6 Best Old Time Radio App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Old Time Radio App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Old Time Radio App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Old Time Radio App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Old Time Radio App For iPhone

1. Old Time Radio 24

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“**The BEST OLD TIMES Radio App ! *
More than 35 Yesterday and Old Time stations streaming the best music and old shows for your pleasure! DOWNLOAD IT NOW. FREE!!

A radio player app to listen to yesterdays and Old Time USA Radio stations.

This unique app is for the fans of old radio shows from the 1920s to 1950s and 1970s!

This yesterday’s USA app stream its music and shows through the internet and satellite radio.

– This app features run in the background so you can surf the web on your phone while it streams OTR and YUSA.
– Simple,fast and clean UI (User Interface)
– Some HIGH QUALITY 128kbps radio stations
– Show the bitrate (kbps) and the quality of the stream.
– You can Play/Stop and Resume the radio station from the locked screen of your device.

We promise that you will enjoy an amazing collection of yesterday’s music and shows from the 20s,30s,40s,50s,60s and 70s.
This is not a lite app.You will get all the features listed above.We use the app ourselves when we feels vintage,classic and nostalgic.


We promise you to travel back in time and listen to dramas ,mysteries, and comedies shows from yesteryear radio stations.

We do our best to include the most known and popular shows from the past years.Some of the old shows include :
21st Precinct, Abbott And Costello,
Adventures By Morse,
Adventures Of Maisie,
Adventures Of The Abbotts,
Aldrich Family, Amos And Andy,
Arch Oboler’s Plays, Barry Craig,
The Bickersons, Blackstone Magic Detective,
Black Museum,
Bold Venture,

Boston Blackie,
Box 13, Broadway Is My Beat,
Bulldog Drummond,
Burns And Allen,
Calling All Cars,
Campbell Playhouse,
Captain Midnight,
Casey Crime Photographer,
CBS Radio Mystery Theater,
Cloak And Dagger,

Command Performance,
Counterspy, Crime Does Not Pay,
Dick Tracy, Dimension X,
Dragnet, Duffy, Escape,
Exploring Tomorrow,
Father Knows Best,
Fibber McGee,
Five Minute Mysteries,
Flash Gordon,
Frank Race,
Frontier Town,
Great Gildersleeve,
Green Hornet,
Gregory Hood,
Harry Lime,
Have Gun Will Travel,
Hopalong Cassidy,
Inner Sanctum,

I Was A Communist For The Fbi,
Jack Benny,
Jeff Regan,
Johnny Dollar,
Let George Do It,
Life Of Riley,
Lightning Jim,
Lights Out,
Line Up,

Lone Ranger,
Lux Theater,
Mercury Theater,
Michael Shayne,
Mysterious Traveler,
Mystery Is My Hobby,
My Favorite Husband,

My Friend Irma,
Nero Wolfe,
Nick Carter,
Our Miss Brooks,
Pat Novak For Hire,
Perry Mason,
Philip Marlowe,
Philo Vance,

Phil Harris and Alice Faye,
Price Of Fear,
Radio Readers Digest,
Richard Diamond,
Rocky Jordan,
Sam Spade,
Screen Guild,
Sherlock Holmes,
Six Shooter,
Space Patrol,
Speed Gibson,
Tales Rangers,

The Chase,
The Clock, The Saint,
This Is Your FBI,
Vic Sade,
Weird Circle,
X Minus One,
You Are There,
You Bet Your Life and more.

We’ll do our best to include all of these ad more and we are open for your recommendations. Just contact us and we will be glad to add your recommendation.

-This app is an internet radio player and is not affiliated with this or any other radio station.
-This app does not host the streams being played and is not responsible for the content or language used in the streams.
-Content copyright and all live streams referenced in this app are owned by the respective radio stations. If you notice any offensive, crude, improper or copyrighted content being played, please reach to us so that we can hear you request and edit/remove the offending stream or channel.

Thank you so much using our product.
You can have a look at some of other apps we developed.”

2. Old Time Radio App

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Listen to your favorite old time radio with this awesome radio stations

With old time radio you can listen to live radio streaming on your phone or tablet. You can listen old time radio shows.

