7 Best Lyric Writing App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Lyric Writing App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Lyric Writing App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Lyric Writing App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Lyric Writing App For Android

1. “Lyric Notepad – Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, & Rap”

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“Lyric is the leading notepad and best tool for poets, rappers, lyricists, and song writers. This application keeps track of your rhyme and syllable schemes, helps you find new words, take notes, record your lyrics. Follow Lyric on its new Twitter and Facebook for future updates and promotional content.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMCBejmsk9U

Lyric’s newest feature is a built-in recorder. Record yourself performing and attach it to any part of your lyrics. This is a powerful tool which allows users to to keep track of their melody and never get confused which recording goes with which verse.

Rhyme matching
Lyric automatically checks your lyrics for rhymes. Whenever you finish typing, rhyming words with automatically be color-coded. You also have options like increasing rhyme sensitivity to include near rhymes and only matching words at the end of the line.

Syllable Counter
The syllable counter keeps track of the syllables in each line of your lyric. The syllable count is displayed to the left side of the screen. In measure mode, you also have a syllable counter for each quarter measure so that you can try to break your lyrics up evenly or create a unique syllable pattern.

Measure Mode
Measure mode allows you to break your lyric into quarter measures. This is helpful for lyric recitation. This mode also syncs with the metronome. The metronome will move along the quarter measures at your specified BPM (beats per minute) helping you to keep track when practicing your lyrics.

Word Lookup
Lyric also allows you to look up new words. Find rhymes and near rhymes for words you have already used or search for a synonym or definition for a word that just isn’t quite right. After searching for a word your results are presented in a movable tab. This way you can work on your lyrics and see your search results simultaneously.

The metronome allows you to specify the BPMs and syncs with both the background of the application and the quarter measures (if in measure mode). This allows you to use the metronome either as an audio or visual reference.

Lyric also has a built-in notepad, which appears on the screen as a movable tab. This allows you to keep track of anything related to your lyrics without having to clutter your lyric itself. This helps keep the experience nice and clean.”

2. Songspace

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“Trusted and used by the world’s top labels, publishers, management teams, artists, and songwriters, Songspace is the leading cloud-based service to manage music and rights in the music industry, with tools to store, share, play and pitch songs professionally. Songspace puts you or your team into a single centralized environment built to streamline creative music workflows on the go.

For companies or teams – use the Songspace app to access your company’s catalog to listen, share, track publishing info, search, create or pitch playlists from anywhere.

For creators – save lyrics, upload song ideas, backup your voices recordings, share songs with your publisher or collaborators, keep track of demos, work tapes and versions.

Features include:

– Offline Playback to listen to songs while you are without service or wifi.
– Back up voice memos and tracks recorded on your phone to your cloud-based catalog.
– Search your catalog to find a track or song on the go.
– Share song pages, playlists and pitches from anywhere.
– Store lyrics, access splits, create and manage playlist.
– The Songspace app gives music professionals control and access to their songs and data from anywhere”

3. Songwriter’s Pad™- Songwriting

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Used by Grammy Award winners and beginners alike. Get it now and start writing your next hit song in minutes.

Songwriter’s Pad™ is an invaluable songwriting app for the songwriter. Everything a songwriter needs is now available in one easy to use app.

Can’t find the right word or phrase? Running low on inspiration? Then Songwriter’s Pad™ for Android is the app for you. It is the ultimate songwriting app. It contains powerful idea generating tools that are designed to inspire creative expression and eliminate writer’s block. Lyric writing will never be the same.

Give it a try. If you love it you’ll be able to upgrade to Pro and write unlimited songs for less than the cost of a Latte! If you don’t love it, export the songs you’ve written and delete the app. You have nothing to lose and powerful lyrics to gain.

Generate ideas with our unique emotion based word and phrase generator.

Feeling happy, angry, silly or over the top in love? Generate words and phrases that reflect your mood and post them on sticky notes for use in your lyric.

Rhyming Dictionary with built in search (internet connectivity required)

Need a Dictionary and a Thesaurus? It’s included too. (wifi or 3G required)

Easily and intuitively insert chords within your lyric

Got an idea for a melody? Tap ‘Record’ on the built in Audio Player and let it rip. Capture vocal ideas anytime inspiration strikes and save it with your lyric.

Add author, copyright date, publisher, key and tempo info for each song

Now you can write and store all of your lyrics and song ideas in one place.

Cloud technology that allows you to seamlessly back up and sync songs between multiple devices including your Android powered Phone or Tablet and Windows and Mac PCs*.

PC and Mac versions sold separately. Android app comes with 25 MB monthly storage free. No additional purchase required.

Please provide feedback to help us make it the best songwriting tool on the planet! If you would like to suggest a feature we’d love to hear from you!

Please note: We respond to all email within 24hrs. If you didn’t receive a response please check your bulk e-mail or spam folders.

Thank you for considering Songwriter’s Pad™”

4. Write Songs Lite: Songwriting

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“→ Mobile Songwriting Made Easy ←

For the musician, artist or songwriter who is looking to get rid of their unorganized collection of lyrics and voice recordings stockpiled across different apps, Write Songs will be your go to songwriting stage!

Write Songs has the ability to store and share lyrics, a quick rhyming dictionary and a voice recorder all in one place. Write Songs keeps everything backed up and in sync on your SD card. Come experience the luxury of mobile songwriting today!

