5 Best Pill Reminder Android App

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If you are looking for the Best Pill Reminder Android App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Pill Reminder Android App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Pill Reminder Android App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Pill Reminder Android App

1. Medicine Reminder App : Pill & Medication Tracker

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“To stay healthy and to reduce the risk of adverse health events, adhering to the medicine timetable is a must. Yet due to our busy schedule or forgetfulness, 50% of the world’s population fails to take their prescribed medicine. Owing to this, Systweak has designed an app called Medicine Reminder.
Using this Medicine Reminder App for Android, patients and their families can keep track of medications, doctor’s appointments, add reports, and spend more time living rather than keeping an eye on the clock.
In addition to this, the Medicine Reminder app has a preloaded list of common diseases and ailments under the Reports tab. This makes the bifurcation of reports easy.
• Medicine Reminder and medication notifications
• Pre-defined disease list for ease of use (diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, arthritis etc.)
• One place to manage medication reminder
• Flexible scheduling
• Appointment reminders
• Allows adding a prescription image or take pictures
• Repeat pill alter
• Customizable Medicine Reminder notifications
• Add Reports and disease selection
How to use the Medicine Reminder App?
Using the Medicine Reminder app is simple. To use it follow the steps below:
1. Download and install the Medicine Reminder app from the Play Store.
2. Launch Medicine Reminder app.
3. Tap Create Profile and enter patient details like name, gender, age, height, weight, and so on.
4. Once done click Save.
Note: You can Skip both the steps by tapping Skip.
5. Thereafter, tap + icon, enter patients and pill details.
6. To get reminders, tap Add reminder time > Click on Add Reminder button.
7. Next by tapping the Appointments tap you can set Appointment. To do so, tap + icon.
8. Thereafter, enter Doctor’s name, phone number, email address, doctor’s address, description > Set Reminder Date-Time > Click on Set Reminder button.
9. Add Reports by tapping, Add reports tab
10. Enter patient name, gender, age, height, weight, other details, and images > tap Done.
That’s it now you will get Medicine Reminders and notifications at a scheduled time.

What makes the Medicine Reminder app different from other apps?
The Medicine Reminder app gives you peace of mind so that you can focus on other things. It is one of the best medication trackers that helps to stay in control of your health. Moreover, you can take your medication timely and ensure each family member takes it on time.
It also allows you to add reports, set appointments, and stay healthy.”

2. Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder

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“Get the free “MUST HAVE” award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker ranked #1 by pharmacists, physicians and patients. Join the millions of people using Medisafe who are taking control of their medication management with our free app – stay on track and never miss another med.

💊 Features
• Pill reminder and alarm for all medication needs
• Drug-to-drug interaction checker
• Family and caregiver support via “Medfriend” functionality
• Medicine tracker
• Refill reminders
• Dr appointment manager and calendar
• Support for complex dose schedules
• Add “as needed” medications, vitamins and supplements
• Full selection of OTC and RX medications
• Daily, weekly & monthly med reporting with logbook to share with your doctor
• Track health measurements for various medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, anxiety, depression, HIV, multiple sclerosis, MS, Crohn’s, lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia) e.g. weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels
• Android Wear enabled
• Customizable reminders and time settings (i.e weekend mode so you can sleep in)
• Automatic time zone detection
• Easily customize your pill reminder notifications.

COSENTYX® (secukinumab) has recognized Medisafe as a preferred app for patients to manage COSENTYX®

💡Exclusive JITI™ Technology
Medisafe’s proprietary Just-In-Time-Intervention (JITI™) technology ensures you get support that is personalized just for you. Get the right Medisafe interactions, at the right moments, to keep you on track. Over time, JITI learns which interventions – such as timing and messages – are more successful for you and adjusts your experience for the best results. You’ll immediately start to benefit from our years of experience and analysis helping millions of people stay on track in ways that are most impactful for them.

