7 Best Live Satellite Map App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Live Satellite Map App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Live Satellite Map App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Live Satellite Map App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Live Satellite Map App For Android

1. Speak and Translate Languages

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“Having trouble communicating in other languages…Not anymore!
Speak and translate in 100+ languages around the globe. Whether you want to text translator, voice translator, conversation, or picture translator in any language. This all-in-one language interpreter app helps you to translate text to voice. No need to type long text, get the translation by pasting the text into the language translator box. Speak and get the word translator, swap languages, and listen to your translated text in all languages. You can also search the meaning of words with a comprehensive dictionary, daily use of phrases with translations in different languages for fast communication. The app is not ended here because the corrector is also there to check your English grammar and English spelling.

Speak & translate languages is a voice translator app. A professional tool to translate voice to text translator.
Translate text to voice and speak different languages. English to Spanish translation, French to English, Hindi to English translation, and many more for easy communication. Audio translator helps you to speak and get the text translation. Audio translator, voice typing, recording conversion, and listening to your translations are available in the English-speaking app. Tap on microphone button for fast voice recognition to translate your voice typing in all languages. Voice translator will work as a language interpreter and translate voice to text translator.

Speak and translate app is the perfect travel companion. Picture translator can help you whether you want to text translate, read the signboard or menu from any restaurant while traveling. Picture translator OCR can easily get your text from images and make instant photo translate in all languages. Capture the image with picture translator OCR and it will work intelligently to give you the fast text translator as well as voice translator. You can also take a photo from a gallery for picture translator to word translator. You can listen to the accurate pronunciation of your translated photo or text into a voice translator in all languages.

Say goodbye to all language barriers because your personal voice translator all languages and interpreter translator is in your pocket. All in one speech translator app with comprehensive dictionary helps you to understand the difficult word with speech. Daily use of phrases can help you to fast communication. Audio translator make communication easy for you by daily use of phrases. You can use a speaker to listen to phrases and copy for further use. Corrector is also there to check spellings and grammar mistakes.

• Speech translator is a professional tool to translate your words, text, and paragraphs in 100+ languages.
• Voice translator makes instant translation of conversations to communicate all over the world.
• Speak and get the word translations in an eye blink.
• Picture translator is available for text translate in all languages.
• Take an image or upload it from the gallery to word translate right from the app.
• No need of typing, just paste your text and get the translation, Voice typing is also there.
• Comprehensive Dictionary to understand the difficult words in multiple languages.
• List of daily use of phrases.
• Spell corrector and grammar checker is available in text translator app.
• Word translator app will be saved your translations in history.

Explore the world with speech translator app

Voice translator app will work as a language interpreter translator that help you to understand in all language. Learn word of the day which are daily updating to improve your vocabulary. Voice to text translate in different languages. Speak and translate languages app help you to speak and translate English to Spanish translator, Hindi to English speaking, and other foreign languages. Translate in English speaking app by inputting your text or voice translate in all languages.”

2. Live Earth Map HD – Live Cam & Satellite View

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“Explore the whole world by the live earth map HD – live cam app. Visit the live satellite view in real-time. 3d earth map app is using the GPS map to display all locations. With Live satellite map you can explore the complete world map, 3d street view, and 360 earth view. Earth Live map is best for 3d satellite live view. Search any place then turn on 360 perspectives with live street view. Find satellite image of all places, discovers 3d buildings, cities, and tour. You can easily plan your world tour with live earth map 2020. GPS Satellite map app will auto-detect your current location. GPS navigation map and distance finder app will help you to find distance between two points. Live satellite earth App 2020 is free to download and easy to use with an attractive display.

With Gps live earth view app you can search live maps and see your area in 3d live street view and 2d view. Satellite world map app shows you all live traffic routes of streets and roads of the world with the help of Gps Navigation. This Earth map app has the feature of terrain and live satellite view map of all country maps. Online live earth map app will help you to explore the beauty of nature and different places around you. Search your location and enjoy the 3D street view of your nearby places and all over the world map. Live Earth map app is the most advanced 3d map with the functionality of the 360 satellite view.

