5 Best Mqtt iPhone App

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If you are looking for the Best Mqtt iPhone App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Mqtt iPhone App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Mqtt iPhone App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Mqtt iPhone App

1. EasyMQTT

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“EasyMQTT is an MQTT client for macOS, allowing you to interact with any MQTT Broker. Use it to manage your own setup at home, control things like Zigbee2MQTT or monitor a remote broker.
It features a simple, user friendly interface, supporting both light and dark mode.

Add widgets to your Home Screen to display MQTT messages that are fetched from (retained) topics. Use the graph widget to show a beautiful graph of some sensor or value over the past 24 hours (works great with Zigbee2mqtt sensors, make sure to set the sensor to retained).

Unlock EasyMQTT Plus in the app for additional features. Save your favorite and most used topics in the app or save whole MQTT messages to send with just the tap of a button. Save and use multiple brokers in the app and widgets.”

2. MQTT Explorer

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“- Visualize topics and topic activity
– Delete retained topics
– Search/filter topics
– Delete topic recursively
– Publish topics
– Plot numeric topics
– Keep a history of each topic

MQTT Explorer is a comprehensive and easy-to-use MQTT Client. It strives to be THE swiss-army-knife tool. The perfect tool to integrate new services, IoT devices in your network. The hierarchical view allows for a quick understanding of what is going on on your broker.”

3. MQTT Manager

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“MQTT Manager is a general-purpose application to read and write topics on a MQTT broker through a friendly interface based on widgets.
The application is organized in 4 tabs and each tab can contain any number of widgets. Widgets are chosen between the available ones:

* Display: Shows a numeric value or text (scrolling it)
* Gauge: Shows a numeric value over a graded scale
* LED: Shows the value of a topic as a LED on or off
* Graph: Shows the values of a topic as a graph
* Switch: Writes a value to the topic depending on the switch position
* Secure Switch: Similar to the Switch Widget. To operate the switch, the protection has to be remove with a click on the yellow bands though
* Switch & LED: Writes a value to a topic and shows its value as a LED on or off
* Knob: Writes a value to a topic proportional to the position of the knob
* Slider: Writes a value to a topic proportional to the position of the slider
* Push Button: Writes a value to a topic when the button is pushed and another value when it is released
* Text: Writes the value entered by the user to a topic

The application includes:

* a complete user manual
* documentation to learn the MQTT basics
* the documentation to install a private MQTT broker on:
* Raspberry Pi
* Linux
* macOS
* documentation to use the Adafruit IO service instead of your MQTT broker. This allows to get started in a few minutes, without installing additional software

* Arduino ESP32, Arduino MEGA, Arduino Nano 33 IoT and MKR1000 sketches to create a MQTT node which sends data to the application and can be controlled by it”

4. MQTTAnalyzer

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“MQTTAnalyzer is an iOS App that allows you to connect to your MQTT broker and subscribe to a topic. Do you like this App? Please leave me some stars 🙂

Do you have a feature request or any problem? Please fill an issue ticket on GitHub and let me know. Please let me know your use cases as well so that we can improve this App together.

This App is open source, and contributions are welcome. It is written in Swift using SwiftUI.

### Features:

– Authentication with username/password or client certificates
– Connect using MQTT or Websocket
– Support for SSL/TLS
– Support for self-signed certificates
– Create multiple broker settings
– Subscribe to multiple topics
– Folder and flat view
– Messages are grouped by topic
– Search/filter/focus-on for topics
– JSON highlighting and pretty-printing
– Publish messages
– Publish JSON messages with a form
– Sync settings using a private iCloud database
– Pause the connection
– Connect to multiple brokers at once
– Hex view for binary payload
– Predefined settings for AWS IoT
– Free and without any ADs
– Open source”

5. MQTTool

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“This is an MQTT client and test tool. MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging protocol commonly used for IoT applications. For more information on MQTT visit http://mqtt.org

MQTTool can connect to authenticated and unauthenticated MQTT brokers, subscribe to topics, and publish messages to topics.

I built this tool as i was doing my own MQTT investigations and I’ve posted it hoping others would find it useful too. I continue to use it on projects, and I’m continuing to look to improve this tool. If there are changes that would make this more useful, please send me feedback. Thanks!”