Top Reasons to Download this old time radio app

1. Stream american old time radio with varied show

2. Listen to Radio stations Sets from USA

3. Listen to your favorite radio shows live

Download old time radio for free and enjoy it!

3. Old Time Radio Detectives

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“Enjoy Old Time Radio Again With Our Crime Fighter Detectives App. We Have Over 88,000 Shows In Our Stations Library To Share With You. Broadcasting In The Best Audio Quality For Your Listen Pleasure.”

4. Old Time Radio Shows

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“–> This app let you access 720+ shows of Old time classical radio shows (OTR) with 61,800+ episodes and 1,850,000+ minutes of playback time

–> We featured a stable and new streaming player that runs across all the tabs. Just swipe left on mini player to move to next episode

–> Extended audio player features all the required controls. Time seeking to move anywhere in episode

–> You can also control the playback from your lock screen and stream the audio from external audio channels (that is compatible with your device)

–> Download the episode and play it when you are offline

–> Make your personalized playlist of episodes by adding the episode to favorites

–> Use community section to give reviews, share your suggestion etc.

–> Filter the shows by genre and sort the shows by title or number of episodes

First version of the app contains following shows:

Lone Ranger, Adventures of Superman, Singles and Doubles Collection, Suspense, Lux Radio Theater, Jack Benny, Yours Truly Johnny Dollars, Challenge Of the Yukon, Fibber Mcgee and Molly, American History Through Eyes of Radio, The Great Gildersleeve, The Whistler, Gunsmoke, Claudia, Screen Guild Theater, Dragnet, Escape, Guest Star, Sherlock Holmes, Wild Bill Hickok, Theater Five, Phil Harris, Kraft Music Hall, Bing Crosby Rosemary, Ranger Bill, Amos and Andy, Theater of Romance, Boston Blackie, Calling All Detectives, Let George Do It, Our Miss Brooks, Bob Hope Show, Chandu the Magician, Speed Gibson, Pacific Story, Broadway is my Beat, Baby Snook Show, Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Cisco Kid, Nick Carter Master Detective, Fire Fighters, Abbot and Costello, Magic Island, Bob and Ray, Sears Radio Theater, Jerry of the Circus, X Minus One, Screen Director Playhouse, Duffy Tavern, Space Petrol, Father Knows Best, My Favorite Husband, Comic Weekly Man, Have Gun will Travel, Hopalong Cassidy, Adventures of Philip Marlowe, Big John and Sparky, A Man Called X, Aldrich Family, Philo Vance, All Stars Western Theater, Tales of Texas Rangers, Richard Diamond Private Detective, Dangerous Assignment, The Saint, Halls of Ivy, 21st Precinct, FBI in Peace and War, Mystery House, Lights Out, CBS Radio Workshop, Mr and Mrs North, The Lineup, 5 Minute Mystery, Incredible but True, Weird Circle, Pinto Pete, Planet Man, Casey Crime Photographer, Night Beat, Quiz Kids, Roy Rogers, Mama Bloom’s Brood, Arthur Godfrey and his talent scouts, Mr District Attorney, Campbell Playhouse, Melody Ranch, Mole Mystery Theater, I was communist for FBI, Mysterious Traveler, Green Hornet, Adventures By Maisie, Jerry at Fair Oaks, Red Horse Ranch, Strange as it Seems, Dr Kildare, Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator, Beyond Midnight, Bold Venture, Secrets of Scotland Yard, Mr Keen, Spike Jones, Complete Broadcast Day, Black Museum, Damon Runyon Theatre, Grantland Rice Story, Arch Oboler’s Plays, Afloat with Henry Morgan, The Lives of Harry Lime, Box 13, Adventures By Morse, Crime Classics Singles, Crime Classics, Dimension X, John Steele Adventurer, Mother best Flour, Frontier Town, The Hill Billy Boys, Delmore Brothers, Theater Royale, Charlie Chan, Adventures of Frank Race, Blondie, Mel Blanc Show, Big Town, Frontier Gentleman, Ports of Call, Lightening Jim, Soldier Of Press, Six Shooter, A Date With Judy, Fort Laramie, Can You Imagine That, Family Doctor, Evening With Groucho Marx, Frontier Fighter , Cruise of The Poll Parrot, Academy Award Theater, Benny Goodman, Tales Of Diamond K, Harold Peary, Police Head QT, Aladdin Lamp, It pays to be ignorant, Romance of the Ranchos, The Goldbergs, Michael Shayne, The Mary Lee Taylor, Behind the Mike, Judy Canova Show, World Adventurer’s Club, Crime Club, Bright Star, Blair Of Mounties, Bulldogg Drummond, Obsession, Old Gold Comedy Theater, The Big Show, The Strange Dr. Weird, Strange Wills, Dark Fantasy, Victor Borge Collection, Camel Caravan, Love Story Magazine, Police Reporter…. and MANY MORE.

