3 Best Pokemon Go Iv App Android

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If you are looking for the Best Pokemon Go Iv App Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Pokemon Go Iv App Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Pokemon Go Iv App Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Pokemon Go Iv App Android

1. “Poke Genie – Remote Raid, IV, PvP Guide”

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“⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Join millions of trainers who use Poke Genie to enhance their Pokemon Go experience! ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆
⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ With over 13,000,000 downloads, Poke Genie is the most popular Pokemon Go companion app worldwide⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆
Poke Genie is a safe, reliable, and simple-to-use tool to help Pokemon Go trainers evaluate hidden values, analyze battle stats, organize Pokemon collection, plan raid and PvP battles, generate custom Pokemon names, simulate powerup costs and purification results, etc. — an essential and comprehensive guide for every Pokemon Go player.

Key Features:

– IV (Individual Value) is an indicator of the potential of a Pokemon, a critical criterion for wisely investing stardust and candies on the worthy Pokemon. Simply scan Pokemon page or Team Leader’s appraisal screen to get the results.

– Join Remote Raids with trainers around the world! Just select the Raid Boss, and Poke Genie will automatically match you with other trainers. It’s that simple! Play anywhere at anytime. Regional and Legendary Raid Bosses will never again be out of reach.

– High IV may not be optimal for PvP in Great & Ultra Leagues. The optimal IV for PvP is a very specific combination that maximizes battle performance below the CP limit and is different for each Pokemon. Don’t transfer until you’ve checked the PvP IV! Don’t miss those hidden gems.

– The Name Generator automatically generates formatted text for renaming that can be pasted into Pokemon Go. These tools help you streamline IV checking and renaming Pokemon way faster than ever before.

– Wanna step up your game in raid and gym battles? Let Poke Genie help! The Battle Simulator will pick top counters from your very own Pokemon collection to help you to boost your win rate, and reduce potion and revive usage. Poke Genie will recommend the optimal teams for raid battles with minimal user input involved (simply scan and go). Let Poke Genie pick your team, assemble in the game and play. Poke Genie will tell you exactly your chances of victory, so you can defeat raid bosses with confidence and certainty.

– Poke Genie’s moveset ranking system runs large numbers of battle simulations to accurately calculate moveset DPS that reflect actual performance in battle.

– Poke Genie catalogues all Pokemon available in the game and provides a comprehensive data sheet for each Pokemon, detailing the Base Stats, Max Stats, Notable CPs, gender ratios, buddy distance, evolution tree, moveset list, etc.

– There’s no need to memorize type effectiveness by heart. Simply use Poke Genie’s Type Effectiveness reference tool to look up weakness/resistance/effectiveness information on-the-go.

– Poke Genie automatically keeps a history of scan results displayed in an easy-to-read view, thus keeping a reliable and easily sortable/filterable record. With Poke Genie, you can effortlessly evaluate and keep track of your entire Pokemon collection.

– Ever wonder how much CP your Pokemon will have upon powerup, evolution, or purification? Poke Genie’s “Power up/Evolution Simulator” feature shows you the exact CP and HP as well as the amount of dust and candies it costs for each power-up and evolution. Poke Genie calculates these based on your own Pokemon’s IV to give you the most precise results. With Poke Genie, you’ll never waste any dust and candies on a weak Pokemon!

Relying only on screenshot/screen recording and requiring no logins, Poke Genie is fully compliant with Niantic’s terms of service and safe to use.

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Poke Genie is a third-party app made by fans, and is not affiliated with the Pokémon brand, Niantic, Pokemon Go, or Nintendo.”

2. IV Fast

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“This app will help you to find the hidden individual values (IVs) that every Monster has so you can decide to keep it or try for something better.
IV Fast calculate your Monster’s IVs FAST&EASY in 3 different ways:

1) By the Overlay app, so directly from the game.
2) By a screenshot.
3) By entering values manually

The app automatically reads CP, NAME, HP and STARDUST values from your app or from your screenshots and calculates IV for every monster (makeing better screenshots increases the accuracy of readings).

Don’t worry about your account, the app doesn’t require any login into your account.



