5 Best Loan Calculator App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Loan Calculator App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Loan Calculator App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Loan Calculator App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Loan Calculator App For Android

1. 10bii Financial Calculator

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“In-App Upgrade: 10bii+ Features (Bonds, Breakeven, Depreciation, Trig, Probabilities) available!

If you believe you are having any issues with your calculator, email us and we’ll generally reply within the hour and can help resolve the issue. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

– Displays current N, I/YR, PV, PMT and FV values right above buttons
– Print or Save PDF Amortization Schedules
– Easily enter your Uneven Cashflows in a spreadsheet-like worksheet
– Video Tutorials in Help section
– Draws Cashflow Diagrams for simple TVM or complex Uneven Cashflows
– Saves Recent calculations so you can easily reload them
– Easy Mode allows everyone to get the financial answers you need!

The 10bii Financial Calculator is a versatile and powerful financial calculator which features more than 105 different functions for financial analysis, business, statistics, and general mathematics. Modeled after the extremely popular 10bII Financial Calculator by Hewlett Packard, the 10bii Financial Calculator combines precise mathematics, intuitive display, and ease-of-use in one compact package. It allows you to easily calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, time value of money, investment value, and more using a combination of powerful and intuitive equation-writing functionality and helpful worksheets.

By expanding on HP’s traditional presentation, the 10bii Financial Calculator allows quick and intuitive building and visualization of TVM (Time Value of Money) calculations and Uneven Cash Flow scenarios and lets you type in whole equations for easy review and one-touch evaluation.

With the 10bii Financial Calculator, you can:

Calculate Time Value of Money (Length of Term, Present Value, Nominal Interest, Loan Payments, Future Value) and see the cash flow diagram produced for you via the Graph TVM key. Values for N, PV, I, PMT, and FV are displayed right above their keys for easy reference.

Easily enter Uneven Cash Flows, including rapid calculation of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. A dedicated interface makes adding, editing, deleting, and reordering uneven cash flows a breeze.

Switch between Nominal and Effective interest rates with the simple touch of a button.

Enter and analyze statistical data points. Includes standard calculations such as standard deviation, mean, and linear regression forecasting.

Never has using a financial calculator been so easy or intuitive. The 10bii Financial Calculator is truly powerful enough for the professional but accessible enough for everyone. It is an ideal tool for teaching the power of compounding interest, analyzing potential deals or business ventures, or just doing math problems, and sharing the results of your work with others.

The 10bii app is the updated version of the 10b app. Also known as the 10b2.”

2. EMI Calculator – Finance Tool

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“EMI Calculator is a simple loan calculation tool that helps the user to quickly calculate EMI and view payment schedules. Use this app to calculate your EMI (Equated Monthly Installment), plan your loan repayment in an effective way.

This app is the advanced Financial Tool that is useful for day-to-day life with all useful features and keeps up to date with the latest news.

● EMI Calculator is a special kind of calculator that calculates your Loan amount and monthly payment.
● This app allows you to calculate the following values by inputting all the other values:
– EMI Amount
– Loan Amount
– Interest Rate
– Period (In Months and Years)
● The easy option is available to compare between two loans.
● Representation of payment is split up in the table form.
● Graphical representation of complete tenure of Loan.
● Calculate EMI on a monthly basis.
● Generate statistics charts instantly.
● Statistics show Principal Amount, Interest rate, and remaining balance per month.
● Share computed PDF with anyone for EMI & loan planning.
● Easy GST Calculator option provides the option to find taxes to be paid by adding or removing GST amount.
● Get up to date with the latest Finance and Money related news.
● Find nearby Banks, ATMs, and Finance places around your location.
● Currency Converter feature provides 168+ currencies, live exchange rates & offline mode.
● Live currency rates provided
● Easy option to change the language of the app from settings.

● Loan Calculator
● GST Calculator
● SIP Calculator
● Currency Converter
● Compare Loans
● EMI Statistics
● Finance Calculator & Statistics
● Nearby Bank & ATM Finder
● Financial News

● This app is just a financial tool and not any loan provider or connection with any NBFC or any finance services.
● This app is working as a financial calculator app and not giving any lending services.”

3. Loan Calculator

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“This App offers the following calculators for both Android Mobile Phones & Tablets.

