6 Best Magic Eight Ball App Android

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If you are looking for the Best Magic Eight Ball App Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Magic Eight Ball App Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Magic Eight Ball App Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Magic Eight Ball App Android

1. Magic 8 Ball 3D

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“Looking for a reliable adviser in everyday life?
Looking for answers to complex life questions or philosophical questions?
Or even The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?

No more searching! The Magic 8 Ball makes it possible to find out the answers to any yes-no questions.
Just ask the Magic 8 Ball a yes-no question about your destiny, love, money or what to choose for breakfast, and shake your mobile device or tap the screen.

✓ 97 attractive and varied Magic 8 Ball skins that you can choose depending on your mood.
✓ 12 replaceable backgrounds to any taste.
✓ User-defined backgrounds. Just select any picture you like on your device, Google Photos or Google Drive.
✓ Real 3D with Physically based rendering (PBR) and Image-based lighting (IBL) support.
✓ Full control of the Magic 8 Ball rotation with your finger.
✓ Gyroscope and acceleration sensor support (If available).
✓ Text to speech support (If available).
✓ Vibrations support (If available).”

2. Magic 8 Ball

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“Magic 8 Ball is an easy way to answer a yes or no question– with some interesting wording along with it!

To use it, simply ask a yes-or-no question to yourself, then shake your phone! The ball will give you a phrase that might give you a good, unsure or bad answer.

Keep playing to find all 20 of the phrases!”

3. Magic Ball / Magical Ball / Mystic ball

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“Want to predict the future? Have any doubts about your decisions? Or just looking for an answer for a difficult question?
Magical Ball is here for you!

How it works:
1. Think about your question. Ask questions that can be answered “yes” or “no”.
2. Concentrate! Think about your question!
3. Activate the ball!
4. Read the answer.

👍 Examples of correct questions:
– Ball, will my wish come true?
– Ball, should I change my image?
– Ball, should I ask her out on a date?

👎 Examples of wrong questions:
– Ball, what is my name?
– Ball, what time is it?
– Ball, guess what number I have in mind.

❗ Pay attention:
The answers may not be true. This application is made for your fun.🙂

If you want to surprise your friends, you can create your own answers in the application and let them ask the ball questions! They will be surprised how the Destiny Ball knows so much about them. Mystic!

The Magic 8 Ball, like the mystifying oracle, pawns easily through the unknown, anticipating how the wheel of destiny will turn. The mysterious world of magic, prophecies, divinations, and rituals is its native element!

Just like a Mystical Ball used by a professional fortune-teller, the Magic Ball can display various options for the future. Ask anything — and the Fortune Telling Magic Ball will send a karmic sign.

But that’s not all! If you don’t have a coin at hand, you can flip a coin in our application! Heads or tails?”

4. Magic 8-Ball

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The Magic 8-Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice. This app has many of the original responses plus some new ones. The magic eight ball has about 20 unique responses and it tries to decide the best one for the question asked by the user. You can use the 8-ball by shaking your device or tapping the magic ball. Enjoy!

How to use:
1. Ask the magic eight ball a yes-no question.
2. Shake your mobile device or tap the magic ball.
3. The Magic 8-Ball decides the answer and reveals it.

There are also new 8-Ball and menu options for optimizing the Magic 8-Ball to your preferences!

5. Magic 8 Ball – Ad free 🍀

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This app is a modern & minimal Magic 8 Ball app.

The Magic 8-Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice. Magic 8 Ball answers your yes or no questions.

You can change your answer pack to have a more customized Magic 8 Ball experience. You can also create your own personal answer packs.

• Ad-free
• Minimal & modern UI
• Shake detection support
• Custom answer pack support
• AMOLED Friendly dark theme support

How to use:
• Ask a yes or no question
• Tap the screen or shake your device
• Get an answer from Magic 8 Ball

6. Magic Ball Free

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“Have some decisions to make? Trying to make a choice? Or maybe often insecure about your decisions?
Magic Ball will help you find the right answers to life’s challenging questions!
We know you are all full of questions! Magic Ball will help you go through all ups and downs!
Just shake the ball and it will give you the answers to the most important questions on love, friendship, education, and work.
But remember.. YOU and only YOU create Your own destiny! And only YOU can change it!
Magic Ball is only a fun way to solve problems and can be very helpful to make it less stressful.
Moreover, it is always exciting to take a look into the future.

How does this work?

1. Concentrate and ask your yes/no question (we heard it works best when you say it out loud)
2. Shake like a real Magic Ball
3. Prepare for awesomeness
4. Read the answer


Here’s what our users are saying about the Magic Ball:

A New Spin on an old favorite *****
by Angel.Hazard

This app recreates the good old magic 8 ball with wonderful graphics and fun mysterious sound effects.
If only I would have this app as a kid. 🙂

FUN APPLICATION-Well worth the money! *****

by Firefighter 88

This is the next best thing to the traditional magic 8 ball that I played with during my youth.
The male voice that offers the predictions is right in tune for this fun application.
The sound effects add to the realism.
I found this application better than expected and the loss of ads cinched the deal.

Worth it. *****

by Small Islander

Five Stars. A nice look at the app. Fun turning over my phone and shaking it just like my “real” Magic 8 ball. I like the way the answers drift “up” to the “surface”. This is fun and worth the four bits ( I’d rather buy apps than look at ads). Can’t wait to share it around the dinner table ( yes, we play at mealtimes).

Bring’s back memories. *****

by TCB Forever

***don’t forget to put the silent mode off for more fun!

download the app now and start your smarter choices !!!
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Good Luck!”