Read the Bible daily. Verses of the Day and thousands of bible scriptures for Christian Rap, Christian Rock and or other Christian denominations. Well, all religions for that matter: the Bible is for the people!

🎵 Musicians and songwriters can easily organize lyrics.
🎵 Enhanced auto-scroll interface with user input settings.
🎵 Rhyming dictionary, search for a word and get a list of potential words that rhyme.
🎵 Voice recording studio with a smooth In-app mp3 player, all at the touch of a button.
🎵 Manually manage playlists.
🎵 Song ideas generator.
🎵 Express your songwriting with different fonts, emojis, and a fullscreen mode (eliminating buttons).
🎵 Backup songs to cloud, SD card, and lyrics can be password protected.
🎵 Song stat tracker enabling the musician to keep a thorough history of time spent.
🎵 Preferences can be accessed at all times, keeping you closer to your lyrics and recordings.
🎵 Merriam-Webster word of the day to help build songwriting vocabulary.

Write Songs understands that a lyricist needs song structure. Write a complete song from start to finish. Intro, Verse, Chorus, Hook, Bridge, Breaks and Outros.

Great for all music genres and songwriters who love writing a catchy chorus. Rappers, Rap, Country, Blues, Rock, Alternative Rock, R&B, Christian Rappers, Reggaeton, Gospel, Spoken Word, Pop and more. Write your first lyric or lyrics to a song today!

Need a word or lyric that rhymes? Try the rhyming dictionary with built in search algorithms. Also Write Songs is equipped with a dictionary and a thesaurus. Check in for the word of the day to help build your songwriting word vocabulary!

Check out the handy voice recorder. Import your lyrics or song, upload an instrumental, start the voice recording session then share or manage your voice recording effortlessly.

Write Songs makes new voice recordings easy to record and playback audio. Join the fun and try your first voice recording session today!

To help you out with your lyrics or songs when you may have writer’s block, try the random song ideas generator. Just press the button and over 300 ideas will flow through the page.

The song ideas generator is a perfect tool and can kickstart an audio voice recorder session, sending you on the way to writing your next hit song!

The playlist feature is a tool that organizes all your songs and groups them under an album name. If you are a rapper or rap you can think of a playlist name as a new mixtape title.

Upload your audio recordings to Soundcloud. Soundcloud access is done through the navigational drawer on the first page.

Use the Facebook page to share your audio, song, lyric or chorus and network with other artists. For Twitter, tweet a verse, hook or a voice recording and we will retweet the audio for the world to listen 🙂

Songwriter hint: double tap the screen on the back page of app to increase the text size on-the-fly. This can be done with a verse, hook, chorus or even an entire song with accompanying lyrics. Enjoy!

Songwriters you can track your song with the X-RAY feature. This will give you what playlist the song is in, the time you create and edit your lyrics, top viewed songs and a bunch of other song stats.”

5. Lyrics Writer with Chords

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Lyrics Writer

Simple tool for all song writers and music lovers.

You can write your own lyrics or
Paste your favorite songs lyrics.
And sing it anytime anywhere.

▶ Auto scrolling lyrics
▶ Select Font type
▶ Fast and Easy to use
▶ Clean and Nice UI
▶ Auto Text Highlight
▶ Can be access Offline

If you find this App helpful please give it a
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating.

6. Tully

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“Tully was created to allow recording artists and songwriters to write and record ideas, store and manage their creative content and distribute their music all within one application.

It’s the only app available with tools for everything the Artist needs – from songwriting, secure storage, file sharing, music industry management tools, right through to music distribution and metric dashboards.

– Write lyrics while listening to audio
– Get rhyming suggestions while you write lyrics
– Use free premium beats in your projects
– Record ideas for your song and create mixes
– Store your Masters and music on a secure cloud server
– Share and collaborate with others
– Track and secure your files with automated notifications
– Create contracts and split sheet agreements
– Manage and edit metadata
– Distribute your music to all major streaming platforms
– Get metrics on usage and demographics for your music’s usage.

Create. Manage. Distribute.

All from one app!”

7. Lyric Pad for songwriters

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“Write lyrics for your next hit song, Organize In folders and easily edit later.

Lyric Pad is a notepad for Songwriters, Artist, Rappers, Singers and can even be used for taking simple notes. It allows you to write notes or song lyrics and organize in folders to quickly find later. All of your work is automatically saved to a secure database, So you can log in from any device and edit on the go. You can also upload your released work and get feed back from other users, Listen and get inspired by others, Collaborate with other users to create together, And showoff your talents and skills.


Releases : Upload released songs and instrumentals and get feedback from other users.

– Online syncing – Save all of your work online and keep it synced across all of your android devices.

– Sort files – Sort your files by date or alphabetically to find and edit files more easily.

-Text alignment – Align the text on the edit page to your convenience.

– Stay organized – Organize your lyrics and songs with folders.

– Share – Share your lyrics and songs with friends and coworkers.

– Add Music – Add instrumental tracks from device and listen while you write.

– Modes – Switch from edit mode to view mode.

– Favorites- Add your favorite albums poems and other files to favorites.

This app was designed for musician and artist such as rappers singers poets or anyone who likes writing lyrics or songs. It helps you keep songs organized in folders so that you can easily find it later.
If you just love writing lyrics, songs or poetry this app is definitely for you.
it has amazing features and is continuously improving. with an easy to use interface song and poetry writing has never been more fun.”