5 Best Powerpoint Remote Control App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Powerpoint Remote Control App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Powerpoint Remote Control App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Powerpoint Remote Control App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Powerpoint Remote Control App For iPhone

1. Clicker – Presentation Remote

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“Clicker turns your iPhone into WiFi remote presentation controller which works with Windows, Linux and Mac.

It supports a wide range of popular presentation software including PowerPoint, Keynote, LibreOffice Impress and Google Slides.

NOTE. For the application to work Clicker Desktop App (https://bit.ly/clicker-desktop) should be running on your PC.


– automatically finds available computers in the local network
– connect manually to computer in the remote network
– supports Windows, Linux and OS X
– lightweight protocol makes sure there are no lags when you click
– play videos with mouse click support (remote trackpad)
– point on important stuff with mouse (remote trackpad)
– remote volume control (presentations with audio and video)
– see your slides on your phone (remote screen preview)
– see speaker notes for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations”

2. MyPoint PowerPoint Remote

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“Remote control PowerPoint presentations on your computer.
Features include slide browser, display of current slide, notes, and preview of next slides.
Extended features (marker and timer) available via In App purchase.

MyPoint PowerPoint Remote improves the slideshow for both the presenter and the audience in many ways:

– No need for the presenter to turn around and break eye contact with the audience, a quick glance at the iPhone / iPod /iPad is sufficient to see the content of the current slide.
– The presenter doesn’t need a mouse or keyboard to transition to the next slide.
– Important comments or notes on a slide won’t be forgotten – the notes for the actual slide are visible to the presenter.
– The presenter can take a look at the preview of the next slides and knows already what comes next before the slide is shown.
– Requests from the audience to go back to a certain slide can be fulfilled in an instant. The presenter can flip through the slides and pick the one that is requested.


* Slide navigation: back / next / goto slide via slide browser
* Display on iPhone: Current slide, notes, preview of next 3 slides
* Network connection: Wifi, auto-detection via Bonjour
* Slideshows: Supports slideshows with notes, animations, and different screen ratio’s (e.g. widescreen)

Extended features (available via In App purchase):

* Use it as a pointer for the current slide. A laser pointer is not needed any more
* Annotate or mark the slide with the pen in different colors

* Progress bar, elapsed and remaining time let’s you keep track of your time.
* Set duration per slide/presentation or use the timings stored in your PowerPoint presentation
* Can use the slide timings recorded via the PowerPoint rehearsal function

You also need to install a small application on your computer, which can be downloaded at: http://didonai.com/download.html

Currently supported:
* PowerPoint 2003, 2007, and 2010 on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2003
* PowerPoint 2004, 2008, and 2011 on OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
For more details see http://didonai.com/products.html

iOS device and computer have to be connected to the same WiFi network.”

3. Power Remote Pro: PPT Clicker

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“5 Design Awards & 60% OFF for limited time.
#Most Stable:The only Powerpoint controller app supporting Dual-Channel Tech: Never lost connection during presentation.

Power Remote Pro is a powerful PowerPoint/Keynote/Google Slides/PDF/Word clicker for Windows & Mac, supporting Dual-Channel Tech, Internet Connection, Previews and Notes, Auto Host Detection, 1sec connect and Mouse Control.
(We have hidden an Easter egg in the end)

#Product Features and Services:

•Dual-Channel-Connection: Never lost connection during presentation
By using the exclusive and revolutionary Dual-Channel technology, every operation and every byte of data is transmitted via both Internet and LAN simultaneously, which makes this app incredibly and incomparably stable.

•Notes and previews in Real-Time
Asynchronized loading technique makes the Powerpoint notes and previews display in real-time, following your presentation without any delay. It is the fastest preload technology ever.
(Not supported with Google slide)

•Work alone on either channel
Dual-Channel also means that the two channels are able to work alone. As long as one channel works, this app works, maximumly eliminating your anxiety and risk when facing to different and complicate environment.

