8 Best Quran Tajweed App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Quran Tajweed App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 8 Best Quran Tajweed App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 8 Best Quran Tajweed App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

8 Best Quran Tajweed App For iPhone

1. iQuran

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“iQuran X offers you the complete Quran with color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation), verse by verse and word by word translation, recitation, bookmarks, notes, tags, filters, search, awesome navigation and more.

No adverts. No subscriptions. No holding back.

iQuran is absolutely free to use. You can optionally upgrade one-off any time to Pro in order to enhance your experience by gaining unlimited bookmarks & notes, additional last-read sessions & audio sessions, additional secondary translations and more.

* Full Quran with more than 35 Translations

* Advanced full-text search engine. Supports “sounds-like” matching to find similar sounding words, such as all occurances of “Muhammad”, “Mohammad”, “Mohamed” across translations without requiring you to remember exact spellings.

* Word by Word english translation for every word of the Quran. Learn and understand the meaning of each word like never before.

* Color coded Tajweed (Pronunciation): Ghunna, Ikhfa, Idgham, Iqlab and Qalqalah. The first app in the world to offer color coded Tajweed using our very own state of the art Dynamic Rendering Engine.

* Bookmarks, Notes and Tags along with iCloud sync for all your devices. Create custom tags to tag verses and later filter on these verses.

* Automatic Last Reading Sessions. One-tap access to all of the verses and surahs you’ve been reading, directly from the home screen.

* Automatic Audio Sessions. Resume from where you last left without extra effort.

* Surah Info viewer. Tap on the name within the Surah screen to pull up a “In this Surah” picker. Displays all your bookmarks, hizbs, juzz stops or verses with sajdas.

* Multiple Font Sizes for both Arabic Script and Translations

* Secondary Translations to quickly view and compare multiple translations for the same verse on a long-press.

* 39 Translations plus Al-Muyassar and Jalal-ad-din Arabic Tafsir: English (Saheeh International, M. Khan, Y. Ali, Pickthal, Shakir, Mhd. Asad, Transliteration), French, German, Indonesian, Melayu, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Bosnian, Urdu, Farsi, Italian, Dutch, Albanian, Romanian, Japanese, Bangla, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Bulgarian, Hindi, Korean, Czech, Swedish, Thai, Polish, Portuguese, Uzbek and Norwegian

* Split index screen with scrollable Surahs and Sections (Hezb, Juzz / Para)

* Tap and hold Verse Options Sheet: Bookmark, Note, Share, Copy or use it to view translation from a translator other than the currently selected one

* Quick verse switching using a unique and easy to use Fast Scroll display

* Gapless (continuous) verse by verse recitation by: Mahmoud Al Husary, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Saood & Shuraim, Sa’ad Al Ghamdi, Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree, Mahir Al-Muayqali, Mishary Al-Afasy and Muhammad Siddiq Al Minshawi

* Complete Audio controls using our redesigned Mini Player

* Recitation Speed Control

* Advanced audio repeat options to help with memorization: repeat a single verse multiple times, repeat on reaching the end of a surah or select a range of verses to loop over

* AirPlay support

* Background audio playback with complete support for iPod remote control (i.e. multi-tasking bar)

* Siri Shortcuts. Add a siri voice shortcut to the Surah(s) you frequently read.

* Quranic Supplications, covering various topics such as: Faith, Submission, Praise, Patience, Forgiveness, Family, Provisions, Knowledge, Thanks and Protection

* Surah Al-Kahf reminders on Fridays

* Easy access Stop Signs screen from any surah, explaining the meaning of the different Stop Symbols used in the Quran

* Siri Shortcuts

* Much, much more

Already an “iQuran Pro” user? Simply ensure you have the latest version of iQuran Pro installed in order to transfer your Pro status to this app.”

2. Learn Quran Tajwid

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“Learn to recite Arabic Quran + Improve tajweed and makharij

All in one app to study how to recite the Quran. With technology, learning how to recite the Quran is better, easier, and faster than ever!

Learn Quran Tajwid provides comprehensive lessons: from very basic topics to advanced Tajweed lessons, making this app suitable for learners at all levels: whether you don’t know at all how to recite the Quran, or you have been able to recite but want to improve your tajweed and makhraj, i.e. tahsin.

Learn Quran Tajwid is designed so that you can study with a teacher or by yourself. It is developed with high concern for quality. Our mission is to give the ummah the best tool to learn to recite the Quran!

