6 Best Kannada Typing App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Kannada Typing App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Kannada Typing App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Kannada Typing App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Kannada Typing App For Android

1. Kannada Keyboard

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“Kannada Keyboard is an English to Kannada keyboard app that makes typing Kannada faster than ever before.

– Type in English to get Kannada letters
– Works inside all apps on your phone – a Kannada typing keyboard app for all social media and messaging apps
– Saves time compared to handwriting input or other Indic Kannada input tools.
– Chat with your friends and family with this Kannada Keyboard English to Kannada
– Easily search and open apps installed on your phone and discover new apps relevant to you with our App Search feature.

Installation and set up is easy.

– Download the app and open it.
– Enable Kannada Keyboard in Step 1 and choose it in Step 2.
– Change settings and choose from colourful Kannda keyboard themes.
– That’s all! You can type Kannada everywhere now.
– To change keyboard easily, press and hold the space key.

Built in India. Amazing features.

– Type in Kannada faster. Start typing the letters and choose Kannada predictions from the list. This is the easiest app for English to Kannada typing
– Top words are available offline in the fast keyboard. Turn on internet for additional words.
– A phonetic Kannada transliteration keyboard that works on Android phones and tablets. Kannada text typing made faster.
– No need to learn Kannada keypad and layout.
– The best rated Kannada typing app that works as Kannada English keyboard
– This English to Kannada key board is easier to use than any other keyboard

Simple and easy to use.

– Use the language button to switch between English and Kannada. English word suggestions are also available.
– For GIFs and emojis, click the button on top left side of the keyboard. Make your conversations even more amazing with popular animated GIFs
– Press and hold the emoji key to view all emojis from the Kannada emoji keyboard
– Kannada GIF keyboard lets you share interesting good morning messages, funny animations and more.
– Color themes can be changed from settings. Choose from 21 interesting color combinations.

Love it? Choose Premium.

– Buy Premium on this Kannada Keyboard for Android for a small one time cost for a fully ad free experience.
– Your purchase supports the developers and helps improve the app even more.

We respect your privacy.

– No personal information or credit card details are collected. A standard warning is shown by Android for all keyboards that you download.
– Anonymous statistics may be collected to improve your experience.

Share your suggestions by emailing us at apps@clusterdev.com

Please leave great feedback – it helps us keep going!”

2. Lipikaar Kannada Keyboard

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“Lipikaar Kannada Keyboard is one of the most popular Kannada speech to text keyboards on Google Play. Join 1Million+ users who save time using our Kannada voice to text typing.

Kannada Keyboard Typing – Lipikaar provides simple and intuitive typing in Kannada using English keyboard.

Rule 1: Repeatedly type the closest sounding key till you see the correct Kannada script character.
s = ಸ ss = ಶ sss = ಷ krr = ಕ್ರ krrr = ಕೃ
Rule 2: Use “x” key to join two characters
txt = ತ್ತ rxt = ರ್ತ rkxt = ರಕ್ತ
Rule 3: Use “z” key to add a special symbol of the script.
z = ಂ zz = ಃ zzz = ಼ zzzz = ಽ
For more details visit: http://www.lipikaar.com/kannada

Works in all apps. Chat with your friends and family in your language – use Kannada on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other app.

Easy to install
• Download the app and open it.
• Step 1: Enable Lipikaar Kannada Keyboard.
• Step 2: Set it as your current keyboard.
• Step 3: Provide permissions to enable voice to text typing.
• That’s all! You can now type in Kannada(ಕನ್ನಡ) in any app using the keyboard or just your voice.
• Press the mic icon. Speak in Kannada and the app will do the typing for you.

When enabling any keyboard that you download, Android shows a standard warning. Lipikaar does not collect any personal information (passwords, credit card details etc.) in any form, from any of our users. We are 100% safe.

Please share your suggestions & feedback at support@lipikaar.com”

3. Kannada Keyboard – English to Kannada Typing

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“Infinity Apps Studios brings you the new best free Kannada Keyboard for android – English to Kannada Keypad Typing App. Now you can write in English and translate your message in Kannada and you can also translate from Kannada to English by using English to Kannada Keyboard. Kannada translator Kannada to English keyboard is best for those who have friends who can speak Kannada but not English or who can speak English but not Kannada.
Do you find it difficult to type Kannada words and Kannada writing in your android mobile keyboard? Then English to Kannada converter or translator keyboard will help you to write in roman English as it is English Kannada keyboard for android so it will convert that roman English in Kannada automatically for your ease to communicate easily, now anyone can write even though they don’t know how type in Kannada . So this English to Kannada converter is convenient to use for anyone.
Best Roman Kannada to English keyboard and English to Roman Kannada translator keyboard app that gives you custom Keyboard for both languages and you can write message in your native language and then translate in your friend’s language like Roman Indian, Kannada, Roman Kannada or English that will help you to communicate easily with your friends in social media.
Kannada translator English to Kannada or Kannada translator Kannada to English is highly efficient and good in translating message you can definitely translate any phrase or word in a single click by using our app Kannada Keyboard for android – English to Kannada Keypad Typing. Communication is the biggest source now a days to enhance your network on social media and we found people from different countries and who cannot speak our native language and we cannot speak their language so keep a strong bridge in communication we have designed a perfect and reliable app English to Kannada translator keyboard or English to Kannada translator keypad that can help you in English to Kannada typing and Kannada to English typing.
Simply Download the best English to Kannada translator keyboard app and share with friends so that they can speak to you in your Language.
Use Native Keyboards for Kannada Translator and translate your Complete Message in English. Don’t hesitate to speak to anyone if you don’t know their language Simple Download our app Start Communicating.”