Top Features of live earth map HD – live cam & satellite view app

✔Earth Map app is free to download

✔Live earth map app has a simple and attractive user interface

✔Gps Satellite map app shows street view in 3d model

✔Gps Map app tracks your current location

✔Gps Earth map app shows 3d buildings of the cities around the world

✔View any place in the world from your location

✔Find distance between two points with distance finder

✔This app shows live satellite view in real-time

✔Easy to find a traffic route with Gps live map navigation

✔This app shows real-time earth view from space

✔Zoom In / Zoom out functionality

Live earth map app allows you to determine live location and live earth view from space. The live satellite map gives a street view in 3d and a clear picture of places. Search a place and zoom it to your location then dive in for 360 perspectives with live street view. Enjoy the real-time live earth view with actual satellite live view. Download live earth map HD – live cam & satellite View App and explore the all information about the world map, real-time traffic and 3d pictures on a map. satellite Map app provides real-time earth view and live satellite view in the 3d model. Just download 3d earth live map and get live earth view of all favorite places.”

3. Live Earth Map GPS Navigation

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“Live Earth Map GPS Navigation app is equipped with all the tools to offer driving directions, find current location, and voice navigation through updated live maps 2021. With satellite map you can explore the live street view and also delivers real-time traffic information on HD map. GPS navigation, traffic alert, GPS speedometer, compass, GPS maps go, and 3d route mapping all are present on a single platform to give you the ease of finding anything that’s important. The real-time and easy-to-use Live Earth Map GPS Navigation ensures the easiest and shortest driving directions with turn by turn voice navigation. Explore 360 satellite maps of the world’s famous landmarks/places, visit famous places using map 3D live world. Enjoy the live satellite map and plan your next holidays. The earth live street view app allow users to see 3d view of my house and also allow you to get shortest route direction, find street view on satellite map images.

Search location of anywhere in the world
Explore the beauty with live street view on updated live 3D map
Find real-time driving directions
Traffic alert for avoid to stuck in traffic
View the world map with live HD view

Let the Live Earth Map view & World Satellite Navigation bring best and shortest driving routes for you. Speak the destination name and get driving directions from point A to B with step by step voice navigation instructions on live map satellite view app. GPS maps go app is not only navigator for the direction route of any area on the earth but also shows the real-time ETA (estimated time of arrival) with distance in kilometer. Plan your road trips with simple GPS navigation and best map gps satellite app. With world maps online navigation you can enjoy route directions saving option. Save your routes to avoid hassle when planning a road trip on same routes navigator.

GPS Speedometer
What else could be better than enjoy navigation using earth map 3D and GPS speedometer? Measure the speed of any vehicle using this feature. Free GPS Speedometer app allow users to measure speed in Km/h, Mp/h with distance.

Live Earth Map 3D
Discover the world from above using location address finder app. Make your travel easy and discover the most visited place of the world. Navigate easily by just entering the name of the location. Explore the hd maps terrain through live satellite imagery of the entire globe from above.

GPS compass maps with higher precision and accuracy. The free maps compass enables users to get latitude, longitude along with the current location info on earth live view.

Share Location
Let your loved ones know your GPS location through live earth satellite map. Share the location to make it easy for your clients, merchants and visitors to visit your business area using live satellite maps route of the world.

Famous Places
How many names of places are known to you? Visit the famous places from above through earth map HD. The live satellite 3D view app empowers users to get a live street view of the places to plan next holiday trip plan. Get a satellite map view of Alcatraz, Blue mosque, Burj-al-Arab, China wall, Christ the Redeemer, Eiffel tower, Forbidden city, Golden gate bridge, Great sphinx, London eye, Mount Everest, and Oriental pearl tower.

Traffic Map
Nothing is more important than getting traffic alerts before traveling. The traffic mapa app with GPS satellite world 3D ensures you don’t get stuck in traffic jams.
Get a live navigation app to overcome the travel difficulties.

GPS Status
Have you ever waited to get an accurate GPS status? The wait is over now, get live location status in no time with 100% accuracy. The Live Earth Map GPS Navigation app is designed to save your time and energy. The feature shows all the live GPS status data regarding location position, latitude, longitude, altitude, H/V accuracy, gps satellite speed, signal strength, time, bearing, and H/VD OP.”

