8 Best Spy App Detector For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Spy App Detector For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 8 Best Spy App Detector For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 8 Best Spy App Detector For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

8 Best Spy App Detector For Android

1. ClevGuard Anti Spy Scanner

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“Have you ever questioned if someone is spying on your phone? Is someone reading your texts or recording your calls secretly?

Undoubtedly, there have been occurrences when you imagined so. What many don’t realize is that spyware can easily be installed on your phone without your consent or, more often, you install it without knowledge of all of its functions.

Download ClevGuard to protect your phone against espionage attacks! 24/7 protection on the go!

ClevGuard is easy to use and intuitive by design. It uses machine learning to detect 100% of spyware, including those designed to be undetectable. It is specialized in anti-spyware, not antivirus. ClevGuard protects you against espionage threats from all known spy companies and from unauthorized tracking, monitoring, hacking of personal information.

🛡️Key Features of ClevGuard AntiSpy & Spyware Remover

★Spyware Detection
Scan and remove spyware and stalkerware in one click. It also gives warnings for applications that have spy-able permissions and can potentially spy on your device.

★Real-time Protection
Block and get alerted if a known tracking app is installed. So you don’t need to manually run a scan on your device every day to ensure that it is clean. This feature scans your phone in real-time in the background. If the scanner finds spyware or a suspicious app, a notification will be raised in the status bar.

★Microphone and Camera Protection
Protect your privacy from being recording and peeping through the phone. You will get notified of any apps and services that attempt to access your microphone or camera. ClevGuard will keep watch on unethical and unauthorized use.

★Data Breach Check
Simply enter your email address and we’ll securely search data breach databases. Within seconds you can find out if your account or password has been compromised, and take steps to protect your identity online.

★Junk Clean
One tap to clean junk files (including app cache, residual files, ad junk, useless APK files, empty folders, and thumbnails). It can free up your phone space and boost phone speed easily and safely.

★App Audit
Check which apps can access your location, microphone, or other dangerous permissions and ensure your privacy is not accessed by third parties.

★Priority Anti-spyware Updates of New Signatures
Enhanced artificial intelligence technology to detect more unknown spy apps with our updated blacklist database.

★Customized Whitelist Management
Build a whitelist of trusted apps on your own and skip them on further scans.

★Privacy Tips
Our IT teams have compiled a list of tips to teach you how to know if your phone is being tapped, how spyware gets on your phone, ways to protect privacy, and more. You can also contact our support team 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the best customer service!

ClevGuard is also a lightweight app that won’t disturb the main phone activity, or take up large amounts of storage space. You may rest assured that our simple yet powerful spyware detector is able to perform a thorough scan of any Android device in a matter of minutes.

Thanks for choosing ClevGuard Antispyware scanner and detector.”

2. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

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“No more viruses, ransomware, adware, phishing or other malware. Download files, shop, bank, or just browse the web – all in safety.

ESET is trusted by millions of users like you around the world.

Your options:
A. Download, subscribe and get 30 days of PREMIUM features for free, after which you will be billed. You may opt out of the PREMIUM version at any time.
B. Download and use the basic FREE version with no commitment.

Subscribe now and get 30 days of PREMIUM FEATURES for free!

✓ Payment Protection – lets you to shop and bank safely online
✓ Proactive Anti-Theft – powerful features to help protect your phone, and find it if it goes missing:
– Detection – locks your phone, takes snapshots if there’s suspicious behavior
– Tracking – locate your missing device; last location is sent when power is low
– Custom On-Screen Message – message the finder if your device is missing
– Remote Wipe – delete all data from your phone if you lose it
✓ Anti-Phishing – uses the ESET malware database to identify scam websites
✓ Network Inspector – scan your network and all connected devices to identify security gaps
✓ Call Filter – block calls from specified numbers, contacts and unknown numbers
✓ App Lock – require extra authentication to access sensitive apps; protect content when sharing device
✓ Adware Detector – identify and remove apps that display ads unexpectedly
✓ Security Audit – check any app’s permissions
✓ Scheduled Scans – check your device every time you charge it, or whenever you want
✓ Up to 5 Devices – pay once, protect 5 devices associated with the same Google account

✓ Antivirus – protection against malware: intercepts threats and cleans them from your device
✓ Real-Time Scanning – scans all files and apps for malware
✓ Security Report – your overview of how secure your device is
✓ Activity Log – see what ESET Mobile Security has done
✓ USB On-The-Go Scanner – checks any connected USB device for threats

✓ ESET HOME – access our dedicated web hub to track lost devices, see which devices are protected, and more

✓ This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission allows you to remotely wipe your device in case it is lost or stolen.
✓ This app uses Accessibility services. App uses the permission to Anonymously protect you against phishing web sites.
✓ Some features require Background location permission to fully function. Giving permission to access background location will allow you to localize your device in case it goes missing, and to view and inspect available Wi-Fi networks.

