6 Best Vocal Warm Up Apps For iPhone

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If you are looking for the Best Vocal Warm Up Apps For iPhone to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 6 Best Vocal Warm Up Apps For iPhone that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 6 Best Vocal Warm Up Apps For iPhone, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

6 Best Vocal Warm Up Apps For iPhone

1. 7 Minute Vocal Warm Up

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“Are you a singer, public speaker, teacher, radio announcer, voice actor, or someone who uses voice on a daily basis? This app will help you do a simple vocal warm up quickly anytime, anywhere without music instruments. Just follow the instructions and sing along with the audio guide, very practical!

The warm up routines are approximately 7 minutes long, depending on how you use it, you can skip an exercise or quit the app at anytime.

There are 3 modes of warm ups included in this app, plus a breathing exercise routine, cooling down routine, and a recovery mode.

The warm up routine in this app is designed by Indra Aziz, a professional musician and vocal trainer with 10 years of experience teaching professional singers and public speakers.”

2. “Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons”

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“Everyone can sing better with the 1st Gamified Learn to Sing Training Program for FREE!
Sing Sharp helps you Learn+Practice, Train+Track, Anytime+Anywhere!

Sing Sharp’s What You See Is What You Sing™ technology detects and display your singing pitch accuracy in real-time, so that you can tune and train to improve your singing.

********* Happy Singing Users Reviews *********

“Genius app for singing. This app is simply amazing. It gave me the exact tools I was dreaming about to develop my voice and I finally I feel that I can learn to be in tune!!”

“Very Useful! I love this app I see improvements in my singing and it’s only day three it help me get a better ear and also better tone this app is worth downloading”

“Replaces the need for a vocal coach. I wanted to learn how to sing and I’m so grateful I came across this app. With the membership (well worth it) it teaches you how to sing with some ear training too. Best app!”

“I’m a song writer and have been looking for ways to analyze and correct my vocal abilities, this is what I’ve been waiting for.”

“PERFECT. This app helped me go from an alto to a soprano!! My Choir teacher said i have made a big improvement and he is very proud of me. This app takes your singing to a whole new level!”

“This will teach you how to sing! I am very impressed with this app. It is an amazing lesson guide. I have gotten better and I’ve only used this app for a week so far.”

“Amazing! Really Helpful!! I’ve passed many singing classes with real masters but now I found this app very useful”

“Every time my singing teacher sees me she says i have a great voice and it’s all because of this app”

“So Glad I Found This App! This is a very fun and helpful app! I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to improve their singing voice and gain a better understanding of proper pitch. I especially like the warm up exercises.”

“Love it, the only vocal coach I use 🙂 “

“This is the only app that’s actually designed to teach you to listen and sing”

“Pitch perfector!!! A simple way to manage your pitch. Perfect practice makes perfect, and this WILL help!”

“I love this App my voice is so much better because I didn’t know how many notes I was missing!!! But now I know what I’m doing is so much better!!!! You need to get this App!!!!!!!”

“Ok so I didn’t know how good my voice was until I tried doing this app!! I am afraid of singing in front of anyone and this app is making me more confident!!”

“Love it! thank you for helping me improve my vocal range.i will definitely show this to our choir director during one of our choir practice”

“Musical Theatre – It really helps and my musical theatre teacher made the whole cast download it because it’s such a great way to warm up on our own”

“INCREDIBLE!!! GET IT NOW! … It’s already helped me soooo much!”

