6 Best Knitting Apps For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Knitting Apps For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Knitting Apps For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Knitting Apps For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Knitting Apps For iPhone

1. Knit Counter Lite

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“Knit Counter Lite is a convenient way to store stitch counters and project information for a single knitting project.

Your project can have as many counters as you like, and all counters are highly customisable. You can choose the name, the starting value and even link counters together, so one counter increments another. There’s also an info screen that lets you note down the pattern name, yarn and needles used, or any other information related to the project.

Other features include a handy frog button that allows you to decrease a counter if you have to rip back rows, and increase/decrease alerts which can be set on specific rows so you never forget an increase or decrease row again.

Details and documentation are available at https://cordlessdog.com/knitcounter

Also available on the iPhone App Store from Cordless Dog:

Knit Counter: All of Knit Counter Lite’s great features plus support for multiple projects.”

2. knitCompanion knitting & more

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“knitCompanion is a pattern tracking app for knitters and fibers artists. Our patented* tools make tracking easy so you can enjoy the fabric you are creating, make fewer mistakes, and tackle new techniques. Join the knitCompanion group on Ravelry for ongoing fun KALs and community.

**** Works with ANY PATTERN ****

Doesn’t require internet so you can knit what you want, anywhere, anytime.

* TRACK your row and progress along the row
* COUNTERS for every project
* LINK to Ravelry & Dropbox
* SYNC with iCloud
* Supports iOS multi-tasking & Dark Mode

* CUSTOMIZE settings and use our popular inverted marker.
* KEY always visible.
* HIGHLIGHT your pattern.
* Add NOTES to your pattern.
* VIDEO links to easily learn new techniques.
* Add PDF (great for mystery knit-a-longs).

* SCRIBBLE all over your patterns.
* HANDS FREE with voice commands so you can keep your hands on your knitting.
* MAGIC MARKERS to count, highlight, and color stitches.
* INTELLIGENT CHART RECOGNITION makes chart setup a breeze.
* JOIN CHARTS or WRITTEN so you have one row marker for the whole row.
* REMINDERS for “at the same time” instructions and repeats so you never miss a step.

With free kCBasics you can create as many projects as you’d like from your pattern library and use any of the thousands of kCDesigns. In-app purchases enable knitCompanion’s patented* tools for keeping track. Visit us at knitCompanion.com. We also have a very active Ravelry group (knitCompanion). *Patents 8,506,303 & 8,529,263

* Privacy: https://www.knitcompanion.com/about/privacy-2/
* Terms of Use: https://www.knitcompanion.com/about/termsofuse/”

3. Knitrino – Knitting App

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“Grow into the knitter you aspire to be with Knitrino by your side. With virtual classes and knit-alongs, you’ll love how easy Knitrino makes it to grow your skills. (Knitrino is not for everyone. If you love PDFs and are happy with PDF readers, we suggest looking elsewhere!)

Here’s what people are saying:

“This is the very best app ever… I never want to use a pattern that’s not on your app ever again.” – Michelle

“I loved knitting socks with Knitrino, I can’t imagine ever going back to a PDF again.” – Claudia

“I have tried a lot of knitting apps and I love the functionality of Knitrino. You did an amazing job of modernizing knitting patterns! I really love the swipe to the next row. I can close the app and be back at the same place! The stitch explanation is out of this world! Thank you so much for taking on a project like this… This takes pattern reading to a whole new level!” – Devon

“I am also super impressed with Knitrino. I thought working form an app would feel cumbersome, but instead it has made my usual pattern placekeeping system on paper seem cumbersome.” – McKenzie

With Knitrino, you can:

– Be inspired innovative patterns from indie designers you love, with new patterns added each month
– Highlight your active row and automatically save your progress
– See only your size, from petite to extended sizes
– Match charts to your colors
– Get help with the click of a stitch
– Cultivate your skills

You spend hours of your life on each knitting project. The Knitrino Experience enables you to knit confidently, finding joy and satisfaction in each completed project.”

4. Knitting Chart

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“With Knitting Chart you can draw your own knitting and crochet patterns. Import PDF files from your device or Ravelry and keep track of your progress with the Working Mode, row counters or PDF highlights.
Pay only once to unlock the Pro version, no subscriptions!
You can draw square patterns, fair isle color or symbol designs and freeform crochet charts, which lets you place symbols anywhere you want.

Convert your square charts to written instructions and place images on a chart to convert your canvas to a color chart.

You can adjust your chart layout for knitting flat, in the round, corner to corner, machine knitting and even left handed.

Save your files in iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive for automatic syncing between devices.

Enable the Working Mode if you’re ready to start knitting, this will lock your design and keeps it easy to keep track of the current row and stitch.

