4 Best Paragliding iPhone App

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If you are looking for the Best Paragliding iPhone App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Paragliding iPhone App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Paragliding iPhone App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Paragliding iPhone App

1. Flyskyhy

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“Flyskyhy forms your flight instrument during flight and shows all information you need for that. You get the normal data like altitude, climb rate, ground speed, and glide angle. But it also calculates and shows the current wind direction and strength, very important for your safety.

A moving and rotating map shows your current flying position and flight trail. It indicates where you have gone up (in a thermal), and where you have had faster than normal decline. With that, you can easily find back that thermal that you lost. The map also shows the nearest known landing spots, and whether they are reachable by normal glide, given your current altitude and wind direction.

Integration with Bluetooth varios SensBox, FlyNet, GoFly iPico, XC-Tracer, BlueFlyVario, or SkyDrop gives accurate altitude and lift information. That turns your iPhone into an full-fletched GPS-vario, including vario tones.

The app makes a full log of your flight, that can be analyzed afterwards. Besides normal data like start and landing positions, duration of flight, and an altitude graph of the flight, Flyskyhy also calculates the scoring distances for you. So you can immediately see whether you have broken that FAI triangle record.

Your live location is reported on livetrack24.com or loctome.com if you desire, so anybody can follow your flight while it is happening. If you are flying together with friends, then their location is shown on your map during your flight. So you never have to wonder anymore whether they are in front of or behind you.

The flight display has multiple screens which are all fully configurable. You can move all elements to other spots, delete and add elements, and resize them.

Through in-app purchases, the app also supports airspaces and waypoints.

The app is optimised for paragliding and hang gliders, but can be used with all kinds of airsports.

Main features during the flight;
• Altitude, climb rate, ground speed, air speed, direction, glide angle and many more
• Wind strength and direction
• Moving map of the flying area
• Spots where you have had lift, great for thermal coring
• Shows whether you can still reach a landing spot with the current altitude and wind
• Live tracking of your flight on livetrack24.com or loctome.com
• Shows live location of your friends during flight

After the flight:
• Full logbook of all your flights
• Basic flight data like start/landing, duration, height difference, distance flown, and many more
• Calculation of 5-points, open triangle, and FAI triangle distances
• Graph of altitude and climb rate
• Signed IGC and KML log files of flights
• Transfer the log to iTunes or send by email
• Upload the flight directly to XContest, ParaglidingForum, DHV-XC, and other Leonardo servers
• Open flight in Google Earth on the iPhone
• Replay the flight and relive it!

By purchasing the Waypoints Extension you get access to:
• A fully zoomable and scrollable map with the waypoints and optimised route. The map also shows start and landing spots, as well as restricted airspaces (with the Airspace Extension)
• Enter new waypoints, either on the map or by specifying the parameters
• Full route support with start time, goal, entry/exit points, etc.
• Many instruments to guide you along the route
• Visible and audible indication when a waypoint has been reached
• Complete waypoints organiser
• Import and export of various waypoint file formats

By purchasing the Airspace Extension you get access to:
• Airspaces of 30 countries
• Display of airspaces on the map with configurable colors and formats
• Display of your vertical position w.r.t. airspaces
• Visible and audible warnings when approaching and entering an airspace
• Shows local airspaces by touching a spot on the map

Note: a live internet connection is required for live tracking of your and your friends locations
Note: continuous GPS and screen usage makes the battery drain faster than normal”

2. Paragliding

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“Preflight Safety for Paragliding is an educational app centered around the ten-minute film of the same name. While the film is aimed at increasing pilot attention to safety, the app gives pilots and dreamers a broader look at paragliding safety today, highlighting some of the methods, equipment, terms and sites that appear in the film.”

3. Paragliding Map

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“The world’s most popular free-flight app!

The most comprehensive source for site info, forecasts, webcams, photos & more!
See where you can fly right now. Worldwide!

▪ Explore over 14,000 launch sites, 7,000 landings, 40,000 weather stations and 39,000 webcams.

▪ Official data from the DHV, Flyland, FFVL, Paragliding Earth and more.

▪ Forecasts from Meteoblue and WindFinder.

▪ Real-time weather station data from Pioupiou, Holfuy, MADIS and FFVL show you actual weather conditions.

