our tests.


Check out our list of the 4 Best Jyotish App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Jyotish App For Android

1. “AstroVed Assistant- Calendar, Horoscope, Astrology”

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“AstroVed Assistant is a personalized App which gives you many useful gadgets that are designed to help you live every moment.

Multilingual Location-based App
AstroVed Assistant App is personalized, location-based and supports three different languages– English, Tamil and Hindi.

Descriptive Dashboard

The App has an all-in-one dashboard that brings the Vedic wisdom like your daily horoscope, things to do & avoid, good and bad times of the day, and other vital elements of both Gowri & Drik almanacs personalized to you in your palm.

Personalized Astrology – Stay Informed to Make Every Day Your Best Day

Get your birth chart and personalized predictions specific for your Moon sign to plan your daily chores and make every day your best day. Learn how to read your birth chart on your own and understand a bit more about yourself based on your Moon sign and birth star.
You can also read the predictions for your loved ones’ Moon signs and access the Vedic calendar, marked with important events and lunar phases.

Your Life Changes a Lot with the Major and Minor Planetary Shifts

Planets play a major role in deciding your life events and every time a planet makes a move. It can have a significant impact on your life. AstroVed Assistant gives you detailed predictions for your current Dasa/Bhukti (major/minor planetary shift) and their durations to plan your actions effectively.

Free Astrology Tools – Vedic Wisdom At Your Fingertip

AstroVed Assistant offers a wide range of Vedic Astrology tools FREE! You can now know your lucky color/number/gemstone for your Moon sign, the presence of any Dosha (affliction) in your birth chart and the most dreaded Sade Sati in a single click.

Offer Pooja to Your Favorite Deity on the Go!

Can you imagine praying to your favorite deity, offer flowers, show Aarti and chant Mantras from anywhere in the world? AstroVed Assistant helps you do that with the exclusive Virtual Pooja feature that makes you stay connected to the divine from any nook and corner of the globe.

AstroVed Live TV – 24×7 Streaming of Pooja, Fire Prayers & Much More

Have you missed to attend any of our special events or webcast? Worry not! AstroVed Live TV telecasts LIVE ceremonies, important Poojas, and events for you, 24×7! Set reminders on your calendar for your favorite videos so that you do not miss the event.

Widgets Accessible Right From Your Home Screen

Choose the widgets which reminds you about Hora, Thithi, Horoscope

How Major Planetary Transits Impacts You

Know the current and upcoming transits of major planets– Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu that can have a profound effect on your life events. Get accurate predictions from expert astrologers to make your every move a success and gear ahead in your life.

AstroVedPedia – Vedic Wisdom At Your Fingertips

Know anything and everything on the Vedic front in a single click! AstroVedPedia – the massive repository of Hindu Gods, Goddesses, Religious Events, Festivals, Vedic Astrology & much more! Access & relish our rich culture & heritage anytime, anywhere!

Horoscope Matching Tool

Are you planning for a wedding at your home? Wait, no more! Now, you can match the horoscopes of the bride & groom yourself! With the ‘Horoscope Matching’ tool, get the compatibility report in a minute. Simply enter the birth details of the boy & the girl & know how perfect the couple can be, in a moment!

Download AstroVed Assistant, the life-changing App that helps you bring positive changes and take the right decisions at the right time!”

2. AstroSage Kundli : Astrology

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“AstroSage Kundli is a Kundli Software. You can generate your Kundali which is also called Birth Chart, Natal Chart or Vedic Horoscope. You can also get Horoscope Matching, Horoscope, Rashifal, Hindu Calendar (Panchang) & much more in this astrology app absolutely FREE.

