6 Best Skinfold Android App

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If you are looking for the Best Skinfold Android App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Skinfold Android App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Skinfold Android App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Skinfold Android App

1. Body Fat Calculator

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The most accurate body fat percentage calculator with very interactive results which include your fitness level, your healthy weight range based on your lean body mass (LBM) and how much fat you should lose or gain in order to be in the healthy weight range.

Unlike BMI calculators which can be very inaccurate especially if you have big muscle mass, this calculator gives results based on your body fat percentage and they are not affected by your body weight.

• 5 most accurate formulas:
– 1. Jackson/Pollock 3 site skin fold caliper method.
– 2. Jackson/Pollock 4 site skinfold caliper method.
– 3. Jackson/Pollock 7 site skinfold caliper method.
– 4. Durnin/Womersley 4 site skinfold caliper method.
– 5. Tape Measure method used by the U.S. Navy.
• Progress chart for keeping track.
• Instructions.
• Settings menu where you can choose to save automatically age, height and weight.
• Body Fat Percentage Calculator.
• Lean Body Mass Calculator.
• Body Fat Weight Calculator.
• Fitness level: Underfat, Healthy, Overfat, Obese.
• Healthy / Ideal Weight Calculator.
• How much fat you should lose or gain.”

2. Plixi – Fat calculator

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“With Plixi you can obtain the body fat percentage using the Durnin / Womersley formula for people with a fat percentage greater than 12% men and 15% women, or using the Jackson / Pollock formula for people with a fat percentage lesser than 12% men and 15% women.”

3. Weight Loss Tracker

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“This is a weight loss tracking and body measurement app to help you achieve your ideal weight.

Whether you want to calculate your BMI based on height and age or determine if your current body fat percentage is within a healthy range – this tracker app will help. The app will calculate your ideal weight and how overweight you are, and even recommend weight goals.

Wait, there’s more… it allows you to track all the most significant measurements of your body, including your waist, hips, biceps, and others. Taking measurements of certain areas can give you an idea of where you’re losing fat, which is important since we all lose fat differently.

Weight Tracker Benefits:
– Weight loss diary to help control weight and BMI.
– Track your body measurements (waist, hips, arms, legs, etc)
– Find out your healthy weight range.
– BMI and body fat percentage calculators for better weight control.
– BMR calculator to understand how many calories you need per day and achieve your dream body as quickly as possible
– Ability to track multiple user profiles at once

Tracking and achieving a healthy BMI can be difficult, especially if done disorderly. But with “Ideal Weight Tracker”, you can overcome these obstacles and reach your goals.”

4. eaglefit® Caliper

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“With the help of a skin fold measuring device (Caliper), your body fat percentage can be determined very precisely by measuring the subcutaneous fat tissue at defined body parts. It is important that you measure with a high-quality caliper – such as the the eaglefit® Slim Guide Caliper – that will apply the same force to the skin fold to be measured at any opening angle.
There are different measuring methods, which calculate the total body fat percentage approximately from 3 to 9 measured values. In the app you have the choice between 6 different methods. Once you have decided on a method, the app tells you where to measure the thickness of the respective skin fold. After measuring and entering all values, the app uses the previously selected algorithm to calculate your average body fat percentage, the weight of your muscle mass as well as your fat mass and allows a comparison with previous measurements. This allows you to track your body fat percentage over several weeks, months and years. Further processing of the data by the Health app is also possible.

Required accessories: You need an eaglefit® skin fold measuring device (Caliper).”

5. “Weight tracker with goals, BMI, girths, skinfolds”

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“Health and body aesthetics
– Measure your BMI – body mass index as a height and weight ratio. Calculate your perfect weight using wrist circumference, height and age.
– Figure the ideal proportions and body girths for a certain height and bone thickness. Find the parameters of a perfect and beautiful body proportions.
– Get the body far percentage using your girths or skin folds. Get goals for weight loss and fat burning.

Fitness & wellness
– Find your ideal ratio of calories and nutrients (protein, fats and carbs) for healthy eating, keto diet or zigzag diet, using the calories calculator. Estimate your calorie BMR and maintenance level and the amount of pure water you should drink.
– Calculate the efficient heart rate zones for fat-burning workouts and endurance exercise, using the resting heart rate or LTHR.

Learn about how fit you are!
The unique combination of a few dozens of the latest fitness formulas and methods of calculations based on the results of scientific studies and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The results of each calculation are explained by our experts.

The results can be saved and shared with friends.

BMI – Body Mass Index
Estimate how your body weight generally affects your health and check deviations from the norm.

Ideal weight and somatotype
Find your perfect weight according to your bone type and skeleton design.

Perfect female body
Ideal measurements, proportions, elegance and sex appeal for certain height and body weight.

Athletic body
Perfect girths according to bodybuilding ideologists.

Body fat percentage
Calculate the amount of excessive fat and expected weight after the fat loss.

Body fat with skinfold test
Body fat mass and lean mass – 4 methods to measure fat percentage using skinfold calipers.

Calorie calculator
Calculate the daily amount of calories, carbs, protein and fat for weight loss, muscle building or boosting metabolism.

Daily water intake
Calculate your personal norm of daily water intake to stay hydrated.

Target heart rate zones
Personal heart rate training zones for improving endurance, explosive power or weight loss.

Measurements and girths: height, weight, age, gender, neck, chest, waist, hips, upper arm, biceps, forearm, wrist, thigh, shin, ankle.

Skin folds: thigh, chest, abdomen, triceps, biceps, suprailiac, subscapular, midaxillary, calf.”

6. Body Fat App

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“Body fat percentage is an effective tool for assessing weight loss training and tracking overweight. A simple formula that only requires checking the circumference of your neck, waist, and height will allow you to accept the percentage of fat in your body and follow the changes that occur in your body. The formula was tested against a Dexa laboratory device and was found to be accurate, efficient and simple to measure in all conditions.”