6 Best Spelling Android Apps For Adults

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If you are looking for the Best Spelling Android Apps For Adults to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Spelling Android Apps For Adults that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Spelling Android Apps For Adults, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Spelling Android Apps For Adults

1. SmartyNote Notepad : A Smart Notepad for Dyslexia

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“Take notes quick & easy!

Smartynote is a notepad app with multiple features to making it easy to take daily notes. From regular students to the kids & adults struggling with reading and writing difficulty like dyslexia, this Notepad is for everyone. Our Notepad is equipped with powerful functions that allows you to take notes in just secs. This app is based on Orton Gillingham approach and is powered by Numberdyslexia.com which serves best content on dyslexia and dyscalculia

Smartynote notepad features include :

1. Image-to-text (ocr) : Smartynote notepad allows you to either take a picture from the camera or choose an image from your smartphone gallery,which then extract the text & save it to the notepad directly. Smartynote notepad uses google vision api to recognize text in an image, which is still improving its intelligence.

2. Voice recognition : This notepad can recognize your voice and extract text from it to auto-save it to your note. This is a perfect for those who don’t want to write down the words, instead want the notepad to do it for them. Wanna do quick interviews? Our voice notepad app is perfect for you!

3. Text-to-speech : This function is found to be very useful for the people having difficulty manipulating words as in dyslexia. In just a tap, a sweet lady will loudly dictates the text already written in the notepad. Latest update of our notepad app will automatically picks up the device default languange and speak with the best pronunciation provided in that language by the google voice assistance, but please make sure you have the necessary language package installed already in your device for your voice recognition and text to speech.

4. Customization : Notepad enables you to choose font, font size, font color & background color according to your preference. The color and the fonts that are made available in the app are handpicked according to the utmost assistance to the kids and adults with dyslexia. This notepad have dyslexia fonts, specially for kids and adults with dyslexia

5. Disable ads easily : We know that you don’t want ads and that is why, smartynote allows you to disable ads easily by providing Ads Switch. Just turn it off to disable ads.

How to extract text from image in this notepad?

1. While taking note, tap at the ‘Image-to-text’.
2. Allow the necessary permissions
3. Choose either camera (to take picture from camera) or gallery (to select image from gallery)
4. After choosing image,the app will take image for cropping
5. After cropping, tap at the ‘crop’ clickable text at top-right.
6. That’s it, the notepad will display the text on the note.

Please note :

1. Image-to-text (ocr) uses google vision intelligence which is still improving. Thus, have limitations while recognizing text from image. It may interpret some alphabet differently than that available in the image.

2. Try to focus on one paragraph instead of an whole page for accurate results.

3. Handwritten text is not recognizable.

How to write note from my voice in the notepad?

1. While on second screen, tap at the ‘Speech-to-text’
2. Make sure the internet is on.
3. When google dialog appears, speak
4. Wait for the app to process your voice
5. That’ it.

How to change the language for voice recognition?

1. Go to the ‘settings’ app of your android smartphone.
2. Tap on ‘Language & input’, then tap on ‘Language’
3. Choose your desired language.

How to dictate the note?

1. While on second screen, tap on ‘Text-to-speech’
2. That’ it, A lady will dictate the words written in the note.

How to edit & delete notes?

All the saved notepad notes are displayed as a list on the home screen. On each list item note, there is a provision for two image button, one for editing note (displayed as black pen at the left side) & other for deleting note (displayed as black recycle bin at the right side).”

2. What’s Changed? – US version

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“The What’s Changed? skill builder has been specifically designed to develop students’ phonemic awareness – the ability to discern the sounds, and the sequence of sounds, within a word. Phonemic awareness is a critical skill for learning to read and can be improved with practice.

What’s Changed? focuses on developing phonemic awareness with vowel sounds and consonant blends through exercises that require students to listen to two non-words and identify what changed between the two words.