Find more information about the permissions requested by ESET Mobile Security here: https://support.eset.com/android

Email us!

Get your hands on the latest versions of ESET Mobile Security and help us shape the future of our Android apps by following this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.eset.ems2.gp”

3. Stagefright Detector

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“Stagefright Detector App for Android Devices

Zimperium zLabs expert and VP of Platform Research and Exploitation, Joshua Drake (@jduck) discovered multiple critical vulnerabilities in Stagefright library and provided patches to Google to secure Android. We provided these patches to carriers and vendors through Zimperium Handset Alliance (ZHA). While the patches have been applied, it may be years until they reach all devices.

Zimperium zLabs created a Detector app to validate that you are running a version that is not vulnerable to the discovered Stagefright vulnerabilities. Some phone vendors have released partial patches to the vulnerabilities disclosed and this app can help you to understand if your device is vulnerable or not.

Stagefright is a critical Android vulnerability. It allows hackers to get ‘media’ or ‘system’ privileges on your device after processing an incoming MMS message, by surfing the web any one of the 11 potential attack vectors. In many cases, the attack do not require any end-user action. To make matters worse, the attacker can delete the MMS before you open it.

In order to test if your device is vulnerable, we built the ‘Stagefright Detector’ app.

This app will tell you three major things:
– whether your device is vulnerable
– which CVEs your device is vulnerable to
– whether you need to update your mobile operating system

Stay protected: ZIMPERIUM Mobile Threat Protection enterprise customers, vendors and carriers are protected from the Stagefright vulnerability without requiring any special update.

This application anonymously collect the results of the test and shares it with device vendors and carriers through ZHA. We do not collect any personal information.
Carriers and Device Vendors that are interested to join Zimperium Handset Alliance and increase the security of its user base – join here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/zimperium-handset-alliances

About Zimperium:
Zimperium is a pioneer in advanced mobile threat protection, delivering enterprise-grade solutions for Android and iOS devices. Our solutions use patented machine-learning technology to detect host and network-based threats in real-time. Founded in 2010, Zimperium is backed by Samsung, Telstra and Sierra Ventures, and has enterprise customers across all major verticals worldwide.”

4. Malwarebytes Mobile Security

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“Malwarebytes Security: Anti-Malware, Virus Cleaner

Block scams and secure your smartphone or tablet. Our powerful app scans for viruses and malware, and aggressively detects ransomware, PUPs, android hacks, and phishing scams.

Why Malwarebytes?
• Award-winning technology that is proven to eliminate traces of malware that other antivirus programs miss.
• Easy-to-use, 1-click interface.
• 300,000 installations of Malwarebytes every day.
• 4 million threats detected or blocked by Malwarebytes every day.
• Malwarebytes is ad-free, forever.

PREMIUM FEATURES? (30 day free trial):

🔰 Real-time protection
Additional layers of protection which actively stop threats before they take over your device.

🔰 Anti-ransomware protection
This layer blocks a specific type of malware–known as ransomware–which locks you out of your device and personal files, and then demands payment to restore access.

🔰 PUP/PUM protection
Detects non-malicious, but probably annoying, software called Potentially Unwanted Programs and Potentially Unwanted Modifications.

🔰 Scheduled scan
Automatically scan after a reboot, an update, or any time you choose.

🔰 Power saving scan
Perform scans during charge only, or skip scans if battery is low or in power saving mode.

🔰 Web protection/safe browsing
While using the Chrome browser, this layer scans URLs–protecting you from online scams, phishing sites, malicious links–and alerts you when risky sites are detected to ensure you have a safer browsing experience. (For Chromebook users, we recommend adding our free free Chrome browser extension)


✅ Malware removal/remediation
Finds and removes adware, malware, and potentially unwanted programs such as screen lockers or bloatware. Our award-winning technology is proven to eliminate traces of malware that other antivirus programs miss.

✅ Quick scan
High performance scan of apps, files, folders, and downloads.

✅ Deep scan
More comprehensive than a quick scan. Increases time required.

