7 Best Time Shift Android App

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If you are looking for the Best Time Shift Android App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Time Shift Android App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 7 Best Time Shift Android App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

7 Best Time Shift Android App

1. ClickUp – Manage Teams & Tasks

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“One app to replace them all! ClickUp is the place to work on anything with anyone.

Whether you’re an agile team doing weekly sprints or you’re a marketing team collaborating on Black Friday promotions, you can do it all here.

Over 800,000 teams use ClickUp to be more productive. ClickUp allows you to:

• Create tasks on the go
• Update/ edit seamlessly
• Collaborate with your team
• View your to-dos in one list
• Stay connected with push notifications

With ClickUp, you’ll solve these problems:
• How do I know what people are working on?
• How do I know what to work on next?
• How long is my project going to take?

Guaranteed to make you more productive, ClickUp is the platform that innovative teams use to get 62% more done.”

2. Timeshift burst

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“Upgrade your camera phone experience with Timeshift burst. It’s so intelligent that it captures 61 frames* within just 2 seconds – starting even before you press the camera key. This application is perfect for action shots of moving subjects!

Timeshift burst is easy to use:
1. Start your camera and set it to Timeshift burst mode
2. To capture any scene, just press the camera key
3. 61 thumbnails will show up on your screen
4. Swipe the thumbnail images to move back and forth in time of the burst
5. View all frames in a burst sequence by selecting the Timeshift icon on the lower right hand side of a Timeshift burst photo

Now you can save individual images from Timeshift burst viewer**! Save images separately and share them. They are still in your device even after deleting original Timeshift burst images.
* Some devices capture 31 frames due to the hardware limitations.
** The menu to select/share images is only available if Timeshift burst images are viewed in Album.”

3. Shift Schedule

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“Shift Schedule Pro is the best shift calendar/planner with alarm clock for Android.

Everybody can use the app as advanced Alarm Clock that can be set to any date.

Shift workers can use the app as their Shift Roster/Calendar. The app uses a cloud storage and instant synchronization between all of your devices.

With app it is easy to track your shifts, finding out your shift on next New Year’s Eve or plan something for closest matching day-offs with your friends.

Set the sequence of your rotating shifts and assign date when to start and app will build your infinite rotating schedule.

The app exists for Android only. And yes, this is the reason why the iPhone owners will envy you.

* Create and edit your periodical or non-periodical shift schedules for unlimited period of time
* Use lots of predefined templates, like Continental, Du-Pont, or other to easy schedule creation. Also it’s possible to create calendar from scratch.
* Track you shifts and share your calendar with colleagues and family members
* Connect multiple alarm clocks with your shifts and manage them in user friendly manner
* Get information about your worked time in statistic window.
* Add several crews to your schedule
* Ask your husband, wife or mom to share their schedule with you
* Create your copy of shared schedule, it’s as easy as clicking the link
* Add working schedules for all of your relatives to stay informed how to organize your next joint weekend
* Get very flexible alarm clock that don’t hardly connected to days of week
* Set up your alarms in friendly manner
* Set as many alarms as you need for any date from calendar.
* Disable all alarms with one button during vacation.”

4. Time Shift Video Camera

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“The camera image of 0-5 seconds ago is played back in real time.
You can better yourself by observing you.
There is no storage function, so there is no need to worry about data being shared or uploaded.

How is your appearance?
How about the form when playing sports?
Want to check the dance poses without continuing to look in the mirror?
Do you want to check where the eyes are hard to reach?
Do you want to rewind the screen in a moment?

You can easily check this app!

[Features List]・Delay time (0-5sec)
・Extended time (0-5sec)
・Color quality
・Fantasy filter
・Sepia style
・↑ UP ↑
・↑ TOP ↑
・2 splits
・4 splits
・9 splits
・16 splits
・Wipe view
・Slim filter
・Right rotation
・Half rotation
・Left rotation

・Twitter(JPN): @ChigusaSoft”

5. Timeshift Media Player

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“Timeshift makes it easy to learn language courses, musical instruments, talks, podcasts, audiobooks and more.

Use AB Repeat, bookmarks, video zoom, clips, variable speed and swipe gestures to master any material such as learning the guitar, foreign language movies and dance videos.

AB Repeat
Use AB Repeat to automatically repeat sections of the video over and over so you get better at the material.

• Edit A and B markers to fine-tune the experience (Pro Only)
• Pause between loops to give yourself time to repeat the material before the next loop starts
• Play some loops slower using Switch Loop Speeds

Use bookmarks to remember interesting sections so you can play them whenever you like.

• Move to the next or previous bookmark with one tap
• Change the bookmark title and description for easy reference

Video Zoom
Video zoom is great for videos featuring musical instruments, dancing, yoga and How To videos.

Zoom is still experimental so is disabled by default – please enable it from Settings > Video Zoom.

• Pinch to zoom video up to 200% (2x) in Timeshift Free and 500% (5x) in Pro
• Double tap to toggle between normal zoom and your last zoom

Create clips to work with sections of your media and integrate with AB Repeat.