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Sing Sharp App:
1) Vocal Range – check and practice your lowest and highest pitches
2) Warm Up – basic to advanced levels of vocal exercises
3) Sing Songs – Practice, Record, Playback, Save, Share and Customize your singing
4) Training Program
>>> Train – 10 levels, 1000+ ear training and vocal control exercises to help build your musical sense and pitch accuracy
>>> Track – keep records of your Singing Scores+Progress+Report Statistics

– Real-time Pitch Detection Technology
– Breath Filtering Engine
– Studio effects enhanced to sing in karaoke style
– Choose images to customize your singing songs
– Share and Dedicate to families and friends
– Note Bar Octave Control (Low – Normal – High)
– Sing-along songs from your iTunes music library

Membership Benefits includes:
– Training Program (10 levels, 50 lessons X 15 exercises)
– Daily Track Statistics (Progress + Scores + Report)
– Access to purchase additional iTunes song with “sing-chronize note bars”
– 8 extra free Warm-Up Exercises

Email: info@singsharpapp.com
Website: www.singsharpapp.com”

3. Singing Vocal Warm Ups – Singer’s Friend

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“** Featured by Former X Factor Band “The Risk” **

Singer’s Friend is THE vocal warm up and exercise app designed for serious vocalists.

* “If you need a great tool for vocal warm ups and exercises, you can’t beat this.”
* “This app is exactly what I was looking for to warm up for solos”
* “Great for the ear, speed, and vocal flexibility”
* “The best app 4 singers to stay on top of your game!!!!!”
* “Confirmed as AWESOME.”

– No need for a piano. Warm up and practice singing on the go with 16 different scale patterns and realistic piano sounds
– Work in your range only. Choose from Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano
– Change how fast the notes play in realtime–slow down to focus on technique or speed up to improve agility
– Large display shows what note is playing so you can focus on passage areas or know when you have increased your range
– Helpful tips and resources to get the most out of your vocal exercises

How it works:
You choose the range, scale pattern, and how fast the notes play. Singer’s Friend then plays the scale pattern from the bottom of the selected range to the top and then back down again.

Singer’s Friend is perfect for singers of all levels and styles. Use it anytime to warm up for a performance, develop agility, or work on technique.

Sing your best. Download Singer’s Friend today.”

4. Singscope

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“Singscope is a tool for checking the pitch of your singing. It analyzes the singing voice and shows the pitch in the music scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) as function of time. You can visualize your pitch and singing features, such as vibrato, in the scope.

Simply tap on the microphone button and sing to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and watch the pitch curve showing in the scope as you sing.

– Computes and draws pitch graphs in real-time
– Supports pan and zoom for the pitch graph and waveform display
– Supports playback of singing voices on the pitch graph
– Keeps recent singing voices for reviewing later
– Optimized for 64-bit CPU, for faster pitch analysis and smoother graph display

Please note that there are limitations in this app. It can not handle more than one singing voice or polyphony. It may not recognize voices for certain singing styles. For more information, please visit us at www.singscope.com.

Inside the app, we offer an In-App Purchases item “Vocal Warm UP Exercises”. It is a feature pack that adds sheet music functionality to Singscope:
– Include a set of sheet music for vocal warm-up exercises
– Support importing of a subset of MusicXML lead sheet files
– Play back musical notes in sheet music while recording your singing voice
– Can set tempo (bpm) and do music transposition on the lead sheets.
– Highlight the positions of the musical notes in your pitch graph

For more information about “Vocal Warm UP Exercises” feature pack, please download and check the introduction in the app.”

5. Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos

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“The secret of all successful singers is daily Vocal Warm Ups. Whether you’re a pop star, rock star, classical opera or karaoke singer, you need to perform daily vocal warm ups.

You need to care for your voice. It’s your key to success.
Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos gives you the power to take control of your voice anytime, anywhere. With this app you will improve your tone, breath control and stamina.

Let’s face it; we all need a little assistance when it comes to improving our tone, breath control and stamina. And with constant upgrades to the software and course material, you can keep up to date with the latest singing techniques, trends, all in this premium app.

***** It’s like having a vocal coach in your pocket! *****

You can warm up, exercise your voice and cool down your entire range anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Guitarists, bass players, pianists and all other types of musicians spend thousands of dollars on equipment. All these resources are put into improving their sound and feel, perfecting their art.

As singers, we have many options available, so why do we hesitate? What stops us spending money on our instrument?