✅ Security audit
Provides a comprehensive overview of your device’s security and protection status and recommends ways to secure your device.

✅ Privacy checker
Checks every app on your Android device and identifies their access privileges of so you know exactly what information you’re sharing. Keep tabs on which apps can track your location, monitor your calls, or cost you extra in hidden fees.

Note: Malwarebytes for Chromebook is an app engineered specifically to protect your Chromebook. Google Play automatically detects if you are viewing this page on an Android device or a Chromebook and will install the appropriate Malwarebytes product.

Free download on Chrome Web Store

Devices we work on:
Devices running Android version 7 or higher with an active Internet connection.

About Malwarebytes:
Based in Santa Clara, California, Malwarebytes has been building industry-leading Internet security software for more than ten years.

Imagine a world without malware. We do.


5. Spyware Detector – Spy Scanner

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“Do you think someone is spying on you right now?

Is somebody reading your conversations, recording what you type and copying your passwords?

Download Incognito – Spyware Detector and WhatsApp Security to help protect you from harmful spyware and stalkwerware.

Do you need anti spy protection?

Incognito is a FREE, easy to use, privacy protection, anti spy app.
We are not anti malware or anti virus, we are Anti Spy.

Our anti spy app is a scanner, detector, and cleaner of spy ware, stalker ware and surveillance software. Incognito protects you against cyber threats from spy companies and from unauthorized tracking, surveillance, monitoring, hacking of personal information and identity theft.

🔍What is Commercial Spyware? Commercial spyware is a kind of spy malware, stalker ware that is often sold as an employee or parental monitoring too. Including:

✔ Listening to calls
✔ Accessing call email and search history
✔ Sending and receiving SMS
✔ Track your location
✔ See and hear you in real time
✔ Access photos, videos
✔ Banking and medical info

Make sure to also download on your phone an antivirus in order to fully protect your mobile phone security and privacy.

Do you think you are being spied on or hacked, worried that someone might be tracking or monitoring your emails and messages or you think your device is acting in an unusual way, download Incognito and protect your mobile phone

🔍How does Incognito work?
1) Download Incognito on your android for free
2) Press the scan button: Incognito will scan your mobile phone for spyware/ stalker ware (remember, it will not scan for virus, only spyware)
3) Press remove button: If Incognito detects some kind of malicious spyware/ stalker ware press the remove button. It is important to note that Incognito is not an anti virus or anti malware app, it is a spy ware scanner, cleaner and its function is to protect and remove spy ware/ stalker ware from your mobile.

What advantages does Incognito offer?
🛡 Our anti spy app offers a real-time scanner and cleaner of commercial spy, surveillance, tracking and monitoring applications for free
🛡️If any of these applications are found on your Android device, you will be notified of the infection
🛡️Lists and names all the identified threats and spy ware
🛡️With the user consent, Incognito removes the spy ware from your mobile device ensuring protection
🛡️If you are a user of the PRO version, you can set up a regular and automatic scan to ensure security and privacy
🛡️We provide tips to inform our community on how to protect their personal cyber privacy and is regularly updated with the latest info
🛡️We also provide our users with security alerts of threats beyond spyware. We notify you immediately with this information and how to protect yourself

Cyber Privacy Services
Incognito offers different security and privacy services in order to better protect you from spyware (not other kinds of malware or virus).

★ Privacy Guide: Our experts have compiled a guide explaining how spy ware gets on your device, how are users spied on and ways to protect your device and privacy.

★ Privacy Care: Do you think you’re being spied on and need experts to help? Get direct contact with our cybersecurity experts

IMPORTANT: Anti virus and Anti malware products Incognito Anti Spy is not a replacement to anti-virus or anti malware. Incognito targets commercial spyware. We recommend you use anti virus, anti-malware and Incognito anti spy to cover all aspects of your security

Incognito – Spyware Detector Security: Free, Easy to Use, Spyware Detection, and Removal

Copyright © 2021 Incognito Security Solutions Ltd. All rights reserved.”

6. Spyware & hidden apps detector

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“Cyber Tor is a Strong Cyber Security Protection application for your Smartphone. Cyber Tor makes sure that no spyware Apps can observe you.