* Talk to Astrologer – Now talk to premium AstroSage astrologers
* Vedic Astrology – Traditional Features
* Predictions/ Personalized Horoscope- Life Predictions, Monthly & Annual Predictions, Daily Predictions, Mangal Dosh / Kuja Dosham, Shani Sade Sati, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Lal Kitab Remedies, Debts, Planetary Predictions etc.
* Download PDF to Print Kundli
* Moon sign horoscopes – daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, weekly love horoscope, monthly horoscope and yearly horoscope
* KP System / Krishnamurti Paddhati with Significators, Ruling Planets, KP Ayanamsa, Nakshatra Nadi Coordinates and Sub-Sub Positions etc.
* Stellar: KP, Cuspal Interlinks (Sub & Sub-Sub), 4-Step
* Shodashvarga – All 16 divisional charts
* Shadbala, Ashtakvarga & Prastarashtakvarga, Western aspects, Bhava Chalit chart
* Vimshottari Dasha / Udu Dasha upto five levels, and Yogini Dasha
* Panchang: Daily Panchang & Muhurat, Hora, Rahu Kaal, Choghadiya, Hindu Calendar with Festivals, Do Ghati Muhurat (Abhijit Muhurat, Vijay Muhurta etc.)
* Horoscope Matching: Kundali Matching (Ashtakoota Guna Milap or 36 Points Match)
* Horoscope 2022 & Calendar 2022
* Daily rashifal, monthly rashiphal, rashifal 2022, daily rasi palan and rasi palangal 2022
* Learn astrology – text and video tutorials and astrology lessons
* Large city atlas with thousands of cities, and Google Maps Support for finding city latitude and longitude
* GPS support for Prashna Kundli (Horary Charts) and Time Charts
* Store thousands of horoscopes that can be viewed at anytime, anywhere.
* North and South Indian chart style
* Automatic DST correction
* Choice of Lahiri (Chitrapaksha), Raman, KP, and Sayan ayanamsa.
* HINDI, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam & Bengali languages
* Support for AstroSage Cloud so that chart saved on Mobile can be opened from AstroSage.com and vice versa
* Double touch to show planet degrees on the chart (shows degree inside chart in case of tablets)
* Chart rotation: click on a house in north Indian chart and it will show new chart with that house as ascendant
* Tajik Varshfal (Solar Return with Muntha)
* Jaimini Astrology: Char Dasha, Karakamsha & Swamsha
* Lal Kitab: chart, varshfal, prediction for planet in each house, remedies, kundli type like dharmi teva, andha teva, ratandh teva etc. and much more.
* Colored chart
* User friendly UI with flipping screens
* Option for exporting chart, emailing chart or sending it via Bluetooth. Saved chart can be printed later.
* Moon sign calculator, sun sign calculator, love compatibility calculator and more

This astrology software is especially designed keeping mobility and instant calculations in mind. For example you can immediately know the Ruling Planet of any time, cast Horary horoscope while on move etc. There is no need to carry Ephemeris, Panchang, Tables of Houses, Tables of Ascendants, and Tables of Horary Numbers etc.

No app has so many Indian astrology, Vedic astrology and Hindu astrology features like AstroSage Kundli.

Tamil people will find jathaka, jadhagam, jathakam, rasi palan and jathagam here. Similarly, Telugu language readers will find telugu astrology, rasi phalalu and telugu jathakam here.

Note: AstroSage Kundli App requires active Internet connection.”

3. Kundli – Astrology & Horoscopes

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“Kundli by Vedic Rishi is your one-stop app for all queries related to astrology.

The app provides personalized daily horoscope predictions, multiple kundli creation, horoscope predictions, dosha analysis, astrological remedies, match-making analysis, numerology, varshphal, and consultation with a reputed and experienced astrologer, Pt. Rishiraj Tiwari.

The world of astrology is interesting and mystifying. And, with so much information out there, finding the right answers to your queries can be quite a task!

What can Kundli Offer You?

Lots of interesting and fun stuff all related to Vedic Astrology to help you decipher the story the stars are writing for you:

Personalized daily readings: Our daily horoscope prediction is based on your personal details. We take into account the transit, tara, and your birth kundli to make your daily predictions.

In our Explore Vedic Astrology section you will find:

Vedic Kundli: Kundli created on the basis of Vedic Astrology covering panchang, planetary positions, 21 different types of charts, upgraha, special lagna, ashtakvarga, friendship table, gemstones, major vimshottari dashas and much more… just download the app to check it out.

Kundli analysis and reading: Find out what effect each planet has on your chart and how it impacts your life.

Jaimini Kundli: Know about your Atmakaraka, Pad Lagna, and Karakamsha

KP Kundli: Analysis of birth details based on the KP method and detailed charts

Numerology Reports: Explore numerology section to know what the numbers say about you.

Kalsarpa Dosha analysis and remedies

Mangal Dosha analysis and remedies

Pitra Dosha analysis and remedies

Sade Sati check and remedies

Deep Astro Insights: Under this section we provide insightful personalised reports on:
Your Chakras: Find out your dominant Chakra
Your Element: Are you Water, Fire, Earth, Air, or Ether?
Your Constitution: Learn which is the dominant Ayurvedic dosha: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha?
Your Isht Devta: Know your Isht God/Goddess

Panchang and Festivals:
– Daily Panchang and Festivals for any date and any place
– Hora Timings
– Choghadiya Timings
– Daily Lagna Timings
In our premium section we offer:

Ask Our Principal Astrologer: This is one of our main and most sought after premium features. You can send your queries to our Principal Astrologer, Pt. Rishiraj Tiwari through the app.

Detailed Vedic Kundli: This 70+ pages report is an in-depth analysis of your kundli and all the different facets of your life. It is an advanced version of the basic Vedic Kundli analysis.