•Much more accurate than physical remote
The Asynchronized-Coding-Validation-Tech validate each of your operations, which makes it more precise and reliable than physical remote.

•1 Sec Connect & Automatic Host Detection
The best way of connection is let your iPhone find your computer automatically.

•Distance-limitless Controling:
The Internet-Connection-Mode enables Power Remote to remote control smoothly from every signal corner of the world, without any space and distance’s restriction.

We have achieved Internet-Connection feature while most of other similar remote controllers are still demanding the phone and the computer to be connected under the same network. Now it’s absolutely a revolution to replace the traditional physical remote controller with our innovative and unique tech.

•Most advanced User Interface Design

•Windows & Mac | Mouse Control | NO In-App Purchases | Quick Tech Support | PowerPoint & Keynote

##Easter egg
If you’ve been asked to design a remote-controlling app for PowerPoint, what would you do?

We’ve spent 6 months consulting 126 speechmakers from 16 countries, including some TED speakers, to listen to them, to understand what they really need. And then we’ve spent 68 days to design the interaction and technical detail, and another 92 days to make a breakthrough in Dual-Channel and Asynchronous Validation. Finally, we’ve spent 102 days to run a massive test. It was not until every button and line of this app was placed where they should be, not until we found all our test users smiling with confidence on stage, not until our users are in close communion with our product that we finally signed our name: Wayhold.

Because we always know, what our products have been influencing is not only our users themselves, but also the millions of people that our users influence.”

4. PPT Remote Pro: PPT Presenter

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“PPT Remote Pro is a powerful PowerPoint/Keynote/Google Slides controller on your iPhone, supporting 1-sec Connection, Automatic Detection and Realtime Mouse Control. This is the one and only PPT controlling app you are ever gonna need.

289 Days and nights, over 100 drafts have been discarded, and finally here comes the best design of powerpoint controlling apps ever. Every line, every corner, every button, every action and reaction, every single detail, has been carefully considered and designed, just to help you to make a perfect presentation.

Features and Services:

•Automatic Host Detection:
We tried our best to simplify the connection between your iPhone and computer. And the best way to do it is to let your iPhone find your computer automatically.

•Extremely Stable with Dual-Channel Technology:
Exclusive Dual-Channel(internet and LAN) technology has been used to prevent your presentation from being interrupted or interfered by network jam.

•1-sec Connection:
Just 1 second, your iPhone can be used as a PowerPoint or Keynote controller.

•Realtime Mouse Control:
You can control the mouse on your screen with very low latency and high accuracy, even in a bad network condition.

•1 Page Design:
You can do all the controlling action in one page, because we strongly believe that less is more.

•Quick Tech Support:
We have setup a professional technical support team just to make sure you can get this app worked. We value your problem and opinion so much that we promise we will reply every single email that you send us. And of course, it is COMPLETELY FREE.

•We design apps for human:
There is COMPLETELY NO frustrating In-App Purchases in PPT Remote. Once you get it, you get it all forever.

•Support Mac & Windows :
Even the newest Mac system sierra and windows 10.

System Requirements:
-iOS 8 or later
-macOS 10.11 or later
-windows 7 or later”

5. Universal Presenter Remote

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“Using a presentation remote instead of advancing your slides manually can allow you to connect with audiences and utilize your presentation space more effectively, but you typically had to buy your own or hope the venue you were presenting at had one on hand. Fear no more, UPR has you covered!

All you need is the presenting computer, your iOS device or Apple Watch, and an internet connection. UPR allows you to control the presentation computer to advance your slides remotely from anywhere in the world. Simply install the UPR Controller application on the presenting computer and enter the token into the iOS App and you’ll be presenting in no time.

Universal Presenter Remote natively supports both iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch with comprehensive instructions that make setup a breeze. Companion applications and further instruction can be found at https://universalpresenterremote.com.”