1. The Alphabet
2. The Fat-Hah
3. The Kasrah
4. The Dhammah
5. Similar Pronunciations
6. Cursive Writing
7. The Sukoon
8. The Shaddah
9. The Tanween
10. Madd Asli
11. The Very Long Madd
12. The Rules of Stopping (Waqf)
13. The Waqf Signs
14. The Rules of نْ and Tanween
15. The Rules of مْ
16. Points of Articulation (مَخَارِجۡ)
17. The Hamzatul Wasl (ٱ)
18. Madd Far’i
19. Advanced Idghaam
20. Natures of Letters
21. Thick and Thin ر
22. Special Verses
23. Waqf and Ibtida’

+ Theory: Explanations and examples of the topic to learn fundamental knowledge.
+ Practice: Practice system to master the topic.
+ Test: Measure your comprehension by testing what you’ve learned.

+ Voice: Voice narration of the Arabic words, so you can learn the correct pronunciation of the script
+ Practice Helps: Transliteration of the Arabic text and topic highlight. These features can be turned on and off as you wish
+ Recording: Voice recording to allow you to compare your recitation to the voice-over or to be evaluated by your teacher later.
+ Quranic Examples: Examples used in the theories, practices, and tests are taken from the Quranic verses to familiarize learners with Quranic words
+ Bookmark: Mark a lesson or your progress by long-press the list item
+ Pictures & Video: Explaining makharij needs a picture. Explaining ishmam needs video. All is in Learn Quran
+ Overview Quiz: Assessment to find out how well you know tajwid
+ etc.

The beautiful voices in Learn Quran Tajwid belong to a sanad-certified hafiz and award-winning Quran reciter. The app has been checked by prominent Quran scholars. We want you to learn from the experts!

Millions of people in more than 280 countries have used Learn Quran Tajwid. Every day, thousands of people use Learn Quran Tajwid. It is also available in another mobile operating system. If you have feedback, email us at contact@learn-quran.co

RECOMMENDATION: Use on iPad, especially if learning with a teacher

– This app offers in-app subscriptions for monthly, annually, and lifetime purchases.
– For subscriptions, it will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
– Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase
– Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Terms of use: https://tajwid.learn-quran.co/terms-of-use
Privacy policy: http://tajwid.learn-quran.co/privacy-policy”

3. Quran – Colour Coded Tajweed

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“13 line colour-coded Tajweed Quran app using high-resolution images.


1. Viewable in portrait.
2. Ability to save to bookmarks.
3. Ability to save favourites.
4. Search by Surah

I deliberately at this stage avoided many features and addons that other Quran apps have i.e. Audio. It is meant to be a plain and simple Tajweed app that replicates a real Mushaf [The book that contains the Quran], period!

Please use the following contact form to let me know about any issues: http://www.meaningofquran.com/contact/

JazakAllah. Remember me in your dua’s as you read. Please let others know about this app.”

4. Quran Tajweed Pro | مصحف تجويد

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“* Musshaf Tajweed Riwayat Hafs An Asem

* Listen to the Quran and possibility to repeat the Ayah or/and The Surah many times

* Read Text Translation of the Holy Quran meanings for more than 20 languages.

* Audio translation
ENGLISH – Sahih International (audio)
URDU (audio)
PERSIAN (audio)
Azerbaijani (audio)
Français – Hamidullah (audio)
TURC – Diyanet Isleri (audio)
INDENESIAN – Bahasa Indonesia (audio)
Bosnian – Besim Korkut (audio)
Urdu Word for Word Translation (audio)

* Read 8 Tafsir Arabic ( Muyasser, Saadi, Ibn Kathir, Kortobi, Tabari , Baghawi , Jalalayn and Tahrir w Tanwir Taher Ben Achour)

* Listen to Tafsir Al Muyasser in arabic (Audio)

* Daily notification ayah.

* Simple navigation between Surahs, Hizb, Juzz’ and/or pages.

* Search in the Arabic Quran text, Translation or Tafsir and display results, and jump to the desired ayah quickly.

* Multilanguage app

* Bookmarks for your pages.

* Add Note for your desired ayah

* Download audio.

* Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

* Thank ALLAH Almighty to accomplish this application.

يقوم تطبيقنا بعرض القرآن الكريم بالرسم العثماني برواية حفص عن عاصم مع إظهار أحكام التجويد مع ربط الآيات بالعديد من الخدمات والمعلومات منها:

•سبعة تفاسير باللغة العربية (التفسير الميسر و السعدي وابن كثير والقرطبي والطبري والتحرير والتنوير للطاهر بن عاشور والبغوي)

• الإستماع لتلاوة القرآن الكريم بصورة تفاعلية ميسرة بصوت العديد من مشاهير القراء

•ترجمة صوتية (مسموعة) لعدة تراجم

•إستماع التفسير الميسر

•ترجمة نصية (مقروءة) لمعاني القرآن بعديد اللغات.