4. Just Kannada Keyboard

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“First Kannada App to reach 20,00,000 Downloads!

ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡಂ ಗೆಲ್ಗೆ, ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡಂ ಬಾಳ್ಗೆ, ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನಡಂ ಮೊಬೈಲ್ಗೆ!

No 1, Kannada Keyboard.
Support Nudi, Inscript and Transliteration Layouts.

For Voice Input, tap Mic icon, settings key, and Kannada in Languages.

Please buy yearly subscription via Play Store to support future developments.

Report any issues or requests here or mail to justindickeyboards@gmail.com
Subscribe for beta versions here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.sriandroid.justkannada”

5. Kannada keyboard : Kannada Typing App

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“Kannada Keyboard is specially designed for those people who want to write Kannada text SMS in easy Kannada. Kannada Keyboard app is best Kannada typing Keyboard with stylish Themes and emojis. The Kannada language keyboard will change the background of your mobile keyboard with stylish and amazing color themes. With Kannada keyboard for Android, you can personalize your mobile keyboard. Kannada Typing app is free and smart Kannada typing keyboard for Kannada speaking peoples. Download Kannada keyboard for fast and smart English Kannada typing. Kannada Keyboard has a new and stylish typing version for two languages, Kannada to English and English to Kannada typing. Kannada typing keyboard helps you to write Kannada letters, Kannada messages and stories to native and international social friends in easy Kannada. Use a fast and smart Kannada keyboard to have the expertise of Kannada skills. Smart Kannada keypad has the best standard Kannada font and Kannada typing speed for quick service in Kannada. Kannada keyboard with English is the most demanding Kannada with English and Kannada keypad for the curious Kannada learners. Kannada Keyboard with English is one of the best keyboards among the other entire Kannada language keyboard for Android available on Google play store.

Kannada Keyboard is a free, customised keyboard for Android mobile with cool Kannada fonts, 4000+ emojis, emoticons, stylish themes, Kannada words auto correct input and word predictions. Kannada keyboard is fast typing keyboard with English keypad. Kannada language keyboard is easy to use with an English letter. Our new Kannada keyboard will change instantly the look of your Android mobile with a stylish design and amazing colours. With Blue theme Kannada keyboard you will have a new experience when it comes to Kannada text messaging on your mobile.

Features of Sensmni Kannada Keyboards

★ 1000+ emojis and Stylish Themes
★ Chatting with friends through Emojis in Kannada App
★ Beautiful and stylish keyboards themes and smooth typing of keys
★ Dual language keyboard, Kannada and English
★ Auto Word prediction with rich Kannada vocabulary
★ Auto Kannada words Suggestion of Kannada language
★ Auto Spell check of Kannada and English words

Fancy Font Typing Kannada Keyboard

✔ Easy typing Method of Kannada easy Language
✔ Kannada Symbols added
✔ 1000+ designed Emojis, emotion, smiles in Kannada keyboard
✔ Kannada Language and Kannada Dictionary
✔ Kannada Font Color of Kannada alphabets

How to Use Sensmni Kannada keyboard?

Step 1
Open Kannada English keyboard

Step 2
Select Option of “Enable Kannada keyboard”

Step 3
Select Option of “set Input Method Kannada keyboard”

This Kannada keyboard theme app will make your device look amazing! Download this Kannada language keyboard with a stylish effect. This is a fantastic Kannada keyboard with a beautiful background. Free download Kannada keyboard and apply this Kannada keypad. Kannada Typing app is designed to give you a fantastic keyboard experience. Your keyboard looks totally stylish with Kannada Keyboard beautiful theme. Kannada keyboard will let a plain keyboard into a beautiful and unique one. Try this smooth Kannada typing keyboard and you’ll see how this stylish design Kannada keyboard can transform your android mobile! Try this amazing Kannada keyboard with face emojis and English Kannada keyboard to make you expert in Kannada typing; it is compatible to write Kannada textual at all Kannada writing forums. Apart from Kannada language alphabets, it makes your Kannada texts more interesting with Kannada language keyboard emojis and similes. You can create your own new keyboard theme with easy Kannada keyboard. Change beautiful themes by selecting any desired default keyboard themes in Kannada keyboard app.”

6. Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) App

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“Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) app is an English to Kannada transliteration tool. Type your Kannada words in English and hit/tap space button. This app automatically converts into Kannada script.

App Advantages
* Start typing immediately
* Simply type Kannada words in English and hit/tap space button
* No keyboard configuration. Technical knowledge is not required
* Easy to share messages @ WhatsApp and other apps
* Ready to Share Birthday Greetings & Text Messages

After typing your message share with WhatsApp or Copy and paste your message at your favourite Apps like… WhatsApp, GMail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS etc.,

If you like this app, give it a rating and write a good review (Top rating is 5stars).”