5 Best Oc Transpo Android App

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If you are looking for the Best Oc Transpo Android App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Oc Transpo Android App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Oc Transpo Android App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Oc Transpo Android App

1. BusBuddy Ottawa

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“Get around Ottawa with OCTranspo with ease. See all bus routes, all bus stops, and bus arrival times. Real-time bus arrivals made possible by OCTranspo real-time data feed based on GPS location of the buses.

Save favourite stops and routes for quick access to information you need to get on your way.

Trip planner included using OCTranspo’s trip planning capability.


1. Use ‘long press’ on routes and stops to save them as a favourite which will then appear on the main menu.
2. Use ‘long press’ on the main menu to edit/delete favourites.
3. Tap a single route on the main menu (in Stop Section) to get more details on that stop/bus route. Tap the right side of the stop cell to get stop times for all routes at that stop. Long press the right to edit that favourite stop.

Suggestions welcome – send email to help@myappatory.com”

2. Ottawa Bus Follower

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“Tired of freezing in the cold waiting for a bus that’s late? This app will let you stay warm inside until your bus is near. It displays the locations and estimated arrival times of Ottawa buses using GPS data supplied by OC Transpo.

To begin, search for a stop by number or name, or choose one from the map. Then choose the bus route you’re interested in, and you’ll see data for the next three arrivals at that stop. You can refresh the results at any time to stay up to date. Tapping on a bus will bring up more information about it.

Please note that OC Transpo does not yet supply GPS information for all buses, and that you will see GPS information only for buses that have begun their trip toward your stop. These are limitations of OC Transpo’s systems, and there is little my app can do about them. When GPS data is not available, scheduled arrival times will appear instead of estimated times.

This is an open source project released under the GPL. Source code is available at https://github.com/argilo/BusFollower. Issues are tracked at https://github.com/argilo/BusFollower/issues. Bug reports and code contributions are welcome!

I would like to thank the following contributors:
* Alnoor Allidina – beta testing, bug reporting
* Greg Fletcher – beta testing, French translation
* Sonja Kisa – French translation
* Karen Schindel – beta testing
* Teodora Alexandrova – beta testing”

3. “Ottawa Transit: GPS Real-Time, Buses, Trains, Maps”

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“Ottawa Transit previously known as “My OC Transpo” is a unique transportation App that helps you find your way around Ottawa and the Valley. The App received recognition for the ‘Getting Around’ category at the Apps4Ottawa contest that ran in February 2011.

The many features in this App helps tourists and daily commuters find bus stops, Light Rail Train (LRT) / O-Train terminals, obtain accurate and real-time route arrival times. It utilizes GPS, and GTFS data provided by OC Transpo.

*** 2011 Apps4Ottawa contest winner ***

Near me
✓ Discover nearby bus stops
✓ Find a specific bus stop

Bus Stop Schedule
✓ Display a list of bus routes that passes through a specific bus stop
✓ Display upcoming trips using GPS real-time data
✓ Display scheduled/estimated arrival times
✓ Find stops using stop/station name or number

✓ Easily access your list of saved buses, stops, trips, and routes

Live Updates
✓ Display the latest news from the Official OC Transpo website

Contact OC
✓ Easily access common and useful OC Transpo contact numbers

✓ Easily configure display options
✓ Change start-up screen
✓ Enable dark mode
✓ Clear your history

Data sources used:
✓ GTFS Data Exchange
✓ OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrival Data Feed
✓ OC Transpo official website”

4. Ottawa Transit: OC Transpo & STO Bus Tracker

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“Get real-time bus and O-Train schedule for OC Transpo and STO (Société de transport de l’Outaouais) transit agencies.

⚡ Incredibly fast and simple access

🚏 Easy to find nearby stops on map

🏢 Plan trip from A to B using Trip Planner around City of Ottawa

⏲️ Set a timer & multitask as the assistant tells you when to catch the bus or get off your stop

🔔 Service alerts keep you informed of unexpected bus delays, detours, subway closures.

🗺️ Offline transit maps available

👋 Share bus arrival time with you friends

✉ No data? Donn’t worry, you can get bus and o-train arrival times via SMS

❤️ Customize your favorite stops as you wish. Sort and name them with emojis.

Ottawa Transit is an app that uses GTFS data for OC Transpo and STO real-time tracking, schedules, accurate predictions, arrival times, bus tracking, train tracking. This Ottawa tracker shows subway, rail, offline maps, navigation, planning info for the OC Transpo Transit agency. All features 100% free. Try it out now!”

5. Ottawa OC Transpo Bus – MonTr…

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“This application adds Ottawa OC Transpo buses information to MonTransit.

This app contains the bus schedule (offline and real-time) and the latest news from www.octranspo.com and @OC_Transpo and @OCTranspoLive on Twitter.

OC Transpo buses serve Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

Once this application is installed, the MonTransit app will display buses information (schedule…).

This application only has a temporary icon: download the MonTransit app (free) in the “More …” section bellow or by following this Google Play link https://goo.gl/pCk5mV

You can install this application on the SD card but it is not recommended.

The information comes from the GTFS file provided by OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa

This application is free and open-source:

This app is not related with OC Transpo.

– Other: required to load OC Transpo Live Next Bus Arrivals & read news from www.octranspo.com and Twitter.”