4 Best Rowing Machine iPhone App

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If you are looking for the Best Rowing Machine iPhone App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Rowing Machine iPhone App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Rowing Machine iPhone App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Rowing Machine iPhone App

1. asensei

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“Workout with your Concept 2, WaterRower or FluidRower rowing machine. Be guided by world-class athletes and instructors. Follow structured training programs to improve yourself and your times or just choose your own workout. asensei customizes challenges to meet your capability and pushes you to your potential.

asensei guides and monitors your practice on and off your rowing machine. More than a workout, this is a series of lessons – build strength and fitness alongside skill and technique as you are guided, monitored and corrected through these programs by your very own personal coach, asensei.

asensei talks to the monitor on your rowing machine. She reads force curves, analyzes your performance and uses that to inform your practice. Are you losing power at higher stroke rates? Are you losing length when you’re tired? Do you find it hard to hold lower stroke rates consistently? Are you rushing the recovery? Compensating for poor leg drive with over-use of your arms?

asensei knows. And she’ll be sure to let you know.

Practice. Perfected.


PROGRAMS, PERSONALIZED: there’s a program for you whether it’s a 2km, 6km or 30min challenge you are looking for. Designed to challenge, improve and adapted for you.

COACHING, UNPARALLELED: Say hello to the world´s best coaches. Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Murray, British Rowing, Johan Quie, Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing. They set the work; asensei makes it work for you. Watching, responding, adjusting, encouraging – just as they would.

ANALYSIS, DELIVERED: Row – record – watch – rewind – remember. The old ways are over. asensei watches you move, as you move, responds in the moment and evaluates over time.


* Beginners – if you are new to rowing learn correct technique and be challenged as you workout.
* Intermediate rowers – refresh your skills, learn new tips, get back into the groove and take things to the next level.
* High-school or college athletes who wish to get win a seat in the boat, get recruited, or compete nationally and internationally.
* Indoor Rowers or Crossfit (TM) athletes who wish to improve their indoor rowing technique and scores.
* Those who want to get fitter and stronger with the excitement of a studio fitness class and the attention of a personal trainer


Requires a compatible rowing machine:
* Concept 2 with a PM5 performance monitor
* WaterRower with an S4 performance monitor and a Bluetooth ComModule
* FluidRower with a Bluetooth console.

We connect to the Health app to monitor heart rate on some workouts.


“I was fortunate enough to have great coaches from the very beginning of my rowing career. This meant I wasn’t taking thousands of bad rowing strokes, ingraining bad habits. The potential for asensei to provide quality feedback before bad habits are formed is really exciting”, Helen Glover, 2x Olympic Gold Medallist and World #1 Rower.

“Just when you thought (sports) technology couldn’t get any cooler, along comes asensei”, CBS Television

“… the next frontier in the fitness tech revolution … a wildly ambitious goal … able to guide you through everything from form and recovery to metrics and goals while improving your individual results … future of personal training”, Men’s Health

Here’s what users had to say:

“someone keeping an eye on you the whole time is really cool because … it keeps you honest, keeps you on track in a way that I don’t think a coach normally can unless you are doing a one on one session, so it was the benefit of a one on one, with the class dynamic, which I really like!”

“It’s a cool product. I’ve never ever seen anything like that. In 5 minutes I learned how to row, I thought I was doing it right, but I wasn’t”

“(asensei) said don’t worry there’s a bunch of exercises I’m going to give to you afterwards that are going to help you on that. … that’s amazing. … this is not just about now, it’s like building a relationship.””

2. ErgZone

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“ErgZone is an app made for athletes using Concept2 indoor equipment: Rower, BikeErg, and SkiErg.

Why ErgZone?

We have created this app so athletes can focus on their workout instead of spending time manually configuring the PM5 monitor, making calculations for heart rate and interval pace, scrolling through the PM5 monitor memory to take photos and manually input the information at Concept2 LogBook.

