7 Best Nepali Fm App Android

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If you are looking for the Best Nepali Fm App Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Nepali Fm App Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Nepali Fm App Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Nepali Fm App Android

1. All Nepali FM Radio

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“πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅πŸŽ™οΈ Listen all Nepali radio fm streaming online from all over the Nepal with HD recordingπŸŽ™οΈπŸ‡³πŸ‡΅

All Nepali FM Radio is the best and no. 1 android application to listen Nepali Radio FM stations online streaming. Wherever you are either Nepal or outside you can now listen your favorite Nepali Radio FM. This app is work with your phone 3G, 4G network or WiFi connections.

β™«β™« Features of this FM Radio App β™«β™«
β˜› Listen best Nepali FM Radio stations online live broadcast
β˜› Add best radios to favorite list
β˜› Category by Seven State/Pradesh
β˜› Record radio in HD quality and listen it later offline
β˜› Listen FMs in background
β˜› Search by name
β˜› Share FMs to your friends, family via facebook, email, SMS, twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
β˜› Radio sound manager/equalizer
β˜› Sleep/Stop time define
β˜› Push notification
β˜› Listen Nepali, Hindi and English audio music
β˜› Online News Papers
β˜› Simple, clean and easy to use Nepali Radio 2021

Listen to your favorite Nepali FM radio free with internet connection. This is best FM radio app to listen Nepali music, news, talk, police and more from all over the world. Here are 200 plus Nepali radio online broadcast live from 7 pradesh and different districts of Nepal. You can download this fm radio app free on your android and phone. tablet from PlayStore. Find radio from seven different pradesh and city like kathmandu, lalitpur, bhaktapur, butwal, gulmi, pokhara and more.

β™«β™« Some of the Nepali Radio FM AM Stations β™«β™«
β™« Radio Kantipur 96.1 MHz
β™« Radio Audio – 106.3 MHz
β™« Nepali Radio Network – NRN
β™« Image News 103.6 MHz
β™« Capital FM 92.4 MHz
β™« Hits FM 91.2
β™« Nepal FM Network
β™« BBC Nepali
β™« Image FM 97.9 MHz
β™« Ujyaalo 90 Network 90 MHz
β™« Times FM 90.6 MHz
β™« Radio Nepal 100 MHz
β™« Star FM
β™« Radio Sudoor Awaz 95 MHz
β™« Radio Namaste Nepal Online
β™« Classic FM 101.2 MHz
β™« Prime FM 104.5 MHz
β™« Radio Spain Nepal Online
β™« Hamro Internet Radio Online
β™« Dhawlagiri FM 98.6 MHz
β™« Radio Arghakhanchi 105.8 MHz
β™« Radio Myagdi FM 104.4 MHz
β™« Godavari FM 87.9 MHz
β™« Myagdi Kali FM 88.2 MHz
β™« Radio Vision 91.6 MHz
β™« Radio Sagarmatha 102.4 MHz
β™« Radio Chautari 91.4 MHz
β™« Antenna Foundation Nepal Online
β™« Radio Bheri 98.6 MHz
β™« Nepaliko Radio 88.8 MHz
β™« Shuklaphanta FM 99.4 MHz
β™« Radio Tarai 107 MHz
β™« Radio Bindas 94.8 MHz
β™« Bulbule FM 103.4 MHz
β™« Radio Sunrise 105.9 MHz
β™« Dhrubatara 89.8 MHz
β™« Kalika FM 95.2 MHz
β™« Gunjan FM 105.3 MHz
β™« Radio Paribartan 91 MHz
β™« Radio Sarangi 101.3 MHz
β™« B FM 91.2 MHz
β™« Radio Birgunj 99 MHz
β™« Tinau FM 98.2 MHz
β™« Aarambha FM 104 MHz
β™« Synergy FM 91.6 MHz
β™« Nepal Media Online
β™« All Free Nepali Geet Online
β™« Hello Nepal Online Radio Online
β™« Radio Chitwan 94.6 MHz
β™« Damauli FM 94.2 MHz
β™« Radio Arpan 104.5 MHz
β™« Dhurbatara FM 89.8 MHz

Online Nepali Newspapers
You can also read online new from various sites like:
πŸ“° OnlineKhabar
πŸ“° Kantipur
πŸ“° Ujyaalo Online
πŸ“° BBC Nepali
πŸ“° Annapurna Post
πŸ“° News24 TV
πŸ“° Ratopati
πŸ“° Setopati, etc.”

