4 Best Satellite Finder App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Satellite Finder App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Satellite Finder App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Satellite Finder App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Satellite Finder App For iPhone

1. Dish Align

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“Dish Align is a simple yet powerful app for alignment of the satellite dish. It allows you to select exact location of the dish and requested satellite, them shows you you can align the dish to get proper signals.
It has a built-in compass specially designed to simulate the dish as your iPhone, so you will get the exact direction of the dish to be pointed.

As of version 1.2, Dish Align supports dynamic satellite list. If changes need to be done to satellite list or a satellite positioned incorrectly, drop us a line in Feedback section.

There is a small ad at the bottom of page which keeps the production going and make the app free. However if you don’t like it, upgrade to No Ad version and all advertisements will be gone.”

2. Satellite Finder (Pro)

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The app helps you to align your satellite antenna. Based on your location and the selected satellite the app shows you in which horizontal and vertical direction you have to align your antenna. As an additional function you can check with the app if obstacles are interfering with the reception.
In the current version you can choose from more than 200 satellites.

Depending on your location the following satellites are available:

ABS 75° E
AMC 11
AMC 15
AMC 16
AMC 21
Al Yah 1
AlComSat 1
Amazonas 2
Amazonas 3
Amos 17
Amos 3
Amos 4
Amos 4° W
Amos 7
Anik 107.3° W
Anik F1
Anik F1R
Anik F2
Anik F3
Arabsat 30.5° E
Arabsat 5A
Arabsat 5C
Arabsat 6A
AsiaSat 5
Asiasat 6
Asiasat 7
Asiasat 9
Asiastar 1
Astra 19.2° E
Astra 1KR
Astra 1L
Astra 1M
Astra 1N
Astra 28.2° E
Astra 2E
Astra 2F
Astra 2G
Astra 3B
Astra 4A
Astra 5B
Azerspace 2
Badr 26° E
Badr 4
Badr 5
Badr 6
Badr 7
Brasilsat B4
ChinaSat 10
ChinaSat 6A
ChinaSat 6B
ChinaSat 9
Chinasat 11
Chinasat 12
Chinasat 16
Ciel 2
Directv 10
Directv 102.8° W
Directv 11
Directv 12
Directv 14
Directv 99° W
Echostar 10
Echostar 11
Echostar 110° W
Echostar 12
Echostar 14
Echostar 15
Echostar 16
Es’hail 1
Es’hail 2
Es’hail 25.5° E
Eutelsat 10A
Eutelsat 113 West A
Eutelsat 117 West A
Eutelsat 12 West B
Eutelsat 133 West A
Eutelsat 13° E
Eutelsat 16A
Eutelsat 172B
Eutelsat 21B
Eutelsat 33E
Eutelsat 36B
Eutelsat 3B
Eutelsat 48D
Eutelsat 5 West A
Eutelsat 7 West A
Eutelsat 70B
Eutelsat 7B
Eutelsat 7C
Eutelsat 7° E
Eutelsat 8 West B
Eutelsat 9B
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13E
Express 140° E
Express AM3
Express AM33
Express AM44
Express AM5
Express AM6
Express AM7
Express AM8
Express AMU1
Express AT1
Express AT2
GSAT 93.5° E
Galaxy 14
Galaxy 15
Galaxy 16
Galaxy 17
Galaxy 18
Galaxy 19
Galaxy 23
Galaxy 25
Galaxy 28
Galaxy 3C
HellasSat 2
HellasSat 3
HellasSat 39° E
HellasSat 4
Hispasat 30W-5
Hispasat 30W-6
Hispasat 30° W
Hispasat 74W-1
Horizons 1
Horizons 2
Hylas 1
Insat 4B
Insat 4CR
Intelsat 10-02
Intelsat 11
Intelsat 14
Intelsat 15
Intelsat 17
Intelsat 19
Intelsat 1R
Intelsat 20
Intelsat 21
Intelsat 22
Intelsat 25
Intelsat 28
Intelsat 31.5° W
Intelsat 33e
Intelsat 34
Intelsat 35e
Intelsat 36
Intelsat 37e
Intelsat 39
Intelsat 68.5° E
Intelsat 903
Intelsat 905
Intelsat 906
Intelsat 907
JCSat 3A
JCSat 4B
JCSat 5A
JCSat 6
Kazsat 2
Kazsat 3
Koreasat 5
Koreasat 6
LAOSat 1
Measat 3
Measat 3A
Measat 91.5° E
NSS 10
NSS 12
Nigcomsat 1R
Nilesat 201
Nimiq 1
Nimiq 4
Nimiq 5
Nimiq 6
Optus 10
Optus 156° E
Optus C1
Optus D1
Optus D2
Optus D3
Paksat-MM 1
Palapa D
QuetzSat 1
Rascom 1R
SES 11
SES 12
SES 14
SES 95° E
ST 2
Sky-Mexico 1
Star One C1
Star One C2
Star One C3
Telkom 2
Telkom 3S
Telstar 11N
Telstar 12V
Telstar 14R
Telstar 18
Thaicom 5
Thaicom 6
Thaicom 78.5° E
Thaicom 8
Thor 0.8° W
Thor 3
Thor 5
Thor 6
Thor 7
Thuraya 2
Turksat 3A
Turksat 42° E
Turksat 4A
Turksat 4B
Vinasat 1
Yamal 401
Yamal 402
Yamal 601

3. Satellite Finder in the Sky 3D

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“From the developers of the famous astronomical app Star Walk, winner of the Apple Design Award 2010, loved by more than 10 million users around the world.

