6 Best Trakt iPhone App

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If you are looking for the Best Trakt iPhone App to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Trakt iPhone App that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Trakt iPhone App, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Trakt iPhone App

1. FilmNoir: Movie & show tracker

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“FilmNoir helps you keep track of your watched films and TV shows.

FilmNoir+ Subscription:

• Syncing with Trakt.tv.
• Track your TV show progress. Advanced watchlist management.
• Full history of everything you’ve watched.
• Support for Trakt hidden shows and seasons.
• Recommend films and TV shows.
• TV Calendar.
• Ratings.
• Personal lists.
• Notifications for upcoming releases.
• Support future development. We don’t track you and we don’t display ads.

*You need a Trakt.tv account to sync your watched history.

Standard Features

• Discover new films and TV shows.
• Find out where to watch.
• Browse related items and lists.
• Read user’s comments and reviews.
• Widgets! Explore trending, most popular and most recommended films and tv shows.
• Make it your own. Lots of options to customise the app layout.
• Featured lists.
• News.
• Trailers.

*Requires iOS 14 or later.

FilmNoir does not provide streaming content and you cannot watch films or episodes in the app.


Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at the end of the trial on confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.

Privacy Policy: https://www.filmnoir.app/privacy.html
Terms of Service: https://www.filmnoir.app/terms.html”

2. iGeeksBlog – Tech News & Tips

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“iGeeksBlog helps you understand the Apple ecosystem in an easier way.

Enjoy simplified, reliable how-tos, troubleshooting guides, top app, and product recommendations, unbiased reviews, and more to help you make the most of your Apple Devices!

Key Features:

FREE & FRESH DAILY ARTICLES written by tech experts and Apple aficionados.

EXPERT BUYING GUIDES for all the Apple accessories and gadgets you need.

UNBIASED REVIEWS of the best products, apps, and services that are worth your while.

UP-TO-DATE SOLUTIONS to all your iOS/iPadOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS problems.

QUICKLY FIND what you need with a powerful search tool.

BITES allows you to access tips, tricks, and news in short-form video format called Bites. Moreover, this feature is app-exclusive!

WIDGET support accessing the latest information right from the Home Screen. Widget is available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

SECURE experience with Sign-in with Apple.

CLEAN & MINIMALIST design to help you focus on the content that matters most to you.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to never miss a slice of everything Apple.

RATE ARTICLE to express your opinion using an emoji based on your experience.

DARK MODE allows you to seamlessly switch between light, dark, and device setting modes.

CUSTOMIZABLE TEXT SIZE to adjust fonts as per your comfort.

SAVE your favorite articles to read later anytime, anywhere.

iGeeksBlog has helped over 345 million+ people use their Apple devices efficiently through their website and other digital presences over the past 10+ years. We have been featured on Digital Trends, Firstpost.com, Dailymail.co.uk, USAToday.com, and many more.”

3. Rippple for Trakt

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“Enter the Trakt community. Track, share, discover and organize Movies and TV shows on your iPhone, iPad and on your Mac.

Discover what is trending and where to watch it.
Track what you watch and when.
Share comments, ratings, recommendations and more.

Read comments and reviews about the movies and episodes you watched or are about to watch.
Browse trending and recent comments posted by the community on Trakt.tv.

Learn more about the movies and TV shows you like.
Get all the information about the people who made movies, TV shows and episodes you love.
Easy but powerful TV show navigation.

See where you can stream, buy or rent movies and TV shows.
Provided by JustWatch via TMDb.

Trakt check-in built-in for episodes and movies.
See what you are currently watching.

Get your latest watch history.
Filter it by movies, episodes or both.
See when you watched each episode and movie. 

Mark episodes and movies as watched now or pick an earlier date.
Support for multiple “watch”.
Remove a single watch activity from your history.

Post your own comments about a movie, TV show, season or episode you just watched.
Quick shout or long movie or TV show reviews: you choose!
Write with a powerful editor supporting styling with markdown.
Tag your comment as spoiler-free or mark spoilers in-line.

Like, reply to or share comments and reviews you find interesting.
Follow Trakt.tv users you like and read what they post.
Be part of the vibrant Trakt community.

Check movies, episodes, seasons and TV shows ratings with their distribution’s chart.
Rate the movies, episodes, seasons and TV shows you watched.

One app running beautifully on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Keep everything in sync with your Trakt account.

Dark and Light Mode.
Drag & Drop support.
Context Menu and standard actions.

(with a monthly or yearly -with 14 days free trial- subscription or a lifetime purchase):
+ Enjoy all Premium features on your iPhone, iPad and Mac with only one purchase
+ Track episodes with your personalized “To Watch” episode list
+ Track movies with your personalized “To Watch” movie list
+ Including Upcoming Movies and TV Shows to schedule your days/weeks
+ Configure your “To Watch” the way you like it with one or more custom lists and sorting options
+ Hide/unhide TV shows from your “To Watch” progress (synced with trakt)
+ Start/Stop rewatching built-in
+ Get notified for episode and movie releases
+ Get notified when a new movie or show is trending on trakt to never miss something
+ Get notified when someone follows you
+ Get notified when someone mentions, likes or reply to your comments
+ Control every kind of notifications you get
+ Manage your Watchlist
+ Manage your personal Recommendations
+ Manage your own Collection
+ Create, update, reorder and delete your custom lists
+ Add/remove movies, episodes, seasons and/or TV shows to/from your custom lists
+ Search, filter and sort any custom list
+ Browse trending and popular lists on Trakt
+ Like lists and find them later in your Lists section or use them in your “To Watch”
+ Browse comments and reviews filtered “For You”
+ Search movies, TV shows, people, users and public lists
+ Browse trending, popular and anticipated movies and TV shows
+ Browse Trakt.tv’s community recommendations
+ Browse the weekly movie box office
+ Build your own Smart Searches
+ Get the ultimate satisfaction to support an app you love


Rippple is a Trakt client. You’ll need to sign in to a Trakt account to use Rippple.
Rippple uses the Trakt.tv and the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by Trakt or TMDb.
Rippple provides “Where to Watch?” information provided by JustWatch via TMDb but can’t be used to actually watch movies or TV shows.
Rippple’s Terms of Use can be found at​ terms.ripppleapp.com”

4. Trakt

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“Trakt helps you remember what episode you’re on for a TV show, keep up with the hottest movies coming out, and find where to watch on your favorite streaming services. Join a community of millions today. For TV lovers, by TV lovers!

