3 Best Police Scanner App For Android 2019

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If you are looking for the Best Police Scanner App For Android 2019 to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 3 Best Police Scanner App For Android 2019 that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 3 Best Police Scanner App For Android 2019, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

3 Best Police Scanner App For Android 2019

1. Police Notes

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“This app is designed in mind for Police Officers, Investigators, Detectives, Security Officers, Correctional Officers, and anyone else in the Security or Law Enforcement field.

Streamline the process of a field interview by having it all in one place! No more taking out a pen, fiddling with paper, or dealing with bad handwriting. Make your phone your own personal office!

Save paper and hassle by compiling good, general information in a nice, central location. For example, do you need to interview four members of a family who just experienced a home invasion AND do you have to take some photos? Well then this app may be just what you need!

By using this app, Police Notes in a situation like this can allow you with ease and simplicity to store the information that you need from each person in a back to back fashion, and at your appropriate time will allow you to take and store images for future analyzing, all in one place!

Police Notes includes the following features:

– Record various information from interviewee(s) such as residency verification, vehicle information, age, height, etc.

– Simple way to label the interviewee(s) as either a suspect, witness, or victim of a crime or situation.

– Export reports in .TXT and .PDF formats. Can be viewed immediately after creation!

– All reports that are successfully saved can be easily viewed and edited from within the app.

– Email integration. In addition to exporting reports, you can also email them from within the app as well! No sign-in required!

– A simple and easy design flow that gets straight to the point.

– Virtually no memory overhead.

– No registration process!

– Small file size.

– Unlimited reports!

– Highly customizable!

– Mugshot/photo system integration.

– Constant improvements based on feedback and user data.




How it works: To make a report, press the “new report” button and the screen will automatically slide to a new page with report information for you to fill. Once you are done and happy with the information, you can save the report and then view it by going back to the menu and pressing “load report”. You can also export your report as a .TXT or .PDF document or email the export with no sign-in required, it’s that simple!

To take a picture or mugshot, simply tap the “Add Photos” button under the summary section and tap the box for photo 1. THIS IS IMPORTANT, PLEASE FOLLOW THE PICTURES IN ORDER, DO NOT SKIP A NUMBER OR YOU MAY ENCOUNTER GLITCHES IN THAT REPORT!! ALSO, REFRAIN FROM USING THE SAME EXACT REPORT NAME IF YOU ARE TAKING PICTURES BECAUSE ONCE YOU SAVE IT THOSE PICTURES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN (the report won’t get overwritten, just the pictures).

If done correctly, these pictures will stay with the report.

If you would like to create a badge that replaces the default one in the new PDF export style, please google “online badge creators”. I have also pasted some links for reference:







Disclaimer: Currently, this application does *NOT* in any way, shape, or form, grant you access to LEADS, NLETS, NCIC or any other local, state, or federal crime databases (however, this does not mean we won’t consider merging specific databases with our app). This app is solely intended to organize and secure field interview notes for future reference and analyzing by a party or parties.”

2. Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner

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“Listen to live audio from over 7,000 fire and police scanners, weather radios, amateur radio repeaters, air traffic and marine radios from around the world. Turn on notifications to receive alerts anytime a scanner has more than 2000 listeners (find out about major events as they’re breaking).


• View scanners located nearest you.
• View the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners.
• View list of scanners added most recently (new scanners are being added all the time).
• Add scanners you listen to the most to your Favorites for quick access.
• Browse the directory by location or genre (public safety, air traffic, railroad, marine, etc).
• Turn on notifications to be notified when major events are happening (details below).
• Add Scanner Radio widgets and shortcuts to your home screen for quick access.
• Supports Android Auto.


Receive a notification anytime:

• …any scanner in the directory has more than 2000 listeners (configurable).
• …a scanner within a certain distance of your location has more than a certain number of listeners.
• …a specific scanner has more than a certain number of listeners.
• …a Broadcastify alert is posted for one of your favorites.
• …a scanner within a certain distance from you is added to the directory.

This is the free version of the app, below are the benefits of purchasing the Pro version (for only $2.99, a one-time purchase):

• No ads.
• Access to all 6 theme colors.
• Push notifications sent within 5 minutes (vs within 15 minutes).
• Ability to record the audio.
• The play button at the bottom of the directory screens and on the widgets can be used to start listening without having to go to the player screen.

The audio you’re able to hear is provided by volunteers (and, in many cases, police and fire departments themselves) for Broadcastify and a few other sites using real police scanners and is the same audio you would hear using your own police scanner.

If you need assistance, please go to http://support.gordonedwards.net/

Explanation of why a couple of permissions are needed:

• The “Location” permission is required so that the app can determine what scanners are located in your area when you select “Nearby Scanners”. When you select “Nearby Scanners” the app first attempts to determine your location via the network, if that fails the app then tries to determine your location via GPS.

• The “Photos/Media/Files” / “modify or delete the contents of your USB storage” permission is required in order to allow you to record the audio you’re hearing and be able to save it to a location that you can access from your computer (requires Scanner Radio Pro to be installed or for you to be using Scanner Radio Pro).”

3. Broadcastify Police Scanner

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“Broadcastify is world’s largest source of scanner radio communication streams.

Features include:

– Full access to the Broadcastify network of over 6,700+ police, fire/EMS, aviation, rail, marine and amateur radio streams
– Search by name and location
– Show feeds near your location
– Favorites list
– Push notifications for major incidents
– Real time updated statistics for all streams
– Listings for feeds with alerts, new feeds, and top 25 feeds
– Full access to up to 180 days of archives for Broadcastify Premium Subscribers
– No ads for Broadcastify Premium Subscribers (Login Required)”