• Repeat all clips to loop over multiple sections
• Save AB Repeat as clips
• Start AB Repeat from a clip

Even More Features
• Variable playback speed: Slow down (slow motion) or speed up playback, from 0.25x to 4x the speed
• Use predefined speeds for easy access (configurable in Pro)
• Automatically rewind after a long pause (Pro Only)
• Rewind or fast-forward by 3, 5 or 10 seconds (configurable in Pro)
• Background playback of online media or local/offline files located on your device
• Use swipe gestures and Bluetooth headphones to control AB Repeat, speed, bookmarks & more (configurable in Pro)
• Use the notification bar and lock screen to control media (configurable in Pro)
• Load embedded subtitles or subtitles from an external file

Use Timeshift For…
• Language courses, foreign language movies, etc
• Musical instrument training, like the guitar or piano
• Talks, podcasts & audiobooks
• Dancing, yoga, Tai-chi & aerobics videos
• Course lectures & How To videos

Supported Media Formats
Timeshift uses VLC media player so supports all the formats that VLC supports.

Audio formats supported: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, 3gp, mka, flac, aac & more
Video formats supported: avi, mp4, mpg, mkv, mov, flv, webm, 3gp & more
Subtitle formats supported: srt, idx, sub, vtt, rt & more

Upgrade to Pro
Some advanced features are only availabe in Timeshift Pro, available as an inapp purchase. Upgrade to unlock all features and support the app.

You can try Timeshift Pro for free with a 21 day trial.

Feedback, Suggestions and Issues
For any feedback, suggestions or issues, email Byron at smokyinkcreations@gmail.com

• Internet and Network state: Play online media
• Read contents of your SD card: Display media files on your device
• Modify contents of your SD card: Generate crash reports for better app support”

6. Work Shift Calendar

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“This app is designed for shift workers and people who need to organize their day to day basis and thus not to miss any appointments.

You can carry out an exhaustive control of your working day and your income quick and easily thanks to our statistics system.


– Create fully configurable shifts ✏️
– Add your workday, with option to include split shift and rest time. Keep track of your schedules 📊
– Enter your income, overtime and early exit. Set up earnings and control working time easily 💰
– Create alarms associated with that shift (for that day or for the previous day) and customize its sound 🔔
– Include actions at the beginning or end of the schedule of each shift (WIFI, sound mode, Bluetooth) 🔇
– Paint up to two shifts per day.
– Import your shifts from one calendar to another.
– Add customizable icons associated with a date 🐱


– Create notes on each day and add reminders with alarms. Don’t ever forget important appointments or notes 🔔
– Customize the sound of alarms.
– Include images and handmade drawings in your notes ️🖼️


– Create a widget for your desktop and view your calendar even without opening the app.
– Choose between weekly and monthly Widget.
– Choose the size you like more.


– Enjoy the Monthly and Annual View (which allows you to see all months of the year just by sliding the screen, as well as Annual Statistics).
– Export your calendar to Google calendar.
– Add national holidays directly from Google Calendar 🌴
– Control working time and earnings by selecting a range of dates in the Statistics section.
– View upcoming notes at a glance.
– Compare different calendars.
– Share your calendar (monthly, annual view or comparison of calendars) with your friends via WhatsApp, email, Telegram … 📧
– Create backups easily.
– Set up to ten different calendars.
– Import other calendars simply.
– Use the icon search to find them quickly 🔎


– Modify your calendar in two ways:
(1) Quick mode or Paint: Select an event from the drop-down list and click on the days to paint them with that event 🎨
(2) Edit Mode: Select one or more days and perform actions in the selected day range (repeat, copy, cut, paste, delete or assign shifts) ✂️

– Shifts menu: you can see all the shifts of that calendar, create new ones, edit, reorder or import them.


– Easy to use.
– Clear interface.
– Customizable.
– PRO version that unlocks great advantages.
– Tutorial with the basic functions of the app and help section (FAQs)
– Fast and personalized customer service ℹ️
– Social networks 👍 enjoy explanatory videos, information about new updates and more visual content by joining our Shifter community.


We are a very small team of people who make a great effort to develop Shifter. If you like this app, you can help us improving it and continue adding new features. Buying PRO version not only activates all its advantages, but also greatly support the continuous development of the app.

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM: @ShifterCalendar”

7. Supershift – Shift Work Calendar

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“Supershift is great for keeping up with your shift working schedule and all other calendar events in between. With Supershift, scheduling is easy and quick. You can customize shifts with colors and icons and add as many shifts per day as you’d like.

Create reports for earnings, hours per shifts, overtime and shift counting (e.g. vacation days).

A beautiful dark mode makes viewing your schedule at night more comfortable.

Define rotations and apply them for up to 2 years in advance.

Supershift Pro features:

Export / sync shifts to the external calendars (e.g. Google or Outlook calendar) to share your schedule with friends and family.

Create and share a PDF version of your monthly calendar. The PDF can be customized with title, times, breaks, duration, notes, location and total hours worked.

Use cloud sync to keep all your devices in sync. If you get a new smartphone or tablet cloud sync can be used to restore your data.

Birthdays, appointments and other events from external calendars (e.g. Google or Outlook calendar) can be shown alongside your shifts.”