5 Best Okr App iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Okr App iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Okr App iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Okr App iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Okr App iPhone

1. 7Geese OKRs

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“7Geese brings teams together, empowers organizations with the right tools and knowledge that can elevate their performance management solutions. With the OKRs app, access a subset of the 7Geese platform to stay in touch with yours and your teammates progress.

The OKRs app gives you access to:

– All 7Geese objective features from creating through to closing objectives
– Manage and edit objective details such as due dates, contributors, and result target values
– Stay social with your objectives through objective and home page feed access, commenting and liking on recent updates and posts
– Engage with your teammates in discussions on progress or view alignment of efforts using the objective search”

2. Ally OKRs

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“OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting framework used by thousands of successful teams and companies. Ally’s built-in OKR tips and features will show you how to use OKR best practices effectively in your organization. Ally cuts down the administrative overhead by automating routine tasks, reminders, and follow-ups, so you and your team can focus on what’s important – achieving the goals.

Effortlessly check the progress of organization, team or individual objectives at any time. You can also drill into a goal to better understand the status. The progress of top-level goals is automatically updated based on lower-level, contributing goals. And intelligent indicators, flag the goals that need additional attention, to help hit targets as planned.

Collaborate, give and receive updates, feedback, and encouragement within the team or organization. Keep spirits up and help everyone give their best and deliver on their objectives.”

3. OKR Tracking

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I searched for a good app to track my OKRs but didn’t finde one…. So I made one.

OKRs are an awesome method to plan your goals and achieve them. With the OKR Method you can get greater results than before. OKR stands for Objective & Keyresults. I started to use OKRs at work and they are awesome.

Okr: Objective
oKR: KeyResult

The Objective in OKR is the bigger goal you want to achieve. “My OKR Tracking App will be a huge success” or “Our game PanJump will be a huge success” are great Objectives. The Objectives are here to inspire you. They are the inspiring part in OKRs. But we also want to measure our OKRs and I can’t measure “My OKR Tracking App will be a huge success” it’s not possible. And this why there are Keyresults in the OKR method. Key Results are precise and measurable. A keyresult for the objective “My OKR Tracking App will be a huge success” would be “The app will be downloaded 100 times” or “I will get an average rating of 4 Stars or higher” or “I will get 100 reviews” – These keyresults are precise and measurable.

This is how the OKR method works. You can use the OKR Tracking App to track your OKRs.

If you have any feedback for the OKR Tracking App please let me know!

4. Profit.co OKR Software

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“Daily business often consists of tasks and routines that keep your business running. However you can’t tell if they support the bigger picture. Your company’s vision often is lost along the path due to the daily workload and the tendency to just get things done. Even though you don’t want to admit it, usually you rather work harder and get things done, than wondering how well they are aligned to your company’s vision. Your managers and teams tend to concentrate on their own set of goals without questioning the alignment to your main company goals. There is no indicator to tell you if your team’s efforts are pushing you towards the same north star that you are focusing on. Many times, you even wonder if your team even knew your company goals and visions.

Imagine that all your team members would know your company’s vision and the most important goals. How would your company and your performance change if all plans, goals and tasks would be aligned to the bigger picture? How would the employee feel if they were able to visualize the direct impact of their work to the greater purpose? How would your strategic decisions about your team’s’ projects change if you could measure their effect on your macro goals?

Profit helps you to align the goals of your team with the vision of your executives. With OKR you will track the contribution and impact to your companies goals and stay focused on the most important key results to achieve them. Leverage providing greater meaning and purpose to your team through transparency and data. OKR will transform your team into an unstoppable force. You will quickly experience a shift from an output to an outcome based culture. Start focusing on results oriented execution instead of activities that just “need to be done“. You will increase your performance and achieve more with less effort. Ultimately you will change the way you communicate and implement strategies. OKR will enable you to focus and prioritize your team’s plans of execution by ensuring that the influence, and impact of your team’s objectives and key results are aligned to your vision.

Decide on where to focus your and your team’s attention
Ensure your OKRs are aligned with your employees
Watch OKRs that are important for you
Measure frequently
Make adjustments to help employees achieve their objectives
Celebrate achievement

Setup Objectives and Key Results
Align your objectives or key results to Individuals, teams, departments or corporate
Real-time heatmaps allow managers to identify potential problems easily and push for progress.
Watch OKRs that are important for you
Get prompt reminders for updates
Plan and track your execution using a world class task management system”

5. Weekdone

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“Don’t Lose Sight of Your Team’s Goals
Weekly Planning + Quarterly Objectives

Set structured goals to align activities throughout your organization. Track weekly progress, provide feedback and move everyone in a unified direction. What is the progress of your long term goals? What did your team get done this week? Weekdone answers that. Used from Fortune 500 teams to small startups for greater team insight.

1. Set quarterly goals for company, team or person.
2. Each employee enters weekly progress, plans and problems.
3. Weekdone compiles the report and dashboard. You get it via e-mail, on the mobile, tablet and web.
4. Quickly review each employee’s week and give valuable feedback

– Increase productivity and manage everyone’s time and focus better
– Make better fact-based decisions about your team
– Be data driven, not just gut-feeling based
– Monitor each employee’s contribution
– Proactively apply corrective measures and take actions
– Quickly see when an indicator underperforms
– Identify operational inefficiencies
– Evaluate strategic performance against objectives
– Monitor your own performance
– No more endless searching from your overloaded inbox for people’s reports

– OKR is the leading best practice team management and goal-setting methodology.
– It’s a simple and straightforward management tool for setting and tracking company, team and personal objectives
– It consists of a list of objectives, each tied to 3-5 measurable key results
– Visualize and analyze progress history by pretty charts

– The simplest and most efficient reporting method is the PPP – Progress, Plans, and Problems
– First of all, the past (Progress): What has been achieved already?
– Secondly, the future (Plans): What are you planning to do this week?
– Finally, the present (Problems): What challenges have you encountered with your plans?

Weekdone dashboard graphs help you understand in seconds what’s the company health score. See who in your team needs more attention and who deserves a pat on the back. Drill down to overdue items, task completion ratio, happiness, problematic issues and task distribution for each person.

Get started with best practices PPP – progress, plans, problems – reporting template used at many top companies. Choose any other ready-made template, like Weekly Snippets, Results – Objectives – Challenges, Sales Report or Solo Productivity. Add an unlimited number of your own section headings or change the default ones.

Employee reports are often like a black hole. People want to know their manager is reading their reports and get some weekly feedback. Weekdone allows you to quickly give weekly personal feedback via comments and additional questions to each person.

Each person gets asked for their happiness and job satisfaction weekly. See the results by person, team and company. Take action whenever you see the happiness drop.

It’s easy to like and comment on each-other’s items, give feedback or ask additional questions.

Not using any todo list app yet? You can use Weekdone as a simple task manager, listing your goals and objectives as plans and moving them to progress. Focus on what’s important and get things done.

– Automatically compiled team and company reports
– Quick and easy to fill in form
– Import items and generate reports from Atlassian JIRA and Asana
– Submit progress via e-mail
– #hashtags to group items together as topics or projects
– E-mail reminders to never forget any deadlines
– Privacy settings by teams and observer role

– Access dashboards and reports on your iPhone
– Check and fill in reports on your iPad
– Get beautiful e-mail reports once per week”