4. Google Earth

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“Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you’ve created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.”

5. Live Satellite Map Directions

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“Looking for a fast live maps direction and GPS navigation route planner app? Then Live Satellite Map Directions is the best mapping app for car drivers, travelers, bikers and cyclists. Free GPS map navigation and speedometer app consists of many other interesting features that help users to explore the live satellite view of world map, GPS navigation guide for destination, real-time traffic alert and compass direction. Live Satellite map app shows street map images in 3d model for trip plan and finds famous places on world map. GPS route finder app for get live traffic alert through traffic maps, best Gps driving directions map for trip plan, current location with live earth map and vehicle speed with a smart Gps speedometer. This GPS satellite view map app also makes sure anyone can get voice GPS driving directions for desired destinations fast and easy without getting stuck into traffic congestion. Online live earth map and GPS navigation app helps to see the beauty of nature, find near places restaurant, gym gas station etc.

Real-time driving directions with GPS voice navigation:
Satellite Map Live Navigation ensures drivers and travelers safety first by providing step-by-step voice directions. These voice commands cut down the need of keeping eyes on mobile screens for direction and navigation purpose. With this live guide on navigation satellite route map you can easily understand your GPS location, explore nearby places and get various travel information through satellite earth view. Real-time transit maps app is the best journey assistance, route planner and voice GPS navigator 2021 app for fulfill your all traveling needs.

Get free gps navigator with traffic alerts before leaving your live location it is better to know whats happening on the road map so that you can reach your destination on time by taking shortest route with free GPS navigation traffic route finder maps. Live satellite view of the congestion situation helps you understand the traffic information around you.

Nearby places
The all-rounder GPS satellite map is a free navigation app that not only helps to find routes but also updates about the places nearby on 3d maps. Explore various important or famous places including restaurants, zoo, ATM, hospitals, schools etc.

Need a location finder?
Want to know what is your current geo-position? Well, this Live Satellite Map Direction is not only a guide map but also helps people to find their live GPS location and desired locations. This ultimate place finder also keeps travelers my location history safe. Now you can visit those places anytime. Enter the address and let this address finder find out the desired address in a second.

GPS Speedometer & Odometer
Let this fast route finder app helps you monitor your vehicle’s speed. By keeping this free speedometer app in your mobile, you can make sure your vehicle did not cross the set speed limit.

GPS compass
Whether you are diving, hiking, biking or boating having a GPS compass in your mobile is a must have before you set out for outdoor activities. With free compass app there are zero chances of getting lost even in the wilderness.

GPS Satellite Map, Live Navigation & Speedometer not only gives you traffic updates but also measures the speed limit in digital format. You can also share your current location with family and friends and also can see location in different world map modes including Dark, Satellite, Hybrid, and Normal map mode. Get view of your favorite places from above with the help of GPS live navigation satellite view and much more.

Features of Live Satellite Map Directions
• 3D GPS maps
• Free voice route finder
• Navigate Driving route on road map and traffic locator
• Real-time satellite images of World map
• GPS compass
• GPS Speedometer & odometer
• Current location finder
• Address finder
• Street view, 3D maps
• Traffic alerts
• Re-routing
• Navigate shortest route with voice directions”