2. Nepali FM – Radio Video News

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“My Nepal: Nepali FM Radio (Nepali FM – Radio Video News aka Nepali FM on iPhone) is one stop android Nepali app for all Nepali with more than 200 recordable radios from Nepal and more than 500 katha kabita books that you can download to listen offline. It has more features than Hamro Patro Nepali Calendar app.

My Nepal has all the Nepali News about Nepal news and daily new nepali samachar and Nepali TV live and BBC nepali Sewa.

Nepali Calendar/Bikram sambat partro is also a part of Nepali FM where you can convert BS to AD and vice versa, find all the incoming festivals and occasions, daily currency conversion (USD, AUS, GRB to NRS) and daily Rasifal.

Kantipur FM, Kalika FM and Hits FM are few popular radios along with Lok Radio and many other online and regional radios stream here in My Nepal – Nepali Radio FM .

You will find Nepali jokes, Type in Nepali, Nepali written stories, Nepali poems, Nepali gazals and muktak, load shedding schedule and everything about Nepal, you name it.

Nepali Geet video, lok geet video, lok dohori, Nepali lok geet all you can find here. My nepal : Nepali FM has all the Nepali jokes about Nepal, Netaharu and Sere. It is updated regularly.

Nepali FM like Kantipur FM, Nepali Sewa, BBBS Gorkha Radio, Annapurna, Pokhara FM, Nepal FM, Ujyalo FM, Radio Nepal, Image FM 91.2 and 97.9, Sagarmatha FM 101, Hello Nepal Canada Nepal, Biratnagar FM, Koshi FM hetauda FM, Pathivara FM, Namaste FM, Butwal FM and many other Nepali radio are listed here in My Nepal.

Summer love, Saya by Subin Bhattarai, Gazal Haru, Madan Hari Comedy are the part of the audio geet section in My Nepal.

You can also find daily rashifal,, Mero katha, Nepali new chatchitra in my Nepal: Nepali FM.”

3. Nepal.FM

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“Nepal.FM App for Nepali FM Radios, Nepal News, Videos, Nepali Movies, Music, and Entertainment.

Download this complete Nepali App. Nepal.FM app is the official app for website https://nepal.fm

1. All FM Radios:

Listen to all Nepali FM Radios available online in just one Nepal.FM App.

Upcoming Future Version

2. Latest Nepal News

Explore and read all the latest News of Nepal.

3.Nepali Music Videos

Watch the Latest Released Music Videos.

4. Nepali TV Shows

Watch the latest Nepali TV Shows from Popular TV channels of Nepal. All latest Nepali Programs included.

Nepal.FM is a Complete Nepali Entertainment App with Music, Movies, News & Videos.

Visit the app website at https://nepal.fm and contact us for any suggestions error and support queries.”

4. All Nepal FM Radio: Radio Nepal

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“All Nepali Radio FM Station in a Single App.
Radio Nepal is a free radio app with more than 300 Nepali radio stations. With a modern, beautiful and easy to use interface, Radio Np gives you the best experience when it comes to listening to online radio.

With Radio Nepal you can listen to the best FM radio stations and follow your favourite shows and podcasts for free. You can choose amongst sports, news, music, comedy and more.

● listen to radio in background while using other apps
● you can listen to FM radio even if you are abroad
● find out which song is currently playing on the radio (depending on the station)
● the interface is really easy to use, with just one click you can add a radio station or podcast to your favourites list
● use the search tool to easily find what you’re looking for
● set an alarm to wake up with the FM radio station you love
● set a sleep timer to turn the app off
● you can choose between light or dark mode interfaces
● don’t need to connect the headphones, listen through the smartphone’s loudspeakers
● share with friends via Social Media, SMS or Email

For a quick and more effective communication, if you experience any problems or if you can’t find the station you are looking for, send us an email to anugoonye@gmail.com and we will try to add that radio station as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out your favourite music and shows.
Note: An internet connection, 3G/4G or WiFi network is required to tune in radio stations. There may be some FM radio stations that do not work because their stream is temporarily offline.”

