5 Best Teleprompter App For Android 2021

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If you are looking for the Best Teleprompter App For Android 2021 to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Teleprompter App For Android 2021 that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 5 Best Teleprompter App For Android 2021, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

5 Best Teleprompter App For Android 2021

1. “Video Teleprompter, Capitons”

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“With the BIGVU Video Teleprompter, create videos you’re proud of! Keep your eyes on the camera while reading the script on the screen. No one will know you’re reading 😊

– record with a teleprompter, or improvise your script,
– add auto subtitle and stunning captions,
– add elegant themes for titles,
– crop your videos to square,
– trim your videos in a snap,
– add your brand logo and an animation with your contact details,
– add music backgrounds
– replace a green screen with a background
– share your stories on Youtube, Instagram or TikTok

BIGVU (pronounced BIG VIEW): Video Teleprompter, Video Captions, Auto Subtitle

Social Posts Maker
Boost your social media channels by making videos with video teleprompter in minutes. Share stories to all your social channels, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter. Join the best YouTube creators & Instagram influencers.

Vlogs with your brand and style
Create your vlog optimized for Google SEO.

Video Teleprompter Camera
Teleprompter your scripts. Read your script with a smart teleprompter and record your clip from the front-facing camera at the same time. Change text scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording, lock auto-exposure for proper lighting.

Auto Subtitle
With BIGVU auto subtitle, edit contents in the palm of your hand! Automatically transcribes your contents into a storyboard with captions perfectly in sync with your narration. Add text to records to display subtitles for viewing when sound is muted. Captions encourage 37% more viewers to turn the sound on.

Easy editor to crop video
Crop video by just selecting the words where you want your recordings to start and end.

Maximize Audio Levels
It’s one tap to remove background noise and maximize audio levels.

Add your brand to your stories with the BIGVU Video Teleprompter. Add your custom logo and pro-quality-looking titling.

A WEB and Mobile App
Access desk.bigvu.tv from a computer with the same email and password. Spice up your presentation with BIGVU online editor that lets you easily edit your captions from your computer, and mix photos, visuals, motion titling, and tweets.

Background Music
Add a copyright-free music track to give an emotional touch to your narration.

Intro & Outro
Add an opener or an elegant animation outro with your business card.

Cloud Storage
Upload your clips to desk.bigvu.tv to free up space on your device.

Chromakey – Green Screen
If you record with a green screen background, it’s one tap to replace the green color with any image or loop using our advanced chromakey subtraction algorithm.

Post Stories to Social Media
It’s one tap to simultaneously upload your contents to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Upload your MP4 to Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove, Kaltura, Buffer, Hootsuite, Ripl, or Vimeo. So get a more formal look on these platforms with the video teleprompter.

With BIGVU, it’s one tap to craft elegant email with a clickable thumbnail.

Embed Widget
Embed your records to WordPress, Wix, Webflow websites.”

2. Parrot Teleprompter

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“The Parrot Teleprompter app is easy to use, and has all the top requested features turning your smartphone into a high end professional teleprompter. It was designed to be used by itself on a smartphone, or with the Parrot Teleprompter.

Here are just a few things you can do with the Parrot Teleprompter app:

– Scroll scripts in landscape, and mirrored mode
– Control the scroll speed
– Change text size
– Adjust the foreground and background colors for easy visibility
– Directly type and edit your scripts within the app or connect to you Drop Box account (Supports .txt files)
– Remote control functionality (With additional Parrot Teleprompter remote accessory $16 on our website https://www.parrotteleprompter.com/shop/wireless-teleprompter-remote)
– Unlimited number of scripts
– Loop script setting an more to simplify your production

The Parrot Teleprompter is the worlds most portable and affordable teleprompter! At less than 4.5″ cubed you can take it anywhere you need to film your next video. If you have ever tried to memorize lines for a video, then you know how challenging it can be.

Teleprompters display a script in front of the camera so the actor can read their lines and maintain eye contact with the audience.

Until now teleprompters have been reserved for large budget productions often costing thousands of dollars each. The Parrot teleprompter is a professional quality teleprompter at an affordable price that still delivers a professional quality experience.

Combined with virtually any smartphone, the Parrot teleprompter will take any script and scroll it in front of you so you no longer need to worry about what to say on camera. It’s innovative design removes all the unnecessary components which allows you to mount the Parrot teleprompter directly to a standard DSLR or digital camcorder lens. It’s compact size makes it easy to throw in your camera bag and take it wherever you go for your next interview, on location news report, documentary, video blog, podcast, corporate video, video tutorial, or speech.”


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“We’ve tried to make the process of working with the prompter as convenient as possible.

App Features:
* Read text and record videos from your phone in the video prompter mode.
* Read text and record videos in the mirror prompter mode using a separate camera and a prompter, such as PIXAERO MOBUS.
* Use voice recognition for the mirror prompter mode (requires subscription).
* Connect a remote control or a keyboard using Bluetooth (requires subscription).
* Control text speed and font size settings on the player screen.
* Make the most of cloud synchronization. Register on SUFLER.PRO website, write and edit your texts on a computer, and all the changes will be automatically synced into the app.
* Customize settings to your liking: scroll speed and font size, start delay, text padding, font height, text alignment. Turn on or off center-focused line, text mirroring or playback loop.
* Tap the screen to pause or resume the text playback.
* Choose between vertical and horizontal screen orientation.

If you have ideas on how to make the application more convenient, write to us: https://pixaero.pro/contacts/

Learn more about the convenience and compactness of PIXAERO MOBUS mobile teleprompter: https://en.pixaero.pro/catalog/teleprompters/teleprompter_pixaero_mobus

Terms of use: https://sufler.pro/terms_of_use_en.pdf
Privacy policy: https://sufler.pro/privacy_policy_en.pdf”

4. SpeechWay – 3 in 1 Teleprompter

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“SpeechWay is mobile teleprompter app for video bloggers, live-streamers, tv-presenters and other creatives who make speeches on camera.

SpeechWay is the only app on the market that satisfies any existing teleprompter use case.

It can be used as:
– Classic teleprompter with mirroring. Use with professional teleprompter rigs just like TV presenter.
– Camera teleprompter. Record your video using your device’s camera + teleprompter.
– Floating teleprompter widget. Make your live-streams or use your favorite camera app reading script from special teleprompter widget that works over any apps.

1) Rich teleprompter configuration options:
– timer;
– indicator style;
– color theme;
– mirroring mode;
– text size;
– text speed;
– font;
– text margins for both orientations;
– pauses config;
– do not disturb mode;

2) Remote control with ANY Bluetooth controller and configurable keymaps.

3) Convenient on-fly navigation:
– among pages;
– among cue points;
– to start of the page;

4) Powerful script editor:
– page names;
– pages concept for topic separation;
– cue points concept for subtopic separation;
– .txt and .docx text import;
– Google Docs import;
– text formatting;
– text highlighting;

Be a professional. Take your camera performances quality to the next level.”

5. Simple Teleprompter

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“ATTENTION: In case you are using a device with a big screen and have trouble with the scrollingspeed being too fast please download another version of the app here:


Make sure that you uninstall the app first and allow installation from ‘unknown sources’.

Type or import text and easily teleprompt it.

Customize the teleprompter for your needs: You can change the scrolling speed, font, colours and lots of useful features such as auto-starting and mirroring or locking the orientation of your device.

Save, edit or delete old documents. It is also possible to create new documents by importing the text from .txt files.

This app was developed with filmmakers and is completely free to use. We hope you enjoy it!”