6. Live Satellite Map: Earth Map

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“Live Street View App is used to find your driving route to reach your destination. You can easily find route or location by map directions that will highlight your route from your home to final destination. Live Street View App is simply a location finder app. If you want to see accurate area that you are finding, use satellite view to see real world map. Satellite view shows real satellite images. You can easily find nearby places. Voice GPS navigation is also included to enter your location name by your voice. Live Street View App is an online app which requires GPS and internet to easily find your location on map. Live Street View App is also a graphical guide book that will help you to reach your location in less time.
Live Street View App is the best route finder app to find your path direction while driving Live Street View App will help you to find shortest path to reach your destination with the help of this shortest route finder app. Use this easy route finder app to reach your location. Your time will save because of finding shortest route or path and you will your destination in less time. Live Street View App is also named as location finder or address finder app. If you are traveling through bike then this app will work like a bike path finder app. Similarly, if you are traveling through bike then this app will work like a car route finder app. Live Street View App allows you to track your location while driving by this gps route finder for driver.
GPS Route Finder Features:
1. Route Finder used to find the path
2. Map Directions used to select the shortest road
3. Satellite View is included in this GPS route finder app
4. Find Nearby places by place finder feature
5. Voice GPS Navigation
6. Current location finder
7. Simple route finder app for android
Live Street View App uses GPS and Network to get your current location on map. Live Street View App will help you to know the name of your unknown current location. This app helps you to navigate freely on maps without any in-app purchase. Live Street View App will make your transportation easy. This is an online route finder app which means you should turn ON your GPS and WiFi to use this app and guide you to reach your location.
If your friends are waiting you somewhere then you can ask their location from them and find your friends easily. Live Street View App will give you accurate result while you while finding your location. The user interface of this Live Street View App contains simple and easy to use. This is an easy route finder app or best location finder app which contains simple interface that helps you to use this route finder app to easily find the path.”

7. “Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road”

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“Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road & Navigation driving directions is the live route finder map app to search map and find direction. Find my current location, position, & traffic alerts or updates route satellite maps. Voice navigation driving direction turn by turn is the fastest maps route measuring feature and accurate compass navigation features are the best in this app. GPS Map Route Traffic Finder & GPS Navigator provides you with available location, based on data from all location GPS navigation. GPS app is ideal for all activities that need real-time GPS Location & traffic conditions with GPS Navigation Traffic Finder. Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road with GPS Navigation & Map route Finder App traffic alerts find maps, driving directions to help drivers to plan an optional route on their destination to reach in time. A highly accurate phone locator will help you to use the GPS navigation traffic app to find your friend’s location. Get driving directions driving app with help of voice navigation & maps navigation just say the destination points in search box voice GPS travel directions automatically detected GPS App. Map and navigation area location finder app to locate & find favorite places as per your instruction. GPS map & navigation route traffic alerts & voice navigation to justify voice language and find GPS route finder nearer location. The local route location finder is a free GPS maps & navigation free app. Two places route navigator. Real-Time direction, my location, and route planner map are good. Route directions map location. Traffic finder Earth satellite view app is a very helpful tool for finding any location to make route plan for your holiday trip planner. GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation map driving directions maker app is the best driving map finder for easy route driving. Find a route map is the best choice for a worldwide traveling satellite map earth view app. GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation has features like route finder, driving route, route navigation, my location, share my location, saved places, voice navigation, live traffic map, compass, and parking reminder, live 3d map, nearby places are the best for anyone.
Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road – GPS Map & Navigation Route Traffic have a live street view of modern features. Find famous street view live traffic view. Compass navigator, street navigation map view. Traffic live view app. Street map app. Map street live view or street map view find GPS route map way & live status world places navigation map view features. The trip view is the best target places live visit. An easy trip planning view for visit places is the newly updated map navigation app. It is the best GPS Driving Directions traffic street turn-by-turn view map locator app. You can use this app in driving, walking, and cycle navigation anywhere worldwide through optimize maps detailed.
Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road – GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation is the best map navigation direction finder app. voice direction location map offers GPS driving maps direction & routes navigation. Best way-finder. GPS map coordinates easily to follow drive location world driving map. GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation is the free map distance finder route planner 3d app. GPS map route is map update – map for daily life driving helping GPS ride. Find GPS direction & driving direction GPS map.

Live Satellite Map, GPS Navigation, Traffic Road Features:
* GPS maps with a voice map.
* Up to date, earth map satellite & GPS Navigation.
* Voice map route with street view panorama.
* GPS route finder finds a driving & walking route.
* Speaking and writing distance, time instructions.
* Search location by building name, street name and city name.
* Driving route finder
* Traffic Map
* Famous Places
* Altitude Meter with Lat & Lng
* Earth Map with voice Search
* Explore places
* Local Transport
* Barcode Reader
* Compass”