What does the Pro Version unlock?
• Create as many files as you like
• Unlock all tools
• Convert images to color charts
• Written instructions for designed charts
• Create your own colors
• Unlock all knit symbols
• Create patterns up to 500×500
• Generate a PDF for your charts
• Reuse designs by using the Designs Library
• Export high resolution images
• Draw text notes on top of PDF files
• Adjust the gauge
• Automatically generate a chart for non-mirrored double knitting
• Use Siri with the Working Mode and row counters

This version is free to give you the ability to try Knitting Chart before buying.
Please upgrade to the Pro Version (pay once, no subscriptions) if you want to unlock all features and create as many charts as you like!

Check out the YouTube Channel for video tutorials.
Visit knitting-chart.com for known issues, faq and more.

Please send an email to help@knitting-chart.com if you encounter any problems, have a question or request!”

5. LoveCrafts Knitting

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“The LoveCrafts Knitting app is the free pattern companion knitters have been waiting for! Developed by the passionate makers at LoveCrafts, our easy-to-use knitting and crochet buddy means you can work through any PDF knitting patterns from LoveCrafts or Ravelry that you’ve downloaded. You can easily work row by row, with help from our zoom feature, row counter, marker, and other handy knitting tools. No more crumpled pages, sticky notes or loose ends: our app lets you work straight from the screen and you can even add your own notes to the pattern as you go. So start crafting now!

Did we mention the exclusive free knitting patterns? There will be six waiting when you download the app — with new patterns added every month. So sign in, cast on, and get creative!

The LoveCrafts Knitting app is packed with handy tools you’ll love:

• Ditch the pen and paper – our digital pattern reader will change the way you knit. No more printing required!
• Personalize your patterns – add notes, doodles and photos to your patterns. Why not make a note of the yarns and needles you used?
• Easy zoom feature – tackle complicated knitting charts with our easy zoom
• Track your progress – use the super simple knitting counter to log your last completed stitch, or subtract an unravelled row.
• Never lose your place – all changes are automatically saved as you go along, and your screen will stay unlocked, so you can keep your hands on your knitting and keep track of the pattern.
• Inspiration for your next project – Free exclusive patterns for app users every month, including easy knitting patterns for beginners and the cutest knitting designs for kids and babies!

Knit on the go – access your entire LoveCrafts and Ravelry pattern libraries on-the-go and cast on wherever you are!

Download the app now to enjoy six free patterns!

Improvements, comments or questions? Drop us a message – app@lovecrafts.com.

About LoveCrafts
LoveCrafts Knitting, is part of the LoveCrafts family. LoveCrafts.com is your home to shop, share and dream in crafts. Connect with other knitters, explore 1000s of inspirational patterns, and shop from the widest range of yarns, needles and accessories in the world!”

6. Stash2Go

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“*** You can try out this version for free if you download stash2go lite ***

Stash2Go allows you to use Ravelry on the go, even if you’re offline, on the iPhone and the iPad, and provides access to yarns, projects, patterns and friends, even if you’re offline. Ravelry is the world’s largest community for knitters and crocheters. On the reviews tab, please select “All versions”. The app is updated several times a month so there may not be reviews on the most recent update.

* Access to your Ravelry knitting & crocheting projects, your queued projects, your yarn stash and stashed needles
* Access to your Ravelry friends: browse all your friends, and also their projects, queued projects, stashed yarn and stashed needles
* Search for yarns based on the extremely large Ravelry yarn database, and review details of a yarn, associated images with ease
* Browse potentially matching knitting or crocheting pattern right from your yarn details page
* Search for patterns using full text search, filter for special categories (hat, blankets, ..), or features (free, five star rated, ..)
* Search for yarn shops based on your current location, review the routing directions, opening schedule, sold yarns and other details
* Start a project from a pattern, or queued project, or with no pattern (empty project)
* Upload a picture to your project, or your stashed yarn
* Perform batch download of all pdf documents that are in your library on Ravelry and matching current projects, to have them available without internet
* Access most important information when you have no internet connection (can be customized to match your personal needs)
* Allows to associate PDF documents with own ravelry projects, and move arrows around pdf pages (and the location will be permanently stored)
* Ability to use up to two row counters per project, even across apple devices (values stored at Ravelry)
* Browse your Ravelry library of single patterns
* Browse your favorite patterns and projects
* Browse the subscribed Ravelry forum groups, and reply to existing posts (including posting images)
* Open projects, patterns or people from the forum posts, and favorite projects or patterns, or make friends with people on their profiles page
* Receive and reply to personal Ravelry messages
* Receive instant notification when new personal messages or forum messages arrive (requires iOS7 for repeated check for messages)
* Change the color theme of the application (up to 9 themes currently) — in the screenshots here, one of the themes was selected
* Select from a personal color palette (inspired by seasonal color analysis), and use it to perform instant yarn color analysis (to indicate if a potential yarn color in your stash matches your colors or not)
* iPhone + iPad support, native iOS application, supports both iOS 6 and iOS 7

To directly contact us you can go to our ravelry support group. For additional information you can go to our website, where we provide additional version.
If you have additional ideas for improvement, please share them with us. The app will be continuously improved.”