– Discover content from partner coaches
– Concept2 Workout of the Day available every day
– Based on benchmark times, we estimate the duration of each workout
– No more setting up intervals manually on the PM5 monitor: when connected, just press “connect to PM5” and the app will do it for you. Then, all you have to do is start moving.
– Easy comparison between intervals by displaying a list of intervals with live stats: time, meters, pace, spm/rpm, calories, watts, SPI, heart rate percentage and zone.
– Calculation of suggested pace per interval: based on benchmarks (1k, 2k, 5k for Rower and SkiErg, 2k, 4k, 10k for BikeEg), each interval will display the suggested pace (when provided on the workout details)
– Live signals when split time or rpm/spm or pace are under or above suggested.
– Automatically uploads the results to Concept2 LogBook.
– Workouts by Time, Distance and Calories
– Undefined rest: erg machines with weights made easy
– Bookmark your favorite workouts
– Heart Rate: Maximum HR and Resting HR can be stored at the app for live HR%.
– Competitions
– Free content produced by our partner coaches: every week one free workout per coach
– ErgFlix: follow along workouts where you watch coaches rowing so you can just follow while watching your metrics
– Beyond PM5 metrics : along with meters, time, pace and HR, ErgZone displays real time strokes count, DF, Cals, Watts, SPI, HR Zone

– Concept2 Indoor Rower, BikeErg, SkiErg equipped with PM5 monitor
– iPhone or iPad
– Motivation”

3. ic.row

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“The ic.row app elevates your fitness routine with an immersive, virtual rowing experience on the Concept2 rower. Train solo or with friends, connecting live over the app’s shared audio channel. Invite teammates into group workouts where you move the boat together to chase down the ic.row ducks calibrated to challenge you throughout your entire row.

Compatible with your iPhone or iPad, the ic.row app connects directly to your Concept 2 indoor rower via bluetooth, making it easy to access the river, your teammates, and your workouts from home, the gym, or on the road.

Ic.row is also compatible with Concept2 Logbook and automatically uploads your workout results to Logbook when you end a rowing session.

Ic.row brings your indoor rower onto the water with a realistic river course filled with bridges, boathouses, mountains and more. The speed of the boat matches yours and your teammates’ input, creating the ultimate rowing experience.

Other Features:

Individual and Team Practice Management:
– Organize group rows and team practices with ic.row’s practice scheduling tool
– Invite friends and teammates to join scheduled rows on the app
ic.row surfaces individual splits and the collective boat split
– Create custom rowing workouts for you and your team, including intervals, rest and total meters or time

Shared Audio Channel
– Talk live with your teammates during your row
– Include your coxswain in team workouts on the indoor rower
– Rowers can join a group row via audio only even if they don’t have a Concept2 rower

– Compatible with the Concept2 rowing machine with PM5 performance monitor
– Connects to PM5 via bluetooth
– Bluetooth headphones for optimized experience
– The desire to have fun while working out
– Users on Concept2 without PM5, WaterRower, FluidRower, Hydrow and other rowing machines can join group rows in audio-only mode to experience the river without hardware integration”

4. Row House – Indoor Rowing

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“Row House is a boutique fitness studio that offers a collection of rowing-based workouts guaranteed to make you sweat. Our immersive, energetic, low-impact workouts are designed to shred and tone your body in just 45-minutes.

View your personalized home screen
– Your customized home screen focuses on the information you want to see
– View your upcoming classes
– See your weekly goal progression
– Discover new coaches

Reserve classes and rowers
– Filter, favorite and find the perfect class at your Row House
– Book a rowing class directly in the app
– Reserve your favorite rowing machine
– View your upcoming classes in your schedule
– Manage your membership in the app

Discover new workouts, coaches, and studios
– Find new types of rowing workouts
– View coaches at your studio
– Use the interactive map to find a nearby studio

Join a waitlist
– Is your favorite coach or class 100% booked? Join the waitlist and get informed if a rower becomes available

Workout Tracking
– Apple Watch app allow you to view your schedule, check-in for class, and track your Row House workouts
– Integrates with the Apple Health app so you can view all your progress in one convenient place

Get rowing!”