▪ 3D view.

▪ “Hike & fly” trails.

▪ Ski lifts, cable cars and gondolas.

▪ Live webcams.

▪ Automatic translation of site descriptions into English.

▪ Photos of take-off and landing zones give you a great impression of each spot.

▪ View the map as it will appear in the future.

▪ Driving directions to each spot using navigation.

▪ Favourites can be saved for easy access later.

▪ Advanced search.

▪ Send “SOS!” and “I need a ride” messages to friends, including your GPS coordinates.

▪ Easily share spot and map details via Facebook, Twitter, messages and email.

▪ No advertising.

▪ Full support included.
Your feedback is always welcome. Help us to make the best paragliding app in the world!

Many feature of Paragliding Map are free but supported by advertising. If you choose to make any in-app purchase, advertising will automatically turn off and your purchase will be enabled (webcams, forecasts, etc).

Information about subscriptions:
Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will auto-renew unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, and will renew for the same price as the original subscription. You can cancel your subscription after purchasing by clicking the “manage subscriptions” button within the app or by opening Account Settings on your device. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing the subscription.

Paragliding Map is a fully supported product. If you have any problems, please let me know and I will help you personally.

Privacy policy and terms and conditions can be found at https://www.paraglidingmap.com/TermsAndConditions.aspx”

4. where2fly paragliding

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“where2fly is the ideal companion for every paraglider pilot as well as delta pilots. This app contains detailed information on over 15,000 take-off sites and more than 4,000 landing sites from over 100 countries, including Switzerland and the European alpine countries.

• All places are visually displayed on an interactive map. It is also possible to search according to different criteria. searched for. For example: where is there a take-off site in the Bernese Oberland to fly in westerly winds above 2000 m, which can be reached by public transport?
• Furthermore, where2fly stores more than 28’000 public transport stations in Switzerland. You can easily plan your journey to the to the take-off site or the journey home from your landing site. In addition, some navigation apps are linked to find the take-off site by car or on foot. The connection of a timetable app enables the timetable information to the take-off or landing site (for all alpine countries).
• The flight data sources are paraglidingearth.com, DHV.de, FFVL and Flyland.ch. All data are stored locally in the preloaded database.
• The places can be clearly displayed on different maps. In addition to the Apple satellite, hybrid and standard map, OpenTopoMap and OpenStreetMap are also integrated in where2fly. For Switzerland, the Swisstopo national map is also supported.
• The maps can be downloaded locally and are then available offline. So you can explore the take-off and landing sites even in the most remote places.
• The app integrates data from around 50,000 worldwide webcams from the data sources windy.com and camscollection.ch. So you can take a look at the weather around your take-off or landing site at any time.
• With the SOS page, you can see your current GPS position at the touch of a button and send it to emergency services via SMS or email. The link is then used directly for display in where2fly, or on a map in the browser. Of course, you can also communicate your landing position to your colleagues.
• Thermal hotspots help you to find the optimal entry into the thermals. The data is available for the whole of Europe.
• With the flight forecasts of paraglidable.com you can plan your ideal flight day on a clear page for up to 10 take-off sites.
• You will also find other useful links to websites for thermal forecasts, weather forecasts, wind values and other sites in the flight info. This flight info is constantly updated.
• There are also numerous useful websites linked to the take-off and landing sites, such as glider charts, wind values, Google Earth, weather forecasts, pararange, and many more.
• This app is free and ad-free, and fully functional. You can optionally upgrade where2fly with the flight log for a small one-time fee via in-app purchase:
• • The “Flightlog Module” gives you the possibility to record all your flights directly in where2fly. Choose comfortably one of the available or landing sites, or define your personal location directly on the map. You can enter countless attributes, such as Flight duration, flight type, wind conditions, weather, your impressions of the flight, and a comment. All flights are stored in the local database so you can call up statistics directly. Import all your flights directly from XContest. All data is automatically recognised and assigned. You can also easily analyse the track on the map at any time. All data can be exported and imported via Excel interface.
• • And all this at a price that is less than the paper flight log. Try it out with your first 10 flights.
• • And lastly: Feel free to donate your thanks with a landing beer as a gift (in-app purchase)

Wishing Happy landings.”