Top Features:

• One click widget to block/unblock camera
• Spyware Finder Feature finds the spyware from list and then its shows match results on your Smart Phone Screen.
• Camera Block Feature Block Camera from android 9 or low Version –
• Hidden Apps Feature Show mobile hidden apps
• Apps Analyzer Feature Show apps permissions using by other apps Like Contacts, Storage, Camera, Messages, Calls, Microphone.
• High Risk Apps Feature Scan all apps of your mobile phone and find app which is from unknown resources or from 3rd party Websites.
• Who is on my wifi Feature Tells us About who is connected to your Wi-Fi.
• Website Security Feature Check Open Ports
• Play Protect scan Feature allow you to scan apps through Google Play Store Scan (Shortcut Link).
• Apps Manager Feature helps user to Uninstall apps System and User Apps.
• Admin Apps will show you the apps which takes admin rights of your specific mobile feature
• Storage Permissions Feature shows you the apps which take your Gallery, Pictures, Data etc Permissions
• Device info feature shows detail about your Phone
• Privacy Audit and Apps Analyzer is almost same but its user friendly so you can easily check one by one which Apps take your Contact Detail, Phone Detail, Storage Access, Location, Microphone, Sensors, Sms Access, Call List, Camera, and Calendar Permission.
• Mobile Advisor Feature will secure your mobile setting if its detect settings insecure its shows you mobile is Rooted or Not Rooted, Check Pin, Patterns or Password, Check Location is Enable or Disable and Check Developer Options if its found something wrong then you can Fix This to Secure your Mobile Settings
• Mobile Installed Services shows you Accessibility features of your Mobile Phone
• Must See Apps is Combination of those apps which are most Critical Apps, its Shows Unknow Apps, third party apps which Some time Install as a batch file and automatically hide in your phone and spy time to time and get personal Data Like Sms , Gallery Pictures , Call Logs , Contact List Etc .
• No root needed

Download Cyber Tor Spyware Detector and uninstall them so you can secure your mobile harmful spyware apps

Do you think someone is spying on you right now? Click on Spy app Finder and Hidden App Feature to see the critical and infected apps list

Cyber tor is a FREE, easy to use, privacy protection, spyware finder app. We are not anti malware or antivirus, we Just Find Spyware and 3rd party Unknown Recourses Apps. Our spy app Finder Feature is a scanner, detector and cleaner of spyware Apps and helps you to uninstall
Spyware can do following things
• Accessing call sms camera Mic and search history
• Sending and receiving SMS
• Track your location
• Medical information
• Listening to calls
• Banking information
• See and hear you in real time and Access gallery photos and videos

If you are worried and you think your device is acting in an unusual way and some app are installed but not visible in app manager suddenly ads shown without open any app then download cyber tor open hidden app feature and protect your mobile phone

It is important to note that Cyber tor is not an anti virus or anti malware app, it is a Spy app Finder, Hidden Apps Finder and High Risk Apps and its functions shows results so user can manually remove some applications or games from your mobile.

Lists and names all the identified threats and spyware

User manually removes the infected spy apps from mobile device ensuring protection.

Cyber tor Spy apps Finder, Hidden Apps Finder and High Risk Apps Finder are not a replacement to antivirus or anti malware.”

7. Spyware Detector Anti Spyware

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“Protectstar™ Spyware Detector Anti Spyware Scanner

★★★★★ Protection against spyware
★★★★★ Detection of spyware, monitoring apps, key loggers, SMS-, and GPS trackers
★★★★★ With over 20,000,000 spyware signatures, the app detects also backdoors, malware types, trojans, key loggers, adware, ransomware, etc. hidden in installed apps (no file scanner)
★★★★★ Protectstar™ apps are preferred by more than 4,000,000 users in 175 countries

The Spyware Detector Anti Spyware Scanner from Protectstar™ is an easy to use anti-spyware scanner app. Spyware Detector protects with over twenty million spyware and malware signatures Android devices against spyware, unauthorized tracking, surveillance, monitoring, various malware types, and even espionage attacks.

Please note: Protectstar™ Spyware Detector is the little brother of artificial intelligence-based Protectstar™ Anti Spy app.

The protection app is also working as a smart spyware removal tool. It comes in a free and a professional edition. The app lets you know about all threats and scams going around and anything to do with someone spying on you or someone trying to hack certain apps to get your personal information.

With over 20,000,000 spyware signatures, Spyware Detector detects not only known spy apps but also Spy-, SMS-, and GPS trackers, as well as monitoring apps often used by government agencies.

Is someone spying on you?
Whether foreign spies, hackers, spouses, ex-partners, friends, boss, or a colleague, with just one click on the “SCAN” button, potential or suspicious spies are recognized.
Spyware Detector compares all process and app signatures with millions of anti-spyware pattern signatures in only a few milliseconds.