5. Nepali Radio – All FM Stations

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“A collection of Nepali Radios and news all in one place.

Listen online to Nepal radio stations including Radio Kantipur, Kalika FM, Ujyaalo 90 Network, Radio Annapurna, Image News FM and many more.

Free Music & Podcasts (Free Radio Stations: FM Radio) .
Due to this Live Nepali Radio Live Internet Radio / Free radio stations: FM Radio app (India streaming) app you are enabled to enjoy all the types of music as well as entertaining and informative Nepali programs, songs, live Nepal News and other streaming.
You will be aware of what is going on in Nepal by listening to our Android radio Internet Radio / Free radio stations: FM Radio app streaming and broadcast live.
There is a ”Favorite” section where you can keep your favorite stations.
Recording Your Favorite station live streaming and get list of all Recording media.

Some of the nepali radios include: Radio Kantipur, Image FM, Ujyaalo 90 Network, Radio Audio, Image News, Radio Nepal, BBC Nepali, Capital Fm, Hits FM, Times FM and many more.

β™« β™« List of all Nepali FM Radios β™« β™«
β˜› Radio Kantipur 96.1 MHz
β˜› Image FM 97.9 MHz
β˜› Ujyaalo 90 Network 90 MHz
β˜› Radio Audio – 106.3 MHz
β˜› Image News 103.6 MHz
β˜› Capital FM 92.4 MHz
β˜› Times FM 90.6 MHz
β˜› Radio Nepal 100 MHz
β˜› BBC Nepali
β˜› Radio Namaste Nepal Online
β˜› Classic FM 101.2 MHz
β˜› Radio Sudoor Awaz 95 MHz
β˜› Hamro Internet Radio Online
β˜› Dhawlagiri FM 98.6 MHz
β˜› Prime FM 104.5 MHz
β˜› Radio Spain Nepal Online
β˜› Radio Arghakhanchi 105.8 MHz
β˜› Radio Myagdi FM 104.4 MHz
β˜› Godavari FM 87.9 MHz
β˜› Myagdi Kali FM 88.2 MHz
β˜› Radio Vision 91.6 MHz
β˜› Radio Sagarmatha 102.4 MHz
β˜› Radio Chautari 91.4 MHz
β˜› Antenna Foundation Nepal Online
β˜› Radio Bheri 98.6 MHz
β˜› Nepaliko Radio 88.8 MHz
β˜› Shuklaphanta FM 99.4 MHz
β˜› Bulbule FM 103.4 MHz
β˜› Radio Tarai 107 MHz
β˜› Radio Bindas 94.8 MHz
β˜› Radio Sunrise 105.9 MHz
β˜› Kalika FM 95.2 MHz
β˜› Radio Sarangi 101.3 MHz
β˜› B FM 91.2 MHz
β˜› Radio Birgunj 99 MHz
β˜› Tinau FM 98.2 MHz
β˜› Aarambha FM 104 MHz
β˜› Synergy FM 91.6 MHz
β˜› Nepal Media Online
β˜› Gunjan FM 105.3 MHz
β˜› Dhrubatara 89.8 MHz
β˜› Radio Paribartan 91 MHz
β˜› All Free Nepali Geet Online
β˜› Hello Nepal Online Radio Online
β˜› Radio Arpan 104.5 MHz
β˜› Radio Chitwan 94.6 MHz
β˜› Damauli FM 94.2 MHz
β˜› Dhurbatara FM 89.8 MHz
β˜› ACORAB Online”

6. Nepali FM Radios HD

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Listen to best FM radio stations of Nepal at High Definition Sound.
Find All The Best Station Of The Town with all the best programs.
> Radio Kantipur HD
> Ujyaalo Online HD
> Kalika FM HD
> My Online Radio HD
> Free Nepali Music Radio HD

if you want to make similar app or any query about this app please email us: Android App Developer in Nepal shresthaekumar@gmail.com

7. Nepali FM

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Collection of Nepali Online FM Radio. Listen all over the world.