***** The answer is simple! *****

There are so many tools out there but none are made for YOUR voice. Most vocal programs are generalized for specific voice types and meant to be widely applicable. The problem here is that everybody’s voice is UNIQUE! We can’t just be slotted into a criterion and asked to perform. With such limitations, the extremes of your range cannot be explored and you cannot grow and improve as a singer.

More importantly, when substandard singing tools try to push you into the wrong vocal range you can end up damaging your voice! Unlike a guitarist, if we damage our instrument we can’t just go out and buy a new one.

***** The benefits of a recording studio! *****

With Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos, you have all the benefits of a recording studio production at a fraction of the cost. When you voice improves and your range increases, you can simply update your warm ups with a few taps. No need for new recordings or additional costs!

When we set out to make Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos we had a single mission: to produce a product that helps singers. And we mean really help. No gimmicks, no quick fix tools, just good old-fashioned exercises that can be customised for YOUR voice. These are the techniques and exercises that all singers use.

***** Here are a few of the features this app makes available to you! *****

– Complete control over your vocal range for each warm up.
– Create an unlimited number of warm up playlists.
– Select and reorder exercises to suit you needs.
– Flawless playback controls with Tempo Memory. You only need to set the tempo of each exercise once and the app will remember your preference.
– A step by step warm up creation wizard that will guide you through the steps you need to create your own playlists.
– A huge variety of industry tested and proven vocal exercises, with even more to come in FREE updates.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what the professionals have to say about Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos.

***** Chris Kennedy – Voice Council *****

“Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos is well designed software that will, no doubt, appeal to many singers… when combined with a correct singing technique, the app is a useful and powerful tool for singers…”

When it comes to your unique voice, the secret of success is a Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos.

We have been able to produce an app that is astounding, and as singers ourselves we are proud and very happy to be able to share it with you.”

6. VoCo Vocal Coach

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“VoCo is a vocal coaching App. It is designed for Voice Students, Performers, Vocal Coaches, Choir Directors & Music Teachers.

All singers struggle with vocal issues. Out of tune – out of breath- timing – voice breaks – weak spots – limited range – tone quality – vocal fatigue. Even top artists take regular sessions with vocal coaches to help them maintain a great voice. The voice is a muscle and must be kept in shape and successful singers understand that vocal exercises are a foundation establishing good technique and developing a great voice.

Vocal exercises are the perfect tool but singing unaccompanied doesn’t provide enough guidance for pitch and tempo. Using tracks on audio CDs or MP3 is better but allow you to alter the speed and pitch or focus on specifics.

The VoCo app provides industry standard exercises in the form of scales & arpeggios which when used correctly will Increase your vocal range and power and improve your tone, style, pitch and control. This will help you achieve and maintain a great voice! The tracks you will find in VoCo are exactly the same exercises which are used by the stars!
VoCo can be used in conjunction with mainstream singing programs or with your personal vocal coaching lessons .

The VoCo app gives you that competitive edge by providing proven exercises customised to YOUR voice type and vocal ability. Additionally, the app contains stylistic demos of session vocalists singing licks and phrases giving you the opportunity to LISTEN – REPEAT & COMPARE.


– Adjust the playback pitch according to your voice type: Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano
– Create a playlist for your training session containing your selected tracks
– Choose from 30 scales and arpeggios.
– Adjust the playback speed.
– Fine tune the starting pitch of the track.
– Determine the length of exercise by adjusting the number of repetitions for a track.
– On-screen animation to illustrate the pitch and vocal register
– Change musical notation according to your preference -International, French, Italian & German

VoCo supports the four different learning approaches:

1. Vicarious – listen to demos of pro-singers and learn new styles & techniques.
2. Experiential – sing with guidance and make notes to journal your progress.
3. Systematic – create playlists based on lesson plans from your vocal coach or singing program
4. Diagnostic – record your workout and critically listen to the recording. Note the problems and try again aiming for small incremental improvements.”