Free daily spyware signature updates protect users from all types of spyware and latest trackers, and malware.

Guarantee from Protectstar™
Spyware Detector does not collect any personal data of the user on any medium. The app is also ad-free. Like all our apps!

+ Free protection against spyware
+ Over 20,000,000 spyware signatures
+ Detection of monitoring apps, SMS-, and GPS trackers
+ Anti Malware features: Detects spyware and various types of malware
+ Detection of known spy apps that are often used by governments.
+ Detects fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Sms-Thief, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, Joker, Ransomware, etc.
+ Whitelist

Features of the optional PRO edition:
+ Real-time Protection
+ Priority real-time updates

Notice about the use of antivirus apps:
Spyware Detector is not an antivirus or traditional anti-malware app. It is a spyware scanner, cleaner, and its function is to protect and remove spyware. We recommend using an antivirus app in addition to Spyware Detector to cover your device security.”

8. Anti Spy 4 Scanner & Spyware

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“The New Protectstar™ Anti Spy Scanner & Spyware Scanner 4.0

★★★★★ Protection against espionage apps
★★★★★ Engine based on artificial intelligence (AI) with heuristic detection methods
★★★★★ Detection of known spy apps, Backdoors, Billing fraud, SMS fraud, Call fraud, commercial spyware, malware, viruses, trojans, ransomware, RAT, rooting, and more that are often used by governments or law enforcement agencies
★★★★★ Detection of spies, SMS, monitoring apps, and GPS trackers
★★★★★ Protectstar™ apps are preferred by more than 4,000,000 users in 175 countries

Anti Spy has been developed to scan Android devices for potential spies effectively. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), real-time signature updates, and heuristic detection methods, users are proactively protected against malware, spyware, and stalkerware hidden inside Apps (no file scanner)

Antispyware Scanner
Anti Spy is based on the intelligent Deep Detective™ technologies that protect two million users every day against hackers and targeted espionage attacks.

The intelligent algorithms detect fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Adware, LeadBolt, Backdoors, Rooting, Sms-Fraud, Key Logger, Exploits, BankBots, Joker, LokiBot, etc.

Whether foreign spies, hackers, spouse, friend, boss, or a colleague, with just one click on the “SCAN” button, potential spy apps and hidden spyware processes are detected. In only a few milliseconds, Anti Spy compares all process and app signatures with many thousands of anti-espionage algorithms.

Spyware removal tool
Are you looking for an antispy mobile app? This anti spy mobile app is all you need. Our scanner cleaner protects your device against any intrusion. Is someone spying on you? Let Anti Spy handle that. Block viruses spyware, prevent unauthorized tracking and surveillance monitoring by our anti-malware app. The spyware detection algorithm helps you get rid of the spyware and know spyware details. Our privacy scanner takes you incognito against any vulnerability.

Intelligent protection against espionage & Against (un)known spyware
Anti Spy detects not only known spy apps, but also Spy-, SMS-, and GPS trackers, as well as monitoring apps often used by governments agencies in some countries.

The AI engine monitors the behavior of apps and processes. Any opportunity to spy on you using spyware, trojans, and other malware are proactively prevented.

Thanks to the real-time scanner and heuristic scanning methods, even unknown spy headers are reported.

An ideal combination
Anti Spy is perfect for use in combination with existing security solutions such as antivirus scanners and is suitable for excellent privacy protection in conjunction with our Firewall Android, Camera Guard™ and Micro Guard™.

Guarantee from Protectstar™
Protectstar™ Anti Spy does not collect any personal data of the user on any medium. The app is also ad-free. Like all our apps!

+ Protection against espionage apps
+ Engine based on artificial intelligence with heuristic malware detection methods
+ Anti Malware features: Detects spyware, trojans and various types of malware inside apps (no file scanner)
+ Detection of known spy apps, that are often used by governments.
+ Detects fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Rooting, Exploits, BankBots, Ransomware, etc.
+ Detection of spies, SMS- and GPS trackers
+ It also detects hidden and disabled spies
+ Whitelist: Adding trusted apps to the exception list Regular updates
+ No root rights required

Features of the optional PRO edition:
+ Real-time Protection
+ Priority real-time updates
+ AI Life Rules (artificial intelligence generates own malware signatures in real-time)
+ Set up an automatic background scan
+ Enhanced heuristic engine to detect more malware, trojans, and spyware
+ Enhanced AI Cloud (Artificial Intelligence Cloud)
+ Detects suspicious spyware and malware on Android TV”