For Complete list, visit our website –> OldTimeRadioShows.co”

5. OTR Streamer

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OTR Streamer is an app dedicated to vintage Old Time Radio shows. We have over 20000+ shows for you to enjoy free of charge! We are constantly adding new shows for your enjoyment. The entire Golden Age of Radio right at your fingertips!

Some of the shows you can enjoy:
Box 13
Burns and Allen
Hopalong Cassidy
Jack Benny
Sherlock Holmes
The Lone Ranger
This is your FBI
..and many more!

Download an episode for offline playback while you’re away from a network and continue to enjoy your favorite shows.

The app automatically bookmarks your current show so you dont have to remember what you were listening to last.

Episodes you have listened to are automatically ‘colored’ to highlight that you heard them before.

6. Vintage Radio™

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“Vintage Radio is now playing in the theater of your mind.

Re-live the Golden Age of Radio.

* 1 month free trail when you choose an annual subscription *

Four thousand episodes come preloaded on the app and with one of the low cost subscription options a further 40,000 episodes open up the whole history of old time radio broadcasting from the golden age. Listen to tens of thousands of the best episodes from the most popular shows broadcast in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Gunsmoke, Fibber McGee & Molly, Lights Out, The Jack Benny Show, X-Minus One, just to list a 5 of the 550 programs offered.

Tune into the world of yesteryear and meander through the whole whopping treasure trove of 40,000 old time radio shows.

Featured in The NYT, The Daily, TUAW & AppAdvice!

Recent Reviews

“This is, without a doubt, the best OTR app available in the store. To say the selection is huge does not adequately describe the sheer number of shows and episodes available.” ifitsfreeitsforme

“I’ve been a fan of OTR for nearly 40 years and I am astonished by the sheer multitude of shows available. I am also surprised at the great overall sound quality of the programs. I went ahead and signed up for the monthly subscription which is only $1.99/mo. What a bargain!” Dachshund Heaven

“This is a Great App! The developer answered me right away when I had a problem. It takes hard work to invent an app for Apple customers. It is especially good to know that a nice person was behind the development; and was there to help me. Enjoy” zzzzzzzxxx

“This is absolutely the best app ever. Apple needs to get on the ball and promote this. I can’t get enough. Dropped my satellite radio because vintage radio shows were all I listened too.” tatorchip33

“I have had this for a long time and just love it. I can listen to an old time radio show anytime, anywhere. Thousands of choices in all genres. I am currently listening to Phillip Marlowe. I can’t say enough good things about this app. Just wonderful!!!” PuffyClementine

“Seemingly endless quality shows. Many are rare but very worthy. My favorite ATM is the mystery “Box 13″ starring Alan Ladd. Listen to shows to go to sleep. So many different ones. It’s amazing.” Jen303


Unlimited playlists, allow you to arrange the episode order as desired and a sleep timer is perfect for those night time tales.

Give it a try & download Vintage Radio today!


Vintage Radio contains 4,000 old time radio shows out of the box and no further purchase is required to enjoy those shows, they will always be available. If you are a member of VintageRadioShows.com you can enter your credentials to open up access to all episodes without the need for an in-app membership.

If you are not a member, all 40,000+ episodes are available with three auto-renewing subscription options:

* 1 month subscription for $1.99
* 6 month subscription for $10.99
* 1 year subscription for $19.99

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm purchase. The subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal or cancel your subscription at any time from your iTunes Account Settings.”