– Enable the “overlay app” on the sidebar or on the toolbar in the top right corner by clicking on the camera icon and by accepting permissions
– Open the game, and go to the individual monster page
– Click “calculate iv” button
– DONE! now you know you monster’s IV
– If you want change some value you can do it by clicking on the edit button on the top left corner


– Take screenshots of the Monster you want to check
– Upload your screenshots
– DONE! now you know you monster’s IV
– If you want change some value you can do it by long-clicking Monster image


– Long-click on che plus button on the bottom right corner
– Insert all the value of the Monster you want to check
– DONE! now you know you monster’s IV
– If you want change some value you can do it by long-clicking Monster image


– Calculate IV directly from the game, from your screenshots or manually
– Save your monster from the Overlay app to the main app
– Keep a history of your previous scanned Monsters
– Sort your previous scanned screenshot by :
– IV
– CP
– Show all IVs combination with relative level

– RaidBosses IV predictions from CP only

– RaidBoss counters

– Customizable renaming system

– Directly export your monster data to Pokebattler symulator

– Show all Moves and witch Monster knows it
– Sort all Moves by:

– Show all evolutions CP and HP

– Shows how many candies and dust it takes to achieve a given level
– Change/modify read values (es. if a Monster was powered you can provide this information by clicking on its image)

– Show Movesets for every Monster you have inserted in the app

– Species Stats, you can view all monsters stats (base Attack, base Defence, base Stamina, max HP and max CP)
– Sort all monsters by:
– CP
– filter monsters by generation (1°gen/2°gen/3°gen)

– Egg chart complete and updated

– Show km for each Buddy

– Minimal design with flat icon
– NO login required
– NO ban risk
– Currently supports English and Italian Monsters name
– Many features & Languages will come with future updates

This app was made by a player&fan for other fans!
any advice to improve the application is welcome.
(contact me directly on my twitter account: @bitrulez)


This is an unofficial fan guide, IV Fast is completely safe and does NOT break any TOS issued by Niantic. I never interact with Niantic servers. I am not associated, affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Niantic or the Pokémon Company. I do not hold the rights to any copyrighted material.
character names are trademarks of Nintendo.
No copyright infringement intended.”

3. “Calcy IV – Instant IV, PvP Ranks & Raid-Counter”

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“** Start enjoying the fastest and easiest IV calculator for Your Little Monsters **

Calcy IV calculates the IV, DPS & PvP Ranks of your monsters and displays them conveniently in-game.

You can see possible IV even before catching a monster. Additionally, Calcy IV automatically generates nicknames in every possible format and assembles your perfect battle teams for Raids.


Calcy IV only relies on screenshots and needs no login. It can be used offline and is very battery-friendly. There is no need to leave the game while using Calcy IV.


** Overview & IV **

Every monster has hidden stats – the Individual Values (IV). They can be seen in the appraisal of your team leader and determine how strong a monster can get in terms of CP or when fighting other players.

Without needing any setup or any clicks, Calcy IV adds a little overlay while you play the game that perfectly integrates in it and helps you to decide which monster you want to invest stardust and candy in. With this app, you can see the IV range before you even caught the monster. Additionally, you can add several stats like DPS or PvP Ranks to the output that you otherwise would not see in the game.

When you see a good monster, you can tap the overlay to see its full stats, including DPS, the cost to level it up, and many more.

Are you a raider, a PvP player, a collector, or do you want to know just *everything* about a monster? Whatever your goals, you can set up Calcy IV completely to your needs.

** Trainer Battles / PvP **

Whether you are a PvP veteran or you want to start diving into the battles with other trainers, Calcy helps you finding the right monster for it.

In fights against other players all attacks deal different damage then usually. Calcy calculates the damage per turn accordingly in these fights.

Moreover, due to the CP limit for PvP leagues, the optimal IV for PvP fights are very specific combinations that may be hard to find. Calcy calculates these optimal IV and tells you for every monster how close it is to perfection (the so called “PvP Rank” or “PvP IV”).

** Battle Simulation & Raid Counters **

Calcy’s battle simulator will calculate the perfect battle team from all of your monsters for every raid. It is accessible by simply scanning a raid boss or pressing the overlay button a bit longer and then tapping the green raid boss symbol.

Calcy not only shows you how to beat the boss but also exactly how much damage you do. This allows you to decide whether you may need 2, 3 or 4 people for this raid. Of course, this calculation takes the different moves, weather and friendship buffs into account.

You can easily find the recommendations directly in the game with the help of a generated search string.

+++++ The battle simulator always works with high precision and includes the Breakpoints of your monsters (the next level where the damage of your attack-moves increases) +++++

** Renaming **

Calcy automatically generates a nickname based on many adjustable blocks (containing e.g. IV, move types, DPS, and PvP stats) and copies it to your clipboard. Then you can easily insert it in the game.”