The watchlist is a great place to start once you sign up for a free account. Add movies and TV shows you want to watch. Once you start watching a show, it’s automatically removed from the watchlist and is added to your Up Next card and Progress page.

How do you fill your watchlist? The discover tab has 2 great cards to help: trending now and anticipated. Trending displays what the Trakt community is watching in real time. Anticipcated helps you find popular upcoming movies and TV shows.

Once you find something new to watch, Trakt helps you find where to stream it. We partner with JustWatch for one click access to stream on your favorite services. We support over 45 countries and hundreds of services.

And this is just the beginning! There’s so much more to explore like personal stats, curating your home media collection, sharing your opinion, and more.

Get started and join Trakt for free!


Key Features
– Keep track of all movies and TV shows you’ve watched
– Find where to watch on your favorite streaming services
– Talk about what you’re watching
– Use you watchlist to track movies and TV shows you want to watch
– Create your own personal lists
– Rate the movies and TV shows you’ve watched
– Curate your home media collection
– Personalize TV schedule
– Watching statistics
– Recommended movies and TV shows you’ll like
– Detailed progress for all TV shows you’re watching
– Follow people with similar interests
– Discover new things to watch


Handcrafted by Trakt in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Ecuador.


We don’t sell your data and respect your privacy.

Twitter: @trakt
Web: https://trakt.tv
Help: https://support.trakt.tv”

5. TV Show Tracker – Trakt client

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“TV Show Tracker is the best way to manage your TV shows on your iPhone – seasons, details, casts and much more!

TV Show Tracker is powered up by trakt !

Main features :
– FAST access to your all your trakt tv shows,
– CLEAN and efficient design,
– DISCOVER popular and trending shows from trakt,
– STATS about your tv shows consumption,
– CALENDAR with NOTIFICATIONS of incoming episodes,
– KEEP TRACK of your progress,
– OFFLINE ACCESS to your data,
– FREE access to all main features with no restriction on show number,
– BACKUP your data to your trakt account,
– Get notifications and reminders for new season premieres,
– Full Trakt.TV integration & Trakt sync,
– NOTIFICATIONS on EVERY DEVICE you have the app installed (and not only the last one).
– Series manager & series guide & TV tracker,
– View the CHANNEL and network your series is airing on,
– More than 80,000 shows in our trakt series guide.
– Mark episodes you’ve seen to remember what you need to watch next,
– Browse all episodes for all shows in an easy way,
– TV time alerts for next episodes,
– View the next episode you should watch, and the episode information,
– Overview of all the upcoming episodes and those you didn’t watch yet.
– count the number of episodes you didn’t watch yet,
– back-up your entire watched episodes watched list,

Thousands and thousands of tv shows are available through the app via trakt to build this TV Show tracker.

TV Show Tracker let you manage tv shows broadcasted on every possible channels : ABC, NBC, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, BBC, HBO, CBS, Fox CW, Sky, etc.

* A trakt.tv account is required to save your data online and sync between devices where TV Show Tracker is available *
* Most of the images are provided by http://themoviedb.org and not by trakt itself*
* TV Show Tracker do not produce the data / information of the shows, it only display them efficiently *
* TV Show Tracker cannot be connected to BetaSeries or TV Time (TV Show Time) *”

6. Watcht for Trakt

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“Watcht is a Movie and TV Show Information & Tracking App powered by Trakt.tv.

You can browse information without a Trakt account, however you will need one to sync and update your watch history, watch list, and ratings etc. Using a Trakt account means that all your history is available on all your devices with Trakt access, including available on Trakt.tv on the web.

Some things of note that you can do:
• Explore lists of Trending, Popular etc. Movies and TV Shows.
• Search for Movies, TV Shows, Episodes, Lists and People.
• Access Movie and TV Show information, ratings, and comments.
• Keep a Watch List of Movies and TV Shows to watch.
• Mark Movies and TV Shows as watched.
• Check in to Movies and TV Show episodes.
• Schedule a Check in reminder for Movies.
• Keep track of which episodes to watch next.
• View your Movie and TV Show history.
• Comment on Movies, TV Shows, Seasons, Episodes, and Lists.
• Create, edit, view and manage Custom Lists of Movies, TV Shows & People.
• Access a calendar of Movie and Episode release/air dates.
• Get notified about upcoming Episodes in your Calendar.
• View a list of recommended Movies and TV Shows.
• Choose from Dark, Pure Black, Light, or Original Themes, including system Dark Mode support.
• Choose from a few alternative App Icons colours.
• Import some information from IMDb.
• Basic Trakt API translation support for Movies and Shows.

Please note that Watcht allows you to view information, however you can not actually watch the Movies or TV Show episodes within the app.

Have any feedback, suggestions, or features you think are missing, or found a bug?
Get in touch with email: watchtapp@gmail.com or on Twitter: @watchtapp.

Watcht is free to use, and doesn’t contain any ads, however if you enjoy the app, consider contributing an amount to say thanks via the Contribute section in the Settings.

Note: Some icons provided by icons8.com.”