1) Basic Loan Calculator (Basic Mortgage Calculator / Basic EMI Calculator)
2) Advanced Loan Calculator (Advanced Mortgage Calculator / Advanced EMI Calculator)
3) Simple Interest Calculator
4) Compound Interest Calculator (Future Value Calculator)


* Reverse Loan calculations (find out one of Loan amount, Interest rate, Loan term or Monthly repayment given the other 3 values)

* Make Pre-payments (Extra Repayments) and find out interest savings, loan term reduction

* Input Interest rate (%) changes and find out impact on monthly repayment, loan term

* Loan Offset Account saves the interest you pay. Helps to pay off loan faster

* Repayment Holiday (interest only) period calculations

* Track various Loan expenses such as Fees, Insurance, Tax, Maintenance charges, etc

* Save loan calculations


* Calculates positive & negative amounts

* Calculates simple and compound interest for lump sum deposit/withdraw, regular deposit/withdraw & both

* Various deposit/withdraw frequencies – Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Thrice-Yearly, Half-Yearly & Yearly

* Ability to increase or decrease the regular Deposit/Withdraw amount every year by a certain amount or percentage

* Ability to specify a particular Term (duration) for regular Deposit/Withdraw irrespective of the Total Term

* Various Compounding frequencies – Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Thrice-Yearly, Half-Yearly & Yearly

* Positive(+) or negative(-) Interest Rate (%) helps in calculating Profit or Loss scenarios

* Displays Maturity Amount, Total Amount Deposited & Total Interest Earned

* Yearly and Monthly reports in a tabular format show how your investments are growing

* You can E-mail both yearly and monthly reports

* You can visualise results through intuitive Graph & Chart

* Contains in-built User Guide

* Handles very large numbers


* Elegant Material Design Theme

* Easy to use interface with Tabs

* App works on Phones & Tablets

* Basic & Advanced calculations modes

* Calculates in no time

* Light weight & loads quickly


* FREE App (100% full features)

* App is generic and it is suitable for people of all Countries

* No prior finance knowledge required

* Helps you take informed decisions about your finance

* Saves you a lot of time, effort & money

* Used for investments, financial planning, budgeting, accounting, studies, research & more

* Suitable for individuals, financial planners, accountants, brokers, students, research analysts, etc

Kindly consider this calculator as guidance only. Investors are required to make their own assessment before investing.”

4. Simple Loan Calculator

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“The Simple calculator for annuity, differentiated and fixed payments.
Calculation:the monthly payment, the amount of interest paid, the total cost of credit, amortization schedule and a comparison of all these indices between different loans.

About all issues please report to project home page or to my E-mail address.

Open source software, https://github.com/smkv/android-simple-loan-calculator”

5. EMI Calculator

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“With colourful charts and instant results, this free Loan EMI Calculator app is easy to use, intuitive to understand and is quick to perform. You can calculate EMI for home loan, personal loan, car loan, education loan or any other fully amortizing loan in India using this app. You can also check how prepayment can help reduce total interest outgo and reduce loan tenure.

Download the app and enter the following information:

– Principal Loan Amount (rupees)
– Loan Tenure (months or years)
– Rate of Interest (percentage)
– Fees & Charges (rupees) – Optional
– EMI Scheme (EMI in arrears or EMI in advance) – Optional
– Start Date (month & year) – Optional
– Extra Payments / Prepayments – Optional

You are presented with payment summary with break-up of principal and interest components, payment schedule and chart for the loan details entered. You can choose to share this information via e-mail, SMS or any other messaging app. You can also share the results to your favourite note taking app.

The app also computes the loan APR (aka IRR) using the fees and charges entered. This is especially useful for loans with 0% EMI schemes where fees and charges are levied (instead of interest) when purchasing mobiles, computers or household items.

Please visit the EMI Calculator website http://emicalculator.net/ for more information.

Change History:

Version 10.0
+ Ability to add multiple calculations (upto 10)
+ Simple and Advanced Calculations

Version 6.1
+ Bugfixes

Version 6.0
+ Chart library upgrade
+ Math library upgrade
+ Firebase analytics

Version 5.8
+ New App Icon

Version 5.0
+ Start Date moved from Advanced mode to Regular mode

Version 4.8
+ Better form navigation
+ Better charts with MPAndroidChart library
+ Bug fixes

Version 4.2
+ Loan Balance chart

Version 3.0
+ Admob changes

Version 2.9
+ Validations that prevent user mistakes
+ Usability changes
+ Rating prompt
+ Versioning bug fix
+ ‘Loan Paid To Date’ bug fix

Version 2.0
+ Advanced Mode with Extra Payments / Prepayments
+ Improved math accuracy of the calculator
+ Lots of bug fixes

Internet access required for ads and analytics”