Students develop the core foundational skills that make up phonemic awareness by identifying the type of change that occurred, including:
– identifying the sound that changed (‘zat’ to ‘zad’)
– substituting a new letter for the sound that changed (‘feld’ to ‘fald’)
– specifying the letter for a sound that was added or omitted (‘strek’ to ‘stek’)
– switching two letters for sounds that were switched (‘blist’ to ‘blits’)
Students with poor phonemic awareness skills often make these types of errors when reading.

What’s Changed? also develops segmentation and blending skills – the ability to segment a word into its individual sounds and then blend the sounds together for whole word reading. These skills are also essential for successfully learning how to read, as they enable students to blends sounds together in order to recognize whole words when reading.

What’s Changed? is suitable for students of all ages, particularly emerging readers and struggling readers. It is also good for English language learners wanting to improve their auditory discrimination and pronunciation of English. Parents or teachers can monitor students’ progress, and pinpoint weaker areas by looking at the results for each skill type.

There are three different categories in What’s Changed?, each with four increasing levels of difficulty. Within each game, the words build from VC (e.g. ‘ob’) to CCVCC (e.g. ‘brisp’). The Standard English category develops letter-sound knowledge for the most common sounds of letters (for example, the /k/ sound of the letter ‘c’ as in ‘cat’).

The Readable English category builds on from the Standard English category, including the non-standard sounds of letters (for example, the other sounds the letter ‘c’ can make such as in ‘cell’, ‘ocean’ and ‘cello’). In Readable English when a letter makes a sound other than its usual sound, it is marked with a glyph, enabling all the sounds of English to be represented by distinct characters (e.g. the different sounds of the letter ‘o’ in ‘cove’, ‘love’ and ‘move’ are clearly reflected with different glyphs).

The Color category uses only colors to represent sounds, which requires users to strictly focus on auditory discrimination rather than sound-symbol association.

Readable English: Read It | Speak It | Know It.”

3. Easy Spelling Aid + Translator & Dyslexia Support

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“• Would you like help spelling simple or complex words?
• Do you need to translate words to and from English?
• Do you have dyslexia or other learning difficulties?
• Are you learning how to read and write?
If you answer yes to any of the above, then Easy Spelling Aid is what you’re looking for.

Easy Spelling Aid gives children and adults alike a quick and easy way to find out the spelling of a word, translate words to and from English, or other languages, and helps dyslexic learners with specific cognitive difficulties with the aid of the ‘OpenDyslexic’ font and color overlays.

Through this compelling educational app, young students everywhere are starting to enjoy the benefits of self-directed learning by not having to wait for help from parents or teachers, which is a big plus. Easy Spelling Aid is suitable for students of all ages, from 5 to 55 and beyond and is recommended by teachers for use individually or in a classroom setting. Easy Spelling Aid boasts superior, accurate and incredibly fine-tuned speech recognition and translation service in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and more.

Easy Spelling Aid is the perfect tool for writers of all ages, as it improves literacy performance and spelling, helps with comprehension and vocabulary and develops recognition and correct spelling of words in their appropriate context (for example, they’re, their, there).

Upon opening the application you are presented with a clear blue user-friendly interface. The instruction ‘Touch mic & talk’ is displayed above a circular mic symbol. On touching the symbol, you are asked to ‘Talk.’ By pressing done the app will process what has been said and proceed to produce your input displayed in your chosen writing style. This feature can be changed in the Settings, which are also easily navigated to from the main screen. Additionally, within the Settings, you can change between multiple languages, select translation language, reverse translation, select a background, select a dyslexic option, display upper and lower case letters and turn off speech output if you wish. Easy Spelling Aid also features a History Log, which saves spelling results including translations.