•إعراب القرآن الكريم لقاسم حميد دعاس.

•إمكانية تكرار تلاوة الآية أو السورة أكثر من مرة

•يعرض تطبيقنا الإنتقال المباشر بين سور ,أحزاب ، أرباع وأجزاء وصفحات المصحف الشريف.

•تتوفر في تطبيقنا خدمة البحث في نصوص القرآن الكريم مع سهولة استعراض نتائج البحث والتنقل بينها.

•واجهة تطبيقنا متوفرة بعديد اللغات.

•يمكنك تطبيقنا من وضع علامات وقوف عند كل صفحة.

•يمكنك تطبيقنا من إضافة ملاحظة عند كل أية

•إمكانية تحميل القرآن

نشكر الله عز وجل الذي وفقنا بفضله لإنجاز هذا التطبيق.”

5. “Quran Tajweed: English, Arabic”

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“Quran in English, Arabic and Transliteration

This application gives you the ability to read 114 Suras on your Iphone / Ipad / Ipod Touch.

=> Content:
– 114 suras of the Quran to read in English, Arabic and Transliteration

=> The text is:
– English
– Arabic
– Transliteration

=> Text can be displayed:
– English
– Arabic
– Arabic / English
– Arabic / Transliteration
– Arabic / English / Transliteration

=> No Internet connection is required to read the Quran

=> Features:
– Research on the titles of the suras and sura numbers
– Index and full-text content of the suras Search
– Automatic Bookmark for every sura both in text
– Manage favorites
– Adjust the size and font of the text for the entire application
– Share with facebook, twitter … Surahs you enjoy”

6. Tajweed Al Quran Kareem 16 Lin

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“Quran Majeed is an amazing Quran app that beautifies your life with the blessing of reading and listening to the Quran on the go. The latest version of the authentic Quran Majeed app for iPhone and iPad offers complete Quran

This Quran app (القران) is great for anyone who just wants to read the Holy Quran or its translation but it is especially useful for those with a general interest in the Arabic language to understand Allah’s words in true meanings.

While having all the best features of any Quran App, you can take notes and collect verses in collections of same topics and all is saved.It has no cost, just absolutely free.

Download the Best Quran App in the world – Crystal Clear Text, Colour & Black n White mode, Audio, Bookmark Anywhere, Multiple Reciters and Translations.

Quran 16 Line is an intuitive Quran app that enables you to read in the classic 16 Line script with interactive audio and translation features. The 16 Line Quran is used by millions of sub-continent muslims across India, Pakistan, South Africa, UK, USA and around the world. Simply tap and hold on any ayah to play the recitation, memorize, bookmark or view the translation.

This is a digital version of the 16 line Hifzi Quran familiar to Muslims from south Asia. The new version has been written ground up aiming to provide excellent user experience and appealing design with actual book like interface. A number of new features has been added on top of what the old version of the app provided.

Glance at Quran App Features

– High quality clear and legible images.
– Introduce 5+ Quran App Translations
– You can use zoom feature while reading Quran translation
– Draw/mark any where on a page using different colors. Helps huffaz and learners mark their mistakes.
– Easy navigation by Juz, Surah, Ayah or Page.
– Use slider to jump to a page
– Jump directly to Rub, Nisf or Thalatha of a Juz.
– Remembers last page on exit.
– Continuous back light.
– Bookmarks with bookmark tagging
– Drag and drop bookmark editing
– Information such as Ruku Number, Waqf Lazim, Rub, Nisf, Thalatha and more on the margin.
– Swipe to turn pages
– Notes on stickys
– Milestones indicators
– Natural book like interface


– The app includes Free translations listed below:

Arabic – Muyassar

Bengali – Muhiuddin Khan

English – Saheeh International

English – Taqi Usmani

Urdu – Urdu Jalandry

– More to come in future inshaAllah…

This is a free app and will always be, with no ads. If you have any feedback for how we can improve the app, you can reach us at:


All customers are welcome to use free features. If you want to access pro features then we offer 3 auto-renewing subscription options on either a 1, 3 or 12 month basis.

Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period.

Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, for the price indicated above.

Read our terms of use for more information:
Terms of Use: https://www.privacypolicies.com/terms/view/68237bda8beeae140d2d63c47874716a

We sincerely thank you for all the encouraging feedback and positive emails from so many of you, please keep us in your prayers!”

