Martin Rancik Vertical Leap

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Martin Rancik has one of the most impressive max vertical jumps and standing vertical jumps in Basketball.

How does he do it? Keep reading, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

What is Martin Rancik Vertical Jump?

Martin Rancik recorded a seriously impressive max vertical jump of 37 inches and a standing vertical jump of 32 inches at the 2001-02 Season NBA Draft Combine.

Units of Measurement Martin Rancik Max Vertical Jump Martin Rancik Standing Vertical Jump
Inches 37 inches 32 inches
Centimetres 93.98 cms 81.28 cms
Feet 3.08 feet 2.67 feet

Martin Rancik Vertical Jump Training & Workout

What is it about Martin Rancik that lets him jump so high? Even though Martin Rancik workouts are kept private in his training sessions with his team and coaches, there are plenty of ways to improve your vertical jump.

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Wanna Jump Like Martin Rancik?

It doesn’t matter where your vertical jump is right now but we all want to jump a little bit higher. If you’re a basketball player, you know that every inch added to your vertical jump will give you an advantage on the court. Whether you’re blocking shots or towering over your opponent for a huge dunk!

Martin Rancik vertical jump is one of the most impressive in the entire NBA, past or present. And even if you don’t have all of his secrets, you can still add an additional 10 to 15 more inches to your vertical jump in as little as 8 weeks using this laser focused jump training program.