❤️ A Health Tracker Built for You
Medisafe doesn’t just remind you to take your meds. As a medication management platform, Medisafe is a comprehensive tool that compiles all of your medical and health information in one place: pill and medicine reminders, drug-to-drug interactions, refill alerts, doctor appointments, and health journal with 20+ trackable health measurements

• Medisafe is available for free and no registration is required
• We comply with strict privacy laws (HIPAA and GDPR compliant) to safeguard medical information

✅ App Permission Information
Read Your Contacts – used if you choose to add a doctor or Medfriend. The app never stores your address book content and it doesn’t access your address book without asking you first.
Find Accounts on the Device – Medisafe uses push notifications to Medfriends to let those with permission know if the main user has forgotten to take medication.

🔎 Additional Information
Frequently Asked Questions: http://bit.ly/2yZt1Bh
Terms of Use: http://bit.ly/2Cpoz0n
Privacy Policy: http://bit.ly/2Cmpb7d
Validation by 3rd Party Independent Studies:
• http://bit.ly/2GjwcYJ
• http://bit.ly/2gLdPCp

Medisafe is FREE for download and use. Medisafe Premium includes unlimited Medfriends, access to more than 20 health measurements, and the choice of a dozen reminder sounds. Premium is offered by a subscription with automatic renewal.”

3. MyTherapy Pill Reminder

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“✨ New Features
• Injection site tracking
• Dark theme

MyTherapy is an ad-free, award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker. But MyTherapy is more than a free medication reminder: Combining a pill tracker, mood tracker, and a health journal, e.g. with a weight tracker, this medication reminder app allows you and your doctor to put your treatment’s success into perspective. ⏰ 💊🔔

💊Key Features
• Pill reminder app for all medications
• Pill tracker with a logbook for skipped and confirmed intakes
• Support for a wide range of dosing schemes within medication reminder
• Track your tablets, dose, measurements, activities in a comprehensive health journal
• Family sharing
• Share your printable health journal with your doctor
• Personalized tips for your treatment
• Wide range of measurements for all conditions (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, hypertension, multiple sclerosis), e.g. weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels

⏰Comprehensive Meds Reminder
We designed a medicine reminder app that fulfills all your medication needs in one place: Pill reminders (e.g. for birth control pills), a comprehensive database of OTC and Rx medications, support for any dosage form (incl. tablet, pill, inhalation, injection) frequency, and even refill reminders. And as the app is not only a pill alarm but also a medication tracker, you just need to check its pill diary to make sure you’ve taken that important dose.

💊A Health Tracker for Your Needs
MyTherapy is the result of us working closely with people taking medications. People with diabetes use the built-in weight tracker and keep track of their blood glucose. MyTherapy acts as a logbook medication. The built-in mood tracker supports you to keep track of your mental health or depression. Review your health using the blood pressure log, your mood diary, or other aspects of your health journal. MyTherapy can be a different app to many, with some using it as a depression app while others rely on it as a stroke app, cancer app, or weight tracker.

⏰A Tracker for Mood, Weight, Blood Pressure, and More
You can not only log your meds but also track your mood and general well-being in the app’s mood diary. Record measurements, such as blood pressure and weight. If you are living with diabetes and are on diabetes medication, you can use MyTherapy as a diabetes logbook and track blood glucose. Overall, MyTherapy supports ~50 measurements. The app’s symptom tracker is popular with users living with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or cardiovascular diseases such as atrial fibrillation.

💪Motivation to Take Your Meds
Receive a beautiful picture of the day as motivation to take your medicine. Involve family and friends via MyTherapy Team and successfully manage treatment together. And you can even have your family see if you’ve missed a med despite the pill reminder, so they can help you stay on track.
MyTherapy is for you, whether you are taking antibiotic medicines or living with hypertension, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, or depression. MyTherapy’s medication tracker and health journal are your path to peace of mind, with medicine reminders and a health tracker.

MyTherapy is available for free and no registration is required. We comply with strict European privacy laws and do not release personal data to third parties.

It’s the collaborative efforts from users, their families, and medical experts that make our pill tracker app so simple. Check out our academic research partners on our homepage.

We are constantly aiming to improve the MyTherapy app to best meet your meds tracker needs and desires. Support us with your ideas, suggestions, and feedback – either right from the app or via support@mytherapyapp.com.


