7 Best Mma App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Mma App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Mma App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Mma App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Mma App For Android

1. MMA Training and Fitness

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“The High-Intensity MMA Training and Fitness to to build explosive power, burn fat, and improve your endurance and strength training.

Training Details:
– Ways to Improve Your MMA Training: Sparring Tips for Beginners (listen to the audio)
– Myths of Warrior Training: Training for MMA should be all circuit-style high-volume training.
– MMA Workout Mistakes Fighters Make: No Gym BoxingMMA Workout – Training at Home (Audio)
– How to Train Strength and Conditioning for MMA
– The High-Intensity MMA Workout to Build Muscle: How to Do the Workout
– MMA Training and Fitness: Programs The Benefits Of Our Boxing Class
– Intermediate Boxing/MMA Workout: Workout Description
– MMA Training Plan: Get in Fighting Form! Train like an MMA Fighter
– Photo gallery of different styles: Muay Thai; Mixed Martial Art; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; BodyFit Bootcamp

MMA training includes practicing and combining several stand-up fighting style.
Get all the MMA motivation you need!!!”

2. MMA Fighting Clash

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“★★★ MMA Fighting Clash ★★★ is a brand new Sport Game that brings new joy to all players who like dynamic fighting games.
Foe all those who where wondering how Kickbox would do Against Muay Thai check this link with BRAND NEW Fighting Clash GAME!


Thanks to the AndroidGameplayNet short tutorial can be found here:


Choose from 50 legendary fighters, all over the world and step into the cage.
Try your best to beat your opponents. Use all your skills like punching, kicking, blocking and super kicks and takedowns to get your opponents down on the ground.
Do not rush, don’t risk cuts, protect yourself and wait for the right moment to use your rage to slam everyone in your way!
★ Career in different weight classes with any created or purchased fighter
★ Multiplayer with your own customizable Fighter
★ Quick Fights
★ Tournaments
★ Missions
★ Challenges
★ 60+ Look a Like Characters like (Ronda Rousey, Fedor and Alexander Emilianenko, Connor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Kimbo Slice, Bruce Lee and many more MMA Legends.) with different strenghts and weakpoints
★ Realistic Sounds, Graphics and Animations
★ Action-packed gameplay with different styles of combat like BJJ, Muay Thai, Box, Kickbox, Sambo and many others , dodging, rage, cuts, knockouts, technical knockouts.
★ Gripping Kickboxing atmosphere, experience the sensation of MMA in a big arena!
★ Big Character customization
★ Libary with over 100 moves that you can setup for your fighters
★ Store with fighters, clothing, abilites, boosts and much more
★ Intuitive touch controls

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ImperiumMultimedia
Twitter https://twitter.com/Imperium_MM

For all your support, feedback, suggestions, ideas and criticism.
We are working fulltime on new content and updates for the game.Your support helps and means a lot for us!
All Problems you encounter, please contact us over email and not in the comments thank you.”

3. UFC

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Home of the best experience for fans of UFC and combat sports.

Stream live events every week on the world’s leading combat sports network with your UFC FIGHT PASS subscription. Get access to the world’s largest sports combat library with more than 35 combat sports partners. New original programming coming in 2020.

Terms of Use – https://www.ufc.com/terms
Privacy Policy – https://www.ufc.com/privacy-policy

4. MMA News

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All MMA news in one place!

Top mma news sites and RSS feeds will keep you updated in the world of the MMA.
Search and add MMA feeds.
The feeds are updated automatically and the app notifies when there is new information to read (can be turned off).

** This is the free version of the app! There is also a paid version with no ads called MMA News Pro. **

– Rss Feeds and News sites
– OPML import and export
– Swipe down to refresh feeds
– Search feeds or add feeds manually
– Add/update/delete websites
– Starred items
– Share functionality
– Automatic or manual synchronization
– Notifications (can be turned off)
– Automatic and manual cleanup

5. Bellator MMA

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“The Official App of BELLATOR MMA. Stream LIVE prelim fights for free and keep with up with latest information, stats and highlights on our brand new app. Download today!