7. Tajweed Quran – مصحف التجوید

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“NOTE: This app features the newest print from Daral Maarifah and unlike other apps, it is legally licensed. The print is of top most quality obtained directly from Daral Marifah. By purchasing this app, you can rest assured that you have bought an authentic Daral Maarifah product.

SHL info systems, in collaboration with Daral Maarifah, presents “ The most advanced Quran application ever made for a smart phone”.

This is a digital version of the popular color coded Mus’haf At-Tajweed published by Daral Maarifah. The new version has been written ground up aiming to provide excellent user experience and appealing design with actual book like interface. A number of new features has been added on top of what the old version of the app provided.

A special highlight of this app is the authentic translation in English by renowned Muslim scholar Hz. Mufti Taqi Muhammed Usmani db.

– High quality clear and legible images.
– Brief tajweed rule explaination in English
– Draw/mark any where on a page using different colors. Helps huffaz and learners mark their mistakes.
– Easy navigation by Juz, Surah, Ayah or Page.
– Type in the page number to go to.
– Remembers last page on exit.
– Continuous back light.
– Auto-rotate for landscape or portrait mode.
– Bookmarks with bookmark tagging
– Drag and drop bookmark editing
– Information such as Hizb and Sajda and more on the margin.
– Swipe to turn pages
– 12 free gapless audio recitations with option to purchase additional recitations. New reciters are added every few days. Currently we have: Shaykh Abu Bakar As-Shatri, Shaykh Saud As-Shuraim, Shaykh Muhammed Ayyub, Shaykh Khalil Al-Hussary, Shaykh As Sudais, Shaykh Abdullah Matrood, Shaykh Salah Bukhatir, Shaykh Abdul Muhsin, Shaykh Salah Al Budair, Shaykh Al Juhayni, Shaykh Abdul Basit (Mujawwad & Murattal), Sheikh Hudaify, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ajmi, Sheikh Ali Jabir, Mishary Al-Afasy, Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly, Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamady, Sheikh Muhammed Al-Minshawi, Sheikh Nabil Ar-Rifai, Sheikh Adil Al-Kalbani, Sheikh Mohamed Al-Tablawi, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Nada, Dr. Ahmed Nuaina, Sheikh Hani Ar Rifai, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Hadi Kanakeri, Yahya Hawwa, Salah Hashim, Khaled Al Qahtani and Fares Abbad. More coming soon inshaAllah.
– Audio recitation includes repeatition and grouping of multiple ayaahs to aid memorization
– Notes on stickys
– Milestones indicators
– Translations by Mufti Taqi Usmani and Maulana Fateh Muhammed Jalandhari
– Tafseer Al Maysar in Arabic
– English and Arabic languages with option to set only labels (Surah, Ayaah etc. ) and numbers in Arabic
– Hovering options on ayaah highlighting
– Natural book like interface
– Full screen mode
– Search within Quran text and translations

SHL Info Systems is committed to deliver quality applications.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Holy Quran moshaf Koran Ramadan Ramazan Masjid Mosque Ramzan مجاني mus’haf المصحف Islam Muslim zikar azkaar Taraweeh Sahoor Iftar Tajweed Koran Mushaf القران الكريم اسلام قران الكريم مصحف مسلم معلم علم المعلم الجوال قراءه تجوید احكام التجوید مصحف قراءة القرآن الكريم كريم قرآن الكريم المجود الاكتروني الشريف السديس الشريم قطر رمضان تراويح ختمه المسجد مسجد مشاري العفاسي الله اكبر اذكار افطار سحور”

8. Tajweed Quran-Recitation Rules

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“Tajweed Quran is an iOS application which is designed with the aim to facilitate Muslims around the world to enlighten with the correct pronunciation of Holy Quran.Tajweed or the rules for the recitation of Quran is the core part to understand the Holy book of Quran in the way in which Allah Almighty has asked us to act upon.

What’s New?
New user interface with amazing features to make App more useful.

The main screen consists:
What tajweed is and why correct pronunciation of divine verses is important.

Makhuraj ul Huroof:
This section teaches the way in which the Arabic alphabets should be pronounce whilst recitation of Quran Al Hakeem.

Stopping Signs:
In any language punctuation signs matters and same is for Quran in which to understand the Arabic language stopping signs are the gateway. All the stopping signs and their description are included in this section.

Components of Tajweed:
All Arabic letters are covered in this section for Muslim users understanding.

Rules of Tajweed:
Premium section for the further understanding of users.

Other features include user friendly interface, collection of useful content and share option to spread the info.

Download this app and be blessed with the accurate recitation of the divine book sent on the last messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”