4. Medication Reminder

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“Medication Reminder helps you keep track of all of your pill and reminds you when it’s time to refill prescription.

Medication Reminder even tells you to take your pill before or after eating and reminds you the right dosage of medicine. If you want app will remind you about pill until you have taken it. Just add this as well as any other important and specific to you information to your simple medication reminder app one time on start.

Medication Reminder is a very simple and free app that has allow you to add and manage up to 10 different meds simultaneously absolutely for free. You can edit your medication schedule, add new pill, remove existing prescription or replace it with more actual data any time you want. And if you need any moment you can try for free an unlimited version that has allow you to have a full history of all of your or any of your family members, including your kids and pet medication.

With this useful and simple medication reminder you will never miss your pill again. App helps you create habits that keep you healthy and lets you always have the right medication in the right dosage at the right time. Every day, simply receive the notification at the scheduled time and take your pill with the best medication reminder app.

You can use this app as your personal medication diary, as medication refill reminder, as family medication reminder, as medication reminder for kids or even as pet medication reminder. Keep track of all of your pill in one place and manage your own and everyone from your family health with the help of the best medication reminder app. Just try to see how easy and useful it is.

Free features

– Reminder to take medication
– Medication refill reminder
– Prescription medication tracker
– Personal medication diary
– Family medication reminder
– Medication reminder for kids
– Pet medication reminder
– Different color schemes

Surprise! Just now as a gift along with the downloading best medication reminder app you are getting a free trial 14 days access to all of premium features including unlimited pill number and all of backgrounds and color themes.

Please be aware of the need to consult your physician if you’re having issues. Medication Reminder app is not intended to be medical advice.”

5. Pill reminder & med tracker

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“Pill Reminder Mr. Pillster helps you schedule your prescriptions and remind you to take medicine at the right time!

Sometimes we all get sick. Doctors can prescribe medications for us, but sometimes it’s hard to remember when and which pills we have to take.

It’s not enough just to buy a pack of vitamins and take them on a case-by-case basis.

It is important to take your medications consistently and on time. How to Adhere to Your Medication Schedule? Medicine tracker Mr. Pillster can help you with this and!

All you need to do is enter the dosage and time of taking the medicine, and the app will remind you about it.

Medicine tracker is easy to use, but at the same time, it has ample opportunities to customize it to your needs.

The main functions of the application:


• Schedule of pills, drops, mixtures, and other dosage forms by time and days of the week
• Full-screen notifications and a reminder when it’s time to take a medication or take a required measurement
• Accounting for accepted, deferred, and missed appointments. If you miss a reception, it will appear in the list as missed. You can also postpone the appointment at a convenient time for you.
• Calculation of the reception schedule depending on the frequency. Specify how many times a day and with what frequency you need to take the pills and the application will automatically calculate the time of taking for you in the required period.
• 2 profiles in the free version and unlimited profiles in the Premium version to track the medication intake of the whole family
• Convenient to use for pills that need to be taken continuously, throughout life or for a long period, for example, in diabetes mellitus
• Accounting for single receptions


• recording and tracking different types of medical measurements in the app:
– temperature
– arterial pressure
– pulse
– sugar level
– weight
– mood level
– calories consumed and burned
– body fat
– pain
– steps, etc.
• comparison of medical measurements with taken medications
• tracking single measurements as needed
• scheduled measurements – set a reminder for daily medical measurements of your body


• Ability to quickly analyze all the data on the charts
• Additional reminders such as:
– drink water
– relax and meditate
– take a walk
– other

In the everyday hustle and bustle, it is difficult not to forget about your health. But this is the most valuable thing you have. I would like to have someone with you around the clock who will take care of your health and help in caring for your loved ones.

Your mobile phone, which is always with you with the installed Mr. Pillster application, will become an ideal assistant for you, which will not allow you to forget to take important pills and medications on time.

We are ready to answer all your questions, and we are constantly working to improve the functionality of the application. Write your wishes for the finalization of the application to support@whisperarts.com
We will definitely implement them.

Take care of yourself and Stay Tuned!


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