Available for Android 5.0 and above

· Watch Live Prelim Fights
· Rich Gamification – work your way up to Heavyweight!
· Share Fight picks on your favorite Social Platforms
· ‘Spoiler-Free’ Post-Fight Experience
· Buy tickets to upcoming events from your Android device
· Extensive Fight library
· Gear up at the Bellator Shop
· Chromecast Supported

– Privacy Policy – https://www.viacomcbsprivacy.com/policy
– Cookies Policy – https://www.viacomcbsprivacy.com/cookies
– Do Not Sell My Personal Information – https://www.viacomcbsprivacy.com/donotsell”

6. “MMA Trainer : ufc,mma,ufc gym,fight home training”

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“Want to learn martial arts, fight Like a ufc fighter, train in MMA, Be fit with MMA Trainer Home Training App
• Want to Learn Mixed Martial Arts Try MMA Trainer For Free & Be Fit and confident with the best home martial arts training App.
• Get stronger and learn MMA fighting like a Ufc Pro fighter At Home with this free app.
• This exercise tool has a professional demonstration of real MMA fighting movement for your daily Training and to help you to defend/protect yourself from Bullies.
• MMA Trainer is The Ultimate Boxing, MMA, ufc training, and Fitness App for Android Mobile.
• Designed for beginners and professional fighters alike, it helps you sharpen your focus, balance, and technique, and get a great workout.

MMA Trainer is the Next Generation Fighting Trainer app.

Why it is great
•MMA Trainer Every Move CapturedBy professional fighters.
• MMA Trainer is better than any DVD, CD, or video, and it is entirely customizable to the individual’s level, goals, and needs.
• While nothing beats having a personal trainer, MMA Trainer is much more practical and cost capable for everyday workouts.
• MMA Trainer teaches you to be ready for anything, stay alert, and react quickly.

About Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
• MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (MMA) IS A full-contact hybrid COMBAT SPORT incorporating techniques from boxing, wrestling, judo, jujitsu, karate, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and other disciplines. THAT HAS GAINED MUCH POPULARITY IN RECENT YEARS.
• That allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts.
• A professional martial artist may not lift heavy weight as much as a professional bodybuilder can lift. Still, the strength of a martial artist is more than a bodybuilder, and the reason is in the gym, we increase the size of muscle means we make our muscle strength. In martial arts, we strengthen bones along with tissue is all about techniques, concentration, stamina.

Can I learn Fighting with Apps?
• You May Ask, “can I learn MMA (mixed martial arts) Boxing, Kung Fu, jeet Kune do or any kind of fighting by using some fighting apps like this?”
• Then I will say “yes” This is Possible by your Continuous effort and rigorous Training.
• Do you Know One of the Great person “Ekalavya,” means a self-learned person, is a character from The Mahabharata?
• Ekalavya aspired to study archery in the guru Kul of Guru Drona.
• But Guru Drona Rejected Him as His Student Than he Learned archery on his own with Continuous effort and rigorous Training.
• Though he didn’t have his right thumb, he was noted as a mighty archer and warrior.

Why MMA Trainer?
• MMA Trainer is a how-to app For Learning and training workout, helps those who are interested in learning MMA, fight and be healthy and fit like pro ufc fighters.
• If you want to learn mixed martial arts and you can’t effort money for masters and dojos, then try MMA Trainer, It will help in your martial arts training.
• With the help of best martial artists and professional fighters, UFC GYM CERTIFIED COACHES AND Shaolin martial arts Trainers – Created top most effective martial arts moves and combos.
• GET FREE ACCESS TO 150+, Watch MMA moves and techniques, Neat and Quality Animations of “Punches, Kicks, Elbow Strikes, Knee Attacks, and combination Attacks.
• You can see how to perform the most used fighting techniques.

• Mixed martial arts Moves 19 Foot Work Moves, 41 Punches, elbows strikes and advanced hand movements, 31 kicks, 64 combos (combinations).
• High quality, realistic, and professional fighter animations.
• Slow-motion option to watch every move in detail.
• By learning these moves, you can create your own combos.
• Practice in Your Free Time At Home on your own or with Friends.
• No special equipment needed.
• No Money Needed, Yes It is Free.”

7. MMA Manager: Fight Hard

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“Be the manager of your own gym and fight your way to the top!

Hire the top-rated fight coaches and gym trainers.

Train your boxers, level them up, and develop their skills and fighting capabilities. Defensive? Offensive? Or a mix of both? You choose!

Feel the adrenaline rush and taste the action of the boxing experience in Quick fights, Tournaments, Campaigns, and Gym vs Gym! Enjoy the endless fights in single and multiplayer gameplay modes!

Can you win all your fights?
Show the world the best you can do!

* Build your own gym and stack it with the best equipment from the shop.
* Create your fighters, style them with shorts, t-shirts, tattoos and more!
* Work on their core skills and fighting skills.
* Do you think you can master the game plan and score KNOCKOUTS?!
* Enter the ring! Win the battles and earn credits, prestige, and cash. There are no limits for how much you can fight!
* Choose your style and make history by topping the leaderboard.

Nothing is more satisfying than defeating your opponents and proving your skills!

Follow MMA Manager on Facebook for updates and exclusive offers!

Are you having problems?
Please contact us on Facebook: https://m.me/mmamanagerapp
Or send an email to support@preystudios.com”