Ever wanted to see the International Space Station crossing the sky or observe other man-made satellites in real-time? With Satellite Tracker, you can easily find out what satellites will soon be passing over your location and find them in the sky.

Main features:

• Select any of the 19,000+ satellites from the database
• Track satellites and view their flight paths in real-time
• Locate satellites in the sky above you like in Star Walk 2
• Plan your observations with the timetable of visible passes
• Hand-pick the passes you like to be notified of
• Study satellites’ detailed 3D models
• Enjoy the fly-with-satellite view

How to use the app?

► Select satellites from multiple categories: Space Stations, SpaceX’s Starlink, Communications, Weather & Earth Resources, etc. Use the “Globe view” to see a satellite’s current location on its orbit around the Earth.

► Consult the “Next pass” timer to always know how much time is left until the satellite you’re tracking flies over your location. Use the “Visible passes” list to get precise predictions about satellite passes in the days to come, set alerts to get notified about the passes.

► Choose the “Satellite view” mode to enjoy the image of a satellite flying over Earth with the real speed and correct location. Zoom in and out on the detailed 3D model of the satellite.

► Want to find satellites in real-time by yourself? Choose the “Sky view” mode and follow the pointer arrow – it will show you the satellite’s exact location in the night sky above you.

► Detect your location automatically, select it from the list, or enter the coordinates manually. Your location will be marked with a pin on the 3D globe, so you could always see where you are in relation to the moving satellites.

If you love science and astronomy, you will definitely have a great time tracking satellites with our app. It can become a fun and educational activity for your kids too!

The ISS is available by default. Other satellites become available after subscription.
The app contains ads which are removed after subscription.


With SATELLITES LIVE subscription you get instant ad-free access to real-time tracking of satellites orbiting the Earth, the timer for the next satellite pass, and alerts about the nearest flybys.

SATELLITES LIVE is a renewable subscription with a 1-week FREE trial that gives you access to content from within the app on an ongoing basis. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account. At the end of each subscription period (1 month), the subscription will automatically renew (until you choose to cancel it) and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of the current period. Users can manage their subscriptions in their account settings on the App Store.

Privacy policy: http://vitotechnology.com/privacy-policy.html
Terms of use: http://vitotechnology.com/terms-of-use.html

Never miss satellites passing by in the sky with Satellite Tracker!”

4. SatFinder

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“With SatFinder, you can set up your satellite antenna quickly and easily in four simple steps:

Select one of the three types of antennas:
– Offset antennas (the most common is slightly oval, the LNB is not in the middle)
– Flat or planar antenna (small camping antennas)
– Parabolic antenna or satellite dish (rare, typically larger than 100 cm)
If you have an offset antenna, enter the height and width of the antenna.
If you know the exact name of your antenna, check to see whether it is already in the database.

The quickest and easiest way to find a suitable satellite is to press the “AUTO” button. The SatFinder will automatically seek satellites in your range and that broadcast TV channels or radio stations in your language (according to the language settings of your iPhone). The number of stars in the chart (1-10) stand for the number of radio stations and TV channels offered as well as the reception at your current location.
If you would like to find a specific satellite, simply shut off “AUTO”. Now you can browse through the table and choose a satellite. An even faster way is with the search function – just enter the name or orbit position of your satellite. You can also reduce the number of entries in the chart by hiding the satellites that are not available at your location or do not broadcast content in your language.
Tip: Using the “Channel info” button, you can check which channels the selected satellite is currently broadcasting – including all channel parameters for your satellite receiver.

To ensure smooth reception, there should not be any obstructions between the satellite and your satellite antenna. You can check using the “View” function. Simply point at the satellite and watch for the signs (GREEN – no obstructions, RED – caution, clear view may not be possible).

In the menu item “Align”, different images will appear depending on the type of antenna selected. If you are using an offset antenna, you have to set the azimuth and the elevation separately. For planar and parabolic antennas, both angles can be adjusted at once. Before you press the “Start” button, a video clip will show you how to position your iPhone on the antenna.


FINE TUNING: (only iPhone 5s or newer) If necessary, you can further optimize your satellite system. SatFinder provides the “FineTuning” function for this purpose. To use this function, you need an additional iOS device. One device serves as a camera; the other as a monitor. Simply place one iPhone in front of the reception screen and watch how the picture quality changes while you slightly turn or tilt your satellite antenna. With the FineTuning function, you thus have visual contact with a television, even if it’s not within sight.

SENSOR CALIBRATION: SatFinder (version 4.0 and higher) has a very efficient and highly accurate sensor calibration procedure. Whenever the sensors in your iOS device transmit implausible signals (such as those caused by vibrations or magnetic fields), the automatic sensor calibration is activated (the calibration screen will appear). Simply hold your device still and in a horizontal position in your hand and wait a few seconds until the calibration notice disappears.

Note: The automatic sensor calibration is only available in iOS devices with Motion Coprocessor M9, M10, or newer. These coprocessors are currently used in the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPad Pro 9.7, and iPad Pro 12.9.”