4 What Is The Best Bt Notifier App For Android

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If you are looking for the What Is The Best Bt Notifier App For Android to download for free, look no further.

Our expert panel of reviewers has tested dozens of apps and we have compiled a list of the 4 What Is The Best Bt Notifier App For Android that passed our tests.

Check out our list of the 4 What Is The Best Bt Notifier App For Android, tried and tested by our expert reviewers.

4 What Is The Best Bt Notifier App For Android

1. BT Notifier

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“In order to work (see BT notifications on desktop) you need the companion app for desktop (Linux):


A BT notifier app used in remote devices (deskop), notifications through bluetooth, anywhere you want them!

Especially useful for seeing notifications on your computer.

More info and license and copyright information available here:


2. SmartWatch sync app

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“”SmartWatch sync app for android & Bluetooth notifier (Wear OS)” not only allows you to establish a Bt binding between Android phone and your smartwatch, but it will also show all incoming bt messages on the smartwatch shield. It will also expand the facilities of the watch to maximize its performance.

With the Smart watch sync app, your watch will gain even more features and will work 100%:

STAY CONNECTED ALWAYS: read messages, emails and answer calls instantly.

CHANGE THE STYLE OF YOUR WATCH: the app allows you to use dozens of colors that you can customize!

BIND WITH ANY SMARTWATCH: Notifier app syncs with all types of Android/wear os watches!

APP SUPPORTED BY POPULAR BRANDS: The app is supported on most popular brand watches and also Chinese swatches – Samsung, Garmin, Xiaomi, Grape, Fundo, Kurio and many others!

MORE POSSIBILITIES: add events, write notes or reminders, pay with your watch, and more.

Installation and configuration guide:
(For an extended step-by-step guide with sketched illustrations, visit: smartwatchsync.icu)

1. Install the Smart watch sync & Bt notifier from online market on Android smartphone and SmartWatch device.

2. Open Bt notifier sync on your digital watch. Select “Turn on Bluetooth”. Next, make Swatch discoverable by clicking the “Discoverable button”.

3. Open the Smart Sync Notifier app on your mobile. Click Enable Permissions to let the Notifier app access to bt messages. You can see the phone notifier setting screen where you need to turn on the toggle switch for the Sync app. Then, press the “Back” button to return to the bt notifier application.

4. Select “Enable bt” after “Connect device”.

5. Find the name of the smart watch in the Bt list and connect.

6. Press “Pair / OK” on both devices and, if necessary, confirm the pairing of devices (press “OK” / “Allow”).
Done! Smartphone and android / wear watch are now paired!

What are the advantages of buying the PRO version?

1. No intrusive ads on your phone or watch!

2. Ability to adjust the on / off messages for selected contacts, instant messengers, programs;

3. Bright themes for bt notifications. Select from a variety of colorful notification themes for each contact / sender / program and enjoy the uniqueness of the watch!

Possible problems with bluetooth connection and their solutions:

Place the devices you are trying to pair as close to each other as possible. Due to the long distance between devices, pairing errors are most common

Disconnect and reconnect devices. A quick reset may fix the error.

Check your device for connectivity to other Android devices. Some smartwatches try to connect to the last phone/headphones they were paired with.

Check the charge on both paired devices. Some smart devices have built-in power management that turns off Bt if the battery is low.”

3. Smart watch app: bt notifier app

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“Have you bought a new smart watch and wanna pair it with the phone?📲 ⌚️ You need to install a smart watch app for free and easily establish a strong connection between devices! Bt notifier will allow you to receive notifications directly on the watch`s screen. 🔔

Please note that we only work with android devices. We support many different kinds of devices like Garmin, Samsung, Grape, Xiaomi, Fundo, Kurio, and many other.

✅Smart watch for everyone

Who doesn’t have a smartwatch now? This gadget suits everyone and makes our life much easier. The most useful feature of bt smart watch is that you can receive notifications from the phone to the watch screen. Then, if you are on a run, cooking, busy with work, or do some other activity, you don`t need to constantly take out your phone to check who wrote to you. Bt smartwatch app with sync software establishes bluetooth connection between gadgets.

Note! Smartwatch sync works only if the application is on both devices!

✅Settings of bt notifier

The process of using bt notifier app is very easy. Don’t worry if you haven’t used any of the similar programs before. The design is very simple and will be intuitive to any user. Download and try. Firstly you need to download an app to the phone and the bt smart watch. Give access to the permissions that the program asks for. Then you turn on bluethooth on both devices and try to find the watch in the bluethooth list in watch sync app. Find them and tap “connect”.

✅Capabilities of smart watch app

The most important functions of the binding watch app are available for free. When purchasing a PRO, you can change the colors of notifications from different programs. This is very convenient because when you look at the notification it is immediately clear where it came from because of its color. You can also choose which notifications the app will ignore. The PRO package allows you to disable ads and make the bluetooth sync connect better if you have any problems.

Customize the colors to suit your taste and make the app brighter! Manage notifications easily and you will be surprised how much more convenient life has become.

Note: Application requires a phone device: For find your Android Wear devices you need to download phone companion app.
Connection status is displayed on watch and phone, application doesn’t have alarm sound in search mode.

⬇️Download bt notifier for free⬇️ establish a connection via bluetooth and use all the features of your smart watch from today. If you do not know how to use the smart watch app, then it’s okay, in the application itself you will find tips and instructions that will help you figure it out.”

4. BTSmartwatch

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“Put your mobile phone and smart watches connected together with the mobile phone application, when they are successfully connected, here to make some notification settings can be pushed to your smart watch. Installation and you can quickly and easily accept the phone’s various notifications, so you no longer for the management of a variety of different notification information and trouble!”