9 Best Paid Gun Simulator App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Paid Gun Simulator App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 9 Best Paid Gun Simulator App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 9 Best Paid Gun Simulator App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

9 Best Paid Gun Simulator App For Android

1. Gun Simulator 3D

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Gun Simator 3D is a realistic gun simulation.

Reload your weapon and ready for shoot!

Realistic gun sounds and animations!

Claim NEW Guns!

Race with other participants

Enjoy Realistic Gun Simulation

2. Weaphones™ Gun Sim Vol1 Armory

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“Welcome to the world of Weaphones, the ultimate firearms simulator for your phone or tablet.

Blurring the line between digital and physical, Weaphones combines the two to create a fully interactive real world experience. Switch off the safety, load the magazine, rack the slide and fire, all without having the cops called on you.

Ergonomically designed, Weaphones fit naturally into the shooter’s hand. All the important controls are located within a finger’s reach. The ability to resize, flip, zoom and relocate the Weaphone assures perfect fit no matter the size of hand or screen.

» Realistic Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects
» Full Interaction and Control
» Authentic Weapon Mechanics
» Mini-Games and Accessories
» Detailed Full HD Graphics
» 100% Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference
→ Lefty Flip
→ Rotate 180°
→ Scale
→ Move
» User Adjustable Variables
→ Unlimited Ammo
→ Auto Reload
→ Weapon Jamming/Overheating
→ Accelerometer Reloading
→ Camera Flash Shooting
→ Multi-Device Linking Android to Android or iOS to Android (e.g. C4 and Detonator)
» Weapon State Indicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting”)
» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for Each Weaphone
» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & Camera Flash Support
» Social Media Driven Future Content

Weapon Types:


» Check out the ad-free version for more exclusive benefits”

3. eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free

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“Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free. If you like playing gun games, in this app you will find a collection of guns which include some of the best pistols and revolvers you can have right there with you on your phone.

eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free is one of the best gun simulator apps and it will bring you modified simulations of some of the most famous guns that include revolvers and pistols. This weapon simulator app has realistic sound effects and a big selection of the most popular guns. When you take a look at the visual effects, this firearms simulator will become your favorite way to entertain yourself every day.

With eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free you will feel like you are holding a real revolver or a pistol in your hands, and the realistic sounds of the guns will place you right in the middle of a war zone. All you need to do is to choose your favourite guns, load them, pull the trigger and one of the best gun games can start.

Features of eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free:
♕ huge selection of weapons
♕ authentic weapon mechanics
♕ realistic weapon sounds
♕ high resolution graphic
♕ realistic fire and smoke
♕ realistic recoil effects
♕ unlimited ammo
♕ slow motion
♕ flash
♕ great game music

You can visit us on:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/EWeapons/1478338392421495
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eWeaponsTm
Instagram: https://instagram.com/eWeapons
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100354016998642015299
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz_iY-LQTZQ
vkontakte: https://vk.com/eweapons
and write some suggestions and your impressions about eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free.

Contact us on e-mail: eweapons@yandex.com
©2020 eWeapons™
Gun Simulator application has been created for entertainment purposes only.”

4. Ultimate Weapon Simulator

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“Ready, set, fire! Choose your favorite weapon, load it, pull the trigger and let the fun with one of the best virtual shooting games begin! The ultimate firearms simulator for your phone or tablet made especially for gun lovers.

Pistols and rifles, machine guns and shotguns await you in one of the best gun games on the market. The only thing you need to do is to download eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator – Best Guns app. Experience realism and fun blended in one.

With realistic sounds of guns and a big selection of some of the most popular rifles and pistols, together with authentic weapon mechanics, this firearms simulator will become your favorite way of entertainment. Become the best shooter there is!

Features of eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator – Best Guns:

– vast collection of weapons
– authentic weapon mechanics
– realistic weapon sounds
– high-resolution graphic
– realistic fire and smoke
– vivid recoil effects
– unlimited ammo
– cool slow motion effects
– camera flash
– awesome game music

You can visit us on:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/eWeapons/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eWeaponsTm
Instagram: https://instagram.com/eWeapons
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy5Fvbev5TxB4kYqHxeUzbQ
vkontakte: https://vk.com/eweapons
and write your suggestions and impressions about eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator – Best Guns.

Contact us!
e-mail: eweapons@yandex.com
©2021 eWeapons™

Ultimate Weapon Simulator application has been created for entertainment purposes only.”

5. Guns of Boom Online PvP Action

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“• Easy and intuitive controls: get a hang of the game from the get-go and start climbing up the ranks!
• Vivid graphics and support for older devices: stunning visuals will keep you glued to the screen, while the hardware requirements remain very moderate.
• Engaging PvP battles: enjoy team-based fun across numerous maps and game modes. The adrenaline-filled action never stops in GoB!
• Character customization: create a unique hero by using a combination of various perks and equipment skills, and find the perfect look with hundreds of cosmetic items. Creating a flexible build for your play style is as easy as ever.
• Regular updates and events: with constant content additions, new features, and colorful themed events, you’ll never be bored. This game just keeps on giving!
• Pro Play Mode: eSports events with players from globally acclaimed teams. Can a mobile FPS be truly competitive? You bet!

Guns of Boom is a competitive multiplayer FPS with awesome 3D graphics and gripping gameplay. It’s so simple that your cat could learn the controls, but the skill-cap is high enough to spark the interest of competitive eSports players who’re used to extremely challenging and clutch tournament-style battles. Engage in online PvP battles on a variety of maps, utilizing different cunning tactics. Get the ultimate FPS experience with fast-paced matches that take less than 5 minutes on average. The game is on!”

6. Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator

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“Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator is a new weapon simulator for Android and you can have it for free if you decide to download our guns app. We have made this gun simulator for all of those weapon guns lovers out there and especially for the admirers of Chiappa Firearms Company. In this weapon simulator app you will find a great collection of Chiappa guns.

If you are a fan of pistols or shotguns, rifles or revolvers, within our gun app you will find whatever you have been looking for. You just need to choose one of virtual weapons you like the most and start shooting. This weapon game will bring you a lot of fun and you will never be bored again with this guns simulator free of charge.

Fun is not the only thing you are going to get with our gun app; you will also have the opportunity to learn something more about Chiappa weapons. Inside the app there is an option – Details, which will take you to the official Chiappa Firearms website where you can find additional information about a certain weapon. So, if you have been wondering how Chiappa weapons operate, then download this firearms app on your Android phone. We have to admit that there are differences between real Chiappa weapons and our virtual weapons, but they are minimal.

Weapons included:

– NAPOLEON LE PAGE pistol 10″ percussion cal.45
– SPRINGFIELD 1861 Musket
– M9-22 STANDARD – Wooden Grips
– mfour-22 SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLE cal.22LR, 16″ barrel, 28 rounds, TAN finish
– 1886 KODIAK
– C6-12 Pump Shotgun, Black
– PYTHON 4″ Blank Revolver – Steel finish
– REVOLVER RHINO 60DS 6″ – Black Finish

Chiappa Firearms is an Italian industrial corporation, and if you are an admirer of this amazing company, then you will definitely enjoy our gun app and our simulations of their guns. This firearms app for Android has a lot to offer, for instance, realistic sounds of guns, high resolution graphics, fantastic collection of weapons and many other amazing things. You will learn things that you did not know before about your favorite guns, you will see them operate and have a blast with this simulator game.

Choose a gun, load it and start shooting from your virtual weapons and feel the magnificent force of these powerful virtual guns. Do not worry about bullets because with this firearms simulator you will have unlimited ammo. So, if you are a real fan of virtual guns, fascinated with weapon games, wait no more and download Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator.

Features of Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator:

– great collection of Chiappa weapons
– realistic weapon sounds
– authentic Chiappa weapons mechanics
– realistic shell drop sounds
– unlimited ammunition
– realistic fire, smoke and recoil effects
– zoom
– camera flash
– slow motion
– vibration
– mirror effects
– fantastic game music and special effects
– high resolution graphics

Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator app has been created for entertainment and promotion purposes only.

Chiappa Firearms and its logo are trademarks of CHIAPPA GROUP and are used with permission.

© 2018 Chiappa Firearms. All Rights Reserved.

Special thanks to Chiappa family and Susanna Federici Chiappa.”

7. Shooting Battle

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“Compete 1-on-1 against players around the world in real-time shooting sports now! Test your shooting skills and play in the most competitive FPS shooting game ever. Be the best shooter of accuracy, precision and speed in shooting.

Shooting Battle Features:
– Play quick-fire 1-on-1 or in multiple player tournaments
– Console quality shooting game on the go
– Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
– Compete on different battlegrounds varying in size and weather
– An arsenal of realistic weapons including handguns, rifles and shotguns
– Thousands of live players online waiting to be challenged
– Hundreds of thrilling single player levels to play offline”

8. Gun Simulator Free

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“Gun Simulator Free! The collection of most powerful guns in the world. If you are interest in modern weapons, pistols, guns, with high caliber, powerful sound this app is just for you! In this app you can find a lots of popular military and police guns with different caliber, sound, bullets! To play you only need to choose a weapon, pull the trigger, or shake it and you’ll hear different sounds of shots! Shells will drop down! If you run out of bullets is just click on the reload button and ammo will reload automatically.

Application contains most popular pistols in the world
Guns included:
– Austrian Glock 9x19mm
– German HK Usp
– American Colt 1911 .45
– Russian TT pistol
– Desert Eagle .50cal or 12,7mm gun,
– Italian Beretta M9, and many others like IMI, Sig Sauer, Hk, Walther Arms!

Play with friends , play the war at home, in the car, in the yard and elsewhere.

* More then ten most used firearms in the world
* Slow motion
* Shell drop down realistically
* Realistic Sound
* Offline access to lots of weaponry
* All screen supported
* Unlimited ammunition
* Easy to use interface.

About guns:
Pistol is a firearm lightweight, portable, short barrel, designed to be operated with one hand. A pistol is usually a small weapon good grip and quick handling, originally made for personal use in stocks of small-scope.
Pistols are generally semi-automatic – a projectile fired by each time the trigger is compressed, replacing another cartridge in the chamber, ready for the next shot. There are also some models fully automatic – that can fire several shots while you hold the trigger down.
The pistols are graded by size, defining in several countries of the permitted use or not, differentiated by their powers.
Guns of the same caliber may use different ammunition, increasing its power to impact, puncture or internal damage to the target.
Any content not owned by this developer belongs to their respective owners. If there is an issue with this app contact us via the email address.”

9. Weapon stripping

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“This game is a gun simulation wich allows you to assemble and disassemble (also know as field stripping) several firearms from different eras.

The firearms are fully operatable, you can learn how each one fires in different modes: automatic, burst (If the gun has the feature) and single fire. You can study how the guns work by deactivating some superficial features of the gun to show the mechanism and/or slowing down time to better understand the gun. You can also try to get the highest score amongst your friends.

This game is like your very own personal armory!

New weapons from all over the world will keep being added to the game for you to play with and experiment.”