Horoscope Charts and Reports
– Avakahada Chart and complete planetary details
– All Divisional Charts
– Planetary Positions
– Vimshottari Dasha
– Bhinnashtak Varga
– Sarvashtak Varga
– Char Dasha
– Yogini Dasha
– Complete House Analysis
– Complete Planetary Sign Analysis
– Ascendant Report
– Sun Sign Report

Dosha Reports and Remedies
– Kalsarpa Dosha Analysis and Remedies
– Manglik Dosha Analysis and Remedies
– Pitra Dosha Report and Remedies
– Sade Sati Dosha Analysis and Remedies

Other Remedial Measures
– Gemstone suggestion
– Rudraksha suggestion

Personalised Varshphal Report: The Varshphal report is a comprehensive yearly report – calculated from one birthday to the next birthday.

– Varshphal Calculations
– Year and Months Chart
– Muntha, Year Lord and Panchadhikari Details
– Detailed Panchvargiy Bala
– Saham Points

Kundli Matching Report: We know how important it is to find the right life partner. And, that’s why we provide an in-depth 25+ pages kundli matching report.
Download for free and get personalized, easy to access horoscope/kundli readings. For any queries about the app or assistance write to us at support@vedicrishi.in”

4. JyotishApp – Astrology Jyotish

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“JyotishApp is a free, offline and Ad-less Vedic Astrology or Hindu Astrology or Jyotisha software application with PDF support.
NO PREDICTION: This App does not give any prediction.
The App supports voice commands. Generate horoscope using voice commands ( speech recognition ) without manually entering birth details.

The main features of JyotishApp are:
— Generate detailed Horoscope or Kundli in South-Indian, North-Indian or East-Indian style.
— Option to save complete Horoscope as PDF. Option to share Horoscope PDF using Gmail, WhatsApp, etc, directly from App.
— Shodasha Varga (all 20 Varga) charts like Rashi, Navamsha, Hora, Drekkana, Chaturthamsha, Saptamsha, Dashamsha, Dwadashamsha, Shodashamsha, Vimshamsha, Chaturvimshamsha, Saptavimshamsha, Trimshamsha, Khavedamsha, Akshavedamsha, and Shashtyamsha.
— Different Dasha systems like Vimshottari, Ashtottari, Yogini, Tribhagi and Chara Dasha. Dasha details up to Prana-antara Dasha.
— Yogas, Shadbala, Bhava Bala and Vimsopaka Bala with graphical representation.
— Ashtakavarga, Sarvashtakavarga and Bhinna Ashtakavarga of all Vargas. Trikona Shodhana, Ekadhipatya Shodhana and Shodhya Pinda.
— Choose between True Nodes and Mean Nodes.
— Support for different Bhava (House) systems like Placidus (KP), Equal Houses, Porphyry (Sripathi).
— Panchang details like Tithi, Weekday, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Hindu Sunrise / Sunset, Ayana, Abhijit Muhurta, Amrit Kalam, etc., for any date and time.
— Muhurta – Hora, Choghadiya, Chogadiya and Tamil Gowri Panchangam (Nalla Neram).
— Gochar or Transit results of all the planets for all Rashi-Nakshatra.
— Forecast based on Chandra-Bala, Tara-Bala, Guru-Bala and Gochara-Phala according to your Janma Rashi.
— Horoscope or Kundali matching based on Ashta Kuta. Shows matching points of 8 Kutas, Varna Kuta, Vashya Kuta, Dina or Tara Kuta, Yoni Kuta, Graha Maitri Kuta, Gana Kuta, Rashi Kuta or Bhakuta and Nadi Kuta.
— Has a Chart Widget which shows the position of planets for the current date, time and default place. This is used to analyze Gochara or Transit results.
— Panchanga widget shows basic Panchang details along with current Hora.
— JyotishApp requires permission to run at startup to load the Widget.
— All the features of Jyotish App work offline and do not require internet connection.
— The application contains longitude and latitude of more than 10000 Indian cities/towns and also major cities of other countries.
— Unlike similar Astrology and Horoscope applications, Jyotish App is not only Free, but will not annoy you with any advertisements.
— Krishnamurti paddhati ( KP ) chart, cusp, sub lord, sub-sub lord, planet and house significators. KP Horary / Prashna / Prasna Chart.
— Ephemeris of planets and panchanga.
— Mrityu Bhaga, Pushkaramsa, Pushkara Bhaga, Special Lagnas, Bhrigu Bindu, Yogi, Ava Yogi, Beeja, Kshetra Sphuta.
— Aspect (western) on Planets and Bhava middle. KP Aspect on Planets and KP Cusp.
— House rotation option for North-Indian charts.
— Varshaphala (Tajaka) charts.
— Five-Fold Planets Relationship, Planetary Avasthas, Navatara Chakra.
— KP Nakshatra Nadi and 4-Step Signification.
— An unsubscribed user can generate UNLIMITED PARTIAL horoscope PDF report. For UNLIMITED COMPLETE horoscope PDF report, please opt for yearly or half-yearly subscription. The subscription applies only to horoscope PDF report, all other features are free.”