4 Best Tachometer App For Android

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If you are looking for the Best Tachometer App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 Best Tachometer App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 Best Tachometer App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 Best Tachometer App For Android

1. Giri -The RPM Checker-

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“Giri is the RPM measurement tool.
Please use it for measuring the rotational speed of the motor, such as drivable model car.
It has featured focus for noise removal.
It has featured speed conversion panel.
It has featured memo panel.
It is also offering nice skins.

[[[NOTE]]]* Please measure in a state of only motor sound, for example remove the gear.
* Please measure as close to the motor microphone.”

2. RPM and Speed Tachometer

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“The app show the motor RPM, depending on the engine sound and the Speed through the GPS.

It is necessary to indicate the motor type first to use the application.

Do not use the application while driving.”

3. Tachometer

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“Free Tachometer

Professional digital GPS Tachometer

For use at car, airplane, train, ship, boat, motorcycle, cycling, running and walking
Working in anywhere that there is satellites coverage – very accurate !

Measuring and recording of speed, exact location, time and date.
Good for travelers who want to document the exact locations (track) where they stayed.

Main Screen:
1. Your speed by km/h or mph – radio ontouch selecting.
2. Displaying distance by kilometers or miles.
3. Timer.
4. Clock.

Main functions:
1. Start / Stop.
2. Get location every second.
3. Go to map.
4. See records stored locations.
5. Setting preferences.
6. Setting speed alert.
7. Saving csv file (excel format).
8. Sharing gps track file.
9. Delete gps track files.

Go to map: After clicking on “Get Location” ,you will see your place on the geo map that your device support – like Google map or Waze map, or other.

See stored location: A detailed table with the following data –
Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy, Time, Date, Speed km/h.
Each row in the table represents one second data accumulated.
By clicking on selected row you will get the place on the map for the specific second.

Setting Preference
1. Speed warning – Speed kilometer per hour alert – Self setting of velocity alert km/h.
2. Speed warning – Speed mile per hour alert – Self setting of velocity alert mph.
3. Email for sending data and excel file (csv).
4. Store location by GPS/Network.
5. Clear/delete all data.
6. Go back to main screen.

You can export data file (csv) to any email that you want.
All files saved on your local device. you can manage and delete anytime.

This Tachometer for personal use – recording data on your device only.
If you need it for commercial use with saving online data on your company server – please contact us.

Created by Androcalc
More free android applications on www.androcalc.com”

4. GPS Speedometer and Odometer (Speed Meter)

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“GPS Speedometer and Odometer app to measure car speed and measure bike speed. It is the best GPS speedometer app for speed measurement of the vehicle. This is the easiest speedometer app and the best bike and car speedometer you can ever find.

How this car speedometer app is different from other speedo apps.

1. In this GPS speed meter app, you can use a phone compass sensor. The compass speedometer helps you know the moving direction.

2. The car speedometer works offline. It’s the fastest offline speedometer for car or bike. Likewise, use the free bike speedometer that takes less than 20 seconds to connect. Other speedo app takes mins for the same job making this the best gps speedometer offline. The same goes for the offline odometer for car.

3. Speed accuracy is close to 99%, making it the most accurate speedometer app and also the easy to use speedometer.

4. Digital speedometer shows you the current speed, average speed and the top speed. The digital odometer shows trip distance and the odometer reading.

5. HUD speedometer app (head up display) shows you the car speed on your car windshield and measure distance. HUD is provided on both landscape and portrait mode in the hud speed meter app.

6. Give your own colors in the mileage tracking app.

7. In the GPS meter app, you can also measure train speed as it provides train speed live meter.

8. The GPS speed app is a speedometer with alarm since it plays siren and shows red color if you overspeed. In the speed limit app, you can set your speed limits.

9. The distance tracker app helps you measure distance on backgrounding the app, making it a perfect distance meter.

10. You can also change the units in the mph speed meter app and the distance meter used to measure distance reflects the settings.There are three speed units in the speed meter app namely: mph (miles per hour), kmph and mps (meter per second).

11. Altitude unit can be changed like in the GPS distance measure. You can also track distance in the background mode.

12. The distance tracker and speed tracker app also shows the live weather at the current location in the mph meter app.

13. The GPS trip meter app is small in size, just ~4 MB.

14. This car speedometer app uses minimal battery.

15. Set the minimum and maximum speed to make sure you drive in a range and bicycle tracker is also available. The bus speedometer app lets you measure bus speed.

16. The GPS speed lets you enter a distance for countdown, putting speed tracking app on work, once reached there, the GPS odometer app notifies you.

18. In this GPS tracker app, reset all data in just a click.

19. Find latitude, longitude and altitude at your current location even if there’s no Barometer.

20. Share your location in the bike computer app.

21. The bike computer can also run in Background Window.

22. Delete any record on a long press in speed gauge.

23. Find all driving stats in one place in this truck speedometer app.

24. There’s Ads free session to get rid of all the ads for free in the speed app.

What if I want to measure my speed or my running speed or do a distance measurement? Just long press app icon and use the “Start now” feature in the speed box app. Users using Garmin to measure speed switched to this mileage tracker app. Use this GPS speedometer app as an odometer for walking, jogging and running. You can speed test car or speed test bike and stop getting speeding tickets. Use it cycle as it gives you a cyclemeter.

You can now take a car speed test, a bike speed test or a cycle, your running speed, jogging speed or even walking speed. You can measure car distance. It becomes a Pedometer when walking making it the best speedometer app. The speed meter is helpful who have a broken speedometer or broken odometer in their car, or any vehicle.”