Key Features:
• Child friendly, profanity is filtered out
• NO ads or in-app purchases
Supports multiple languages at the touch of a button
• English (US, Canadian, UK and Australian), Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese
• Automatic language region selection
• Choose a writing style: US D’Nealian Manuscript, US D’Nealian Cursive or Noto Sans. Please note: other writing styles are available, but are language/country dependent
• Choose a background: No writing lines, 3 writing lines, 4 writing lines or colored background overlays
• Instructions and For Best Results guide under Settings
• OpenDyslexic font with 6 color overlays
• Speak text and repeat the speech to hear the word or phrase again
• Ability to Copy spelling results
• Ability to Define words via the device Dictionary
• Results screen vertical scrolling – suitable for long phrases
• View in portrait or landscape orientation

Learning Outcomes:
• Cognitive Development
• Communication Skills
• Collaboration Skills
• Organisational and Productivity Skills
• Life Skills
• Thinking & Reasoning
• Self-Direction

• Preschool (3-5 Years)
• Elementary School (5-11 Years)
• Middle School (11-14 Years)
• High School (14-18 Years)
• College/University (18+ Years of Age)

• Easy Spelling Aid requires network connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or GPRS)”

4. Spelling Master: English Spelling & Vocab practice

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“Improved version with over one Million Downloads

Support UK and US English word spelling.
Word’s Pronunciation, meaning and an example usage of the word in a real sentence.
Word’s phonetic also available.

Download now to learn and practice new words from the selected list of commonly misspelt English words.

This English spelling game is a must have if you want to practice your mistakes and improve your spelling fast.

Also Includes:
– Word’s pronunciation, phonetic, example sentence and meaning
– UK and US English Spelling
– Multiple levels that progressively get more advance
– A large list of commonly misspelt English words
– Custom quiz (with premium version)

This English spelling app is particularly useful for those who are learning English as their second language. Spelling Master makes the learning process fast and easy by previewing mistakes and practicing them as many times as required.

Spelling Master is a helpful app with multiple short quizzes. Levels starting simple and progressively become more advanced.
At each level you can review in detail the pronunciation, phonetic, meaning of the word and how to use that word in a sentence. This will help to remember and connect all that information at once.

This spelling app is a free educational game designed to help students to learn fast. By using Spelling Master you can improve your spelling skills and prepare for school exams.
Improve your vocabulary by checking the meaning of the words, your grammar by looking at example sentences, your pronunciation by listening and checking the phonetics of each word.

By upgrading to the premium version not only the advertisements are removed but also unlock the custom quiz section of the app. In the custom section you can add, review and practice your own words.

If you are preparing for IELTS or TOEFL exams, the list of existing levels in addition to the custom quiz will help you significantly. By adding your own words you are free to practice whatever word that you feel needs more attention.

Unlike other apps with multiple choice question (MCQ) types, Spelling Master encourages you to type the word completely to enforce the learning process. It will help you to increase the English spelling general knowledge.”

5. Spelling Master Game

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“Welcome to a Spelling Master, a new educational game for all ages that will improve your English spelling skills in an entertaining and challenging way! The game is 100% free and does not contain any In-App purchases.

Spelling Master contains 7 different spelling games and highscores gameplay, so don’t forget to submit your score at the end of the game to see who is the true Spelling Master! If you prefer playing with no limits, then check a Practice mode!

Go for highscores!


* Entertaining English spelling game for all ages
* 7 different spelling games
* See your overall progress and stats for each game mode
* Review all the words you played with in each game
* Local highscores – storing your best points for each mode
* Global highscores – submit your score and review points of other people from all around the world!
* Share your score via facebook, google+, whatsapp and other social networks
* Each game is different
* Hundreds of most misspelled English words included
* A must game for all the spelling bee fans
* 100% free full version with no In-App purchases

– One word 2 forms – 2 forms of one word to be shown, choose the correct one!
– Find Misspelled – out of 4 words (3 correct + 1 incorrect) choose the misspelled one!
– Find Correct – out of 4 words (3 misspelled + 1 correct) choose the correct one!
– Which Letter.. – remember a word on screen and then type a letter that lies on position X..!
– Decide – decide if the word on screen is correct or incorrect!
– Decide & Correct – decide if the word on screen is correct or incorrect and if incorrect choose the correct form!
– Multiple Choice – mark all the correct words!
– Practice – random category with no limits (no lives, no time limit).

