9 Best Tip Calculator App For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Tip Calculator App For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 9 Best Tip Calculator App For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 9 Best Tip Calculator App For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

9 Best Tip Calculator App For iPhone

1. iHandy Tip Calculator

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“The quickest, prettiest and most easy to use tip calculator ever! Calculate tip and split the bill among friends in just 5 seconds with tax, international currency and 5 rounding support!

Enjoy another great app from iHandySoft, the creator of iHandy Carpenter and iHandy Level – the top Utility Paid/Free App all around the world.

Find out what our customers say about iHandy Tip Calculator:

“The most easy to use and beautiful tip calculator I’ve used!”

“If you look for a quick tip calculator that’s it. Very simple and intuitive. And it’s Fun!!”

“Easy and extremely simple to use. 3 taps to get it done!”

Features include:
– Elegant and intuitive user interface
– Revolutionary way to enter data. Reduce number of taps to minimum:
– Simply swipe finger over beautiful people/star icons to change number of people and tip percentage
– Tap check amount to bring up large number keypad
– Shake iPhone to clear check amount
– 5 Rounding options
– Sales tax support
– International currency support: Dollar, Pound, Euro, Franc, Krone/Krona


2. Pro Tip – stress free bills

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“Never any ads, popups, or distractions.

-Simple: Minimalist, single screen layout for maximum ease of use
-Fast: Single touch adjustments for setting the bill, tip, number of payers, and resetting
-Intelligent: Performs sophisticated automatic rounding instantly
-Useful: Round to the nearest dollar and see how the % is changed
-Comfortable: Easier on the eyes with darker Night Mode
-Free: Every calculator function is enabled upon downloading – you can support the app by leaving a review and purchasing visual customizations
-Customizable: Choose between 4 color themes”

3. QuickTip™ Tip Calculator

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“The most popular, free tip calculator available in the App Store with well over a million downloads!

QuickTip provides a fast and convenient way to calculate the gratuity for any bill. Using large text and simple controls, QuickTip is an easy and fun way to figure out tips. An intuitive slider allows you to quickly adjust the tip percentage while seeing the tip and total amounts update in real-time. If you prefer to use buttons, you can set your most frequent tip percentages in QuickTip’s settings for easy access. Once you have settled on the tip amount, you can easily round the total bill or the tip amount up or down with the tap of a button. With QuickTip, calculating any tip is only a touch away.

QuickTip works with all international currencies supported on iOS devices.

• Large, easy to read numbers and controls
• Intuitive slider for adjusting tip percentage
• Optional buttons for setting your most frequent tip percentages
• Tip amount and bill total update in real-time
• Easily round the total or tip amount up or down
• Full support for international currencies
• In-App purchase to disable ads

NOTE: There are NO plans for adding a split feature to QuickTIp.


Please refrain from sending your bug reports or feature requests using the App Store. Instead, to ensure a direct response from us send them to support@sparechangesoftware.com. We are always happy to help our users and receive their comments!”

4. Tip Calculator % Gold

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“This free tip calculator features fast bill entry and splitting, ideal for those dining out, on a date, or having drinks with friends.

• Splits bill with ease!
• Save $$$ by tipping an exact amount
• Rounding feature!

What our users are saying…

“Simple. To the point. Beautiful.”

“Especially love the split function”

“Perfect and easy”

“Easy to read”

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Privacy Policy: https://app.skolgames.com/p/privacy-policy.html”

5. Tip Calculator % Tap Tip

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“Hmmm so I have a bill of $259.65 including tax, so how much should I tip?

Tipping used to be simple. Now with a truck load of taxes, service charges, per person splitting and what not, a simple restaurant etiquette has turned into a full on battle of the brains.

Luckily, there’s Tap Tip to save you the hassle of tipping wrong. And even calculating it. Within seconds you can get the perfect amount of tipping needed to keep that waiter smiling, your reputation intact and your finances up and running.

Imagine tipping incorrectly at every meal every time you eat out. Sounds simple but the damage builds up over time to be something serious. An app like Tap Tip can help you loads.

Oh, and it has lots of other nice features too!
• You can calculate service based tipping
• Up to 100 person split of the bill ( VERY convenient) with per person billing and tipping
• Just a simple tap and swipe action to operate
• You can exclude sales taxes from tipping
• You can round the tip or the total
• Switch the currency with ease!
• Oh and if you want, you can even share results by text or email
• And, you can tip even faster with the companion Apple Watch app
• Currency change, rounding and sales tax exclusion are available via in-app purchase.
• Fully compatible with Dark Mode.

PS: That would be $00.00 for the app (tip included!)”

6. Tip Calculator +++

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“Tip Utility allows for fast and very flexible calculation of tips. This isn’t one of the hundreds of other tip calculator apps that were practice projects made by novices to get their feet wet with iOS development. Nor does this app pretend to be more than it is by claiming to be the “best” out there.

This app prioritizes functionality over everything else. If you want a simple, straight-forward, feature-packed tip calculator that gets the job done, you needn’t look further. Features include:

– Tip Guide for U.S.
– Bill tracker for archiving and easy sharing (via email) of your receipts and bills.
– Simple & straightforward user interface.
– Easily accessible pull-down calculator from calculate view.
– Tip labels below tip segmented control display tip amounts at corresponding percentages for convenience.
– Split bill capability.
– Options to exclude/include tax before computing tip.
– Ability to specify total and tip (for reverse determination of tip %).
– Calculate tax rate from Subtotal and Tax amounts.
– Customizable selectable tip values.
– Dark mode support.

Please contact developer for help or feedback. All feedback taken into consideration.”

7. Tip Calculator Master % – Best Bill Splitting App

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“Tip Calculator Master % features fast bill entry and splitting for up to 50 people. Calculate tip and split the bill and then share it to your friends!

• Splits bill fast!
• Email the bill to other people!
• Share to Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email!
• Fast loading!
• No Ads!”

8. Tip Calculator®

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Our tip calculator app offer quick and easy way to calculate tip and split the bill among friends.

– Very quick and easy to enter data.
– Elegant and Intuitive user interface.
– Rounding total value for convenient.

9. Tip Check – Calculator & Guide

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“Let’s cut straight to the chase. There’s hundred of tip calculators out there, but this is the only app that includes a COMPLETE tip guide for all situations. Hotels? Covered! Barber? Done! Spa? Got yo back. Dog Walker? No worries. We’ve even got you covered overseas.

There’s also a logbook included within the app to track your expenses, tips, notes, and ratings of establishments for future reference.

This award winning app has been a center piece for iOS devices since 2011. You’ve found the best, forget the rest. Download today!


• Extensive tipping/gratuity guide for the U.S.
• Easy to use, easy to read, and clean interface.
• Guide feeds directly into calculator for % tips.
• Calculator can calculate tip before and after tax.
• Calculator supports bill splitting for groups.
• No network access required.
• Round tip to nearest selected increment (optional).
• Now supporting Apple Watch!
• International tip guide for 69 countries*
• Expense logbook


• Voted Top 5 Tip Calculator in 2014 by ILoveFreeSoftware.com
• Recommended by Consumer Reports Shop Smart 2011 November Issue
• Babble.com 2011 Award Winner – Top 50 App For Moms

* International tip guide covers 69 countries in four categories: restaurants, bars, porters, and taxi’s.”