Have a nice time playing our word game Spelling Master and if you like the game and want to support it please leave a review and rate the game. Thank you for your support!

If you find any bug, please let us know at littlebigplay@gmail.com, we will be very happy to fix it!”

6. Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

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“*** All New 2022 Version ***
4 Million+ Downloads

~New~ Win Exciting prizes in Weekly Giveaway and Monthly Competition!!
Download now to Participate and Win Big!

UK & US English Differentiated!
Available in 13 Languages!

Download now to experience All New Best English Spelling Learning Game with Lots of New Content and New User Experience!

The Ultimate English spelling Quiz will help you to Learn commonly misspelt English spellings by playing Quiz.
This English spelling game is just like a small dictionary of IMP Selected Spellings.

2500 English Spellings Quiz with Pronunciations, Definitions and Example Sentences…
500 New Odd One Out Questions
1900 New Grammar Quiz in Fill in the Blanks format to Improve your English Grammar.

Also Includes:

Spelling Facts
– Similar Words
– Foreign Origin Words
– Common Slangs
– American vs British English Spellings
– Acronyms
– Phobias

Bonus Quizzes
– Synonyms Quiz
– Antonym Quiz
– Plural Quiz
– Simple Past Tense Quiz

Compete with thousands of users worldwide on leaderboard!!

This English spelling Quiz is also very helpful to those who are learning English Speaking, English Grammar and English words. This English spelling game will make the learning process fast and easy.

Ultimate English spelling quiz is an English spelling game that will make your efficiency of English very well.

Ultimate English spelling quiz will help you in learning New English words Daily.

Ultimate English spelling quiz is a vast free word game. By using this word game quizzes, you can improve mostly all areas like English speaking, English Phrases, English words, etc….

In this free English spelling quiz, we have different categories like English spelling quiz 1, English spelling quiz 2, bonus quizzes like synonyms quiz, antonyms quiz, plural quiz, simple past tense quiz etc…. which will increase your vocabulary power, solving English Grammar, English word power; as a result, your English speaking will be very powerful and will give exercise to your brain in spelling, which may increase your brainpower.

This spelling game has facts of English language also, in which we have categories like English spelling facts, similar words facts, foreign origin words list, common slangs used in spoken English, the difference between American English vs British English, acronyms etc….. all these categories will ultimately increase your efficiency in learning English words, English speaking, English grammar etc….

These type of vocabulary free games will help you to learn English word easily with fun, so learning English words will be easy & fun to learn for all, which make Damtech Designs’ ultimate English spelling quiz one of the best apps among the all English language courses, English speaking apps, English grammar apps and word games. This English spelling game will be very useful for IELTS preparation or TOEFL preparation etc…. this spelling game has more than 6000 words for improving English Grammar, improving English vocabulary, learning English spelling and learning English words and again it will be beneficial in IELTS prep and TOEFL preparation.

It’s like a huge English word dictionary game & it will be your Vocabulary Trainer for Learning English words. Learn English words is very easy in playing, so it will be very fun with learning, English spelling game will be like by lovers of English Puzzles Crosswords, Sudoku, English brain teasers games and learn English word’s spelling quizzes.

It can also be very helpful in preparing competitive exams and civil service exams like UPSC, IAS, MBA, BBA, HSC, SSC, GATE, CAT, CET, IPS AIEEE, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, BANK’S recruitment, Railway’s Exams, IELTS and TOEFL etc…
This test is designed in MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions) style.
This English spelling app will help to Increase your GK (General knowledge) of English spelling, so it will improve your English to solve Words Quiz, Word Puzzles, Guess the Word like Word Games.”